Santa Baby - SNL

Doug (Ryan Gosling) and Gina (Vanessa Bayer) make everyone at the neighborhood holiday party uncomfortable when they demand to meet the real Santa.

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Runtime: 5:1
Comments: 1005

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Author helenmjodonovan ( ago)
Who sings the song they dance to on the table? I love it!!

Author raynarayskye ( ago)
Natural born Killers meets xmas?

Author Amaliach ( ago)
My family and I watch this every year

Author momof2 ( ago)
same thing will happen if i tell my kids that pokemon isnot real

Author Lightningstriker1 ( ago)
"...bring me a chair!" This was a class "A" skit. Along with likes of "David S Pumpkins", "America Ninja Warrior", Her Totino's and DirtyTalk with Aziz Ansari. SNL needs to put more creative effort into producing pieces like these.

Author Dayna de Montagnac ( ago)
Did they slip edibles in the egg nog?

Author ReachingBeyond Skies ( ago)
this could be a crazy 🎥

Author Nelson ( ago)
Ugh Ryan Gosling is so lucky.
He got to kiss Vanessa.

Author AllAmerican218 ( ago)
I'd watch this horror movie

Author Melody Weckel ( ago)
Love this... Definitely such an amazing homage to Natural Born Killers.

Author Shrajan Shetty ( ago)
what does she whisper in Santa's ear?

Author Ryan Mitchell ( ago)
What is there dance part n song from. A movie gosling was in ? Hmmm

Author Adelaide Beeman-White ( ago)
It should be "Doug and me" not "Doug and I".

Author Amanda Hugankiss ( ago)

Author Taehyung PseudoMaknaeOfBTS ( ago)
This looks like Joker and Harley xD

Author Ethan Caudle ( ago)
That kid looked low key TRAUMATIZED.

Author Ahmed Wasif ( ago)

Author Hector Velasco ( ago)
That was a good one

Author Khaleesi Delmar ( ago)
Doug and Gina should be recurring characters... just brilliant

Author Jose Chavez ( ago)
Vanessa Bayer is pretty, but in a weird way. I think it has to do something with the teeth. I love love love her freckles though.

Author Rio Brasil Samba Shows sambistabeauty ( ago)
corrected grammar: thanks so much for inviting Doug & Me to your...would u ever say; thanks for inviting I to your party????

Author runespell ( ago)
Am I the only one to whom this made absolutely no sense? Someone explain it to me. These people go insane over the thought of Santa?

Author Amelie Cordero ( ago)

Author goodguynow ( ago)
These skits are so awkward

Author Ramona Oklahoma ( ago)
This reminded me of a Tarantino movie 😂

Author Renogade ( ago)
Now this is a performance of Ryan Gosling that's oscar-worthy

Author BraveSpy ( ago)
He would be pretty interesting Joker

Author Stale Memes ( ago)
Is this supposed to be like Natural Born Killers

Author Adub Htown ( ago)
*santa weeps*

Author Adub Htown ( ago)
*Ryan is the luckiest man in the world* making out with Vanessa Bayer and making babies with Eva Mendes.

Author J Morris ( ago)
Bonnie and Clyde

Author Adub Htown ( ago)
This episode of SNL made me like Ryan a whole lot more.

Author beatriz oliveira ( ago)
Why does this reminds me of a Tarantino movie😂😂😂

Author Chad Heredia ( ago)
haha Ryan Gosling is so good, he should play a role like this in a movie.

Author Riverphoenixisinheav ( ago)

Author imeantloveyou5eva ( ago)
I love that sharp inhale at 1:35

Author Not Grace Link I'm someone else ( ago)
Vanessa bayer ruins every snl for me she just annoys me for some shade just wish like everyone else she would be in everyother not everysingle skit....

Author hannah mathew ( ago)

Author One Brokegirl ( ago)
santa 🎅 was like fuck this shit am out

Author Buttercup ( ago)
Sebastian didn’t cope with the break up well like Mia did

Author Fuck You ( ago)
How the fuck did santa get here lmao

Author Ayushi Ghosh ( ago)
after a long time...snl made me laugh loudly

Author Joe Freeman ( ago)
Anyone else thinks Vanessa Bayer looks a bit like Lady Gaga?

Author Austin Peewwaarss ( ago)
When you let your kids believe in Santa for too long?

Author Jillian Rayca ( ago)
The first minute or two, u could think that they were playing it up for the kid. And then.........................things happened

Author coldheart6926 ( ago)

Author Isolde Brown ( ago)
Gosling's definitely in la la land here, he's crazy...

Author Shelby Lloyd ( ago)
this is so funny and messed up

Author Aria Jia ( ago)
ryan goslings episode was the best in years so many gem. this, bday party, and the alien interogation sketches were gold

Author kirill374 ( ago)
Santa is in trouble!! And Jesus won't help him///why? because of this!!

Author woj9000 ( ago)
Anyone else get a Tarantino vibe?

Author HeikkiP ( ago)
Ryan is such a boss

Author Shahzeb Ali ( ago)
why do i think this is a secret attempt for Ryan Gosling and Vanessa Bayer to audition for the joker and harley quin?

Author Andres Jordano ( ago)
I didn´t know Vanessa could do sexy that well. she has this ditzy cute vibe but never thought she could pull sexy off too

Author Siah Aghailas ( ago)
couldn't stop laughing😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😍😍😍😍😍

Author MassillonJoe ( ago)
Would be much better without the background laughter. Still funny though.

Author My Dick Is small ( ago)
I'm the 21,000th like 😄

Author manish kachhawa ( ago)
One of the best

Author nj13 nj13 ( ago)
stupid all ways make white people the crazy ones

Author swishpronoob ( ago)
I would watch a movie about this lol

Author Terrance Wheaton ( ago)
i find this so fucking funny

Author seth Appleton ( ago)
Ryan gosling pulls off a psychotic nutcase really well here

Author k9 aid ( ago)
now how the fuck did Santa get here Dave lol

Author uhjl ( ago)
Vanessa byer, you QUEEN. well played my friend

Author John Patrick ( ago)
I don't get the Tarantino references, I thought it was a natural born killers omage.

Author Johnny Appleseed ( ago)

Author Johnny Appleseed ( ago)
a natural born Christmas

Author Danny Lee ( ago)
SNL is getting so much better! I love it.

Author oddysysorry ( ago)
Does anybody else think like me that Vanessa Bayer's Beauty is the most woefully underrated in all of television?

Author Lorna Ginette Harrison ( ago)
Only Ryan Gosling can smash a candy cane & believably turn it into a genuinely terrifying weapon of imminent Cristmas bloodshed.
"Back away from the window Santa!"

Author Erik M. Parrilla ( ago)
Lmao. This sketch has a Natural Born Killers vibe. Hilarious.

Author Lisa Ann ( ago)
Sooo funny!!!

Author Philm ( ago)
which tarantino movie was this stolen from? True Romance?

Author Christian The W ( ago)
That's some Tarantino shit right there.

Author Kevin Oley ( ago)
"you're gonna go get that beautiful ancient man." "I....don't know what you want do." GO GET SANTA!!!! so funny - pure genius. I read that the other cast members didn't know about the GO GET SANTA!! line before - that it was improv by Ryan.

Author J Town ( ago)
Hahaha! It's like watching a David Lynch Movie

Author Lindsey Muscat ( ago)
Has such a Natural Born Killers vibe.. love it!

Author EPSTomcat11 ( ago)
This was a role meant for Christian Bale

Author Danijels222 ( ago)
Hahahhahahahaha so good

Author Rogue Cop ( ago)
Keenan's expressions really set this off!

Author Ricardo Morales ( ago)
Natural Born Killers, the holiday special

Author dexho1 ( ago)
vanessa is the best

Author David K. ( ago)
this is a great start to a horror movie.. lol

Author John Rubinstein Mijares ( ago)
OMG that was such a Ryan Gosling movie role. haha

Author doycohamco ( ago)
Vanessa should wear braces.

Author Jeffrey Smith ( ago)
I hope in the first half of the day before I get a blow job

Author MeTaLLiCaT8282 ( ago)
I think they're based on Tim Roth and Amanda Plummer's characters from Pulp Fiction. Fucking hilarious. Oh, and the last minute of the scene makes me wish I was Santa, because I wouldn't mind Vanessa Bayer straddling me like that.

Author Zachary Chestnutt ( ago)
2:24 - 2:34 shit just got real motha fuckers

Author Commandotoad ( ago)
this whole thing was an excuse for Vanessa to kiss Ryan Gosling

Author Let her sing ( ago)

Author Blair Pardy ( ago)
They clearly watched "Natural Born Killers" before putting this scene together.

Author thomas k ( ago)
omg, that was really disturbing

Author Jose Chavez ( ago)
Full disclosure here, y'all; I don't think they are going to be invited again next year.

Author Clu TheMan ( ago)

Author Clu TheMan ( ago)
Gosling is one good actor. The SNL cast is worthy.

Author Horror Squad ( ago)
"Go Get Santa!!!!!" lol I still laugh at that line. Perfect spoof on Natural Born Killers

Author Michelle Darlene X ( ago)
Santa was scared as hell.😄

Author furryfurbi ( ago)
This is seriously fucked up

Author Bryan Preston ( ago)

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