La ilaha ila ALLAH by Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy ★NEW NASHEED★

★Mishary Rashed Alafasy Nasheed Islamic La Illah Ila ALLAH★

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Author anton jep (6 days)
ni bru nasyd mantap

Author Ai Fatimah (3 months)
subhanallah :')

Author TheBev777 (2 months)
The Best! Ameen ....

Author Khadija Sumaja (1 year)
mashallah hamdulilah we are muslim

Author I dentity (5 months)
Salam my brothers and sisters, I want to ask and would appreciate a
immediate reply please. My Question is me and my friend are arguing that
because i do haram (Im not proud but am man enough to admit).! When i see
him do haram i try to correct him but he always says to me dont tell me
what to do since ur not perfect etc . I want to know if me telling him what
his doing is haram is bad ?

Author Mo Dan (1 month)
AS (ILLA) = EXCEPT, while (ILA) = TO

Author Saii Lit (2 months)
This reminds me of Ramadan. :)

Author Gustyani Putri (1 year)
Beautiful voice ♡

Author Persia Abdanan (1 year)
I had no idea my favorite reciter sang nasheed too! Did you, +Jennifer C ? 

Author Momina Mir (2 years)

Author bagdad sadki (3 days)
machaea alah 3alayk barak alaho fik

Author Dedy Hidayat (21 day)
subhanallah beautiful voice

Author Amir Maliqi (6 months)
musliman is 1

Author Cyber Al (10 days)
Simple question for you: Did you start reading the Qur'an because you were
interested in searching for the truth or were there other "motivations"?
Only you and God/Allah (swt) know the answer to this. But as a "thinking"
person, I feel you are nothing but a Liar who has come here to attempt to
discredit Islam (as is the very "popular" thing to do nowadays) and have an
agenda to prove to yourself, your "church" or "group" -- whatever. I don't
know your motivations but one thing is quite clear, you are not interested
in Islam -- never really were. How can I tell? A person who wants to
learn about the faith, would at least know the most basics of facts -- that
"Allah" is NOT some kind of "moon God". Allah is Arabic for the God of all
living and non-living of the universe(s). He is the Lord -- not you
"IAmTheLord3" ego-maniac. LOL. And you want to quote "hadiths"??? And you
don't even know who God i.e. "Allah" is in Islam? BTW Qur'an it is the
Quranic scripture that over-rides any and ALL hadiths (as they can be taken
out of context, and be incorrect narrations -- you do not learn Islam from
hadith). "child rapist" prophet? Really? Think of something "new" to say
already, we've heard this sick rant many times already. Your anything but a
"God-fearing" person, because only people who are lost, without direction
carrying empty souls talk like you. Keep spewing "hatred" and lies my
friend, it might get you "somewhere" in the short-term, but we're all
headed in the same place, where the liars and hypocrites will be sorted
out. Count on it. Yes there is a "war" out there, but it is for one's
mind. Try using it sometime. Truth is never "easy" to find. Try using your
mind for yourself for a change, not the remote and certainly not
hate-groups. It's "easy" to hate, much more difficult to "love" thine
enemy, wouldn't you say "IAmTheLord3"?

Author Sajda Muhammad (1 month)
Asa. I'm am asking all the people that have come to this video to talk bad
about islam to please leave. And brothers and sisters who have come to
watch this video for islamic purposes please just ignore the filthy
comments and do not bring yourself down to the level of the ignorant.
Simply make dua to Allah (swt) to show mankind the straight path and carry
on. Jazakallah Khair:)

Author Asad Noah (8 months)
Mashallah Such a powerful inspiring voice

Author Dyna Parastiningsih (6 months)
nice song..ijin share

Author Rasyid tazik (5 months)

Author mapplethre (6 months)
Salam alayk.. can u share with me the lyric of this song?

Author Atiqah NR (6 months)
Masya Allah..

Author Remma Alkhalifi (2 months)
The best masyaAllah we are Muslims♡

Author Abu Haque (4 months)
Salam all, can somebody please add subtitles to it? I want to know what he
is saying. Thanks

Author Atiqur rahman Rasel (1 month)
Masha-Allah. Amazing nasheed..

Author lisberth vargas pérez (8 months)
Allah .....

Author Nana Na (4 months)
Like it so much

Author Zuber Alam (2 months)
Masha Allah I like you voice

Author husnat gamaah (2 months)

Author Suryadi Djamal (5 months)
Allahuakbar..nice..beautiful songs

Author Criss (2 months)
Wish they didn't use musical instruments though...

Author Ayaz Arzumanov (6 months)
La havle ve la quvvete illahe billeh

Author yasar rahman (1 month)

Author Adnan Shah (21 day)
Speechless ! mashallah 

Author Maryam.Yusuff Y (3 months)
Mashaallah very nice nasheed

Author Lightning Pearl (1 year)
A Beautiful Song By Mishary Rashid Alafasy!!!.......

Author Tania Warren (5 months)
MashAllah absolutely beautiful

Author Mahad Abdi (25 days)
good nasheed

Author Kg fauzan Tea (6 months)
masya allah 

Author يولي 1130 ikhtiar (25 days)
Masha allah.. amazing nasheed :)

Author ابراهيم محمد (9 months)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Sufyaan H Valimulla (26 days)
Praise be to the peace loving mercy to children, Prophet Muhammad (Peace &
Blessings be Upon Him) and the Creator of the Moon, the One & Only Almighty

Author hisana sajidha (1 year)
super song 

Author md.rabiul Awal (1 month)

Author ali osumanu (3 months)

Author Fahma Abukar (5 months)

Author Ismail Radzhapov (2 months)
one of the best nasheed ever ALLAH is GRAET!!! la ilaha ila ALLAH
Muhammad Rassulala!!! everybody say ALLAHU AKBAR !!!! i'm chechen
!! i'm muslim!!! and i hate christianisme say Ameen !!!!!!!

Author The Islam Channel (4 months)
This is TheIslamchannel1. Watch Inspirational talks and listen to beautiful
recitations of the Quran. 

Author agus santoso (2 months)
Ya Allah, taqabbal hadza al i'tiraf......wa aj'al lia hujjatan lilliqa ila
Rabby Jalla wa A'la.. alfatihah

Author Badri Abdulkadir (4 months)
Mashaalah bro

Author Akmal khan (1 month)
Masha Allah.

Author Johan Azman (8 months)

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