Neil deGrasse Tyson: Flat Earth, Fake Science & Space Exploration

Flat Earthers are out there, so Anthony brought in TACS residential astrophysicist to explain why these theories are dumb. They also discuss private vs. government funded space exploration and the space race.

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Author Luke BMXMyers ( ago)

Author Nathan Sederholm ( ago)
So does a fly trapped in your car really fly 70mph? I think it's the same concept and not that unbelievable.

Author Kristian Fulkerson ( ago)
Look into Eric Dubay. I thought the flat earth was insane before I listened to some of his interviews.

Author BeenPWNED ( ago)
are there any flat earthers that aren't religious? once i heard that, it was a relief. yeah flat earth is bullshit

Author Kirk Douglas ( ago)
You opened with a lie saying "I'm looking at Neil Degrasse now", then you ask if he's here. lol

Author Ira Wolf ( ago)
Why isn't this video one of the most viewed on the internet?
Narcissism and Ignorance = flat earth morons!

Author sixfittyonembitties ( ago)
People can do their own god damn tests to prove to your self that the earth is plane based not round. When you do your own research the truth will be there waiting for you. Look up Eric Dubay if your lazy.

Author / withoutleaders ( ago)
He's so charismatic everyone forgot he went up there to prove why the earth is a sphere.

Author Jonny zealana ( ago)
I took a photo! where the Hell is it?? fukn good actors man!

Author Jonny zealana ( ago)
listen to this fake proton neuron moron. he. aint even giving a straight answer just an confused complicated explanation without the answer. NASA is falling I was forced to believe in the globe, but now im free from being a idiotic fool

Author Farout Star ( ago)
Some irony with this video. Making fun of flat earth and your background picture shows no curvature.

Author Brendyn Andrew ( ago)
*All FE's Please Read:* I'll end flat earth theory with one observation. Observe how in any vacuum: *WATER* always takes on curved "spherical properties. Anytime water is in the vacuum of space it bubbles and turns into a ball. What matter for that matter is known to stay flat in the vacuum of space? Most if not all things are drawn inward by the force of gravity clump together and become spheroid. I don't see Why water couldn't stay curved around earth in space? And yes FE's (vacuums) are real. The relative isolation of matter from space is possible and reproduced on earth everyday *THE END* .

Author Nathan Sederholm ( ago)
Why are flat earthers so angry?

Author Den Dore ( ago)
Hold on, we are spinning at 1000mph I can barely hold on!!!!!! Oh that's right it's formulas to explain that. I can't even stick my hand out of window driving at 80 mph without intense pressure yet this whole planet is spinning at 1000mph and feel nothing

Author Den Dore ( ago)
I love watching u dumb chimps on here getting your thrills off this Freemason shill lying to your dumbasses . And people wonder how secret societies and bloodlines keep rule over u dumbasses, reading these comments it's quite easy obviously

Author Smoke Gaming Channel ( ago)
believe iss fake footage on space then lol... its all fake its so obvious its cringy hahahaha type fail astronaut and it will come up hajahaha lol and u want us to believe that shit? hahaha lmao morons

Author Fok Chew ( ago)
Usa is not free. Let's start there

Author Jack BELLMAN ( ago)
I'm sorry but if Neil says it not Flat then it not flat

Author victor carlin ( ago)
sphere, flat, hollow or square...we are on it, in it,.. let's be kind to each other, let's be kind to earth and all living beings in it,on it.x

Author dassengineer ( ago)
its funny, flat earth theorists believe that a global earth is a government conspiracy. i think flat earth theorists are part of a conspiracy to try and make people stupid!

Author Blitzkid ( ago)
Best explanation ever.

Author SubjectULTIMA ( ago)
If earth was "flat", then you could see Mt. Everest from ANYWHERE!

Author SmaSh Yo MaMa ( ago)
Depopulation.. hmmm.. doesn't sound so bad now.. round up MORONS like the flat heads.

Author Chakra Tattoos ( ago)
How about you fuckers take a look at your background....Show me the curve hoe

Author Prieste Channel ( ago)
If the earth is flat,what about the Tidal forces wich can actually be measured...If you actually draw an imaginary straight line parallel to earth's surface ,you'll measure different gravitational forces acting upon every infinite points which belongs to this line. The only way it could happen is if the Earth is spherical.

Author Vande ( ago)
Day time is longer at the top of the Burj bc it is closer to the sun!!!

Author Daniel Svendsen ( ago)
How can I debunk the arguments used by Flat Earth advocates?

You can’t.

Or rather, you can, but it won’t do any good. In order to believe the earth is flat, you have to hold so many beliefs completely in contradiction to fact, from a vast conspiracy by all the world’s navies to the idea that the moon glows with its own light, that no argument is going to matter. There is no combination of words you can use that will convince a flat-earther the world is round. You could probably send them to the ISS and they’d believe it was all some elaborate special effect.

Author kijuan Sskater ( ago)
flat earth theories are the product of dumbed down education in America.... point blank period

Author Jamie Loop ( ago)
It's terrifying to think that so many people believe that the earth is flat! If you get in a passenger jet and climb to 30,000 feet you can see the earth is a sphere,with your eyes you can see it!

Author Ben Daulton ( ago)
To be honest much of what scientist say is just gobbled up. They have been wrong often not that that is bad, but it seems as though they get arrogant and act they have a solid understanding of things so far away that the information is so miniscule and likely to be corrupted by fields, matter, or anything that affects the frequency of light.

Author Khalid Bahaj ( ago)
I believe the earth is flat. I'm waiting for the comment replies HEHEHE. LIKE COME ON MEN. ARE WE IN FCKING RENAISSANCE PERIOD? Like debating on Kepler, Gallileo and some scientist before who defended that "earth is round not flat" against some catholic scholars? Who some of the scientist got persecuted by that or got lock down in prison. Why the media is making big deal of this DAMN.

Author Rever Vie ( ago)
The absurdity of the globe is believing water's surface takes the shape
of what is underneath. Even if oceans were forced to stick to the ball
earth because of "gravity", the water would still remain level, not
curved! The globe is a lie! WATER ALWAYS FINDS ITS LEVEL!!! Research it,
I know it takes some time to get over the indoctrination and fancy CGI
of space.

Author Squanch ( ago)
Tila Tequila is a mongoloid cunt. please someone shoot that bitch in the face

Author TheGamingHarp ( ago)
Lol all of the 4k dislikes are the conspiracy theorists who think the Earth is flat

Author Soul Fallen ( ago)
I think if you're overly religious then there're 80 percent chances that you believe in flat earth theory.

Author James Campbell ( ago)
8cm per mile squared: now go find the earths 'curve'

Author felix mendez ( ago)
What better shows the stupidity and fanaticism of Flattards is the fact that they dont see their FE "model" as an hypothesis that could be proven right experimentally, the way good science works, but as a "cause", as a "movement of faith" which purpose is to gather an increasing number of adepts so it can finally become like say, a dominant religion; like Islam for example, or Christian fundamentalism.

Author Snake Plisskin ( ago)
his Dubai building proves perspective. 35 miles sun. school is conditioning u for a fake world hahahah. u don't learn how to use a wrench

Author Snake Plisskin ( ago)
Neil is an actor. psudeo science. u mean Neil. so weres all the space videos. huh? how come theres no curvature at 128k feet up. weres the curve?. 40k feet. according to NASA's hahaha joker's why don't you do some independent research like zoom in on the moon dummy

Author Snake Plisskin ( ago)
hell that skyline looks flat to me. bc there's more liers

Author TrW ( ago)
how much did this guy get for Advertising coca cola ???

Author Al Green ( ago)
Look at that beautiful flat horizon in the background

Author Hola! ( ago)
Just Kill the fucking Eric Dubey dude he is so crazy on youtube proving FLAT EARTH THEORY its driving people CRAZY!!

Author alex Ventura ( ago)
I don't believe a dam thing these Jew rats say

Author HrHagel ( ago)
I am an atheist and i live my life and do my thinking through the scope of logic and reason.. i've never given it much thought before, but now that you brought it up it kind of bugs me that i can't find a single raw image of earth, that hasn't been tinted blue like mars is being tinted red, etc.
Can someone please provide me with a link to a raw image file?

Author k c ( ago)
your dubai story is flawed all your doing is going in a tower and looking over the horizon more clearly, because you dont have objects in your path distorting the view but you can only see as far as a human eye and if the sun is rotating away.. than of course the top of the tower would be last to set, its not going the shine last on the foundation....., if the earth was rotating away and was 93km away it would be lighting the planet . go shine a light on piece of garlic what happens only %20 is dark but closer you go is more like how our sun works with casting shadows. dont forget the rainbow of light is only half the colors theres still ultraviolets which extend the lights by double which explains sunsets with help of h2o.

Author Serjoza Nikolov ( ago)
The flat line on the horizon behind you said hello.

Author Tavoi Aiono ( ago)
It's flat. The Bible has 400 references to it. Neil knows it's true!! He has a job to do and is playing along. NASA has been lying. The earth is flat!!! When u walk outside.... are u walking upside down? NO! And don't bring gravity into it.... Neil himself cannot tell us what gravity is. There is an interview on here where he gets all lost and shit when asked about gravity!!!

Author Lukes Fifa specials ( ago)
Trying to keep the universe going, Neil de grasse someone has got too. Fucking truth in plain site.

Author Lukes Fifa specials ( ago)
If this motherfucker ain't lying, it was in are space, space. He is a fucking actor people, wake the fuck up. Russian will show this motherfucker and china will watch this space. The moon and sun are energy transmitted and transferred light of natural energy source. The sun the positive the moon the negative. No David Ickes the others made the moon. However the yin yang symbol thousands of years old. Shows the sun and moon going round a flat plain. Exactly what this con man just shown.

Author bill hake ( ago)
The earth is flat. Do you really trust Neil DeGrasse Tyson. He says the earth is pear shaped. Why hasn't this been confirmed by a NASA photograph, not a CGI composite image

Author Negan ( ago)
Omfg you people are such idiots. The earth is fucking flat for fuck sakes. It's been proven by many youtubers. Don't believe everything you hear in SCHOOL because they are trained to teach you this by the corrupt government. Drop out of school right now and find some reliable youtubers who can teach you about the flat earth, new world order, 911, school shooting, etc.. 911 and school shooting was all staged by governement and they want you to be stupid and believe this just like they want you to believe the world is round. WAKE UP THE FUCK.

Author Shawn Pedersen ( ago)
The world IS flat! Just ask Dr. Shaq!

Author Sherman Herritt ( ago)
*God:* "There, I'm done"
*Mrs. God:* "Really? Isn't it kinda...flat?"
*God:* "So?"
*Mrs. God:* /pours water on top of it "See, it's just rolling off the edges"
*God:* "Damnit" /crumples it up into a ball and throws it into the trash bin with all the others

Author Mark Goncher ( ago)
oooooo deGrasse Tyson..

Author Tim Ryan ( ago)
ask a real pilot if the Earth is round or not. look at established flight paths that do not make any sense if the Earth is indeed spherical. ur to worried about being criticized to think objectively. that's just what they want. degrasse is a puppet

Author bacup27 ( ago)
Instead of spending these massive budgets on space exploration they should spend it on sorting the planet we live on

Author cassandra5322 ( ago)
Tyson is like medicine to me.

Author Imperium Europa ( ago)
Earth is flat. And besides, are all you dumb fucking globeheads going to take a nigger physicist seriously? Only Aryans can be scientists you goddamn retards. Like Eric Dubay. Let's see Neil DeAss Tyson debate Eric Dubay. Tyson would be torn to pieces and shit his pants in humiliation. The surfaces of oceans are not CONVEX you fucking morons. Water is always flat.

Author Pinktyson ( ago)
I actually met a real life flat earther - saddest moment of my life. Thankfully I was too wasted to even care about being polite and ridiculed the fuck out of him. I told him I'd take him to the edge.

Author Oxy High ( ago)
double speak

Author ray murray ( ago)
Tyson you know the earth is flat stop pissing around

Author Newschooled ( ago)
You guys, the earth isn't flat OR round. It's clearly a tetrahedron. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

Author gonailer ( ago)
I was all into this video until they were saying Columbus was the first to visit the Americas... Its well known here in Europe anyway that the Vikings were there before that excuse for mass murder

Author Sam Watkins ( ago)
as a society we have always produced people dumb enough to believe shit like this, except now with the Internet they can broadcast their idiocy

Author Billy Casagrand ( ago)
Do any of these flat earth believing dumb asses ever apply the idea to their theory of the size of humans compared to a planets size they live on with the size of the earth to a star like the sun compare the suns size to an astronomical size universe. Just because you compare your size and comparative concessions to what you know does not mean you are the size of what deluded you to believe a giant size planet means you are on a flat surface.because if you compare an ant hill to their known size doesn't mean that the known comparative to an ant hill to a regular hill means that the regular hill the ant hill is on isn't curved for its environmental size. Actually compare sizes you flat earth believing morons.

Author Sis ( ago)
To Neil De Grasse Tyson: Ramadan does not last 40 days . It lasts 29-30 days.

Author Mass Appeal ( ago)
If the world was flat how do you explain gravity?🤔

Author nicole crystal ( ago)
tyson paid mouthpiece ill look elsewhere

Author Ultra Clips ( ago)
Neil, thousands of years ago people thought the earth was flat, now you are laughing at that theory. In 1000 years your theory of a spherical earth will be laughed at. You're all just guessing so lose the ego! Nothing you say is a fact it's a theory.

Author Ultra Clips ( ago)
Neil thinks people can discover something light years away. 5,878,499,810,000 miles is 1 light year. HAHAHA Scientists are batshit crazy. They are just GUESSING

Author jack c ( ago)
Youtbe: Mark Woodman

bibLe Truth

Author J B ( ago)
Flat earthers live all around the globe.

Author B. R. ( ago)
I love Neil.

Author Monika Wheeler ( ago)
If the Earth is flat, can I push them off the edge? I always wanted to see what would happen.

Author jamie blake ( ago)
flat eathers have some interesting science behind it to tho like how do they land a plane on a moving ball thats moving as fast as it is and how space rockets curve when they go stright up and stars should be more blury up why does the earth spin but the moon does not and so on and so on

Author Kimberly York ( ago)
IT is flat. And all our experiences, scientific proofs, and common sense say it's flat. NASA's lies are exposed. Degrassi is a Mason and name calling is not a proof. Funny the horizon is bone flat. The reality is it does not matter how high you go up, the horizon is always at eye level. The lies are all falling apart. Black budget NASA going Nowhere and the money goes where again?

Author Airplanesnsuch ( ago)
I love flat earthers. They make stupid people seem smart.

Author BlagenLogin ( ago)
A lot of people think that on a flat earth you'd fall off the edge.
Have you seen a flat earth map?
Apparently Antarctica circles the earth and it's an infinite plane too harsh to go past, and it's like a wall.

I know it sounds crazy. But hear me out.

I know you guys have heard about the moon landing being a hoax. What if I said they made that in order to try and prove the earth is round. Because if you could fly to the moon, then the earth would obviously be round.

But there's a lot of footage out there that actually shows how it was faked.
Enough evidence to convince anyone that it was faked.

What about flight patterns around the world? Have you noticed that on a round earth map, they take odd and strange routes to their destinations?

They make a lot more sense on a flat earth map.

These are only a couple examples but there's much more out there that can prove the earth is flat.

Author fireofenergy ( ago)
No need to believe pictures from space... it's already self evident (that the Earth is a sphere). Now, I can enjoy those pics and KNOW that they are not photoshopped. Well, perhaps the one with a face on the moon, lol.
Edit: the reason many pictures from the ISS show the Earth as spherical is because they use a fisheye lens, hence the reason flat earthers think we're all being lied to.
Also, that darn tidal lock of the Moon. If it rotated, flat earthers would know it's also spherical and thus there wouldn't​ be any...
And much thanks to people like Neil for trying to explain science!

Author Sasha galkina ( ago)
My advice to the Neil deGrasse Tyson Lie niga as good as you can and as long as you can and get really lucrative for it. and when people find out about NASA bull shit people then run niga run as fast as you can ... and I will hide you as my own son.

flat earth fans rising in numbers as soon critical mass reach the number our imaginary reality will flip to another imaginary reality. To keep the balance means keep focus on observe able reality that we all share. The truth is not in peoples heads, but all around them. Survival tips: watch out what actually serves life fulfill human needs.

All I know about moon is that Hollywood camera crew was there first and they produced all images of earth from the Computer-generated imagery (CGI) machine and there is no other evidence that people who get billions of dollars for the mission, have bin there. Whats a point to put life human in the robot that do job exactly as programed? you don't need to care life cargo over there. And why go to the moon that no one have crossed Antarctica yet ?

I know for sure that world has to be older then my mamas pussy and I admit in that statement there is speculation out to imaginary. Imagination has no limits which means we have to track what actually serves life, other ways we get lost in our heads which is a sin and cause suffer. For me reason to not sin is to avoid suffer I don't care about God and natural laws don't care about what we thing. we live because we do what serves life and everything else harms life for sure.

Author Rob B ( ago)
in 4 dimensions earth is flat. we Dont no that cause we are locked in 3 dimensions.

Author TheRealTrikein ( ago)
People who think the earth is flat shouldn't be allowed to reproduce.

Author productplacementads 24/7 ( ago)
No shit; I'm a Law student, and would really love if at some point in my lifetime, i would be able to write a piece of legislation that pertains to asteroid mining or interplanetary colonization.

Anyway Earth is Spherical ! Get over it !!!

Author ThePOPKILLA ( ago)
it's not surprising at all, because it's in the bible! they believing in stalking snakes, magic arks, water to wine, the list goes on, so why not a flat earth? th bible cant be wrong cant it? -_-....... its all just retarded.

Author Robert Newman ( ago)
You never thought your stupidity would be laughed at by others. It was easy to tag along and play the fool like others. But that is the age we are living in. There is soon no escape hiding behind the 'ball earth' nonsense. You KNOW it's nonsense. And when you know it's nonsense that is the time when you become responsible for it. In the short time before judgment strikes this world it will become clearer and clearer that modern 'science' so-called is not science at all and is not using the scientific method or providing fair evidences and facts but is imagination and 'science fiction' - a mental and spiritual rebellion against the Creator of His own Creation.

Author Tee Blizzle ( ago)
the Bible does not support a flat Earth where the hell are people getting that from?

Author Spyros Tasios ( ago)
4000+ dislikes!?!? There are a lot of them beetween us! WTF?

Author Triangulum Iota ( ago)
So people should stop using internet stop using Google, YouTube, and all websites. They must also let go of their smartphones if they think Science is fake. I honestly hate these flattards cus they regularly use things made by science and dismiss science at the same time.
The Earth is spherical and that's it

Author Trent Gustus ( ago)
There's been so much corruption and media lies, that now some believe that everything is a conspiracy. that's the bigger problem, no trust.

Author Jerriq Tromp Tromp ( ago)
andddd.. a flat earth there is soooo much proof to explain.. butttt a round world like nasa is claiming there is no proof.. just photoshop pictures... lies... studio recording... etc etc...

Author Jerriq Tromp Tromp ( ago)
sorry peeps... day by day the truth is coming out... where does it prove that the earth is a ball?? for neil its a pare shape.. dumb fuck,..... the world is a liar!! when I mean the world I mean those pplss like nasa ..neil.. etc etc.. they need your money the easiest way!! of tax!!

Author killacounty ( ago)
neil degrass tyson is a sell out shill ass hole and there is no reason to believe a word he ever says.

Author Marvin Mobley ( ago)
tyson says so because he regurgitates what other scientists claim that were wrong many times it must be the gospel. come on people think .look into things instead of just excepting

Author Robert Newman ( ago)
'It's ball shaped'' - No, it's 'pear shaped'. No, it's 'banana shaped'. No, it's planet of the Grapes.

And they want you to be as dumbed down as themselves. NASA - never a straight answer.

Author dumbass ( ago)
that presentator is so cking annoying

Author Shaun Male ( ago)
Fat cunt... This video should be called Fat Earth !

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