Bliitz God Scape - Best 525 server!

Join us as our 525 server grows and people having fun in clan multi-playerkilling, edgeville bank 1v1 and bounty hunter! The server IP:


Dragonscape525 DL link:


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Author Not that guy you know... (3 years)
wtf is with wind up being everywhere!!!!!

Author albanian4everytime (3 years)
im hearing this song by "rs" playing =D #lol

Author 34tscape (3 years)
34t scape best server ever!

Author kingnuman numan (2 years)
@proErrorpk right lock my rsps vid best!

Author BOXHEADBROS123 (3 years)
join TODAY!! great features!! 24/7!! need staff!! JOIN!!

Author dennis dort (2 years)

Author Will Evans (3 years)
what song is this again?

Author chaosxrsps (3 years)
awesome server best ever fully coded by lordzenthar.
webclient or download our client.

Author guitarabz4 (2 years)
dt scape best ever evrysingle weapon and armour in rs. cannon. epic serv
void. ext..!

Author Deeznutzonuchin (3 years)
ban this freaking song from youtube!!!!

Author jakke543 (3 years)
the song is bring me to life lol

Author pliakaspliakas1 (3 years)
@PvpRageProductions HAHAHA!:)

Author ChrisMenchue (3 years)
@BurntBaken Im getting on! :)

Author Tyler Wormack (2 years)
checkoutt >>>>>

Author shinydialga123 (3 years)
only narb advertisement in comments... so sad.

Author Angered4e (3 years)
lol moparscape HAHA!!

Author Mikescape Servers (2 years)
Awesome New Server. Join Mikescape-dot-net - The Perfect Amount of Customs
- Custom Place and Monsters - Awesome Community and Staff - Weekly Drop
Partys! - Perfect Switches - Awesome PKing Zones - 24/7 VPS with Room for
TONS of People!! Join today! Mikescape FTW!

Author Tevin Burton (3 years)
Omg i played this when it first came out till they fucked it up and changed
it all ut was the best pking server in the whole world

Author MatthiWare (3 years)
vww,defcape,co,cc | Best 562 rsps so far... Join now and recieve a "new
year" present! /watch?v=xdQmY2AOYZU our newest vid.

Author ashasmashya (2 years)
why are u wearign rune -.-

Author TheInfam0usNZ (3 years)
Check this webclient private server. it ownz and they need staff
runepkpurescape . tk - remove the spaces!!

Author Krista Kristian (3 years)
can you give me the link of your cursor

Author heatedzelda (3 years)
it wont even let u play!

Author KYAfreeker (3 years)
gay. doesnt work for mac

Author Stoners R Us (3 years)
Heyy, can someone please see if my server works. Download it and try and
play it. Pm my youtube account if you are willing to.

Author Josh Lukat (3 years)
this was horrible

Author MrBfhkiller (3 years)
good quality dude nice nice

Author drinkmysusu (3 years)
dude go try palidino its the best server la

Author ImGr00d (2 years)
So many adv here.. lol..

Author energy99er (3 years)

Author FaIconHD (3 years)
@insignia8874 No its not.

Author SgtGt (2 years)
this server is much better!!! it is 662!!!! and spawn! /watch?v=UMoyaw3tF1E

Author zack thompson (3 years)
pick a different song so fucking annoying

Author Teh Jeow (2 years)
This server is shit

Author angent47xxxhitman (3 years)
OMG why does everyone hate this song its a GOOD song

Author cheesycallum (3 years)
when heard this song i just muted

Author whylol lolwer (2 years)
@werting34 this was 3 years ago -_-

Author voofer12 (3 years)
This is good

Author OfficialPkGods (3 years)
Go to rs-ps(dot)org/play(dot)php?server=pkgods JOIN US! webclient!!!

Author Hugewarrazor (3 years)

Author SkillinHD (3 years)
can anyone edit a server for me in teamviewer i can pay them pm

Author flambo767 (3 years)
o and ty for the 2 trojans fagget

Author martinlang98 (3 years)
haha working bonuses at 2:26 if it dont have stats on weps u cant hit..

Author kingnuman numan (2 years)
@TheJeow right bro lock my rsps best!

Author MagikAngel100 (3 years)
i love 525's ^^

Author thenoob613 (3 years)
watch my rsps video

Author etizzei1 (3 years)
@PvpRageProductions this song is depreasing...

Author jr13323 (3 years)
join sheepyyscape(dotno-ip(dot)biz (no hamachi)

Author Teh Jeow (2 years)
I like your working emoyes with the wrong animation

Author fightclub4live (3 years)
@TheWillzProductions0 various artists bring me to life

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