THOUSAND MILE TREASURE HUNT! | Road Trip for Buried Treasure

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  • We went on a thousand mile road trip to find Buried Treasure! This was the best treasure map & hunt ever! Subscribe: to Join our OHANA! Watch more Videos like this:

    We want to thank High Sierra for the BEST roadtrip & TRAVEL backpacks:

    The kids love love LOVED the swimtails from Shimmertail:

    We couldn't live without our Skechers Shoes :

    We received a note on our door for the Whole family! So we opened it when everyone got home. It had a Treasure map inside, and a clue. The clue said another package would come soon and to wait. So then a few mintues later another package arrived and it was 2 High Sierra Backpacks & another clue. The clue said to go to mermaid cove and gave coordinates.
    We followed them an hour and half to a field somewhere with hot pots or steam vent ponds. They were warm, but it was only 20 degrees outside. WE opened the backpacks and there were SHIMMERTAIL mermaid tails inside. Dad put on a tail & jumped in and there was a message /clue inside a bottle floating in there. Dad got it. The next clue said to go to a crack in the Earth and go on a hike. It also had coordinates. We followed the longitude and latitude coordinates and went to St.George Utah.
    We found Pioneer Park there & it had a crack in the Earth and a hike. So we went on that and found a treasure of NEW SHOES from SKEECHERS.COM. And we also found another clue. We were so excited! The clue told us to go where the sand is warm and gave more coordinates. They led us to NEW PORT BEACH.
    WE drove all night & the next morning & ended up in Huntington Beach on the New Port Beach row. WE followed the clues & found a HUGE X in the sand. The kids dug and dug & found a HUGE TREASURE!

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