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Author Dion Cs Al Mubarraq (12 days)
Great Song.

Author I dentity (1 month)
Salam my brothers and sisters, I want to ask and would appreciate a
immediate reply please. My Question is me and my friend are arguing that
because i do haram (Im not proud but am man enough to admit).! When i see
him do haram i try to correct him but he always says to me dont tell me
what to do since ur not perfect etc . I want to know if me telling him what
his doing is haram is bad ?

Author The Islam Channel (15 days)
This is TheIslamchannel1. Watch Inspirational talks and listen to beautiful
recitations of the Quran. 

Author mohamed el hidar (15 days)

Author Amir Maliqi (2 months)
musliman is 1

Author Asad Noah (5 months)
Mashallah Such a powerful inspiring voice

Author Dyna Parastiningsih (3 months)
nice song..ijin share

Author Rasyid tazik (1 month)

Author mapplethre (3 months)
Salam alayk.. can u share with me the lyric of this song?

Author Nana Na (26 days)
Like it so much

Author Atiqah NR (2 months)
Masya Allah..

Author Abu Haque (29 days)
Salam all, can somebody please add subtitles to it? I want to know what he
is saying. Thanks

Author lisberth vargas pérez (4 months)
Allah .....

Author Suryadi Djamal (2 months)
Allahuakbar..nice..beautiful songs

Author Ayaz Arzumanov (3 months)
La havle ve la quvvete illahe billeh

Author Tania Warren (2 months)
MashAllah absolutely beautiful

Author Kg fauzan Tea (3 months)
masya allah 

Author ابراهيم محمد (5 months)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Badri Abdulkadir (1 month)
Mashaalah bro

Author Fahma Abukar (1 month)

Author Johan Azman (4 months)

Author muhubo hashi (2 months)
nice,voice mashalah

Author drsipai Sipai (2 months)
Great song which say" No one other than Allah is worshiped"!!!!

Author makida mohammed (1 month)
masha Allah very nice islamic nashid

Author Shahnaz Nazir (4 months)
U shood smile

Author Benjamin Green (3 months)
The best song I have ever heard, heart touching 

Author Belal ahmed (5 months)
Rip00 and Abdul Cader should just shut up and mind there own thoughts
because this is the religion of ISLAM

Author Muhammad Umar (5 months)

Author S Gheewala (5 months)
Masha Allah very beautiful Nasheed

Author achmad choiri (1 month)
laailaaha illa allah ..... very nice nashed

Author Besiktas Carsi (1 month)
Maşallah, he has a beautiful voice!! 

Author Polad Saruxanov (1 month)
Mawa Allah beautiful nawheed

Author Amril Muhamad (1 month)
Rancak suaro yiaah..

Author shahid bin zahid (4 months)
I love Allah and Rasool

Author Toko Bot (4 months)
subhanallah Beautiful voice

Author Aima Abdul-jalil (3 months)
masha-Allah a beautiful nasheed La ilaha illa-Allah 

Author Rana Hussein (1 year)
stop for a min and say La ilaha ila ALLAH!
La ilaha ila ALLAH by Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy ★NEW NASHEED★

Author Habeeb hab (7 months)

Author zasim hoque (1 year)
is beautiful NASHEED

Author Momina Mir (1 year)

Author Mohammed Azam (1 year)
my fav song

Author Khadija Sumaja (1 year)
mashallah hamdulilah we are muslim

Author hisana sajida (1 year)
super song 

Author Lightning Pearl (9 months)
A Beautiful Song By Mishary Rashid Alafasy!!!.......

Author Gustyani Putri (11 months)
Beautiful voice ♡

Author Persia Abdanan (10 months)
I had no idea my favorite reciter sang nasheed too! Did you, +Jennifer C ? 

Author sofien maatallah (2 years)

Author Zaowki Zao (8 months)

Author Belal ahmed (5 months)

Author Muhammad Umar (5 months)

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