Emma Watson Plays With Kittens (While Answering Fan Questions)

“I want them all!"


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Group of British shorthair and longhair kittens sitting
GlobalP/Getty Images

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A Certified Animal Safety Representative from the American Humane Association was present for all scenes that involved the participation of the kittens.

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Author Samara Weisberg ( ago)
Ive always seen emma as hermione but now its belle😂😂😂

Author Karla ( ago)
when a kitten is luckier than u.

Author ShelbyRay422 ( ago)

Author fun6224 ( ago)

Author ( ago)

Author wai tun ( ago)
If i had a daughter I would teach her that if you throw something up it will always come down

Author Laugh it Out! ( ago)
3:13 lol

Author Daytron ( ago)
So little boys dont ever think that their voice doesnt matter? Only little girls. Especially now, when the only thing that you hear is that little girls voices matter.

Author ILoveBooks ( ago)
I will ALWAYS see her as Hermione

Author Mystique Gibson ( ago)
ugh this is so cute

Author Patience G. ( ago)
The only good buzzfeed video (only because emma was there)

Author Rose334 ( ago)
Does she enjoy making movies

Author carolina dimas ( ago)
She's so beautiful

Author luke t ( ago)
I'm not sure which I want more ,to be in a room full of kittens or a room with Emma Watson in it

Author Alexa Garcia ( ago)

Author Flying Saucers ( ago)
Emma Watson beyond adorable

Author Jade Fireflower ( ago)
Kittens and Emma Watson... DREAM COME TRUE

Author Dariusz Ciurkot ( ago)

Author AleksandurIsWalking ( ago)
Hermione <3

Author Michal BenAri ( ago)
So original!

Author Djan Tecson ( ago)
the black cat who stands cause of its shadow😂😂😂 such cute.

Author pejnismiggle ( ago)
I couldn't even focus. I was just lost by how amazing she is. She's just absolutely stunning. I can't even begin on those eyebrows and how crisp they are and how they just match her face and accentuate everything.

Author ACiD ( ago)
she's going to be a cat lady

Author 小兔兔 ( ago)
I always watched this at today yesterday i think tomorrow too I watch it because she is amazing and a lot of people love her I'm a fan of her too😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😻😻😻😻😻

Author Pierre Stromae ( ago)
I respect her views, but I watched a few videos of her and she talks about feminism every time

Author me at_home ( ago)
film Emma Watson playing with kittens and you get the cutest thing in the Universe

Author The Holographic Llamas ( ago)
Did anyone else notice...
That every time Emma answered a question,
She would stop and talk about the cats?

Author Bollywood Deepika ( ago)
The cats like, dis is Emma watson, and I will be like glue to u for eva

Author River ripple stables ( ago)
I love kittens and I love Emma!!! And I love Hermione and belle and Harry Potter and beauty and the beast!!!!!

Author keepinitreal ( ago)
The wage gap isn't a thing, it's already been proven.

Author Richelle Rodriguez ( ago)
I absolutely love how empowering Emma Watson.

Author sol xoxoxoxo ( ago)
That kitty is like. Emma Watson hug u and gave him love.

Author Phoebe Tan ( ago)
i always thought the whole feminist movement was too much and i think its because partly in Singapore we are treated quite equally at least observably so i thought it was just people trying to be self righteous and hipster or wtv
but she is so articulate, and the whole thought she presented with the issue of us thinking we live in a post-feminism society was really cool, and wow, emma watson, nice

Author Lana Green ( ago)
I was watching this whilst playing with my kitten

Author Morgann Pratt ( ago)
When that black one was on its hind legs was so funny

Author Madence& Ceyci ( ago)
To here her say Hermione again...

Author cute person ( ago)

Author Claire & Tim Lagula ( ago)
buzzfeed: hey emma can you answer fan questions in one of our videos?
emma: nope
buzzfeed: we'll give you kitties to play with while you're answering them
emma: OK THEN

Author Crystal Diaz ( ago)
That one kitten was just wrecking shit back there it was so cute

Author Adam Watson ( ago)
2:39 Whacks kitten in face.

Author Graham Orritt ( ago)
3:13 to 3:14 OMGGG

Author Lisa Limauge ( ago)
Emma watson is the best person ever

Author Abdullah Al Noman ( ago)
I see racism 😜

Author F.Y.E AMVs ( ago)
Not even listening to the interview. Too preoccupied watching the cats =^. .^=

Author Hannah Davis ( ago)
you bich

Author Hannah Davis ( ago)
you suk

Author Madeleine Scott ( ago)
It would be so amazing if Emma was allowed to adopt one of those kittens

Author Catherine Gutierrez ( ago)
Emma Watson just played different kind of characters just be yourself Emma Watson don't change you're amazing the way you are!💖

Author Eliza Schuyler ( ago)
I would have kitnapped all of those kittens on my way out 😂

Author Lola Swiderski ( ago)
is it wierd that i could watch emma playing wig kittens all day

Author StephBanana 1013 ( ago)
Can someone please fucking explain to me how she's single?

Author Jonas Simon ( ago)

Author Dave Marquis ( ago)
hi wat is your nam

Author Colleen Fisher ( ago)
please do this with eddie redmayne next

Author Jessica Xiong ( ago)
1:39 er........ never saw that ever in my life

Author Gabriella Stein ( ago)

Author Bryn Mahony ( ago)
I liked it until they started talking about feminism what a good movie Beauty and the beast was tho

Author The Sarcastic Wolfe ( ago)
It was pretty good until they brought the feminist bullshit in.

Author Annaliese Enoshima ( ago)
Wait was she talking? I couldnt tell i was just watchin the cats...

Author Sami Keplinger ( ago)
omg i love emma watson!!! she is so impowering and an amazing role model/ actress!

Author Pola B ( ago)
Im actually worried cause this poor lityle kittens are so desorientated

Author Melbø Beatz ( ago)
they are so adorable

Author Aefwa Efwe ( ago)
You need to play Lara Croft in the new Tomb Raider. You look just like her and the actress they picked doesn't even resemble her.

Author Hermione Toohey ( ago)
my name is Hermione lol😂😂

Author The Fat Lemon ( ago)
I love tiny kittens, but if I was in this situation........ I would end up with 2 swollen eyes.

Author Project7Pictures ( ago)
just watch milo yiannopoulos on feminism -.-

Author Kyubibimbap POP ( ago)
This is how kitten can distract you from the beautiful Emma

Author Jaja msp 06 02 ( ago)
Love Emma Watson 😍😍❤❤❤💙💙💙💚💚💚💛💛💛💖💖💖💜💜💜💓💓💓💝💝💝💞💞💞💟💟💟💗💗💗💕💕💕❣❣❣

Author Brickzz Athens ( ago)
How could anyone not like emma watson? I love her

Author Michael ( ago)
Wage gap isn't real

Author Josephine Chloe ( ago)
Lucky my brother wasn't here . He's crazy to kittens.

Author Siclox03 ( ago)
make a reaction video of emma watching this,, specially the part where the kitten slams himself/herself (gender equality -_-) at the background !!!!

Author ( ago)
A mix of Emma Watson and Kitten... I AM DIING!!!!!!❣️❣️❣️❣️

Author Jordan Cheung ( ago)
beautiful little girl

Author Alberto Nullas ( ago)
I love the cats fighting and Emma says "these cats are crazy but this one is chillin'

Author Zivan ( ago)
Wait is Crookshanks still alive ?

Author Chocolate TaeKookie ( ago)
Please BuzzFeed... stop bringing up these Harry Potter emotions 😥

Author Meggzie Moo ( ago)
Emma is by far my favourite actor most actors that start young grow up to be something terrible but Emma's still amazing

Author A wiggly Noodle ( ago)
How she managed to pet Kittens and Answer Questions at the same time Mean that she can be a good mother Like the

Author Naruto Uzumaki ( ago)
Who is Emma Watson?

Author Diamond Jab ( ago)
3:37 - Kitty scratching the background in the background...

Author vale O ( ago)
Belle-Mione 😁🙌🏻

Author BreakerInc ( ago)
It's a shame that such an otherwise wonderful woman doesn't understand how to put together facts.. Ah well.. Nothing to be done there, I suppose, except time.

Author OfficialKatelynn 2017 ( ago)
I did a project on Emma Watson a few months ago, and I have learned so much and understand what she says

Author PieFace ( ago)
Couldn't concentrate I just kept staring at that kitten going ham on the background 10/10

Author Baylie ( ago)
Emma Watson and kittens...the two most adorable things...this is too much om

Author John Casey ( ago)
She's sweet 😍👅

Author Rizky Triandi ( ago)
here for the kitten

Author Audrie Schmitt ( ago)
Omg I LOVED the movie

Author Minhas Coisas Aleatórias ( ago)
I don't care wich movie is she!To me her name is still Hermione!

Author Classy 1950s potato ( ago)
Belle is French not English.

Author Jacob Ray ( ago)
Emma Watson is the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life. I wish that I could meet her to tell her that.

Author Izzy Kins ( ago)
I love Emma Watson, she's adorable ❤️

Author Breathing Onderwater ( ago)
Anyone who doesn't have Emma as one of their celebrity crushes are lying, regardless of sexuality

Author Debbie gares ( ago)
i think emma watson was a wonderful choice for bell.i love how she became a star and is still a nice and awesome person.

Author Oliver Nicholas ( ago)
"Don't underestimate her own power."

Author thekorystuhler ( ago)
there's a reason the cats started acting up when feminism became the subject.

Author rainbow guy ( ago)
Those kittens are now blessed

Author Gitte Schultz ( ago)
That backdrop just has to die, it seems.. xD

Author Nicholas Bragg ( ago)
What state does she live in?

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