Damon Wayans Talks Growing Up In A Family of Comedians, 'Lethal Weapon' & More | The View

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  • Ceme612
    Ceme612 3 months ago

    I love Damon, but dang, he was rude as all get out, say hi, hug the ladies ... dang. Whoopi stood for the fool.  He's funny, but Keenan is the funniest of them all and the most handsome.  Ok, Marlon is handsome too with his skinny self ;o)  The entire family is talented, but Keenan kicked the door down and charged through it. He definitely has the most talent. Shawn is just pretty ;o)  OMG, White Chicks ... Shawn was actually pretty as a white woman ;o)

  • TampaOutlaw
    TampaOutlaw 3 months ago

    All the Wayans are funny except the sister. Its like she try too hard to be funny but for the rest of the Wayans it comes natural.

  • Elisha B
    Elisha B 3 months ago

    OMG I had no idea that Damon put things from his own life in My Wife and Kids! Do you guys remember when Jr., Claire and Katie played "make me laugh or die" and Claire had to eat her dads half time pie in front of his face?? I had no idea that was based off his life.

    • Queen Rena
      Queen Rena 3 months ago

      I remember that episode lol

  • Drath Firtha
    Drath Firtha 3 months ago

    Sara looks like she hasnt tasted some bbc ina looooooooong tiime

  • Nikki Beacth
    Nikki Beacth 3 months ago

    He sure ain't no gentleman. Came out like he had slept with them all last night.

    • Ceme612
      Ceme612 3 months ago

      Right!  I was like ... Whoopi stood up to greet him ... I was offended ;o)

  • Alisa demi
    Alisa demi 3 months ago

    i loved in living color. damon still looks great!

  • Sarah Schouveller
    Sarah Schouveller 3 months ago

    what the heck is on his scarf? it's driving me nuts... is it a car???

  • Zibby Zee
    Zibby Zee 3 months ago

    Damon is the funniest Wayan in my opinion and the most handsome. I wonder why he did not hug or give a kiss on the cheek to all the ladies. Maybe he has a cold?...

  • David Fiedler
    David Fiedler 3 months ago

    Ya WOOP you dont need to be sooo angry all the time, such a hater!!!!

  • t-ART
    t-ART 3 months ago

    Make America Laugh Again!

  • wilfrid fred
    wilfrid fred 3 months ago

    Samaritain with bruce Willis!
    Just watched it

    • Hl A
      Hl A 3 months ago

      That is also called The Last Boy Scout.

  • iloveu85
    iloveu85 3 months ago

    Marlon is the funniest. Come on now.

      ASHTREFISHER 1 month ago

      Marlon's Energy Alone Makes Him Funny Dude Be Hype Lol But They All Are Funny In Different Ways Except Shawn He Is The Least Funny

    • Ceme612
      Ceme612 3 months ago

      AAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAH - I just had a flash, don't make me hop after you ;o)  Love me some Keenan!

    • iloveu85
      iloveu85 3 months ago

      TampaOutlaw - I actually think she's funnier than Shawn. To me, he's only funny when he's with Marlon.

    • Dina D
      Dina D 3 months ago

      Damon for me

  • Fredrik Nielsen
    Fredrik Nielsen 3 months ago

    This guy defended Bill Cosby and called some of his victims "Un-Rape-Able". Wow, what a guy.

    • Fredrik Nielsen
      Fredrik Nielsen 3 months ago

      What about what I said is unfair?

    • What About
      What About 3 months ago

      if people like you would just go away we would have a better country, a funnier one

    • Dina D
      Dina D 3 months ago

      I think he was just making a joke.

  • TiK Progress
    TiK Progress 3 months ago

    I'm still pissed at the WB for not giving us a "Wayans Bros." series finale.

  • Beverly Sanders
    Beverly Sanders 3 months ago

    that entire family is talented. lethal weapon is a good show.

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