Just Cause 2: Stunt Flyer Guide / Crash Montage

Geoff and Jack show you how to get the Stunt Flyer Achievement in Just Cause 2. Then, they show you how not to get it.

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Author JG Warrior1377 ( ago)
This achievement is complete and utter BULLSHIT!!! No matter how hard I
try, or how hard I concentrate, I just cant get it. It doesnt help that the
plane controls in this game are ATROCIOUS. When you turn the plane, youre
not turning it ... youre top-siding it, which makes it extremely difficult.
I dont think I have ever had more fustration getting an achievement in a
game, then I am doing here.

Author Deaglan Cullen ( ago)
I done it over water, and I crashed just after hitting the 30 second mark

Author Spudtron98 ( ago)
I don't remember the planes *exploding* when they hit the water.

Author Kalle90king ( ago)
working on ps3?

Author maelysxknight ( ago)
I think the Silverbolt, that microjet in the black market is probably the
best plane to try for the achievement with, since it's smaller. Nice going
getting it with the Cassius.

Author Andrew Bloomfield ( ago)
1:45 is that a car?? Lol!! No one in that car survived, i can tell you that

Author Globbified ( ago)
He also said "He being a retard"

Author stephy100020 ( ago)
Epic fail on :40

Author Almond19912 ( ago)
It doesn't work over water because it's counting the ground as the sea bed,
so to fly low enough you need to be in the water. That's also why it works
fine on the beach and the shallows, where the sea bed isn't too far down.

Author Christo Ghobrial ( ago)
your plane caught on fire touching water.

Author Matthew Przeslicke ( ago)

Author koobz21 ( ago)
The water responds the best when it is shallow. Just fly around beaches and
the water won't give you any trouble :D

Author deathgoatXD ( ago)
aww i didn't think it workt on water. so i did it on the highway:P 

Author Silas PC ( ago)
U got a license for that? *troll face*

Author Calum Trenaman ( ago)
How does the plane catch fire when it hits water?

Author rocketduck44 ( ago)
don't be mad at him.....check out his videos, he's like 10 years old. He's
clearly confused about his sexuality,so he takes his anger out on the
internet just like any other butthurt child.

Author Toby Larone ( ago)
Archipelago, shout out to Jack from the End lets play. 

Author Denis Zhykharevych ( ago)
cool crashing water 

Author Erol Barry ( ago)
I miss this

Author gamerswag410 ( ago)
I try to record the video by doing capture in the game when I log in and
stuff than it says error

Author gamerswag410 ( ago)
I try to record the

Author IOutDoSyndicate ( ago)
Inbox; Comments

Author ThisIsMyUsername ( ago)
When did I say I pirate games. I was just kidding

Author asshatnowhere159 ( ago)
2:04 just keep clicking. 

Author ThisIsMyUsername ( ago)
Ok guys let me get this straight. I wasn't saying that I pirate games, I
was just joking around.

Author MrWhatbe ( ago)
I was looking for a guide to this achievement, saw the warning at the
beginning and went, "OH SHIT IT'S ROOSTERTEETH"

Author Doctor Smeggman ( ago)

Author EmperorPretzel ( ago)
Gus would enjoy this

Author themoby1 ( ago)
you cant buy a pirated game if its pirated

Author Jammyjimjim (1147 years ago)
people watch my videos 

Author ThisIsMyUsername ( ago)
I never said it was okay

Author Hugh Jass ( ago)
Are you sure it's okay to buy pirated games...? 

Author WayOutDere9874 ( ago)
oh how i miss the old dashboard 

Author Braden Schlueter ( ago)
depends on if you have one click purchase set up or not

Author Josh D ( ago)
"ooohhh.. that's just like real life"

Author 13r0thm4g3 ( ago)
And not give a shit considering they make millions and your $3.79 doesn't
matter a damn to their wallets.

Author Parsa Rezaei borna ( ago)
:) love just to crap your mouth volecrap shit

Author Blacksheeptrp8 ( ago)
25 secs twice in a row fml

Author Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad ( ago)
Yes you can play the multiplayer mod with the cracked version, even the
developers themselves said that the cracked version will work.

Author Ethan M ( ago)
Or not be a cheapass because it's like 5 dollars. 

Author lazarus92 ( ago)
No you're still as much a gamer as anyone else. If you pirate it, love it,
play the shit out of it and still don't buy it then you're an arsehole.

Author ThisIsMyUsername ( ago)
I didn't say I download pirated games I'm just saying it's an idea

Author Retep ( ago)
But then your not a gamer, just an asshole.

Author LawsonGuy ( ago)
Or get it on Xbox Live Marketplace.

Author Dave Merriman ( ago)
i just watched that

Author truebassB ( ago)
Kaboem!!! Kaboem!!!!!!

Author Wyntflex ( ago)
2:02 Just like real life xdddd

Author P Calafiore ( ago)
1:36funny man you hit that car man ka boom man 

Author P Calafiore ( ago)
1:36 funny and on man you hit that car

Author originalbode ( ago)
got this achievement on first try

Author fentch89 ( ago)
geoff and jack your both legends i offten watch you and it is funny as
fuck. 1 love 

Author Simisful ( ago)
It has just been announced that they will make Just Cause 3 :)

Author ThisIsMyUsername ( ago)
or you can sail the seven seas and get on Pirate Bay

Author David86753 (1615 years ago)
or get it on steam

Author iAMScootaG ( ago)
*plane hits water, INSTANT EXPLOSION* 

Author Marian Hossa ( ago)
Gangnam style

Author HeartofLion3 ( ago)
I miss the old rooster teeth......

Author hnefatl ( ago)
1:29, is the guys voice normally that high?

Author AustinEndres ( ago)
I want Just cause 3. and i want unlimited grappling lines not just one

Author Sebbe Bastic ( ago)
Its coming a JC3 And 4 :D

Author kokos1able ( ago)
its just like real life Epicnesss

Author Cellisperfect ( ago)
Geoff an Jack at like they're brothers

Author GrandmasterFunk ( ago)
Dont use a jet engine, i got it first time with propellers

Author TheUltimateRom ( ago)
Roosterteeth are a bunch of douchebags.

Author S3CTOR97 ( ago)

Author winterterm08 ( ago)
why? just cause

Author whorebucks ( ago)
bought on steam for 3.50

Author caveless123 ( ago)
hey man i like your vids and keep up the nice work plz subscribe to my
channle it is bad right now but it will get better

Author Jack MacGuire ( ago)
Available on Steam for under £5 for PC/Mac =)

Author Romesh Singh ( ago)
I got this game fer free since I'm PSPlus

Author Dalton Stewart ( ago)
i bought this game 2 days ago on gamersgate for 3dollars

Author pickley ( ago)
PS+ its free right now. And its not 1200 its more like $29.99

Author DEMO2K ( ago)
Go 2 the future , go on amazon search just cause 3. click purchase. done

Author WowLifeIsAJoke ( ago)
xbox marketplace its like 1200 msp or something not a lot :P

Author KnockDownPear ( ago)
Can u guys do top 10 just cause 2 fails

Author BiItSe ( ago)
@aryoseno11 go to game-debate. Com and search it there

Author Hungry ( ago)
you expected people on youtube to send you a copy of this game?

Author Mattes ( ago)
No he didnt..sometimes the game just tells you random stats you have in
bery random times

Author Mattes ( ago)
dont you dare speak bad things on JC

Author Mattes ( ago)
you mean Chaos

Author mat2017 ( ago)
I meant caos

Author Aryo Seno ( ago)
can i run this game well? Intel core i7 2gb ram INTEL HD graphics 2000 

Author reddeadepic87 ( ago)
no but incredibly funny

Author CaptainMileton ( ago)
Those were his attempts

Author STRaNG3GAMR64 ( ago)
Cool but why do you keep crashing in the water

Author TroublingStatueVII ( ago)
that happens to me all the time i do nothing and i got a kill all of the

Author shanaman23 ( ago)
the game does that a lot :/ haha

Author Hillclimbfan1990 ( ago)
It is much easier to fly over desert highways, you don't have to fly so low
and there aren't many obstacles. If you just search for a long straight in
the desert and fly along that, it should be fairly easy. That way it took
me only about 2 minutes.

Author Ima Cat ( ago)
I Hate That The Planes Have No Reverse

Author Lealand Perry ( ago)

Author Fallen Leaves ( ago)
my brother was showing me this game and he attached a car to a jet and took
off.. he got up a little ways and the car came around and blew up the jet

Author Spooky Skeleton (hello) ( ago)
@Newbiestile265 Yea, its a weird glitch. If a faction soldier kills a
soldier it counts as one of your kills.

Author Akash Bhati ( ago)

Author Enache Alexandru ( ago)
Hei i just got the game today and i was wondering how or where do i find
that plain? <3

Author BKInbound ( ago)
@uberpwner004 YES YOU FUCKING DO

Author ataur268 ( ago)
@Newbiestile265 he suicide1?!?!?!?

Author tryson1995 ( ago)

Author blackdelta42 ( ago)
@mcdonalds5656 if you crash it will say low flyer 29

Author Taylor Chewning ( ago)

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