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Credit Goes to: Simplyphenomenal07 For the info

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Author Abins ronaldo ( ago)
Name of the music PLEASE....♪♫♪

Author JnJzation ( ago)
@isaackisitu you are the dumbass , look at the date of the video ! 19 Aug
2011 !! the game wasn't out when he put this video up , retard

Author CawMaster13 ( ago)
OMG stop fucking commenting this video and play the fucking game already...
the game is already out so play it.. Stop Commenting this video and look at
my new shit :P

Author Daniel Wilson ( ago)
@nachosrule8 Lol you didn't even ask a question, you made an ignorant
comment, so I pointed out why you were wrong. Just saying.

Author GutZz ( ago)
@ROBLOXVETERAN PS3 sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author monkey1832 ( ago)
@ROBLOXVETERAN your mom sucks!

Author monkey1832 ( ago)
@H2saify pfft hahhaah i got it on the playstation 3 mother fucker!!

Author Bernar ( ago)

Author runetube12345 ( ago)
@Mikerules10 wow you must have been stupid to not know that it would come
out for wii... if anything it wouldnt come out for it would be ps2 (its
older thant the wii) but they have it for both...

Author black taigar ( ago)

Author luigi96263 ( ago)
i want this game so bad but not o ps2 or wii ps3 just xbox 360 but i dont
have one so if i dont get one christmas ill buy one

Author TheJoshJericho ( ago)
im getting the game for christmas on xbox 360 but my xbox needs repearing
so i thought stuff the xbox and get the new xbox 360 slim

Author Willie Stroker ( ago)
@CawMaster13 :D

Author CawMaster13 ( ago)
@Cameestewee Lmao True

Author Willie Stroker ( ago)
@CawMaster13 Yup, although PlayStation 3's are better Lmao

Author CawMaster13 ( ago)
@Cameestewee I do the same thing...Get PSP Vers. first then On christmas i
play 360 vers of svr with all my friends and fam.

Author Willie Stroker ( ago)
@TheWWEMANIAC54 I'm getting it on PSP, and then i'm getting a PlayStation 3
for christmas and i'm gonna get it for the PlayStation then

Author mike6230 ( ago)
@VibiMe ah ok sorry its me jumpin to conclusion again

Author Yuvraj Malik ( ago)
@ohustle5o4o nope ps3 i just got the game like 20 mins ago doin john cena

Author Mental Jeff ( ago)
ive got the game *o*

Author solidwolf sixx ( ago)
@thekbdlvled thats twmorrow

Author James Sale ( ago)
Nice! :D

Author mike6230 ( ago)
that sucks there is only 3 match types

Author Zoe Jane ( ago)
october 28th 4 me!

Author philandchris2010 ( ago)
@thekbdlvled me too mate

Author Criz Bitz ( ago)
i hope traning facility doesnt have reverse a diving move again

Author debakkertje12 ( ago)
dude, i hope chuck norris is aftor those people who made this song

Author izzieisaac ( ago)
@thekbdlvled lol ur cmment was 6 weeks ago its 3 more days!!!!!!!! cand ive
pre ordered it ye haaa

Author Willie Stroker ( ago)
@AZHWWE Me too, it ain't fair, i've been lokking forward to this game since
the very first preview

Author otaibilion ( ago)
is it just me or does it stop at 0:07 ?

Author L3G3NDKILLER313 ( ago)
4 Days Left!!!

Author King ( ago)
Oct 26!. 5 more days/.

Author Joey Stoeckel ( ago)
5 days!!!

Author Joey Stoeckel ( ago)
@thekbdlvled 5 more days

Author MegaBraky ( ago)
6 days!!

Author TheGeneticTutorials ( ago)
i hav 2 wayte 9 dayz coz im in england

Author padresfan365 ( ago)
@thekbdlvled 1 more week! im so excited

Author Yuvraj Malik ( ago)
@ohustle5o4o its demo for ps3 download or xbox live

Author Mink00100 ( ago)
the game came out

Author MegaSuperlame ( ago)
i am in pakistan and lucky i have it woah and wow wat a game jhon cena
,nexus and lots of em

Author Konrad Toney ( ago)
@AZHWWE yeah ifell you pain but atleast we (Europe) get the best game cover

Author MrDasolja ( ago)
@AZHWWE its not mate im ireland and we get it 26th so yous defo will to man

Author SuperKillerboy7 ( ago)
wow wwe universe and they kept story desinger to wow thank you thq keep us
playing longer.

Author Erin Neal ( ago)
what us with this gay as hell music

Author Bryan Jimenez ( ago)

Author Makaveli X ( ago)
@christiff4life1 I think you can in WWE Universe mode i saw an interview
from THQ saying WWE Universe mode is going to be like real life and start
feuds and stuff on its on so i think you can

Author Makaveli X ( ago)
A does anybody know if you have to have X Box live to get the WWE Shop
feature at the bottom of the select screen

Author Yuda315 ( ago)
@mdelseta2004 Np because i just see some videos trailer SvR 2011 RTWM That
John cena Wears Purple Wristband :P Lol Thq messing with John cena :P

Author Yuda315 ( ago)
@mdelseta2004 yes there is. superstar thread is on creation mode

Author wordlifeheel ( ago)
I hope the damn training facility isn't before the menu this year. it's so

Author Lulu Loera ( ago)
@MrBrandon97S i can't wait. this game is gonna be awesome!

Author MrBrandon97S ( ago)
october 26: like 20 days left!!!!!! and this is the demo.

Author Simplyphenomenal07 ( ago)
This is my video. I know you have given credit, but did u once ask me? Iv
got tons of fresh content atm, and this was my vid, but its kl, u got
30,000 out of it, its kl :D New match creator tool etc on my channel now!

Author M Hale ( ago)
THANKYOU SO MUCH For this! I was afraid that my favorite mode Story
Designer was removed, but it was just moved under the Create Modes option.

Author christiff4life1 ( ago)
man it would be so sick if your superstar could get injured during or after
a match make it more like a real effect

Author FreeBirdKai ( ago)
im gonna sell of 2009 & 2010 for 2011... btw the Training facility looks
like the bragging rights stage

Author SuperKevinroy ( ago)
@thekbdlvled 26 days to go!!!!!!!!!!

Author Romeydaking119 ( ago)
@randyorton4life99 and this is my top five gayest wwe superstar 5. C.M Punk
4. Chris Jericho 3. Big Show 2. John Cena 1. Boggeyman Lmao that will be
funny but gay cena and boggey is gayyer Lol

Author TheScott887 ( ago)
@thekbdlvled same here this game is going to be an epic one indeed better
then years past. i'm going to pick mine up when it come's out at gamestop.

Author randyorton4life99 ( ago)
@Romeydaking119 lol me too rko vs fu rko cena cena turn out making out with
boogyman cena+boogyman=gay

Author carnage3688 ( ago)
@Raiden6026 i been knowing that bcuz they had that in 2010 theres is also
going to be a jeff hardy rtwm

Author J4mes101 ( ago)
@Raiden6026 Lol, nice one

Author J4mes101 ( ago)
@Raiden6026 Lol, that it is. I always think such things about Cena

Author Kouta Tsuchiya ( ago)
is this available for ps2 and pc ?

Author thekbdlvled ( ago)
i hope october 26 gets here soon!

Author carnage3688 ( ago)
@ShadowOwnedCena im asking for proof on the create a sighn

Author ShadowOwnedCena ( ago)
@carnage3688 where hav u been the whole time jackass -_-

Author carnage3688 ( ago)
@ShadowOwnedCena prove it

Author ShadowOwnedCena ( ago)
@carnage3688 yes u can dipshit

Author carnage3688 ( ago)
@ShadowOwnedCena u cant make a sighn dipshit

Author Herplex901 ( ago)
miz went from 79 to 89 yeah bitch :D

Author scaperune513 ( ago)
I'm gonna buy the game then just put it in the oven or toaster :D

Author Antonio Prelec ( ago)

Author J4mes101 ( ago)
@ShadowOwnedCena Lol, awesome. I was gonna make a "Go home, John.. We've
Cena-Nuff" sign.

Author William Moore ( ago)
@sebodx20 I thinks thats probably just because it was a demo at least it
better be if not that is gay

Author Joey Stefaniw ( ago)
@ianniere619 LOL, are you serious, that's the DEMO, the game hasn't come
out yet, lrn2read

Author KAY- SAP ( ago)
i like that you have to unlock arenas it gives your more reason to play
instead of just unlocking characters you unlock characters and arenas

Author MrWWEThemeSongs1 ( ago)
WTF?! Locked Arenas i don't want that

Author 23prostar10 ( ago)
the miz with 89 overall? oh, this game sucks

Author MrSco1t ( ago)
hey check my svr 2010 highlight reels. really cool reversal's and matche's,
please comment and subscribe thankyou.

Author sebodx20 ( ago)
That sucks u have to unlock areas that is sooooo gay fuck sake with
that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :@

Author heffman102 ( ago)
@yofoy23 are u retarded? it clearly shows it in this vid if u were looking

Author William Moore ( ago)
@MultiGameTv1 WWE Universe is a new version of career mode where u can free
roam around the arena and start rivalries or brawl right then and
there.....if u dont believe me go to the website smackdownvsraw

Author ReacT 2.0 ( ago)
ew thats all it has no other matches no superstar threads only wat 6 9
superstars waow that sucks i eant getin that game

Author souljaboy7781 ( ago)
@MrRevolution108 i mean in the gamr

Author TheHeegeMan ( ago)
Miz's overall went to 70's to close to 90

Author Romeydaking119 ( ago)
@ShadowOwnedCena in my sign it will say (cena is gay!!! Orton the best!)

Author souljaboy7781 ( ago)
Wats wwe universe

Author TheBAVproductions ( ago)
@MrDarraghf2 dats for the demo the full version of it has all the arenas

Author indyMachineCristal ( ago)
@SugarStrangler Buy irl?

Author indyMachineCristal ( ago)
@SugarStrangler Nah.

Author Lovaticat ( ago)
@benjy619 oh well I would do that to but with a diva I wish that divas can
fight men in the game because on SVR 2008 I beat up undertaker , batista ,
triple H by Michell McCool = EPIC well not much but it was fun .

Author xHoustenx ( ago)
who the hell sad there were a "arena creator" ? ?

Author benjy619 ( ago)
yeah i'll smash cena with sheamus then use randy and smash them both haha

Author FelipepRanger ( ago)

Author zNastyFloodzzz ( ago)
@btnhfan8504 calm down man i was just asking a simple question

Author WWEandTNAdictedHD ( ago)
My first match will be laycool vs kelly kelly and tiffany or other diva

Author Daniel Wilson ( ago)
@nachosrule8 it's a demo, genius

Author Based Phoenix ( ago)
@yofoy23 wow, you are slow, you should have watched the entire vid

Author Stephen Stepz ( ago)
dis is a better tf

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