Neil deGrasse Tyson: Flat Earth, Fake Science & Space Exploration

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  • Vincent Van Gogh
    Vincent Van Gogh 1 hour ago

    There would be no concept of time zones if the earth is flat since the sun would be shining on all the surface of the world when it's up.
    Only a few second difference or none at all when light spreads from all the end points in every corner and every edge of the world.
    Hence, it should be daytime everywhere when the sun rises and darkness should envelop all across during the night.
    Then why the hell is it morning in New York and night everywhere in Asia if the earth is truly flat?

  • Grenadeh
    Grenadeh 12 hours ago

    How are 5,163 people downvoting this?


  • futurenika
    futurenika 14 hours ago

    i had a boss, once and he honestly believed in hollow earth theory and that people are living inside earth and he kept talking about the evidence that Hitler knew about it and used to dig antartica to try and find the entrance. and i was like okey. interesting. . no point in arguing really.

  • SteverRob
    SteverRob 15 hours ago

    I'm going to help the FEers who haven't come up with this one yet when asked why there's no pic of the FE from space. Well, since there IS no space, and you can't penetrate the glass cake cover, it would be impossible to get out there to take any pics.

    Dominoes should make a FE special: A deep dish pizza with an ice crust.

  • Mickayah & Selinah Harris

    Science says Neil degrasse Tyson is an oblate spheroid

  • Mickayah & Selinah Harris

    Just look at them soulless hahah

  • Tits Magee
    Tits Magee 18 hours ago

    If flat Earth is such a ridiculous prospect why do you dedicate so much time to debunking deGrasse?

  • americanmale2011
    americanmale2011 18 hours ago

    The Globe is a lie. Gravity is a lie. Space travel is a myth. Astronauts
    are actors. The News is fake. Governments are thieves. Take back your

  • Wooden Storyteller
    Wooden Storyteller 21 hour ago

    The fact at 10:45 !!

    CABAL 21 hour ago

    The cancers of our time: Creationism and Flat Earth Theory

  • luis sanchez
    luis sanchez 22 hours ago

    degrass tyson is taking u for a sucker cuse he knows the planet is flat with a dome over it enclose enviroment no one has made it to space is imposible all lies

  • Yahtzee Revival
    Yahtzee Revival 1 day ago

    Fuck Neil Degrasse Tyson, dude doesn't know shit about physics

  • diwakar raman
    diwakar raman 1 day ago

    '''This is a deep failure of our educational system''
    hahaha, nailed it.

  • Woodrow Davis
    Woodrow Davis 1 day ago

    you're just countering your own point u said u shouldn't influence other people's thinking and u are influencing what others think check mate neil

  • soulsavant86
    soulsavant86 1 day ago

    Did anyone else find it completely ironic how the view behind the host has a completely flat and level horizon with zero curvature.

    KBOK KB 1 day ago

    these two ignorant idiots think gravity exists. our Education system has deceived is for ages. it's called programming. do your own research and stop believing NASA.

  • William Smith
    William Smith 1 day ago

    So, scientific inaccuracies aside, let's consider the matchup here. On one side, we have Neil Degrasse Tyson, Carl Sagan, Bill Nye. On the other, we have Kyrie Irving, Tila Tequila, and Eddie Bravo. While one should not solely evaluate an argument based on the individuals involved, it's difficult to not recognize a trend here.

  • nick miller
    nick miller 1 day ago

    I hate that nobody ever asks. IF the earth is flat, are all other celestial bodies flat as well?

  • No Spam
    No Spam 1 day ago

    You don't have any proof it's not flat!! Funny how you brainwashed sheep try to deny the truth. You are just scared.
    Science is nothing more than voodoo, those "scientists" change all their views every 10 years and then just say, well 10 years ago we didn't know, it's actually like this (for the next 10 years) BULLSHIT

  • Karen Lewis
    Karen Lewis 1 day ago

    The proof is in your backdrop dude! No curvature! THE EARTH IS FLAT!

  • Bruce Wright
    Bruce Wright 1 day ago

    The curvature experiments people are doing all over the earth ALL PROVE that there is NO CURVATURE ANYWHERE.Using a powerful telescope, like the one found on a Nikon P-900 camera, people are posting their curvature experiments on the internet by the dozens, each and every day.  THEY ALL SHOW THE SAME THING.  There is No Curvature.Using the mathematical curvature formula of 8-inches X Mileage-squared, which is accurate enough, anyone can conduct a "scientific" experiment proving NO CURVATURE.  Simply check it out.  Check out Edward Hendrie, Eric Dubay, Mark Sargent, or Jake Gibson, The Flat Earth Asshole.  The evidence is now both scientific and readily available in great abundance.THE EARTH IS NOT GLOBE OR PEAR SHAPED.  This Heliocentrism Lie had to be "sold" in order to kick God to the Curb and lay the foundation for Darwin's Godless Theory of Evolution, Atheism, Communism, Sexual Liberation, Feminism, and every other Godless, Atheistic, and Materialistic movement destroying our culture today.  Who's behind all this?Read Edward Hendrie's Book, on line for FREE, entitled THE GREATEST LIE ON EARTH.Read Eric Dubay's Book, online for FREE, entitled The Flat Earth Conspiracy.Edward is a Christian and Eric is a Spiritual man focused more on the eastern religions.  Both are telling the same FLAT EARTH TRUTH.....Plus, both do a great job of explaining WHY this fantastic lie was told and WHO told it.

  • Bruce Wright
    Bruce Wright 1 day ago

    Neil deGrasse Tyson is a shill and the moron hosting this video is simply ignorant.The simple truth is WATER AT REST CANNOT ASSUME the shape of a curve or arc.  It's a physical law.   Don't let them trick you by telling you that Gravity makes the water cling to the planet and assume a curved shape.THERE IS NO CURVATURE

    • Truth Warrior
      Truth Warrior 1 day ago

      Private message me with your facebook name or email. Thanks Bruce!!

  • frisianmouve
    frisianmouve 2 days ago

    7:45 Hey Neill, i agree with the point you're trying to make, but the VOC or Dutch east india trading company was founded in 1602, more than a century after Columbus. Oh and the vikings were earlier than Columbus

  • zoune83
    zoune83 2 days ago

    neil degrasse tyson reminds me of cleveland in family guy

  • T. Williams
    T. Williams 2 days ago

    People are still asleep. They always are.

  • tony terpine
    tony terpine 2 days ago

    hes the eqivilent of a false preacher

  • Barry Rockerfella
    Barry Rockerfella 2 days ago

    If this clownish Degrasse guy is the voice for GLOBE EARTH, you would have to be stupid to buy into this theory.
    Are the people on the south pole standing upside down? To deny what your senses are telling you is to be a slave. The earth is standing perfectly still you fucking morons!!!! LMAO!!!

  • dougieh7
    dougieh7 3 days ago

    Back in the day , people like this would have been eaten by predators or starved to death. Sometimes wish it was the good old days again !

  • Mlg pro circut
    Mlg pro circut 3 days ago

    Can Neil be my science teacher

  • Rikimaru Tachi-oni
    Rikimaru Tachi-oni 3 days ago

    earth's motion makes the planet an oblong shape to the side due to the speed and rotation around the sun making the horizon apear flat

  • Ryan Young
    Ryan Young 3 days ago

    It's ironic that they are sitting in front of a picture of an extremely long and flat horizon lol

  • MrThrock09
    MrThrock09 3 days ago

    I'm just a hick from Utah why do they race on the salt flats in the western part of the state if they're round. 700 miles an hour over a curved surface I don't think so. Salt flats Sea Level what am I missing? Oh I almost forgot explain Polaris been fixed in our sky for all of recorded time?

  • Ryan Pendleton
    Ryan Pendleton 3 days ago

    Neil Tyson is a genius

  • Christian Bolling
    Christian Bolling 3 days ago

    I refuse to call it the new world when there were already people here

  • Mkaboose
    Mkaboose 3 days ago

    Let's not question Hawkins, because he's handicapped. And let's not question Neil "Degrassi" because he's black. And let's accept Bill Nye, the failed comedian with an Engineering degree, guy regardless of background. Well we elected two presidents just recently that look entertaining on camera and have no background skill to be president so what the hell let's fuck up actual science debate too and ignore other scientists who have been saying everything we know about physics is wrong and proven because hollywood/elite/government/mafia/corporations own the majority of science interest because they have the funds for their labs so they can at least do some good still.


  • Jareth Night
    Jareth Night 3 days ago

    Antipodeans - "a stationary plane is insane, but a 1,000 mph spinning marble is not......"

  • Haenir
    Haenir 3 days ago

    Didn't Tila Tequila go insane and think she was a god or something?

  • Terry Rhee
    Terry Rhee 3 days ago

    Listening to a focking tard that believe that the Earth is a focking 'Pear'

  • Terry Rhee
    Terry Rhee 3 days ago

    Prove the Earth is flat. Dumb focking shills. May God have mercy on you. Regardless of religion, there's no proof. And Neil Da Shill... I debate you any time regarding the shiat you pull out of your azz.

  • The Dude
    The Dude 4 days ago

    You are not stupid because you think the earth is flat. You think the earth is flat because you're stupid.

  • tony montana
    tony montana 4 days ago

    loke at the stodio background city photo
    ALL flat!!!! :))))))))

  • Abit Almahyuni
    Abit Almahyuni 4 days ago

    unbelievable mustache!

  • generalmax
    generalmax 4 days ago

    seriously research what the flat earthers are saying.  I will only say,  they make interesting observations.  Although I have not (gone over the edge) signed onto the flat earth society yet.  I will only say they point out peculiar things.

  • james perez
    james perez 4 days ago

    Can anyone show me an experiment of water curving

  • The Oblivious
    The Oblivious 4 days ago

    He's muslim, they don't believe in God's word but in mahammed

  • The Oblivious
    The Oblivious 4 days ago

    Niel is a fool, the earth is biblically proven to be a stationary, flat plain

    • Miko Sereno
      Miko Sereno 3 days ago

      So how come that I can't see the ice wall from somewhere on Mount Everest?

  • Robert Briscoe
    Robert Briscoe 4 days ago

    The reason why Flat Earthers. Humm maybe it's because the multitude of lies that comes out of the government's mouth.

  • Kevin Nolen
    Kevin Nolen 4 days ago

    i can prove its flat. My bowling ball is not moving down the road.We

  • gotohell gotohell
    gotohell gotohell 5 days ago

    space exploration would not cost so much is the thousands of scientists involved wernt over payed such huge amounts ...

  • alberto hasler
    alberto hasler 5 days ago

    The Sun is Hell. Hallelujah.

  • Xeno Entertainment
    Xeno Entertainment 5 days ago

    I love how Neil just laid out a very well thought out, and passionate speech about society and ways of thinking...Then this guy just goes "SPACE! ARE YOU EXCITED!?" I burst out laughing lol...

  • Dab boonstra
    Dab boonstra 5 days ago

    Typo "does" ofcourse

  • Dab boonstra
    Dab boonstra 5 days ago

    But still how dies water bend? It always levels out. So how? Q everything right!

  • DJR5280
    DJR5280 5 days ago

    Yet people believe we are spinning thousands of miles an hour hurdling through space, even though the stars never change and haven't since we began noting our observations. Humanity is so far gone that if you were told the truth about everything they would laugh and call you crazy. The " smarter" you get the farther you get from reality.

  • 1ofGodsRunners
    1ofGodsRunners 5 days ago

    as a large flat horizon sits behind him

  • anonneemouse mighty

    Legislation is the entire threat behind a Dictatorship. They are Dictates. The World is Round. Is that enough?

  • MultiSciGeek
    MultiSciGeek 5 days ago

    Strange interview, but this Neil guy seems pretty cool... except he kind of feels too sure of himself, even on topics not related to science.

  • jaksombre1
    jaksombre1 5 days ago

    That's super depressing to hear that we only went to space because of fears. :c

  • Jovan Jeffs
    Jovan Jeffs 5 days ago

    "[Sputnik] flew over our heads outside of our airspace, because it was in our space-space"
    I was laughing for a good hour at this XD

  • 9112cruz
    9112cruz 5 days ago

    Apparently his calculations = crazy tall.

  • - SmokinIrons -
    - SmokinIrons - 5 days ago

    Please explain to me how nobody is talking about Neil deGrasse Tyson still believing that Columbus was the first European to the New World...

  • paul fensome
    paul fensome 5 days ago

    Neil deGrass Tyson is a good Liar , that little speech cost us a few Billion Dollars
    Who believes him ???????????????
    I notice he forgot to mention that we cannot get through the DOME , just slipped his mind , talk about a good BULLSHIT Story Holy Shit

  • paul fensome
    paul fensome 5 days ago

    There are People Awake that can see through the Propaganda , we are far from stupid , in fact i am convinced the less educated are far more smarter in common sense and logic
    Simply because they did not go through the brain washing Schooling as much as the sheep , the Former broke out the Pen and ran away to learn to THINK FOR THEMSELVES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Very RARE these days because when you go to higher Education then you become a CLONE of your teacher , you are learning what they tell you , you cannot tell them they are wrong , so you have to swallow your pride and go along just to get a good grade.
    Same stands for Doctors or Lawyers or Judges etc , if they do not tow the line and go by the Elite Agenda their Career goes no where , they are Black Sheep
    You see black sheep are bad sheep , white sheep are good sheep , because they COMPLY , they follow Orders without Questioning !!!!!!!!!!!!
    There is NO such thing as a FREE meal , so the next time you Idolize your Favourate Celeb , just stop and think what they GAVE or more Importantly what they had to do that they did'nt want to DO. to get TO THE TOP
    So in reality you are already bending over and taking your medicine before you even enter the Jungle.

  • gustavmarkovic31
    gustavmarkovic31 5 days ago

    All of this is going on, meanwhile that horizon in the background is looking pretty damn flat to me. Can anyone else see this?

  • DUBDUB511
    DUBDUB511 6 days ago

    if the Earth is flat.. then why are the moon and the sun round?

    • Haenir
      Haenir 3 days ago

      Because they believe that other planets are facing them. Really.

  • Jean C Alicea
    Jean C Alicea 6 days ago

    There are not people. They are reptilians.

  • Tim Wenger
    Tim Wenger 6 days ago

    I honestly wish I could be told that I'm thinking rationally by Neil deGrasse Tyson. That would truly be an honor to me.

  • Galactor
    Galactor 6 days ago

    If only being stupid was illegal! Looking at you flat earthers, religious people, and other conspiretards!

  • Blake Meding
    Blake Meding 6 days ago

    Forget FLAT EARTH!!! The real conspiracy is AIR! SCIENTIST'S say that there is oxygen in the air, but I,ve never seen it! I mean, why think about it, thinking is scary! I prefer just telling myself something, or better yet.... having someone else tell me something, over thinking! I think...... or...... I mean....I Know...... it is just magic god gas! YA..... THAT FEELS BETTER.... SWEET.....WARM.... SAFE....... COMFORTABLE LIES!!!!!! I LOVE YOU JESUS!!!!!

  • En Route
    En Route 6 days ago

    NDGT for 2020

  • Disabler
    Disabler 6 days ago

    Says the man who believes manmade in global warming..

  • 06jj28
    06jj28 6 days ago

    no funding to go to the moon or mars? it has to be war driven? it cant be done. All bullshit neil

  • Sean O'Brien
    Sean O'Brien 7 days ago

    Someone please get China to do that xD

  • Karim Moslimani
    Karim Moslimani 7 days ago

    i find it ironic that you can see flat earth from the windows behind them lol. I don't believe its flat btw..

  • Justin Webb
    Justin Webb 7 days ago


  • Shuma Gorath
    Shuma Gorath 7 days ago

    Buyoancy needs the gravitational constant to work....they never bother looking at the math

  • Floyd Trussler
    Floyd Trussler 7 days ago

    the cost of acces to space ?

  • soaring eagle
    soaring eagle 7 days ago

    Neil deGrasse Tyson please run for president and save us from this catastrophic wave of ignorance and stupidity.

  • Floyd Trussler
    Floyd Trussler 7 days ago

    ALL OF YOU! Who think the world is a spheric globe , like you know all of you who went to school right ?! Will start slowly , i do not say it's flat or either spheric ...Degrass in a interview say : well you know the earth is not realy round but more of a pear shape , .....okay , so i went on NASA ( NOT - A - SPACE - AGENCY ) looking for pear earth shape , it was stunning !! no pears photos ?! get me ? he a scientist right ? okay let's say i am wrong . I got 2 questions for all of you , what is the 2 biggests lies from the last century that the goverment created ?! ANYBODY ?

  • Keith Norris
    Keith Norris 7 days ago

    meanwhile there is no curve in the picture behind them

  • Stanley Everett
    Stanley Everett 7 days ago

    Was the pic behind him drawn or taken?

  • RandoM.5321
    RandoM.5321 7 days ago

    Ramadan is 29 to 30 days

  • Fenland Gunner
    Fenland Gunner 7 days ago

    sterilize the flat earth folk

  • Mohammed Badi
    Mohammed Badi 7 days ago

    no disrespect to Mr.Neil, but I think a respectful scientist like him should know that a Lunar month is 30 days Max.
    and earth is not flat.

  • Spiffy Preston
    Spiffy Preston 7 days ago

    if you believe in a flat Earth....then ive got some oceanfront property in Nebraska ill sell you.....idiots

  • monkeymox
    monkeymox 7 days ago

    Fools! Teh erth is flat and Neil deGrass LIESson is a Gatekeeper of the TRUTH which he and you're masters DO'NT WANT YOU TO KNOW!!!!! y does the earth LOOK flat when you gays out to sea? BECAUSE IT IS!!! Ockhams rasor says the simplest ansser is THE TRUTH, and what the foolish and blind GLOBALISTS say is really complicated and HURTS MY BRAIN, so this is hw I know it is all LIES!!!!!

  • Arcadiez
    Arcadiez 7 days ago

    okay if it's flat what the hell is on the other side then?

  • Chris Henson
    Chris Henson 8 days ago

    flat earthers persecuted the ones who believed in the spinning cartoon ball called 🌎.now globe pushers persecute flat earthers.i like both theorys we do not know.both sides make good points. question the narratives what is pushed down our throats.i am a flat earther and globe pusher.

  • Prof. Pickles
    Prof. Pickles 8 days ago

    Did the flat earthers plan an organized attack on this comment section? I'm loosing brain cells at a rapid rate in the never ending comment thread of retards.

  • 89 devile
    89 devile 8 days ago

    be like water my friends. find your place

  • JamesJack Lambert
    JamesJack Lambert 8 days ago

    I think the idea of flat earth came from propaganda so Americans would look and acknowledge the fact that the moon landings were faked. Flat or round it does seem to be fact that everyone is buried in histories lies.

  • SpreadingtheMuse
    SpreadingtheMuse 8 days ago

    Does a single flat earth idiot realize that all they have to do is buy a GoPro camera and attach it to a weather balloon? This is being done by amateur geography students all over the world. For negligible cost with materials you buy yourself, you get your own video of *100,000 feet up.* No evil "gov," no NASA, no nefarious tinfoil conspiracy. YOUR OWN CAMERA. The video these people are getting is stupendous, and clearly shows the curve of the earth.
    Blaming "the gov" is just intellectual laziness, flatheads avoiding tough questions they cant answer.

  • Esteban Rincon
    Esteban Rincon 8 days ago

    Tyson: great at science...terrible at the free market. Stick to what you know, Tyson.

  • M Taylor
    M Taylor 8 days ago

    Degrasse is a shill. Too dogmatic to be a true scientist. We never went to space much less the moon! NASA lied!

  • Toxic
    Toxic 8 days ago

    The amount of ignorance in this video is sad, These are the false prophets you all are so blinded by.

  • Redhot
    Redhot 8 days ago

    Apparently believing the earth is flat is worse than being a rapist or murderer and just agreeing with flat earthers a little or not being 100% against them makes you just as bad. The real retards are the people that blindly agree the earth is round.

    BLACK ASAR 8 days ago

    This what happens when are congress defunds are public education system! And give money to wealthy corporations, nice going dick heads😞

    BLACK ASAR 8 days ago

    Dam dude people still believe that the earth is flat!!!🤣😂 wtf! Did these people go to school? Oh maybe they sick that week or maybe they dropped out of school or maybe they're just fucking idiots 😝😜🤣😂

  • Liviu Ch
    Liviu Ch 8 days ago

    earth is flat. God said that. READ THE BIBLE

    • Haenir
      Haenir 3 days ago


    • Liviu Ch
      Liviu Ch 5 days ago

      God be with you son

    • SubjectULTIMA
      SubjectULTIMA 6 days ago

      Liviu Ch earth is spherical. God isn't real. FUCK THE BIBLE.

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