Uniden 7" Internet Tablet Review

Picked this up at Biglots 3 days ago and now for the review.
Uniden 7" internet tablet with wifi 802.11 b/g/n
Current price $69.99 comes in white or black.

How to load Google play link and instructions.

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Author Magic of Football ( ago)
Do you know how to enter the menu android in this tablet?

Author Gisselle Cahoe ( ago)
how do get google play services

Author AngelEyezMami88 ( ago)
Is it just me or does it take forever to charge as in, turn on?

Author Sierra Key ( ago)
Cant see emojis please help

Author Jahiem Blair ( ago)
I have the same one. I got it like 2 years ago but its locked 

Author 505yvonne ( ago)
this was a great review. he is very good. i will have to watch a few times
to understand completely

Author jessica moskun ( ago)
Keeping it in a cover can protect it also tablet computers of all prices
aren't good at picking up WiFi even my $300 tablet still has a hard time.

Author jessica moskun ( ago)
I have one of these I got it a year ago some big lots sold one's that did
not work mine works fine 1mobile market is the app store I put on it it is
a cheaper tablet that is for people that want a cheap one but for me it's

Author Courtney Flowers ( ago)
How do you screen snapshot ? Help PLZ

Author N2tech ( ago)
Probably too many apps on it. delete what you don't need and see if that
speeds it up. If not just wipe it clean and reset back to factory settings.

Author Lorena Toscano ( ago)
My tablet doesnt want to work when i tap on something it doesnt go to it ,
what do i do, HELPP!!!!

Author Yamai Kagene ( ago)
You go to the download app store (go to the second to last screen on the
right) Click google play, and click the clock in a few seconds afterwards.
press install and there you go!~ ♥

Author Timothy Seders ( ago)
search "uniden utab71 Reset" on google and hit i'm feeling lucky follow the
reformat instructions, and don't ask for the link to the firmware download,
its on that page 

Author Timothy Seders ( ago)
search "uniden utab71 Reset" on google and hit i'm feeling lucky follow the
reformat instructions, and don't ask for the link to the firmware download,
its on that page 

Author Ppp Jjj ( ago)
Go to the uniden support site

Author Zirconius ( ago)
get the nova or apex launcher, it will make it much faster

Author Zirconius ( ago)
fairly well. won't handle high end stuff too good though

Author janice jones ( ago)
my grandson set a password on his tablet with the dots..and cannot remember
what he can you reset it? 

Author kidcymucks ( ago)
does anyone that bought one of these still have their receipt? I can't find
mine and it stopped working. Customer service wants proof of purchase for
me to send it in for repair/replacement. thanks in advance

Author N2tech ( ago)
Try the reset button. If that doesn't work remove the micro sd card if you
have one and then the reset button. If all else fells hook it up to your
computer and see if it responds. Last option let the battery die and then
recharge it. Hope this helps.

Author Thierry Dubuisson ( ago)
if ur screen is all white and u cant do nothin with it ... how can u fix
that ? 

Author Chris Dean ( ago)
You can get Netflix to work on this. In your google search, type in: the apk file and the tablet will install it. You
can then access your Netflix account & watch movies.

Author Aidanne Keith Galapon ( ago)
Hi. You helped me last time on how to download google play store on this
kind of tablet of mine and thank you for that. Now i have a problem, my 9
year old son changed the lock pattern and forgot the combination.. i cant
do the reset factory settings because i cant access the tablet because of
the lock pattern. Can you help me? Or can somebody help me with this?

Author Braulio Navarrete ( ago)
I have thus tablet if you cant download anything go file manger and clean
all the junk thats in there

Author emq82 ( ago)
alguien sabe donde puedo encontrar el firmware de una unidem utab80 porfa
es urgente 

Author Ty Couture ( ago)
My colors are inverted how to I change it back?

Author sycamoreent Octogonapus ( ago)
How does this tablet do with 3d games?

Author Tyrone Jones ( ago)
The link to the instructions is in the description.

Author Tyrone Jones ( ago)
The link to the instructions is in the description.

Author Tyrone Jones ( ago)
It might be either an authentication problem or you haven't found the exact
name of the wifi hotspot in your house (ex. Cheetos187, SupahFly). If it's
a secure hotspot, type in the password.

Author Tyrone Jones ( ago)
Instructions are in the description.

Author Moosers Love ( ago)
i think skype works well for it, other than the fact that when you instant
message on it, it goes a little slow. other than that, the microphone is
really nice and the camera picture is very clear too.

Author Moosers Love ( ago)
I have one of these, except it is white. I think it works just fine other
than the fact that sometimes it runs slow. I am wondering though, I
downloaded the mobile market app store that it offered on this at first.
and ever since i downloaded that appstore, it's been downloading a bunch of
other spam apps to the main screen as well. so i was wondering if you know
how to delete those apps so it's not taking up extra space that im not even
using? thank you!

Author Jayjay mp4 ( ago)
how do you fix the oovoo can you make video to show how to fix the web cam
for oovoo

Author Hayley ( ago)
hello i have a uniden tablet (well duh) and i am having the biggest trouble
downloading google play store! and i cant figure it out!

Author Terrance Oxendine ( ago)
Has you figured out how to use Netflix yet!? And is it good for Skype!?

Author kitty s West ( ago)
i have a blackberry with a small screen. how can i use tablet as screen for
blackberry 9330???? 

Author jacksonmich jackson michigan ( ago)
and slow a s s n a i l; s 

Author jacksonmich jackson michigan ( ago)
camera major suck\ 

Author jacksonmich jackson michigan ( ago)
Uniden not don or din------- 

Author mimi b ( ago)
It take time but it works my daughter locked her and this is what i had to

Author mimi b ( ago)
Second problem is unlocking go to
southerntelecom/unidentabletsupport/firmware,print the page which will be 8
to 9 pages long once that done download the app to your computer,follow the
directions from the pages and make sure you have the model number correct. 

Author mimi b ( ago)
I like it jus fine i bought two but i have ran across some problems.First
one if you download amazon some times it will have only a blank black
screen,all you have to do is uninstall it only and reinstall.If it happen
again just repeat it.

Author FoxCarousel ( ago)
I love my tablet! ^v^ The only problems I have are that the touch screen
sucks butt. It hardly senses my fingerrr. but dats k c: its a reall nice
tablet! <3

Author Valerie Taylor ( ago)
not sure if you know how to do this but my son locked himself of this same
tablet after setting a security pattern. we have been trying to update the
firmware but it will not download to the computer.

Author Jsealey2012 ( ago)
Terrible tablet Recieved screen of death 2 days after getting it

Author Zirconius ( ago)
not sure

Author Zirconius ( ago)
what is that clock called that you have on your home screen? I see it on so
many android devices and I'd like to get it

Author Zirconius ( ago)
it will show up as android market, he gives a link on how to do it in the

Author Zirconius ( ago)
settings>Backup & reset> Factory data reset

Author Zirconius ( ago)
the wifi on it kinda sucks

Author Zirconius ( ago)

Author Zirconius ( ago)

Author dorothy richards ( ago)
Please tell me how I get back to the main screen,I put a pass word on my
table in letter but now only number come up,I use the reset bottom and
still cannot get to the main screen

Author nayeli sanchez ( ago)
My tablet does not turn on

Author mrmorgan41 ( ago)
If you have problems return it for a new one

Author cle0369 ( ago)
I purchased this the week before Thanksgiving. Have never had any problems
with it until now. I have had it in it's protective case that I got for it
on my desk for the last week. I got it out yesterday and it only power up
but hitting the reset button. The power button will not turn it on now or
put it on stand by. Any other have this issue or know how to fix it? 

Author saprina davis ( ago)
My daughers tablet is on the main screen like its searching for smething
but it will not do nothing else. What should I do?

Author tay boom ( ago)
how do you download google play store

Author wolf11 ( ago)
It amazing how many tablet there are like this I mean for someone like me
who doesn't know a dam thing about them it really hard to decide what to
buy .I am still deciding what you get .

Author Edward Miller II ( ago)
thanks for the video easy and simple intructions for the android market.
Now i can finally use my tablet to the best of its abilities great video. 

Author Juli Wicker ( ago)
I bought two of these tablets from big lots. One for each of my children. I
turned one on the day I got it and shut it back down after playing with it.
After my kids opened them I tried to turn both of them on so that I could
load apps for them and my sons battery won't charge. I'm not sure what to
do. Please help

Author Raychelle Armentrout ( ago)
How did you download the google play app?

Author miko stacks (1150 years ago)
cant open the files in the link for google play 

Author joedavid1976 ( ago)
how do u download the google play. plz help!!!!!!

Author Chika Okechukwu ( ago)
What is the screen made out of and nice video got a lot of info from this

Author Teon Manzie ( ago)
hey! what type of HDMI cord should i get plese answer1!!111 

Author James J ( ago)
hey, when try to go on youtube does it goes to the mobile verison or full
desktop, and if it does do desktop verison how did get it to do that
because my cousin has one and hers goes str8 to mobile youtube? also the
keyboard don't always pop up when trying to search. 

Author Zirconius ( ago)
no but in the description of this video he gives a link on how to get it

Author Richard Richter ( ago)
I tried it out the other night and was impressed with it for the price. If
it crashes in a few months you received $60 worth of enjoyment. Then you
can play frisbee offline :)

Author AnonAMoose ( ago)
Thank you so much for this review. It helped alot. I am planing on
purchasing this today at Biglots. It was either this one or the Polaroid
tablet which has almost identical specs but seeing how the tablet functions
is a huge benefit. I watched another video on the Polariod tablet first and
it showed an almost three minute load time from power on and no android
market place! I wasn't going to buy him a tablet after that but your video
changed my mind. 

Author Alexis Olinghouse ( ago)
I got locked out of mine, do you know how to reset it to the defaults?

Author ohhhIDGAF ( ago)
Review starts at 2:28

Author DynastyQg9 ( ago)
What do u think of the nextbook '7' tablet?

Author wolf11 (1776 years ago)
Does it come with android market 

Author N2tech ( ago)
Try doing a hard reset back to factory settings.

Author As R ( ago)
this thing crashed on me after having it for a month now I can't reinstall
my apps 

Author As R ( ago)
don't like the camera for taking pictures

Author As R ( ago)

Author As R ( ago)
I used it to Skype. I don't use twitter 

Author As R ( ago)
I bought this tablet about a month ago. I liked it until a few days ago
when it crashed on me. I am now having trouble reinstalling apps. NOT COOL

Author Kelly Thompson (1266 years ago)
I just bought this unit for my 10 year old grandchild. What do you think
about the unit for children? 

Author rlvalleman ( ago)
This unit seems to be made by "SuperSonc"

Author Donna Craig ( ago)
THANK YOU so much for this review! I was really curious about getting this
tablet for my son, and you answered my questions. Incredibly practical and
interesting review.

Author chadprincess ( ago)
The d2 tablet is just as good, we have the d2 and the uniden. they are
wonderful tablets! i would deff get the d2 though because it comes with a
market. and side volume buttions. unlike the uniden which you have to go
threw a big hassol to get a market on it. 

Author N2tech ( ago)
Hmmm, have not ran in to that problem. You may have to reset the tablet and
reload your apps. Wish there was an easier solution but these tablets are

Author Sara Corona ( ago)
I need a good tablet that works good with Twitter and webcam/videos. Will
this be a good tablet?

Author buffalo113 (1562 years ago)
This is exactly (other than button shape) the same unit as the Polaroid.

Author buffalo113 (1774 years ago)
Love cheapo-o tabs. Great way to learn about Android and determine if you
want to move up.

Author As R ( ago)
Can't figure out how to download the Google Play. Any suggestions or videos
would help

Author xXSwegAFIluuminatiBruh360AnD420BlAzEItXx Raygoza ( ago)
would the D2 pad tablet work better than this.

Author imashoeaddict ( ago)
Can you please make a video showing how to download Google Play??

Author Matt Charvat ( ago)
check the settings for factory defaults 

Author Loreal Thomas ( ago)
can i video chat r use skype????

Author Chula Rodriguez ( ago)
I bought this tablet for my 1 year old for Christmas but I cannot upload
the games I want for him on the tablet. Is this tablet made to upload games
from the internet?

Author M Gssnr ( ago)
Interesting. And this is on the Uniden 7" tablet? Perhaps I just need to
try it again. Thanks for your feedback! 

Author Barbara Moran ( ago)
I didn't change anything. Downloaded the Netflix app suggestion, and all
went well. 

Author Emily P ( ago)
I have a 16gb microSDHC card in it right now. Will it take a 32gb?

Author santos Ventura ( ago)
hi download this app called espier launcher,,this will make you little
tablet smoother with the ipad theme or other themes of your taste :)

Author kidcymucks ( ago)
tinyurlDOTcom/ netflix1-8-1

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