The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15 Predictions! ALL OUT WAR HYPE!!!


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Author Freddie Jee ( ago)
I REALY wanna win that giveaway man❤️😍😍

Author Sharon doble ( ago)
love your predictions

Author Gabriel Thomas ( ago)
qualify or nah?

Author Lucy Inglis ( ago)
Down below

Author Richer p Sickert. ( ago)
Rosita and Sasha stupid asses will fuck up the plan....just like women normally.

Author Richer p Sickert. ( ago)
them garbage pail kids will turn on rick after the war and take everything because the reverend said they could. That woman would figure that if they need her group to fight that the people are weak and they will attempt to be the next saviors.

Author Penni Colello ( ago)
I hope I win! Liked & Subscribed (for awhile now!) 😊

Author Curt Diggler ( ago)
It's definitely Dwight.

Author TheNotinmysalad ( ago)
if Sasha doesn't get the holly death I don't know what I'll do

Author Santino Does stuff ( ago)
Love your videos dude I would love to win

Author Purpleboss games ( ago)
I looooove this show soooo much

Author Susan Smith ( ago)
great video once again. I watch & love all ur videos. ur predictions & theories are awesome. keep them coming!! btw, I have been subbed for a little while but I liked & commented!! please enter me in ur giveaway! I've loved the walking dead from the start & love reading so I really think I would love & enjoy the comics as well but haven't been able to buy any of my own yet so would love to receive one to read and see if the comics are as good & I enjoy them as much as I think I would. being a single mommy of five babies what I want & enjoy takes a back seat to what has to be done & what they need & want so winning ur giveaway would be awesome & give me the chance to finally read a comic & collect some twd stuff I've been wanting & I'd forever be thankful!!

Author PikachuPlaysXOX ( ago)
When Sasha dies, I will cry for a year. And riot. Love my gurl Sasha <3

Author Ronnie o ( ago)
im guessing Daryl is caring the dynamite ?

Author Jason Harris ( ago)
very interesting thoughts. I've subscribed. Thanks

Author Mark Chappell ( ago)
think its dwight and shasha will die rosita will replace negans missing wife

Author Xxkeenan2004xX Gaming ( ago)
i subbed

Author Joseph Gaming ( ago)
love this channel and all these videos!! thank you

Author TheShareBear ( ago)
Hey man I love you videos and I just started watching you have accurate predictions and I really want to know who dies in the finale!

Author C. McFluffington ( ago)
Man I love this movieIDOL guy

Author Vonda Martin ( ago)
Daryl, Jesus and Enid are ALL with Rick and Co. to go to Oceanside. It is Dwight in the shadows.

Author Vonda Martin ( ago)
I know why Gregory is holding a knife...

Author It's Bugsey ( ago)
i would love to try winning the giveaway

Author Dr. Sean Woodward ( ago)
Good review. Thanks. Why would Sasha make such a bad move? She has no chance of survival or killing Negan.

Author NLK Charger ( ago)
can i be in the giveaway!! YESTERDAY WAS MY BIRTHDAY!!!

Author Aidan Last ( ago)
I don't understand the hate for this Season. People just don't understand that this is a Character dev Season so it will be slow with not much action. Anyways the showrunners said that the Finale will be the most action packed episode of the entire show so that must mean All Out War will start in the Finale and will for sure keep going in Season 8. That being said Season 8 will probably be extremely action packed and awesome, and since that's what everyone is wanting apparently then i really hope the hate goes away soon. Also All Out War is probably the most epic and most action packed and most interesting story in the comics so that means Season 8 will be the best Season

Author Aidan Last ( ago)
Last Sundays episode was not good. It was slow, not much happened, etc. Anyways this upcoming episode looks much much better having Rick's group and Negan so this should be good.

Author danny ( ago)
The wait for season 8 is going to be horrible but hopefully it'll be worth it and it should be the best season yet with the war to take place

Author Jayden Gonzalez ( ago)
Good predictions

Author Arthurene James ( ago)
Where's Carol?

Author Lane bergeron ( ago)
Great video

Author The Timmy's Tragic's ( ago)
Need to win a giveaway...

Author sleepyjoseph2104 ( ago)
I would love to win that give way. Do it for Negan.

Author Nathanater ( ago)
I think Sasha will tell negan about rick plans and will get holly's death.

Author Brenden Rodriguez ( ago)
I just wish that so many people didn't stop watching the show a few seasons back bexause it is pretty good right now.

Author tyanna fuller ( ago)
i love the walking dead so much i hope sasha doesn't die

Author MLG Pro Gamer ( ago)
i am righht

Author Gaby Lloyd ( ago)
I'm so excited for the war:)) Ps good luck everyone in the giveaway🙃

Author katsupoi24 ( ago)
sasha gets captured alive will almost get rape by that guy that tried to take enid s balloons then gets turned over to rick with a bag covering her head.........😢

Author Adrian Brooks ( ago)
Sasha will threaten that he can kill her, but Rick will kick his ass in the end. That's who Rick is...yadayaddah

Author Jacob O'Donnell ( ago)

Author Demanofsteel ( ago)
I cant' wait

Author Ryan Lockyer ( ago)

Author Aron Maddocks ( ago)
stuck with this show from the beginning but it's beginning to test my patience now ,this season is on par with S2 an that fecking farm.

Author Troy Smith ( ago)
i subed and like

Author Troy Smith ( ago)
you was up can win plaeseeee

Author MICHAEL SOLA ( ago)
I subscribed

Author Beth Greene ( ago)
Everyone talking about who gets Holly's death.  What about Denise's?  Tara?  Rosita?  Eric? Hmm...

Author Tony Starks ( ago)
That's Dwight that sees that's watching Rosita look at the hair

Author Emilio_1022 ( ago)
I like negan

Author LegendFantasy64 ( ago)
Finally David will die!

Author john cena!!676 ( ago)
can I be in the running?

Author john cena!!676 ( ago)
can I be in the running?

Author Scooter Blalock ( ago)
Neagan won't be rolling up on Rick unexpectedly. they have the saviors radio. they listen to what they are doing and stay a step ahead. at least at first anyway.

Author Glitcher726 ( ago)
I Liked, Subscribed and Commented so can I enter the giveaway?
Also I think Sasha will die and turn and the bite someone (who will get Denise's death)

Author Trey Allan ( ago)
I love the fact that the survivors are finally back together again. Hopefully they show their worth to the Oceanside and they agree to help fight the saviours.

Author RaNik STAR ( ago)
I think last season episode Dwight will pursue one of RIck of people and that someone may be Daryl with truck :\

Author jaz aham ( ago)
holly=sasha its negan kill

Author Maria Perez ( ago)
Did daryl try to join sasha qnd rosita?

Author Susan Walko ( ago)
So happy to see Daryl back with group. love him.

Author FEROCIOUS ECHO Gaming ( ago)
I hope they use metal n melt her to the fence with the walkers

Author Ducky quill ( ago)
sasha will turn and kill tara .... or what if it was carol :o

Author PainandMotivation ( ago)
I hope they show the Whisperers in the season finale. In some way.

Author PainandMotivation ( ago)
When TWD characters get other roles in other shows that tells the viewers which characters will die. That is something I do not like. I think Rick will lie to the Oceanside people and say that the Saviors are coming. Rick killed one member of the Saviors but another one got away. That will make the Oceanside join the war.

Author Syranium ( ago)
nice vid :)

Author Luis G Ti ( ago)
The all out war is almost here i hope Dwight go to Rick group and kills negan

Author starrguitargoddess ( ago)
It's Dwight in the shadows. Yes, Sasha will get Holly's death. Very sad.

Author Mr. Kaig ( ago)
Me llamo Jeff

Author Catalin Groza ( ago)
I think that when Negan will see Sasha in the sanctuary and he kill her, so she's going to be a zombie.
Episodes letter, he's going to alexandria and I think that he's going do say "Rick! I've a surprise for you!" , so he's open the backdoor of his car and pull out zombie Sasha, with a bag in the head.
So, as he pull out zombie sasha, people of alexandria ( with rick to) freak out! and what I think is going to happen next? zombie Sasha bites rosita and rosita turn out zombie.
And in the same episode, negan will see dwight with the rick's group. There's 2 possibilities , 1 - he kill dwight , 2 - he let him go, but tell him "Traitors will die dwight."

Do you agree? tell me your suggestions!

Author SlayeR ( ago)
Daryl is going to get bit by zombie Sasha

Author CosmicFlare *Super Mario* ( ago)
Wait unti The Fuckin Whisperers come

Author Ponkass_Kaktus ( ago)
I want to win the giveaway!

Author madafaka992 ( ago)
Why the hell do we have to know that Jesus is gay?????? who gives a sh*t????? I dont care! Is that such on important fact?????? I dont care if he is a pedophile, rapist, cop killer or a crazy left liberal, I just dont wanna know !!! oh man this episode is getting to become a stupid MTV show! And Sasha's charge??? Wow, how stupid you have to be to do that??

Author WhatsHerFace005 ( ago)
Heck Yes!

Author Swifty OVO ( ago)

Author Mc Marshmallow ( ago)
I commented because I want to win the giveaway

Author Alex Hook ( ago)
amazing. can't wait 😊😊

Author Julie Woodward ( ago)
pick me pick me ..Sasha is getting Holly's death lol ..and it def was Dwight at the end .

Author MLG Pro Gamer ( ago)
meow, am I right?

Author Erik Encarnacao ( ago)
walking dead is the best show ever

Author Tyler Fraser ( ago)

Author Roca Bibaby ( ago)
Gimme dat prize mister!! lol I predict, series finale Saviors and Alexandrians at a stand still. Rick demands they release Sasha, Negan does with Sasha wearing a hood. Hood is pulled Sasha is a walker. Rick loses it opening fire on the saviors, all out war begins, episode ends.

Author SouthPark333Gaming ( ago)
I've liked commented and subscribe ;-)

Author Martin Fernando ( ago)
It would be cool if Sasha would run and rosita would be a savior

Author Kathy Bennett ( ago)
You have a great channel! Yay!!!!!

Author Antonio Gabriel Dela Gente ( ago)
subbed and liked!!

Author TheGrahamReaper21 ( ago)
I hope sasha dies... I'm sick of the one and only face the actress always makes. No range... pretty much the worst actor in the entire series

Author Hey Pop ( ago)
Good video

Author Kelsey Waffle ( ago)
Awesome video liked, commented, & I've been a subscriber I love your videos I've been trying really hard to win your basket for my upcoming surgery!

Author Kelsey Waffle ( ago)
Great video!

Author deFt18 ( ago)
does anyone else think Eugene actually saw Sasha in the tower, knew they would have a walkie and gave them a secret warning?

Author Wyatt Allison ( ago)
I love the walking dead and amc tv show , is there any way you can talk about preacher or something else

Author FreddyBeddy ( ago)
Hey i subscribed yesterday and I have already watched over 20 videos. Already waiting for the new one.

Author Wish Finn ( ago)
I would LOVE the merch giveaway love your channel been here since 30,000 road to 100 thousand

Author Gizmo_Slxyz25 ( ago)
i have this big sense that Tara will die in this episode😕

Author Michael Higdon ( ago)
Jesus and Daryl??

Author Jared Pearson ( ago)

Author MegaHunter 1804 ( ago)
Well now we know Jesus is huh huh GAYYYYY

Author Kyle Kay-Cee ( ago)
I hope they don't make Dwight a member of Ricks group

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