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Author Spudtron98 (9 months)
I don't remember the planes *exploding* when they hit the water.

Author Kalle90king (1 year)
working on ps3?

Author maelysxknight (1 year)
I think the Silverbolt, that microjet in the black market is probably the
best plane to try for the achievement with, since it's smaller. Nice going
getting it with the Cassius.

Author Andrew Bloomfield (1 year)
1:45 is that a car?? Lol!! No one in that car survived, i can tell you that

Author poorwooble (3 years)
I found out that if you look at a military base while at the flying a
helicopter at the largest height in the game, that the base has a skull in
it ( it's the shape of the sand on the island )

Author Vaxxor (2 years)
But then your not a gamer, just an asshole.

Author EmperorPretzel (2 years)
Gus would enjoy this

Author Enache Alexandru (3 years)
Hei i just got the game today and i was wondering how or where do i find
that plain? <3

Author BKInbound (3 years)
@uberpwner004 YES YOU FUCKING DO

Author Christo Ghobrial (1 year)
your plane caught on fire touching water.

Author tryson1995 (3 years)

Author Toilu (3 years)
@Newbiestile265 Sometimes the game randomly shows some random stats like
miles travelled by car, total kills, total elite kills etc. He didn't kill
anyone in 1:50

Author truebassB (2 years)
Kaboem!!! Kaboem!!!!!!

Author Lealand Perry (3 years)

Author winterterm08 (2 years)
why? just cause

Author DJ-Kroph (3 years)
whahahahahah!!. they r pro gamers, and i did it the first try xD

Author STRaNG3GAMR64 (3 years)
Cool but why do you keep crashing in the water

Author Almond19912 (1 year)
It doesn't work over water because it's counting the ground as the sea bed,
so to fly low enough you need to be in the water. That's also why it works
fine on the beach and the shallows, where the sea bed isn't too far down.

Author Simisful (2 years)
It has just been announced that they will make Just Cause 3 :)

Author Globbified (1 year)
He also said "He being a retard"

Author Slayer9577 (3 years)
How come the achievements on Xbox for Just Cause 2 have loads of different
pictures for the achievements but the PS3 only has the silver trophy for
every single trophy!!!

Author BiItSe (2 years)
@aryoseno11 go to game-debate. Com and search it there

Author IamGreg73 (2 years)
I love these kind of montages.

Author S3CTOR97 (2 years)

Author Ethan M (2 years)
Or not be a cheapass because it's like 5 dollars.

Author HMrocks123456 (2 years)
He being a retard.

Author LC Demo (2 years)
Go 2 the future , go on amazon search just cause 3. click purchase. done

Author mat2017 (3 years)
I meant caos

Author Hillclimbfan1990 (3 years)
It is much easier to fly over desert highways, you don't have to fly so low
and there aren't many obstacles. If you just search for a long straight in
the desert and fly along that, it should be fairly easy. That way it took
me only about 2 minutes.

Author Matthew Przeslicke (1 year)

Author JoshTehVideoMaker (3 years)
@XsniperzzXx exact same fucking thing for D:<

Author DietBlood (2 years)
dont you dare speak bad things on JC

Author MrTaylGunner (1 year)
I know.

Author firestarter647285 (3 years)
CHeck the message please!!!

Author facebook822 (3 years)
it only took me 1ence to beat this achievement

Author WayOutDere9874 (2 years)
oh how i miss the old dashboard

Author blackdelta42 (3 years)
@mcdonalds5656 if you crash it will say low flyer 29

Author DietBlood (2 years)
No he didnt..sometimes the game just tells you random stats you have in
bery random times

Author Vixen Afterglow (3 years)
@mcdonalds5656 ...

Author chatterbox200127 (2 years)
But then you couldn't play JC2-multiplayer

Author Denis Zhykharevych (2 years)
cool crashing water

Author mat2017 (3 years)
Just Cause 3 should have multiplayer. Se who can cause the most caoa!

Author Braden Schlueter (2 years)
depends on if you have one click purchase set up or not

Author MrTaylGunner (2 years)
How to purchase the game.

Author TheDaczs (3 years)
Check This out /watch?v=jg2NmKYKvw0

Author ShadowXII (3 years)
I managed to do an epic flight along a desert highway in that one-seater
jet with various turns, and finally made it to 60 seconds before slamming
into a gas station and dying in a horrific explosion. The achievement
didn't pop up, but I still got it :)

Author Vixen Afterglow (3 years)
@mcdonalds5656 No it doesn't child

Author IOutDoSyndicate (2 years)
Inbox; Comments

Author XsniperzzXx (3 years)
@mcdonalds5656 You failed :)

Author chatterbox200127 (2 years)

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