Cheer Dance Moves

a short mix of a bunch of different cheerleading moves i saw and liked :)

let me know which ones are your favorites so i know which we can start doing [next year most likely]

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Author Fresh Love (3 years)
i jst play my own music in the other tab thn mute the video iam lookin at
so i cn hear mines :)

Author ForeverAmericanIdol (4 years)
It was sooooo good!

Author beachyxflipflops (5 years)
yeahh. im sorry i must have been looking at the end time instead and yeah
it is around 2.02, ha

Author jaredpaolo25 (5 years)
quad back tuck...

Author Lindsey Holmes (4 years)
whow that is the stuf im becoming a cheerleader so i hope i can do that!!!!
thats so awesome how they were in sync

Author EagleMyth (3 years)
this is not cheer. this is more like dance...

Author katietyphoon7 (4 years)

Author BarreraC (4 years)
we r better than them since we r the world campions 2 years n a row!

Author surfer10181 (4 years)
27:00 Is my team! WHOOOO!

Author annalicious1980 (3 years)

Author brittanirocks27 (4 years)
im a cheerleader and these move are good we used some of them haha so yea

Author MatzeGer (3 years)
best cheermove ive ever seen so far: 1:15

Author boomblastboom (3 years)
@Insane82chevy No they definetly are not ! You have no idea how much work
is put in to a 2:30 cheerleading routine, I want to see you doing toe
touches, back handsprings, round offs.. you get the idea ;)

Author Tuna Fish (3 years)

Author cheerforever961 (5 years)
i am a cheerleader 2 and i also took offence to them im on 2 varsity teams
so if u dont have anything good to say bout cheerleaders than keep it to
your self thx

Author carolinagirl722 (5 years)
i love the summerville, dorman, and archbishop shaw clips. summerville did
amazing at state this year

Author MissCheerleaderLexii (4 years)
I saw tumblecheerall stars! the team im on! :D i like this

Author rhine diez (4 years)
just ask if i can have a copy of this....its can send it inot
my a lot...

Author hermoineglitter (5 years)
i watched cheerdancing accidents then i read comments said cheerdancers r
idiots i got mad a reply(im a cheerdancer)

Author ahuber10 (3 years)
The team at 1:15- 1:20 is the Redskins Freshmen TSF Cheer Competition. This
is the team with the three line ripple.

Author Christian Perez (3 years)

Author steven wu (5 years)
3:14 is the end!

Author kiersen mather (4 years)
I like the one at 0:26

Author Kelly Smith (4 years)
archbishop is the bomb!

Author punkmaedchen (4 years)
1:56 is amazing..

Author jemalangel (4 years)
@puffinfood is that the team in the green?? that does the diagonal ripple??

Author Eleniel13 . (3 years)
I didn't know this song was popular in the US :))

Author sHiEandHiM (4 years)
how could i copy your video?

Author xXHammytimeXx (4 years)
i dont do cheer but i need to know how to land a flip

Author LeeAnnbabee (3 years)
you must have reallllly liked the throw stunt... it was in there twice ;D
lol i love it <33

Author Larissa Silva (4 years)
it's perfect! The movements are perfects *0* the music is perfect too *--*

Author TwilightIsKikAss (3 years)
Very freaking clean

Author GeryBerry4141 (3 years)

Author xXHammytimeXx (4 years)
@nicole979789 i dont care there wasnt one bad squad but which one are you?

Author Marion Fowler (3 years)
This isssss CRAZY. I LOVE IT!

Author psychomaterial (4 years)

Author Gwen Mohler (5 years)
kool =] they were all pretty gud

Author nicole979789 (6 years)
thanksss :)

Author Katelyn Robinson (2 years)

Author Sydney Barosko (3 years)
@102cupcake no it's the people at 1:20 ish.

Author Zara J (3 years)
@futurebiebers183 This music is amazing lol

Author Kaybug0110 (4 years)
nice moves! loved it!

Author andigirl1828 (3 years)
Hey what was the one at 0:07? I have been looking for it.

Author n2cheers (4 years)
can you give me the name of the 10th squad I would like to see all the
dance of that team.

Author Nicolette Keefe (3 years)
this is absolutelyy amazingg(:

Author MileyLuver627 (4 years)
1:53 is pom and song not cheer

Author nicole979789 (5 years)
its live your life by TI [ i think ] and rihanna :) except i eddited some
of it out, its actually like 6 minutes long

Author AlexisMegan (5 years)
cool and awsome how do you guys do that!

Author 101cheercaptin (5 years)
there amazing

Author Kevin reyes (5 years)
i dont like :)

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