Uniden 7" Internet Tablet Review

Picked this up at Biglots 3 days ago and now for the review.
Uniden 7" internet tablet with wifi 802.11 b/g/n
Current price $69.99 comes in white or black.

How to load Google play link and instructions.

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Author AngelEyezMami88 (1 month)
Is it just me or does it take forever to charge as in, turn on?

Author sierra key (1 month)
Cant see emojis please help

Author Jahiem Blair (8 months)
I have the same one. I got it like 2 years ago but its locked 

Author 505yvonne (11 months)
this was a great review. he is very good. i will have to watch a few times
to understand completely

Author jessica moskun (1 year)
Keeping it in a cover can protect it also tablet computers of all prices
aren't good at picking up WiFi even my $300 tablet still has a hard time.

Author jessica moskun (1 year)
I have one of these I got it a year ago some big lots sold one's that did
not work mine works fine 1mobile market is the app store I put on it it is
a cheaper tablet that is for people that want a cheap one but for me it's

Author Melody Green (2 years)
I am very happy with the $60.00 Uniden tablet I got Wednesday. First I saw
the BigLots ad, then viewed your review here and decided to give one a try.
OMG! I also was successful in using your instructions to put the google
play on my device! Cool! I also downloaded the Amazon app and put the
Kindle Reader on my tablet. I can surf the net, access my email, buy and
read books and use Facebook and Twitter. So, I am all set. Thank you!

Author Timothy Seders (1 year)
search "uniden utab71 Reset" on google and hit i'm feeling lucky follow the
reformat instructions, and don't ask for the link to the firmware download,
its on that page

Author jaydin sibble (2 years)
how do you fix the oovoo can you make video to show how to fix the web cam
for oovoo

Author Juli Wicker (2 years)
I bought two of these tablets from big lots. One for each of my children. I
turned one on the day I got it and shut it back down after playing with it.
After my kids opened them I tried to turn both of them on so that I could
load apps for them and my sons battery won't charge. I'm not sure what to
do. Please help

Author N2tech (1 year)
Try the reset button. If that doesn't work remove the micro sd card if you
have one and then the reset button. If all else fells hook it up to your
computer and see if it responds. Last option let the battery die and then
recharge it. Hope this helps.

Author jacksonmich jackson michigan (2 years)
camera major suck\

Author N2tech (2 years)
Try doing a hard reset back to factory settings.

Author kitty s West (2 years)
i have a blackberry with a small screen. how can i use tablet as screen for
blackberry 9330????

Author Chula Rodriguez (2 years)
I bought this tablet for my 1 year old for Christmas but I cannot upload
the games I want for him on the tablet. Is this tablet made to upload games
from the internet?

Author Tyrone Jones (2 years)
It might be either an authentication problem or you haven't found the exact
name of the wifi hotspot in your house (ex. Cheetos187, SupahFly). If it's
a secure hotspot, type in the password.

Author Teandria Hamm (2 years)
can you upgrade the ram

Author jacksonmich jackson michigan (2 years)
Uniden not don or din-------

Author As R (2 years)
this thing crashed on me after having it for a month now I can't reinstall
my apps

Author mrmorgan41 (2 years)
If you have problems return it for a new one

Author VIVIS TORRES (2 years)

Author Deb Ammons (2 years)
Puffin also works

Author As R (2 years)
I used it to Skype. I don't use twitter

Author wolf11 (2 years)
Does it come with android market

Author ohhhIDGAF (2 years)
Review starts at 2:28

Author Matt Lervold (2 years)
what is that clock called that you have on your home screen? I see it on so
many android devices and I'd like to get it

Author TheBongDango (2 years)
The current version of Netflix isn't compatible with this tablet, but
version 1.8 of Netflix is and can be downloaded at tinyurldotcom/ nflx180
(Watching on it right now).

Author As R (2 years)
don't like the camera for taking pictures

Author shamiera davis (2 years)
the video is great.this is my first tab didn't want to buy expensive in
case I didn't like but I do. agaim thanks for the video it was helpfull !!!!

Author Moosers Love (2 years)
i think skype works well for it, other than the fact that when you instant
message on it, it goes a little slow. other than that, the microphone is
really nice and the camera picture is very clear too.

Author As R (2 years)
I bought this tablet about a month ago. I liked it until a few days ago
when it crashed on me. I am now having trouble reinstalling apps. NOT COOL

Author mimi b (2 years)
Second problem is unlocking go to
southerntelecom/unidentabletsupport/firmware,print the page which will be 8
to 9 pages long once that done download the app to your computer,follow the
directions from the pages and make sure you have the model number correct.

Author Christopher Sobieniak (2 years)
I know, I know.

Author Matt Lervold (2 years)

Author RemoTheDestroyer (2 years)
First one I bought stopped working about two days after I bought it.
Completely dead. Returned it. Second one I've had about the months. Only
problem-sound is shit. HAVE to use head phones. Some apps and Skype zero
sound without head phones.

Author DEANNA FLORES (2 years)
thanks for thus review!just picked two up for my boys at bigots as well. I
figured it wasn't too bad @ $59 a piece . after watching this I think it
will be a great product.

Author ibna01 (2 years)
How do you do a hard reset on this thing man?

Author Matt Lervold (2 years)
it will show up as android market, he gives a link on how to do it in the

Author John Lowry (2 years)
One thing I noticed after installing the gplay to market apps... the amazon
appstore (which I also installed) started malfunctioning. I've found I have
to clear the cache and sign back in to get it to work. But once I close it
and reopen it later it doesn't load up properly. Other than that I'm pretty
impressed with this tablet so far.

Author TheBongDango (2 years)
As all tablets that are ARM based, I've never seen one that you can upgrade
to ram on. This one has 512MB of DDR3.

Author wolf11 (2 years)
It amazing how many tablet there are like this I mean for someone like me
who doesn't know a dam thing about them it really hard to decide what to
buy .I am still deciding what you get .

Author Hayley (2 years)
hello i have a uniden tablet (well duh) and i am having the biggest trouble
downloading google play store! and i cant figure it out!

Author Tyrone Jones (2 years)
The link to the instructions is in the description.

Author CelticsRush86 (2 years)
Can i share my internet from my galaxy 3 by bluetooth?????? Please help im
trying to buy it today

Author weezelization (2 years)
Greetings ! If you ever find out the answer to this I would also like to
know. I'd really appreciate if you would e-mail me if you find the answer.
My e-mail is:

Author sycamoreent Octogonapus (2 years)
How does this tablet do with 3d games?

Author morning25 (2 years)
Thanks for the review. I just bought one this morning for a 7 year old
thinking this would be perfect for him because of the size and the price. I
was tired of sharing mine(Le Pan).

Author Daniel Dick (2 years)
I just purchased one at Big Lots and I love it except for the charger which
seems flimsy and the WiFi is much weaker than the Nook's. I'm using the USB
to charge it now and am considering trying to match the charger with
something of better quality. I bought a Nook Color awhile back as my dad
had one and I liked his. A friend of mine at work rooted his Nook to get it
to become an Android, but my wife likes the Nook, and I like the Android
and have a Nook app so we're happy.

Author Kelly Thompson (2 years)
I just bought this unit for my 10 year old grandchild. What do you think
about the unit for children?

Author Daniel Dick (2 years)
I got quite lucky. Big Lots had these for $59 with a $10 coupon for the
next purchase. At the same time, Radio Shak had 32gb microSD's from SAN
with an adaptor which were Class 10 for $22 I believe, so I grabbed the
last one they had and hoped to put down money and wait for a second one for
the Nook, but apparently their warehouse was also out of them. I really
love having the 32gb as I can put my baby son's photos and videos I took
from church on it and not worry about running out of room.

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