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  • Red Blood Productions#1
    Red Blood Productions#1 23 minutes ago

    No Comment,Fastest Chicken Kill
    at 4:50
    They will go in hell...
    #Butiger , he thinks like me.

  • Mat Lag
    Mat Lag 1 hour ago

    i haye when people fast forward videos and manipulate things to promote a view m really sad . but still love ya . God Bless you

  • karstenpianoguy
    karstenpianoguy 1 hour ago

    4:14 when you got 1 minute of free shopping at walmart.

  • Li Ming
    Li Ming 1 hour ago

    2:29 fast forward

    edit:3:51 also

  • Zero
    Zero 4 hours ago

    1:48 the birth of SPAM!

  • jennifer canoy
    jennifer canoy 8 hours ago


  • jennifer canoy
    jennifer canoy 8 hours ago

    please free taste

  • Joseph Casterline
    Joseph Casterline 9 hours ago

    I grew up on a farm where we grew turkeys for Thanksgiving every year. The background turkey cackle's timing during the defeathering machine made me laugh. Only half paying attention to the video, I thought, "They should NOT be making that noise at that point." YouTube after a 16 hour day... Lol

  • Fredjuhh
    Fredjuhh 9 hours ago

    Omg chicken has to be killed otherway! Im vegetarion and im okay with people that eat chicken or meat, but i dont want them to be killed like that with the turn machine!! Like if you agree

    • pH7oslo
      pH7oslo 1 hour ago

      Relax, they're not killed in/by the plucker machine: First they're killed, then scalded and finally, plucked.

  • William Garrett
    William Garrett 11 hours ago

    whats the name of the song at 1:24???

  • Lucas Halbritter
    Lucas Halbritter 11 hours ago

    nobody's on God's level get it right brah!

  • Aliah Hernandez
    Aliah Hernandez 12 hours ago

    4:51 that's really fucked up and I hope that person and people along wit it fuckin die in the exact same way if not worse, and also the egg ones right after.

  • Ashley Briggs
    Ashley Briggs 14 hours ago

    R.I.P chicken... you will be missed

  • Tee Wai Sen
    Tee Wai Sen 14 hours ago

    i think they will be promoted if they work even more faster

  • iron vlogs
    iron vlogs 16 hours ago

    3:10 cool painting

  • bucci ramos
    bucci ramos 16 hours ago

    Half of these are done with machines and the other half has been created faster then it really is.

  • Sandra S
    Sandra S 18 hours ago

    4:50 fucking sick people

    • pH7oslo
      pH7oslo 1 hour ago

      What's so sick with a plucking machine? The fowl's been killed and scalded before it's being plucked - be it by hand or machine.

  • TheSauseyCow
    TheSauseyCow 20 hours ago

    But the first one you waste so much

  • joe nguyen
    joe nguyen 21 hour ago

    This video is a joke fast workers means that they have talent but god level is that people can do the impossible

  • shaun branuel esguerra

    No won can beet gods power

  • Danielle Laxamana

    I wonder if they are only in a hurry,hahahhaha

  • 0ver blue
    0ver blue 1 day ago

    4:51 what the fuck

    MLG_SQUAD 1 day ago

    In most of the video there isnt any workers working really fast....There is just some random shit that nobody cares

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent 1 day ago

    That God flow tho

  • Carlos Gedangoni
    Carlos Gedangoni 1 day ago

    Whats that "machine" that he climbed up the coco tree

  • Nick Atweek
    Nick Atweek 1 day ago

    4:50 😐😕😔

  • LoganPlayzGames YT

    they sped it up

  • Eagle Eyes
    Eagle Eyes 1 day ago

    Some of them were sped up. Like the spray painting one and the one just after it.

  • burnit 01
    burnit 01 1 day ago

    So satisfying.

  • WolfyGames _33005

    I call myself fast, in eating

  • Pushyhog
    Pushyhog 1 day ago

    Spray can guy was great.

  • Gentle Hirwa
    Gentle Hirwa 1 day ago

    that asian at 2:00, tho

  • Evan Rising
    Evan Rising 1 day ago

    2:22 song name please?

  • Muhammad Ayman
    Muhammad Ayman 1 day ago

    Savage as fuck

  • Muhammad Ayman
    Muhammad Ayman 1 day ago

    2 cool 4 school

  • Jeroen Heijmans
    Jeroen Heijmans 1 day ago

    So your another YouTube content thief

  • sensy 01
    sensy 01 1 day ago

    the chiken was alive ??

  • Minecraft nerd
    Minecraft nerd 2 days ago

    I think the second one was made with rotten friew

  • Scott Loomis
    Scott Loomis 2 days ago

    technology will never be able to surpass the abilities of the human body.
    our brains will always be able to make our bodies do incredible things.
    one day,the Apocalypse will come and human skills will once again be celebrated

  • Danial Qamarul
    Danial Qamarul 2 days ago

    4.53 its digisting

  • Austin Richey
    Austin Richey 2 days ago

    I dislike how do chicken. It did look sick.

  • Nabil Radika
    Nabil Radika 2 days ago

    1:20 that was slime?

    • Aliah Hernandez
      Aliah Hernandez 12 hours ago

      No. That's another way of making candy. The lollipops right after that were made from that.

  • Yobani Valadez
    Yobani Valadez 2 days ago

    2:46 - 3:42 is the best shit I've ever seen

  • Logan And Morgan Doe

    4:50 a chicken is alive. Has babies, next day, she is used as an experiment of the god level.
    Was placed on a chamber, tried to escape while the chamber was moving, her feathers removed,
    Broke her neck, died.

    We will always have memory.

    Mrs. Chicken

    2017-2017 I hope the babies weren't used there later on ;-;

    • Logan And Morgan Doe
      Logan And Morgan Doe 2 days ago

      R.I.P 😫☹️😥😪😢 so can anybody pay for the funeral? Cuz I my mom hid her credit card in a knife and laser chamber which I can't enter cuz


  • SP95 ntR
    SP95 ntR 2 days ago

    God level ????? change the title...


  • Jarrod Putman
    Jarrod Putman 2 days ago

    on today's episode of useless talents

  • bottle1 lack
    bottle1 lack 2 days ago

    3:39 so?

  • Nate Manier
    Nate Manier 2 days ago

    Wish i could ask the guy at 2:19 to make me something like that.

  • Kiwi
    Kiwi 2 days ago

    *qui a compris le titre de la video sorry no french xD*

  • F1
    F1 2 days ago

    Just me waiting for people to complain about the chicken at 4:50 yet they are the same people who are fat ugly and eat chicken wings & burgers at mcdonalds. You Cunts

    • Dragonbreath 17
      Dragonbreath 17 2 hours ago

      Nah chicken wings at the mcdonalds is only 0.02 percent chicken

    • Aliah Hernandez
      Aliah Hernandez 12 hours ago

      Lmfao shut the fuck up, not everyone who complains about the chicken eat chicken, and also not everyone who eats chicken are fat and ugly. Plus you can be completely against killing chickens like that or anyway that isn't human and fast, but still eat chicken as long as they are killed very fast and very human (like in a way where they don't feel any pain)

    • Nixe
      Nixe 21 hour ago

      F1 i feel sad for all Thise chikens getting killed every minute😢😭

    • Nixe
      Nixe 21 hour ago

      F1 that is true

  • Sahra Omer
    Sahra Omer 2 days ago

    they were taking the fur of the chicken

  • Cody Suyo
    Cody Suyo 2 days ago

    See I told black people could dream

  • Michael Flores
    Michael Flores 3 days ago

    There is nothing fast in this shit video

  • J Playz
    J Playz 3 days ago

    make sure to keep up your good work

    (BTW im on my period...)

  • Gamer Lad
    Gamer Lad 3 days ago

    Poor chicken 4:50

  • Maria Duenas
    Maria Duenas 3 days ago

    what the fuck they did to the chicken!?

    • Kenneth Sev
      Kenneth Sev 2 days ago

      Maria Duenas It was dead, they were taking away it's feathers.

  • Sofeah H
    Sofeah H 3 days ago

    1:19 It Looks Like He's Playing With Slime

    • Long Wang
      Long Wang 2 days ago

      Sofeah H lol

    • MCPE tops
      MCPE tops 3 days ago

      Sofeah H
      he's accually folding a chocolate layer so it doesn't harden

  • Dâu Nguyễn
    Dâu Nguyễn 3 days ago


  • Butiger
    Butiger 3 days ago

    am i going to hell if i laughed at 4:50 ?

  • Zishan Mian
    Zishan Mian 3 days ago


  • Mejestic Medic
    Mejestic Medic 3 days ago

    Not really sure how a mechanical shredder counts as a person working at top speed. Specifically, the chicken at 6:40

  • Slippy S.
    Slippy S. 4 days ago

    but is he level 99?

  • Jeff Thrower
    Jeff Thrower 4 days ago


    • Arv Trd
      Arv Trd 1 hour ago

      Jeff Thrower notice the backround

    • Jake R
      Jake R 11 hours ago

      I t s. not ?

  • Typical Bros
    Typical Bros 4 days ago

    And people say that graffiti is vandalism...

    • Ashley Briggs
      Ashley Briggs 14 hours ago

      that was awsome it looked real

    • Falkuda
      Falkuda 14 hours ago

      That's because it is. If the owner of the building or whatever doesn't say they can do it, it's vandalism.

    • Frederik 1999
      Frederik 1999 22 hours ago

      yeah if they spray on house walls or trains

  • Alex Coleman
    Alex Coleman 4 days ago

    Man, 2017 feels like a slow year. I felt that i watched most of these clips years ago

  • LinnyPlays
    LinnyPlays 4 days ago

    2:13 no wonder resteraunt plates are so crusty and nasty. ;-;

  • Guuuie
    Guuuie 4 days ago


  • Mystic Fox
    Mystic Fox 4 days ago

    Who the he'll is this shay wood guy

  • Shay Wood
    Shay Wood 4 days ago


  • Shay Wood
    Shay Wood 4 days ago


  • Shay Wood
    Shay Wood 4 days ago


  • Shay Wood
    Shay Wood 4 days ago


  • Shay Wood
    Shay Wood 4 days ago


  • Shay Wood
    Shay Wood 4 days ago


  • Shay Wood
    Shay Wood 4 days ago


  • Shay Wood
    Shay Wood 4 days ago


  • Hjalte Have
    Hjalte Have 4 days ago

    2:18 Can you hire Thisted dude

  • Aaron Goodluck
    Aaron Goodluck 4 days ago




    • gesù cristo
      gesù cristo 1 day ago

      DoIHave A HAIRLINE? un cn believe now XD

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