Emu Emulator II Sound Library Demo

A demo of some EMU and OMI CD library sounds for the Emu Emulator II Sampler.

The library does not include the drums from 'People are People' by Depeche Mode.

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Added: 5 years
Runtime: 7:24
Comments: 359

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Author XHALE303 (1 month)
Ferris Bueller had this one :)

Author psychoticgiraffe (6 months)
is there any vst that emulates this that is made by EMU

does EMU proteus XV vst thing make any of these epic sounds

is there any where to rip the sounds on the cd

Author elementor85 beats (12 days)

Hey man, Do you have a link for this library, or the shakuhachi sound used
in the 00.43? I am searching this. Thanks!

Author NuChannel1142 (20 days)
Yeah because Depeche Mode was the only band in the eighties. I remember...

Author boleplissken (4 months)
Oh! it sounds great! 

Author David Jonas (3 days)

Author deejee1971 (4 months)
On the last string part u can hear the looping pionts.

Author Petrus (6 months)
Hi, JMP Synth, as could be to get some sound /sample/ Shaku flute which you
can hear it at 0.43, please? 

Author Jul But (9 months)
this synth is awesome

Author looneyburgmusic (10 months)
This makes me want to dig out my Ensoniq Mirage and load up some of the EII
samples I have for it.

Author Juninho Prado (9 months)
06:26 Terminator :]

Author thesecretlives ofcats (9 months)
emerald forest!

Author gahan101 (10 months)
What song is 4:08 please?

Author LichfeldianSuttonian (11 months)
This one is for Tangerine Dream fans of the mid- to late-eighties!

Author sonidoy postpro (11 months)
Is this available in akai cd format or wav ?

Author gahan101 (9 months)
1:25 - 1:38 Depeche Mode 'Black Celebration'!!!

Author Michael Wilson (9 months)
Depeche Modes song Black Celebration is breathtaking on this old, dream
synth .

Author alwaysuptil1 (11 months)
Where do I get these sounds for my E2? 

Author veltis100 (1 year)
JMPSynth, could you please me what patch you used to play the Terminator
song with as i've been going through all my floppys and can't find it!!!
Also what patch was used for the Choir sound from the Legend soundtrack
"Darkness", Sorry to ask but i've just started to use my emulator 2 again
and have 7 boxes of discs and its had to find the correct ones!!! Thanks

Author AndereX Buck (1 year)
Where i can find the sd files and the emxp program?

Author JMPSynth (2 years)
Sure it was called Moog Bass. Will try and find it on the Mac when the gear
is setup again (currently packed away).

Author boleplissken (3 years)
@JMPSynth Jesus!! wonder wonder what they cost back when the boys were
using them. Btw you did a great job of demonstrating the sounds,DM sounds
like classical music when you strip it down.

Author WILKO50 (3 years)
Whats the sound at 2:26 please, Are these pre set or recorded???

Author Riccardo Galatolo (1 year)
I bought an EII but I have not a shred of library ... even after years of
legal trouble you may have to copy me the lbrary?

Author MrYuppie (3 years)
Stevie NIcks probably stole it for the intro part of "Rooms on Fire"...

Author WTFBOOMDOOM (1 year)
2:08 Orbital - Midnight :)

Author RJMMac (2 years)
@JMPSynth I've been having problems getting my EMAX SE to communicate with
my PowerBook, do you know if you have to set the EMAX into a certain mode
for it to work over RS422?

Author smartmarvel16 (2 years)
Thankyou! So, I can use an old Mac to store my samples and then connect it
to the EII's RS422 to load samples into EII, right? And what is a FDD?

Author douro20 (1 year)
One thing that makes this 8-bit sampler sound so good is its low-pass
24db/oct 4-pole analog filter. It can also do simple wavetable synthesis.

Author JMPSynth (1 year)
Hi, yes but I'm not able to distribute them (I don't own or have the rights
to the sounds to distribute), sorry.

Author smartmarvel16 (2 years)
Hi! The Emulator II has a SCSI interface to connect a cd-rom drive and load
samples? Thankyou

Author VisceralVoids (2 years)
When I think of Emulator II - it's one of the best sounding synthesizers
that I have ever heard

Author scotty (3 years)
Excellent! Nice job. This thing sounds amazing. There was a time when I
would have traded my grandmother in for such an instrument.

Author Ian C (1 year)

Author JMPSynth (3 years)
It's mentioned above. Expensive Synth or Liquid Stack (as it displays on
the EII). Part of the OMI library collection (No. 2 I think).

Author chemicalBR0 (3 years)
awesome I've still got an Emax II and a huge bank of sounds, I still use it
a lot. can't beat the old machines in my opinion. nowadays a synth seems to
mean a laptop and a cd. far too many lifeless virtual synths around these
days. (although i did pick up Razor from NI and it is awesome.)

Author René Didden (2 years)
0:42 Sadeness - Enigma

Author Banksmusic (1 year)
I hear Depeche Mode! - 0:31

Author Robert Dreyfuss (3 years)
very good and analog instrument! great and fat sound!

Author MARCVS AVRELIVS (1 year)
what is the song of 3:41 min. ? Can someone help me further....?

Author kz1000ps (1 year)
LOL the Terminator theme!! Man this thing is a beast!

Author thefumigator (3 years)
Excelent demo. What's the sound for the terminator theme at 6:20? Its

Author Andrew N (2 years)
it amazes me for real, that his sound this good!.

Author Zabrak (2 years)
This is what the 80s sounded like

Author JMPSynth (1 year)
It was a disk called Mister E. I've never been able to clarify which
library it belongs to. Ultravox used it on a track called Dreams, other
have used it too. It's also featured within the UVI Emulation II product
which is demo'd here.

Author JMPSynth (2 years)
It's a background sound/riff from People are People by Depeche Mode. Think
you can hear it more clearly towards the end of the song (from memory).

Author KMNKeyboardVault (3 years)
verry 80s I love it

Author scott seewhale (1 year)
wow I would love to know what patch is at 1:03. Have an Emulator II but
cannot figure it out for the life of me

Author Riccardo Galatolo (1 year)
good morning ... I kindly know if you have the original library of EII, and
sounds of choirs human shakuachi, marimbas, and Liquid stack. are available
on floppy 5:25? the price? I can have a list of sounds? thanks and excuse
my bad translation!

Author RJMMac (2 years)
Could you tell me the name of the sample used at 6:20? I've been hunting
high and low for those OMI CD's but no luck :(

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