Was Kathy Griffin's Trump Doll-Head Incident Offensive?

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  • wally crail
    wally crail 6 days ago

    Offensive ? NO. She should have been fired for not holding up his real head.

  • Max Afriyie
    Max Afriyie 6 days ago

    That was definitely David's half black brother. Lol.

  • Peter Verstappen
    Peter Verstappen 7 days ago

    to answer the question - about on par with the rethugs hanging Obama in effigy.

  • Hezekiah Ramirez
    Hezekiah Ramirez 7 days ago

    Well clearly the answer is yes. It offended people. So yes. Now do I think that's justified? Not really. It's unfunny and uncreative but I think it's just bad comedy using shock value rather than anything legitimately witty. But yes, if someone is offended that's sort of the definition of offensive.

  • smitdogg23
    smitdogg23 7 days ago

    This is the same type non-argument the right always uses when people diss Trump though, like Kellyanne Conway responding to a Trump question with "Hillary Clinton lied about an email server". Just because it's less offensive than Trump pulling out of the Paris deal doesn't mean anything.

  • GO SysOp
    GO SysOp 8 days ago

    lol did he say he was Taye Diggs?

  • past the breakers
    past the breakers 8 days ago

    Pakman is a jackass.

  • Justin Sánchez
    Justin Sánchez 8 days ago

    i think the caller means that it was "out of line" for kathy to do that; it certainly wasn't out of character.

  • SuperXrunner
    SuperXrunner 8 days ago

    Ok commentor COON, Kathy Griffin didn't hurt any one. Trump and his shenanigans caused innocent people to die. This fucking Orange-cheeto loser sapien is fucking up American. when he's done with America you won't be able to go to college, but you will belong to a prison somewhere.

  • Thats Illogical
    Thats Illogical 8 days ago

    Whats with callers taking forever to get to the point lately? This guy trailed off and explained every little thing.

  • GSD Travels
    GSD Travels 8 days ago

    Yes, it was offensive. Yes, the bigots were just more offensive in regards to the Obamas but we shouldn't stoop to the same level. That said, where do we have a right to not be offended? The dumpster snowflakes are sooooo pissed, kind of reminds me of death threats for depictions of religious figures. Thing is, they'll never see the irony... sigh...

  • Evera Outta
    Evera Outta 8 days ago

    I wish it were so offensive it committed a genocide of suicide of Trump voters.

  • isacloboz
    isacloboz 8 days ago

    The problem is it wasnt funny she was there just creepily holding that head with her mummified face, that was no punch line no build up for the joke, and too creepy. Its not the first time that kind of joke is use, in South Park the mascot of a restaurant is "beheaded" by a mob of angry Yelp reviewers after the restaurant kicks them out. That was funny a true satire the yelpers acting like Islamic terrorists but we can clearly see that the guy in the costume is otherwise unharmed they only remove the head on his costume.

  • S.M Seely
    S.M Seely 8 days ago

    If Conservatives were free to lynch Effigies of Barack Obama in protest against Obamacare or burn LGBT Pride Flags in protest against Gay Marriage, then Kathy Griffin's selfie was Fair-Game!

  • DJD 4157
    DJD 4157 8 days ago

    I find trumps disregard for the earth more offensive than what Kathy griffin did

  • Jan-Willem van Dijk

    Not everyone got an equal opportunity to vote.

  • Qwasm Hu
    Qwasm Hu 8 days ago

    I want Pakman to break character

  • Yoo Jastle
    Yoo Jastle 8 days ago

    No and if it had been Trump's real head, that wouldn't have been offensive either..

  • Bryna L.
    Bryna L. 8 days ago

    offensive? no. inappropriate? yes.

  • J DS
    J DS 8 days ago


  • Santiago Bron
    Santiago Bron 8 days ago

    it was funny to see all the triggered cuntervatives bitch about non-issues.

  • jimmy ryan
    jimmy ryan 8 days ago

    Jail this untalented, traitorous, ugly ass hag for threatening the life of the President. Why is she still free to walk unfettered among us hard working and patriotic Americans? Why is she not in jail now? Jail this ugly traitor, and let her friends and supporters learn what happens to those subhuman and insolent scum who threaten the life of our great leader, President Trump. Jail Kathy Griffin Now. Jail Snoop Dog Now. Make America Great Again Now!

  • SkyP1e
    SkyP1e 8 days ago

    I think it was a creative mistake for Kathy Griffin to choose to pose with the severed Trump head. I don't think it was offensive but I do think it was in poor taste. Let's get some perspective on this. It was a fake head. It was way more out of line for Trump to dog whistle the "2nd Amendment People" during the campaign and challenge them to "do something about it" if Hillary won the election. Kathy Griffin is a comedian. By definition she makes jokes for a living. Trump was running for President. He should be held to a higher standard.

  • Laura Klobusicky
    Laura Klobusicky 8 days ago

    lol doesn't know Kathy Griffin's name but knows it's "out of character" for her to make a controversial joke, which actually is what she's all about.

  • Mat S
    Mat S 8 days ago

    Trumptards complain about offensive statements.. oh, the irony..

  • Paul Simon
    Paul Simon 8 days ago

    not at all

  • Jonathan Green
    Jonathan Green 8 days ago

    It's not offensive to me, just unnecessary and in poor taste.

  • steelersdadkb
    steelersdadkb 8 days ago

    Caller totally gave a pseudo name lol

  • Mike Lofky
    Mike Lofky 9 days ago

    kathy griffin is so fucking stupid.

  • Yolanda Kelly
    Yolanda Kelly 9 days ago

    it was offensive but I've seen worse with President Obama.

  • YoshiLikesCandy
    YoshiLikesCandy 9 days ago

    I think taking healthcare away from 20+ million Americans is offensive.

  • Ronnie & Minh
    Ronnie & Minh 9 days ago

    My problem with her is that she is just not funny and never has been. With so many actually funny comedians struggling to get exposure why does someone who is not funny keep being called a comedian and keep getting exposure.

  • Daniel Milton
    Daniel Milton 9 days ago

    Im a 17 year old from California and Im not sure what side I should support anymore, the truth has been spun so many times. Most kids at my school hate Trump but they're so naive themselves, they shouldn't even be allowed to have an opinion and they only get their views from a mob mentality and social media which is completely one-sided. Society for millennials is so anti-trump, it is difficult to choose a side that aligns with my moral values and views with Social and regular media constantly telling me why Trumps evil.

  • RizenLink
    RizenLink 9 days ago

    It was tasteless. I support her right to do that but think there are better ways to get your opinion across. As David pointed out it's 'red meat' for the sensationalist media and ends up being counterproductive.

  • joelmgarton
    joelmgarton 9 days ago

    Orange skin is so fucking thin.

  • UnMaskedVizard101
    UnMaskedVizard101 9 days ago

    I don't find this offensive (but I don't like trump also I don't think he is Hitler). At most I say it was a dumb joke but still joke not a threat or a call to violence.

  • iamedbytes
    iamedbytes 9 days ago

    A joke may or may not be funny. But to really be hilarious doom the world to climate disaster because some French dude out manned you in a handshake.

  • ExtrackterYT
    ExtrackterYT 9 days ago

    Asks in the title if something is "offensive"
    Pixelates the thumbnail

    Well... *DUH!*

  • Felippe
    Felippe 9 days ago

    Was it offensive? Yeah, I'm sure a lot of people found it offensive, since you're showing a decapitated head of a man and the implication that you'd prefer him to not be alive is very apparent. Not that it matters though. The issue is that you did it to the president, it's common sense that you do not do that as it constitutes a very real offense. We wouldn't't accept it being done to Obama and now the Orange Man is your president and he is entitled to the same protections under the law.

    • Jonathan Green
      Jonathan Green 4 days ago

      Felippe I'm glad you didn't write the constitution then.

    • Felippe
      Felippe 5 days ago

      +Jonathan Green This wasn't done by public figures though and yes I do believe that these people should be held to a different standard, they know that they have a following and use this following to spread their ideals, for better of worse.

    • Jonathan Green
      Jonathan Green 8 days ago

      Felippe Actually, it happened even more with Obama. People were hanging Obama dolls from trees and using his face as a target for shooting practice. It's free speech and expression, even if you, I or even Trump may not like it. Only thing you can't do is make direct threats. Sure, this was distasteful expression, but she never, nor did the people who hung Obama dolls, made direct threats.

  • marduk ishenhougher

    maybe, who gives shit? shouldnt have been fired over it

  • Ben Mangrum
    Ben Mangrum 9 days ago


  • Total Control
    Total Control 9 days ago

    David why did you hijack the topic and manipulate that young boys mind? If anything what you just did is a glaring example of how and why the mental fabric of America is unraveling.

  • Jeff None
    Jeff None 9 days ago

    ART,,,,,,,, you people really are nuts, Even though I hope you make a good living I doubt that you ever will as you will be sitting on the curb waiting for another handout.Good luck all you left wing losers.

  • 1000REMBOY
    1000REMBOY 9 days ago

    While I agree with Pakman on the absurdity of the circumstance that led Kathy Griffin's​ controversy to get more publicity than Trump's decision to back out of the agreement, that comparison didn't answer the question given at all. There is an argument to be had on the moral judgement of Griffin's decision and how it impacts the perception of the left, but instead of acknowledging the issue, Pakman nonchalantly dismissed it with a red herring. Had I been on the line, I would've made certain that the conversation would have stayed on track. The misleading title of the video is a let down, I was actually interested in hearing Pakman's take on the situation itself rather than the unjustified news coverage it received in comparison to the climate agreement.

  • Tjhai Merchant-Eid
    Tjhai Merchant-Eid 9 days ago

    fuck sakes 'murica take a joke, the only reason slightly violent imagery like this might be a problem is because you all love your guns. To me this is just like photoshopping a dick in someones mouth I bet kathy griffin has had many dicks photoshopped into her mouth.

  • Dwayne Dwayne
    Dwayne Dwayne 9 days ago

    VERY VERY VERY OFFENSIVE....................She's ugly as hell. – via @haystacktv

  • HerkimerSnerd
    HerkimerSnerd 9 days ago

    I gave no fucks, just as I gave no fucks when the NRA were burning Obama effigies at their rallies, and people were hanging them by the neck in their front yard. Retards should be ignored no matter which side of the fence they stand on.

  • sheppfun
    sheppfun 9 days ago

    Just add up all the bullshit he's already created.What she did will be applauded, someday soon.

  • nathan case
    nathan case 9 days ago

    David taking everyone through whataboutism 101.

  • Mick Adams
    Mick Adams 9 days ago

    The worst thing she did was present an image without knowing the message behind it. That's why she didn't defend herself, she just gave a spineless apology hoping to save her job.

  • Zhao Yun
    Zhao Yun 9 days ago

    2:20 "being a laughing stock" is not a legitimate measurement of benefit or harm. Try again David. You can do it, make the argument without relying on vapid clichés.

    David the environment does not need saving, after the flooding and the climate change and poison and toxic waste, humans might die or suffer but "the environment" is not alive to begin with, it will continue on without us just fine. Use the right words to form the argument David. No wonder progressives have lost so much ground.

  • DaBomb from Guam
    DaBomb from Guam 9 days ago

    Kathy Griffin's bloody Trump doll head photo was offensive, however Trump dropping bombs and killing over a dozen innocent children as a result not to mention almost everything he's said is far more offensive. He must pay for his crimes, lock him up!

  • James Kidd
    James Kidd 9 days ago

    Was Griffin's actions offensive? Yep. Now can we get on to the problem of actual sexual assault by Trump, as exposed by Trump?

  • grant macneil
    grant macneil 9 days ago

    bro are you 17????

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 9 days ago

    It was not offensive at all. Go Kathy we Love You!!!!

  • machete91
    machete91 9 days ago

    Nah pretty funny I have that picture as my desktop background

  • Kalvin N
    Kalvin N 9 days ago

    The pseudo intelligent way this caller speaks is really annoying. Speak at your own intelligence level so you understand the words you're using.

  • jag10
    jag10 9 days ago

    It was as offensive as hanging an Obama effigy from a tree, 10x worse than denying Hitler killed 6 billion jews

  • Kevin Jewell
    Kevin Jewell 9 days ago

    American's are offended by the damn season's anymore...time to get a life and stop taking everything so fucking personally...where the hell was everyone's indignation at the hundreds of effigies of Trump being lynched, burning, and the years of countless accusations by even Trump for being Muslim, born in Kenya...and what the hell is wrong with being muslim??? I have muslim friends, they are better people than the hundreds of "christians' I grew up with in the USA that use their religion as an excuse to hate everyone that isn't fat, white, lower middle class and stupid...just like them!

  • Moe Wilson
    Moe Wilson 9 days ago

    Both sides are guilty of doing or saying offensive things. Good point, about how pulling out of the Paris climate accord was more offensive than Griffin holding the head of Trump. I think the visual was more powerful of the head which is why it got more media coverage, right or wrong. Griffin did apologize and has been booted from the New Years count down. I think she has suffered enough for her stupid mistake and she should be forgiven. On to worrying about climate change and the President who denies it.

  • We NeedChangeNOW TVP-TZM


  • rationalguy
    rationalguy 9 days ago

    It was a bit tasteless, but if you're triggered by a washed-up comedian with a cheesy prop gag, you are a cuck conservative republitard snowflake.

    • Daniel Milton
      Daniel Milton 9 days ago

      If it was the other way around and the head was Hillary's, your statement would be a little different

  • We NeedChangeNOW TVP-TZM


  • We NeedChangeNOW TVP-TZM


  • steve N
    steve N 9 days ago

    No it was not offensive, why are we still talking about this?

  • Carmen Santana
    Carmen Santana 9 days ago

    F$$K TRUMP .

  • james hendry
    james hendry 9 days ago

    the Trump head, i would call it tasteless - more than being offensive
    the best thing that your pointing out is the old "Bait and switch " game, while adding in the other game of "O look over there did something just happen".

  • charesch
    charesch 9 days ago

    The guy calling is just so happy someone is telling him the truth and he is right.

  • Thomas Schmidt
    Thomas Schmidt 9 days ago

    you are a really great Teacher,David.....the way you involved the caller is a magnificent example of teaching at its best: Thank you.

  • PersistenceOfVision

    This is kind of like the Beatles infamous "butcher" cover. Started as some zany photographer's idea of being creative and edgy, but taken out of context it looked terrible.

  • Heckin Bamboozled
    Heckin Bamboozled 9 days ago

    if you don't think this is offensive then you dont have any morals

  • Of Woodbridge and Hedgely

    It was a test for the Milo Yianopolous/Sargon of Akkad free speech justice warrior crowd which they failed miserably.

    FRANCES MAGNUS 9 days ago

    yeah, but no worse then what was done to OBAMA AND HIS FAMILY, SO DEAL ZOMBIES

  • BIGWORLD0074
    BIGWORLD0074 9 days ago

    No No No No No No and neither was snoop, it's art so get over it.

  • AndroidDoctorr
    AndroidDoctorr 9 days ago

    Talk shit about Trump, suddenly conservatives don't care about the first amendment

  • 45is Fuckinghisdaughter

    To me no it wasn't offensive.

  • Alan d
    Alan d 9 days ago

    NOT offended.

  • Satoshi Matrix
    Satoshi Matrix 9 days ago

    What some people don't realize is that Griffin was openly mocking Trump for his horribly sexist "blood coming out of her where-ever statement about Megan Kelly.

    While I don't agree with what Kathy Griffin did, doing that isn't equal to a threat against Trump's life nor is it encouraging anyone to attempt such a thing. She is a wonderful lady who supports many human rights causes and for that she has my full support, even if the head thing was in poor taste.

  • Alan d
    Alan d 9 days ago

    NOT offended.

  • JackFknTwist1
    JackFknTwist1 9 days ago

    Kathy is great , and that severed head was wonderful.
    Americans have no sense of humour whatever.

  • Ivan Ezell
    Ivan Ezell 9 days ago

    I didn't see as much outrage when Ted Nugent actually threatened Obama's life!

    RANDOM MAY 9 days ago


    DISCO-INFERNO-70 9 days ago

    I was far more offended by her decision to hire Gloria Allred's daughter and go on a feminist tirade.

  • Tristan
    Tristan 9 days ago

    David simply re-framed the question, saying that "A" was OK because "B" (irrelevant to the question ) was bad too.David, WTF??
    Were'nt talking about media coverage! Were talking about the virtue of her actions, man!

  • Okaro X
    Okaro X 9 days ago

    I just do not get the connection between those.

  • Dale G.
    Dale G. 9 days ago

    The level of civility has been ratcheted down a notch since Trump's election. Americans used to at lease show respect for the office if not the man holding it. But no more. Republicans started it after Clinton was elected, citing his philandering as an excuse to regard him as personal non grata.

  • Sean Fronteras
    Sean Fronteras 9 days ago

    Isn't it ironic to see Trump supporters triggered by a stupid picture?

  • abelsincain
    abelsincain 9 days ago

    Not offensive at all.

  • Sean Howelton
    Sean Howelton 9 days ago

    Not as offensive as 20+million being potentially cut off health insurance, not as offensive as DEFUNDING planned parenthood, not as offensive as banning people out of the country based on race/religion, not as offensive as pulling out of the Paris climate aggreement.....l could go on and on.

  • asombrosas invenciones

    David got angry really fast

  • adam b
    adam b 9 days ago

    A 17 year old couldn't ask for a better mentor for giving a nuanced primer on politics. Glad he found Pakman and not some nut job; like so many young people have seemed to of

    • Luke B
      Luke B 9 days ago

      Would have been great if parkman actually stuck to the topic instead of beating around the bush, and changing the topic. Won't surprise me if the kid never calls in again.

  • William Slaughter
    William Slaughter 9 days ago

    offensive? no... because the Trumptards were defending the practice of many gun stores... inclusion of Hillary pictures to use as a target with every gun purchase...


  • Carl Fuller
    Carl Fuller 9 days ago


  • Mr Hackett
    Mr Hackett 9 days ago

    Less offensive than Trump as a presidential candidate saying "We have to take out their families".

  • Chris Cassel
    Chris Cassel 9 days ago

    No, it is the first funny thing Kathy Griffin has done in her life.

  • Jose
    Jose 9 days ago

    same as the caller, I graduated high school last Friday, I've been able to go up against my conservative government teacher

    • Jose
      Jose 9 days ago

      Thank you, I hope so

    • Timothy O'Brien
      Timothy O'Brien 9 days ago

      Jose Good for you! Thinking for yourself is the most important quality you can learn. It will serve you in your education, in your professional life, as well as your family and social lives.

  • bisquitnspanky
    bisquitnspanky 9 days ago

    In poor taste? Yes. Offensive? Yes. But then, this is Donald Trump. Trump is the most tasteless, offensive person on earth. So far as his son Barron is concerned, I feel bad for him seeing this, but worse about having Trump for a dad. The worst thing she did was take the focus off what an ass Trump is.

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 9 days ago

    Not to me. But I can see how it is to others.

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