Bliitz God Scape - Best 525 server!

Join us as our 525 server grows and people having fun in clan multi-playerkilling, edgeville bank 1v1 and bounty hunter! The server IP:


Dragonscape525 DL link:


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Author Brian That Guy ( ago)

Author dennis dort ( ago)

Author Senses ( ago)
/watch?v=wn7iffFSSSQ& , best rsps avaiable , come and play
, come back and like if you did so ! ^^

Author M. ( ago)
you can tell that he is a nerd when his cursor is a d long.

Author Hendaav Essa ( ago)
dragonz-scape .nl .ae join we need staff!

Author Gall Goidel ( ago)
ever wanted to play an epic rsps? ever dreamed of being a mod or staff?
ever wanted to play an rsps that you can be friends with the owner in? then
come on over to bluedragon! bluedragon is a 317 server that encourages
people to skill and pvp until they drop. and theirs more?!?!? forum mod
spots are open so comment and visit my channel for a chance at a mod and to
get the link to the game!

Author Aaront03 ( ago)
lol nice way to spell strength

Author kingnuman numan ( ago)
@TheJeow right bro lock my rsps best!

Author kingnuman numan ( ago)
@proErrorpk right lock my rsps vid best!

Author proErrorpk ( ago)
lol look ur d claws str bonus, this server is just like shit, i dislike

Author Teh Jeow ( ago)
I like your working emoyes with the wrong animation

Author Teh Jeow ( ago)
This server is shit

Author whylol lolwer ( ago)
@werting34 this was 3 years ago -_-

Author Isaac Carreras ( ago)
hey it doesnt work it gets stuck at checking for updates

Author ThemSrifles ( ago)
Go to rs-ps999.9999org99/99info999.9­99php999?999server=Prosperity , We
need more ppl! (Take off 9's)

Author guitarabz4 ( ago)
dt scape best ever evrysingle weapon and armour in rs. cannon. epic serv
void. ext..!

Author average sandy ( ago)
@davidwei0 has it got an ip?

Author Mikescape Servers ( ago)
Awesome New Server. Join Mikescape-dot-net - The Perfect Amount of Customs
- Custom Place and Monsters - Awesome Community and Staff - Weekly Drop
Partys! - Perfect Switches - Awesome PKing Zones - 24/7 VPS with Room for
TONS of People!! Join today! Mikescape FTW!

Author iM0Dgam3s ( ago)
hey can i be a staff member ill be the best staff everill be any staff rank

Author ImGr00d (845 years ago)
So many adv here.. lol..

Author bryceepoo ( ago)
@DuoDippers hahaha me too!!!

Author SmightyOne ( ago)
this server is much better!!! it is 662!!!! and spawn! /watch?v=UMoyaw3tF1E

Author Crystal GeyserSpringwater ( ago)
fucking awesome song im gunna try the server cuz of the song

Author Qasim Mian ( ago)

Author ziyade ( ago)
its working ?

Author GameLecturn ( ago)
w w w (.) HalcyonPK (.) c o m/ webclient.html (NEW 24/7 Server, WebClient,
Turmoil/SoulSplit, Chaotics, Perfect PKing, Staff needed!) Just copy and
paste into your address bar, remove parenthesis/spaces, and wait for the
cache to download and unpack, and you'll be ready to play instantly from
there on out.

Author Somebodee bicboi ( ago)
if i join can you give me items plzz game name clyrex

Author Jakje o'connor ( ago)
Join Prosperity a runescape private server for everyone. the server has:
Medium combat XP ALL skills working Perfect minigames and boss monsters
100% Pking and a great econemy! Download on my channel!

Author SeepingSuppuration ( ago)
I have a sweet private server. It's called FuryScape. Check it out if your
interested. Download link is in the FuryScape video description!

Author football genius ( ago)
This song isn't anberlin feel good drag

Author Birmingham Rider ( ago)
Heyy, can someone please see if my server works. Download it and try and
play it. Pm my youtube account if you are willing to.

Author Rovascapeorg ( ago)
Everyone should try RovaScape! Its a very user-friendly RSPS!
Rovascape(dot)org Try it out!

Author CocoaDoodle ( ago)

Author ChrisMenchue ( ago)
@BurntBaken Im getting on! :)

Author BurntBaken ( ago)
flawwesscape(dot)createaforum(­dot) its alot better brand new need staff
but no webclient only 3-4 players just go there ill talk to you or private
message me if u need help downloading the client 1. donwload win-rar at
win-rardotcom then u need have to download the client no viruses its about
a 5 minute download :/ then extract it to you rdesktop and it should work
you click start client and it should load it takes a while to load add me
in game alex or add neww kidd or yes im beast

Author Bjorn ( ago)
This is good

Author chaosxrsps ( ago)
awesome server best ever fully coded by lordzenthar.
webclient or download our client.

Author Jordan Ayles ( ago)
Everyone Thumbs up for this video and Rsps it is one of the best servers
ever check it out now :D

Author ShAnDoWoFmInEcRaFt ( ago)
@Ichbineinstreber Dont worry im taking over dragonscape it should be up in
acouple days i will be posting and making a video about its up again and
promoting people to come back

Author Ichbineinstreber ( ago)

Author gucci boii ( ago)
i was wondering can someone help me create a 525 client plz**

Author eggomeleggo ( ago) say gatorwade sent u and recieve free stuff!

Author energy99er ( ago)

Author xxxlizztwistxxx ( ago)
new private server. just opened about a week ago about 40 players all stats
except dung and construction but what server has them [= we have summoning
hunter both working full screen tormented demons much more. we have over
300 votes and a new server. great owner tons of names (non spawning) also
all boss's (evolutionpkz)

Author InfamousVeteran ( ago)
Everyone join, mtiscape dot c0m it is the best private server, it is high
deifnition, friendly staff, spawn server, torva, spirit shields, dclaws,
korasi, vesta, turmoil and all skills, even has customs and slayer tasks.
Flawless server, join now, free!

Author jord fa ( ago)
STAFF OPEN ON MY SERVER Go to my channel and look at the video for details.

Author OMER624 ( ago)
@Jcthor96 frog eyes lol

Author Joey Coulter ( ago)
Hey I made a new server named killerpvp I need a good coder and Staff my
thing is and first 15 to join will get admin mod and my
coder will be co :) thanks ( . Y . )

Author gabrielsg2008 ( ago)
lol @ music

Author XXBOSHERXX ( ago)
go to MrXcalibar youtube for an amazing server!!!!!! with chaotics and

Author Pawii ( ago)
Want The Best Server Ever Well Have No Fear Read Right Here!

Author calum anderson ( ago)
at 1:28 lol listen does he sing make me real lol!

Author PorLk ( ago)
join this wwwwww godlypkz c o m we need staff,we need players join now! we
have spawn,dclaws,bandos..and everything rs has!!join now! 100% working

Author MeltedOreoMod ( ago)

Author iTooted8D ( ago)
Best song by a female artist in the whole fuckin world....

Author murkagemaster ( ago)
how do i download the client?

Author frankey boshy ( ago)
do u need to pay for d claws if u do not ill join :)

Author OfficialPkGods ( ago)
Go to rs-ps(dot)org/play(dot)php?server=pkgods JOIN US! webclient!!!

Author BOXHEADBROS123 ( ago)
join TODAY!! great features!! 24/7!! need staff!! JOIN!!

Author martinlang98 ( ago)
haha working bonuses at 2:26 if it dont have stats on weps u cant hit..

Author flambo767 ( ago)
o and ty for the 2 trojans fagget

Author flambo767 ( ago)
who is the retard that spelled strength wrong at 2:12??

Author Vinodz ( ago)
This song mos t go out youtube ! , !

Author TehFlyingPancake ( ago)
@botttutorialism AVG says it had 2 trojans, you aint infected me you knob

Author 739Rangekid ( ago)
check my channel out!!! it has vids about the website or you can look up
rs-reborn on youtube or to go to the website to see for yourself go to
Rs-reborn(Dot)com!!! remember, check my channel out for a view and
tour of the website theirs a video explaining it or just type in rs-reborn
on youtube!!!! lovey all old rs players bye! this is not a virus........

Author jakke543 ( ago)
the song is bring me to life lol

Author John S ( ago)
@Angered4e no shit read the title.

Author Angered4e ( ago)
lol moparscape HAHA!!

Author FaIconHD ( ago)
@insignia8874 No its not.

Author thesancezzz ( ago) Need staff

Author 34tscape ( ago)
my server is better we have chaotics extreme potions overloads turmoil
soulsplit corp kbd tormented gwd check it out 34tscape on runelocus or
check out my channel its a 508 btw everyone can wear items no donor items
only :D enjoy

Author insignia8874 ( ago)
most used song ever

Author harry long ( ago)
@TheMrerkan shut up dont you have anything else to do in your life except
post crap like that you posted it on other video aswell you retard

Author SkillinHD ( ago)
can anyone edit a server for me in teamviewer i can pay them pm

Author TheMrerkan ( ago)
this sucks i got banned for nothing?!?! go to /watch?v=SNEsYOlRq6s and join
that badass server claws ags morrigans all curses work and the skillcape
emotes too

Author TheRuneSource ( ago)
Play RUNESOURCE! Better pking system Better boss system Economy! Tons of
players! Check us out! Copy url - pk.runekeep. biz

Author chikenfriedricey ( ago)
Do you have to pay for membership?

Author NikF1sh ( ago)
/watch?v=gb0MGeFDCng Awesomee, a must watch!

Author MrBfhkiller ( ago)
good quality dude nice nice

Author PartyTower ( ago)
so... this vid must show the viewers to play this serv? no way

Author not sure ( ago)
ok everyone im a server whore and ive played most out there but for sure
the best server ive ever played is .. everyone can use cls and
claws not just the donaters and items are fairly cheep.. ive been playing
for 2 days and ive already pked 2 sets of claws and an ags. bolth specials
are epic in game btw. oo and has bolth spell books not just turmoil added
on to reg spell book.. the only problem with server is lack of players so
everyone join!!! have the best time ever

Author shinydialga123 ( ago)
only narb advertisement in comments... so sad.

Author lewis burke ( ago)
/watch?v=V8dHnyrQCyY play now great 562 loading 604 new sever 24/7

Author Josh Lukat ( ago)
this was horrible

Author TheInfam0usNZ ( ago)
Check this webclient private server. it ownz and they need staff
runepkpurescape . tk - remove the spaces!!

Author slayerfatex2 ( ago)
@DARRKFURY staff open? i would love to be staff. i have been staff on many
many servers. and after a long time they all shut down =[ ive been every
staff execept owner

Author MatthiWare ( ago)
vww(.)defscape(.)co(.)cc | best 562 rsps... Join now and recieve a "new
year" present -Corp beast -Dclaws, Barrage, VLS, and much more -Working
pvp, bh, old-school pk Join now vww(.)defscape(.)co(.)cc

Author MatthiWare ( ago)
vww,defcape,co,cc | Best 562 rsps so far... Join now and recieve a "new
year" present! /watch?v=xdQmY2AOYZU our newest vid.

Author jagger1865 ( ago)
@DaltonEasterwood its not thay good

Author DaltonEasterwood ( ago)
if you like rsps and like webclients go to -----legit-pkz(.)com---------
for the best new server looking for mod so join

Author number1Hacks ( ago)
/watch?v=ezYIKagHbv0 first 5 are admins next 5 are mods

Author TheMrMarre ( ago)
I would love to join but the blitzgodscape link doesen't work ! -.-

Author shiguy stew ( ago)
projectkarnage(.)com! BEST RSPS ! JOIN NOW MOD SPOTS OPEN!

Author MrRightAnglez ( ago)
Join ZimmyScape! Hamachi needed: ID: OpticalZim RSPS Pass: 342

Author IDemonISpeedinI ( ago)
@fightclub4live its evanesence

Author jimmyjimjobobo123 ( ago)
everyone play my friends server we are justr getting started up and we need
people!! its 24/7

Author T90 ( ago)
@TheWillzProductions0 various artists bring me to life

Author Will Evans ( ago)
what song is this again?

Author Eric Germ ( ago)
seems to by cool??

Author Jeffrey Sanchez ( ago) best private

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