the dinner party

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  • Rabbits having dinner. Over the years, my wild desert cottontail population has grown to about 50 individuals. They know they have plenty to eat and drink here and are relatively safe from predators. Although they are fairly tame, they aren't quite up for hug...yet. They eat Ben's leftover alfalfa and range cubes as well as a nightly serving of rabbit chow and a couple of carrots. This meal was served on a luncheon plate from my mothers set of Haviland china that I inherited. Limoges Chrysanthemum pattern - Schleiger #86. News Theme by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
    Artist: "By The Light of The Silvery Moon" used by permission from the YouTube Audio Library.
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  • Leo Shevkun
    Leo Shevkun 5 days ago

    The way they jump is funny and cute at the same time :) Thanks for this great video!

  • Андрей Зубро

    сколько мяса бегает вокруг )

  • sofieonecrow
    sofieonecrow 1 month ago

    So funny, John! I hadn't realized rabbits communicate with their ears, as do dogs and cats. Learned something new.

  • Skid Loader Beginner with JCB 260W SSL

    my cat on my lap is mesmerized.

  • Ela
    Ela 1 month ago


  • Zing Nafzinger
    Zing Nafzinger 1 month ago

    Omg, hilarious as well as charming...

  • Mrs. C
    Mrs. C 1 month ago

    This channel has become my new favorite obsession!

  • Sharon Barber-Huff
    Sharon Barber-Huff 1 month ago

    I have watched this 3 times and laughed every time. Thank you for this.

  • Sheena Hubbard
    Sheena Hubbard 1 month ago

    love love love this. Looks like supper time at my house ( house full of teenage boys)... Thank you so much for sharing these.

  • reneta e nunn
    reneta e nunn 2 months ago

    Love the rabbit dinner music, perfect choice. Charming!

  • Rixanne H
    Rixanne H 2 months ago

    This is the best thing I've seen on the internet this week, and I watch a lot of internet. Love your show, never change.

  • field16
    field16 3 months ago

    They jump at each other and jump away in fear, but they have no horns and no sharp claws, so what do they fear? Do they bite each other? Beautiful video and setting.... you were kind to feed the creatures.

    • TheFieldLab
      TheFieldLab 3 months ago

      I think they just try to intimidate each other by seeing who can be cuter.

  • Mary Charest
    Mary Charest 3 months ago

    Love this one ;)

  • Allen Hare
    Allen Hare 4 months ago

    This was amazing, magical, and absolutely hilarious.
    Who knew that mere bunnies could be so entertaining?
    The music coinciding with the final spectacular leap was perfect timing.
    As a fellow Hare, I heartily approve of this video.

  • mechanizoic
    mechanizoic 4 months ago

    hahahaha...made my day man!

  • floyd schott
    floyd schott 4 months ago

    It is nice to see that many at the same time .

  • Harley McCorcle
    Harley McCorcle 4 months ago

    loved it

  • Bill Hunt
    Bill Hunt 4 months ago

    I've never seen rabbits jump like that before. Any idea on what kind of rabbit that is?

    • TheFieldLab
      TheFieldLab 4 months ago

      "Against small predators or other desert cottontails, it will defend itself by slapping with a front paw and nudging; usually preceded by a hop straight upwards as high as two feet when threatened or taken by surprise."

  • weetreebonsai
    weetreebonsai 4 months ago

    Thank You for sharing this, my cat had to get up close and try to chase them!!!!

  • kristen collins nolen
    kristen collins nolen 4 months ago

    I love your videos. Keep em coming. Is that you water tanks in the background and how much rain have you got this year?

    • TheFieldLab
      TheFieldLab 4 months ago

      Those are two 3000 gallon tanks and one 1550 gallon tank...all full. I pump creek water into them after big storms. The rest of my tanks are roof catchment. My total storage capacity from all my tanks is 22,000 gallons and it only takes 7 inches of rain per year to fill them. Our average is 7 to 9 inches per year. Last year's rain total was the most I have seen since I have been here... 12 3/8". The least for a year was only 3.82" back in 2011.

  • 2ligit2
    2ligit2 4 months ago

    Music was perfect John. Spot on :)

  • Ann Poucher
    Ann Poucher 4 months ago

    How about the goat herd next week?

    • TheFieldLab
      TheFieldLab 4 months ago

      the goats already had their moment of fame...

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