The Fish With Human Teeth

A fish with eerily human-like teeth was caught in a New Jersey lake. And scientists have learned to speak Bird!
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Author Jane Kim ( ago)
i used to watch your videos in science.

Author Norrin Radd ( ago)
When I saw "fish with humanlike teeth" in the description I thought it was going to be way more mind bending than it was. A non-mammal with heterodont teeth would be a mind-blowing example of convergent evolution that would forever change the way we classify mammals. Alas, however, "human-like" merely meant flat, and so it's just another fish with teeth. :(

Author David Mende ( ago)
I don't like the Bayer and Monsanto add before the video...and what they are telling, only bullshit. B and M are caring about their costumers and the environment

Author Brendan Cribbs ( ago)
So we have proven that birds can talk to each other intelligently. So this has to mean velociraptors could talk to each other. You heard it here on SciShow first people velociraptors had written language.

Author ReskoPlayz _ ( ago)
testes chomper . NICE NAME . but my balls are in home :(

Author Ethan Alker ( ago)
1:17 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Author Leenk ( ago)
I'm a human but with fish teeth :((

Author Greg Gregg ( ago)
Or, we're humans with fish teeth.

Author Badboy DCX ( ago)
Give that fish a cheese burger and COOKIE😂

Author Commander Erik ( ago)
oh nvm, should have watch the video all the way before i left the last comment.

Author Commander Erik ( ago)
i've heard these fishes love to chew on nuts, men's nuts.

Author ? ( ago)
The Joker should stop dumping Smilex in lakes and rivers or he will deal with Captain Planet

Author Sage Dupuy ( ago)
that is awesome

SUBSCRIBED( Especially cause hanks there)

Author Iamsimply Reese ( ago)
Hello 😁😂 like if you have an iPhone 📱or Tablet / iPad

Author El Patey ( ago)
can we bring the debunker back, it's cool

Author K Jernigan ( ago)
Just a few steps away from being able to talk to animals!

Author Toot Toot ( ago)
River monsters lol

Author hi u ok ( ago)


Author BrannDailor ( ago)
if they only knew how to sing Y's maybe their nesting call would be better.

Author 7years Ryugami ( ago)
This proves Humans were fish before we created adam and eve.

Author CryogenicWaif ( ago)
trurns out the testical chomping fish was a small type of puffer fish with a razor sharp beak that bit the balls off of rice farmers n such

Author Noah Smits ( ago)
But why are there human-like teeth around my anus?

Author Sterling ( ago)
*Throws wallet at Hank.*


Author F1nddatruth ( ago)
So pacu are a tropical fish. With this in mind I do not understand how they could become an invasive species in places like New Jersey or Scandinavia. I did a little research and the low end of their temp tolerance is about 7.5C or around 45.5F. To be invasive they would need to be able to breed as well. As no one has been able to get them to breed naturally in captivity it is hard to say what parameters need to be meet for them to breed. Speculating from success of breeding piranha (they are from the same waters) the temp would need to be between 75F and 80F. The waters in Northern regions would not sustain these high temps long enough for pacu to breed or more importantly for any possible fry to live long enough to survive the colder winter temperatures.

Author Ya Boi ( ago)
just imagine birds singing "I think the humans have developed their own way of communication, the first ever species besides us"

Author FieryWingedAngel ( ago)
The Twitter bird got real!
I wonder what "I'm shitting" means in bird language..

Author Isanzu Ractivadántra ( ago)
Even that fish has better teeth thant I...

Author Stan R ( ago)
no way it cant be true. I've been keeping pacu for a bit.. they eat everything. but haaa i can't believe I failed

Author Mars ( ago)
It's an invasive species? It should pacu up and go home!

Author Aakash Nair ( ago)

Author Jason Espinoza ( ago)
PLLEASE! big fight fan. Science of Knock Outs!!!

Author Andika Hetris ( ago)
Is that what happen since human discover masturbation in bathroom?

Author LordSlag ( ago)
Learning about the origin of human language is fascinating, but, am I the only one around here who really just wants to be able to talk to birds?

Author GraemeMarkNI ( ago)
"I'm flying!" :D

Author Dr Jerome Balewa Azikiwi MD, PhD ( ago)
this is what happens when you masturbate in the ocean

Author Caine Trevor ( ago)
I subscribed so I can troll nerds I better not learn anything 😏

Author Particle Ice ( ago)
What if Pac could talk like humans?

Author Arkaid D ( ago)
Don't you mean the B-A-B-Y call?

Author Olu Ayanbiola ( ago)
i had a pet pacu for the longest, great fish and loved to eat nuts, seeds and veggies.

Author julien foss ( ago)
lol river monsters

Author Normal'sWayOverrated ( ago)
Debunker XD

Author Rachele Ray ( ago)
I choose, this because I wanted to see more than 1second of the teeth, Not to listen to dude blabble babble blabble!! It drives me CRAZZZZZZY!!!

Author DarkZholt ( ago)
OK, so, Pacu have human looking teeth, random guy says his balls were bitten off by a Pacu ... could he had been bitten by a human and said it was a fish because the true story would raise too many questions?

Author supersmex ( ago)
lol, talking shit about TV networks

Author Sidra Yanes ( ago)
*I've eaten a Pacu before..*

*Not bad.*

Author Melanie Diaz ( ago)
i haven't watched this but i'm guessing pacu's because i've seen river monsters and there starting to become carnivores their piranhas cousins and mostly herbivores

Author Rage Quit Studios ( ago)

Author O.G.O.B Outdoors ( ago)
I caught one in Alabama in 2011

Author Antonio Cusato ( ago)
It was probably that dudes ex-wife under the water that bit his nuts off.

Author Crux Of Crota ( ago)
More like "heres dinner you little shits"

Author epicpizzasapien ( ago)
No Spongebob, that's italian.

Author Psichotica7 ( ago)
Dear God! Do not google Piranha attacks!

Author CrashTestFoetus ( ago)

Author Handguys ( ago)
hahaha that looks so fake but real cool i want one to keep in a pool

Author TMSNssto ( ago)
Linguistics is insane.

Author Ixninth Xieleveth ( ago)
original twitter before it was cool.

Author First Last ( ago)
Hey! Bab! that's half the word babble already! The unseen patterns continue!

Author Ifromtrinidad ( ago)
I had one of these fishes when i was smaller

Author Thomas van Beusekom ( ago)
i saw that episode about the pacu

Author Reragi ( ago)
You could say, those pacu ate a special kind of nuts.

Author Dillon Wilson ( ago)
In Florida I caught something called a sheepshead, which is a fish that has human-like teeth

Author Cloud Twirl ( ago)
Didn't the dude from River Monsters on Animal Planet discover that the Puffer Fish was actually the fish that bit the dude Testicles off???

Author Bananas and Bass ( ago)
I found the part about the birds and origins of language way more interesting actually !

Author Ralathor ( ago)
Wait, wait, wait... So you're saying birds are flying around blatantly stating what they are doing?
So whilst they're called babblers... They're essentially tweeting.

Author francisco valdez ( ago)
Oops I thought you were a gay😶

Author Vener Primacio ( ago)
is your name hank

Author KTXA ( ago)
That fish got better teeth than me

Author annride ( ago)
OMG, I love you guys, you make my days.

Author Preeyoo ( ago)
speaking of nuts...

Author Bearboy ( ago)
pacu is also known as tank busters for obviuos reason

Author Meta Grave ( ago)
dear god... theyre learning!!!

Author INSANECODMODS 13 ( ago)
Do a video on the multiverse

Author theMLG_420_ Doge ( ago)
Go Pacus let's destroy the oceans!

Author Faustian (1449 years ago)
The Sheepshead is a fish that also has teeth that look similar to human ones, nothing special here. I don't understand why this became such a big deal.

Author trizm 6ix 六 ( ago)
I'm a fish

Author EvanzNextz ( ago)
Its a fish with human teeth that eats nuts

Author kristoffer eugenio (1709 years ago)
1:16 Deez nuts

Author k1lls ( ago)
I heard they have a taste for man's balls lol

Author Sean Keuroghlian-Eaton ( ago)
Pacu is delicious

Author Samoh Kul ( ago)
GMO fish

Author Samoh Kul ( ago)
They eat human testicles. That's good! Fish are not fruit eaters. They eat meat.

Author Bruno Becker ( ago)
Smashnal Shmographic

Author Jovaughn Deforrest ( ago)
my pacu eats goldfish

Author Enderslime Terraria & More ( ago)
So Undyne and Joel hit it off?
Human Fish babies.

Author saaaaaaagexD (1534 years ago)
There are actually multiple types of fish who have human like teeth, like the Louisiana Sheepshead. South Louisianians are very familiar with those because they're delicious lol.

Author yugij0319 ( ago)
Poor bird.
"ab ab" - Scientist
"Who's flying around?" - Bird
"bab bab" - Scientist

Author smiley face ( ago)
aww crap my pacu is going to grow huge i never knew it can grow to that big -_-

Author Sifu Culreif ( ago)
woops, pacu bit the wrong nut...

Author 4W4IS ( ago)
well DEZZ nuts are in danger ima but them in a jar ._.

Author Lermith Biarreta ( ago)
I could spend hours on this channel

Author TheLordSod ( ago)
Is it me or is his irritating manner even more irritating in this video? Couldn't watch past half way :(
His brother is clearly cooler and smarter.

Author The Divine Rod ( ago)
"But there is another animal that has become famous for it's mouth recently".....
Internal monologue- *Don't say it, Isaiah.*

Author balderdashery G ( ago)
Herbivorous fish has teeth just like the herbivorous humans.
We have to stop thinking we are the only smart critters out there.

Author ian turner ( ago)
I love this show but, your brother is totally indoctrinated into pro government force economics.

Author Mark Williams ( ago)
didn't sailors used to fuck fish

Author Silkfox ( ago)
Chestnut babbler birds will eat your nards!

Author Gonesoonafter ( ago)
Yo whoever does the audio for the videos, deserves a raise.

Author TheMrNanners ( ago)
Nat Geo is good but I like proven things and no stupid hosts or the odd fake things that stupid people think is true.

Author Johann Sebastian Bach ( ago)
cockblocking fish huehuehue

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