5 of the Worst Computer Viruses Ever

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  • Michael Aranda explains five of the worst computer viruses that have hit the net!

    Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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    Storm Worm:




    Servers: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wikimedia_Servers-0051_18.jpg
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Comments: 9 708

  • Carlos Dulce
    Carlos Dulce 11 hours ago

    scishow what is mail.ru i have it on my pc

  • Neuer Kanal: EisenErz
    Neuer Kanal: EisenErz 20 hours ago

    And MEMZ or WannaCry? :)

  • DaveGamer
    DaveGamer 1 day ago

    Linux cant be virused. It is virus-resistant.

  • 3327r
    3327r 1 day ago

    Wtf is wrong with comments about blinking? He's done it at 2:53. Maybe you blink the same time he does lol

  • Jay D
    Jay D 1 day ago

    ...So a while back I had somehow gotten a virus called "Theodore.exe" on my computer, and at first it was super annoying, kept opening itself in the background and installing a bunch of programs, but not really doing everything else. I turned off its startup settings so that it won't do that again after I uninstalled all the new and affected programs and ran multiple antivirus programs, but it's still there apparently, just doing nothing. There's like 12 copies of it in my task manager but none of them have a file address and no amount of antivirus scans can get rid of them. It kind of makes me feel like Theodore might've connected my computer to a bot-net, but I really hope it's just as dead as it seems. Either way, it's a good thing I'm planning to get a new computer soon anyway.

  • Tampermonkey
    Tampermonkey 1 day ago

    I'm safe from any email virus's, I haven't checked them since the creation of the "computer"

  • Dhfjfj DJjdu
    Dhfjfj DJjdu 2 days ago

    What virus makes beetles crawl across your screen it happened to me

  • Benjamin Aus
    Benjamin Aus 2 days ago

    Hey look, another comment about him blinking.

  • TheSpoonOfDoom
    TheSpoonOfDoom 2 days ago


  • Steven Moya
    Steven Moya 2 days ago

    I have a virus on this computer that it tole me that I had to update my flash player so I did it and it started opening booking hotels

  • Demonic Dragon
    Demonic Dragon 2 days ago

    to everyone who's questioning why he doesn't blink they likely edit it out like they do in The Walking Dead with the walkers...

    or he's on cocaine....

    or he's a cyborg....

  • CKR123
    CKR123 2 days ago

    HE BLINKED AT 2:52 !

  • Noobbow YT
    Noobbow YT 2 days ago

    bonzi buddy is the worst🐵

  • H Morrison
    H Morrison 3 days ago



  • Sunset Appleton
    Sunset Appleton 4 days ago

    the editing on this video drives me nuts.... the beginning of every sentence interrupts the one before it

  • Dan Alexander
    Dan Alexander 4 days ago

    i wanna try them

  • ruka Ruben tm
    ruka Ruben tm 4 days ago

    i from portugal but in 2003 i just have 4 yers kkkkkkk

  • Rubby Gaming
    Rubby Gaming 4 days ago


  • Doggy 4157
    Doggy 4157 4 days ago

    In 2007 when I was 0 years old there was a virus? was it before Febuary?

    • Doggy 4157
      Doggy 4157 4 days ago

      if it was before Febuary I was not born

  • Cotton
    Cotton 4 days ago

    I had the iloveyou virus but I master restarted everything

  • XtremeGamingWolf
    XtremeGamingWolf 4 days ago

    The creator of the first virus on the list names his virus Melissa because of a stripper he met. People open their emails and strippers open their legs. That's why.

  • XtremeGamingWolf
    XtremeGamingWolf 4 days ago

    Plot twist:

    His eyes are actually closed, and he tattooed eyes on top of his

  • I'm House Nigga
    I'm House Nigga 4 days ago

    Oh no, this channel is a virus. RUN!!!!!

  • OneCheesyWorld
    OneCheesyWorld 4 days ago

    I don't open the "ILOVEYOU" email virus because

    No one loves me ._.

  • SuperCrazy Gamer
    SuperCrazy Gamer 5 days ago

    "Malissa spread quickly"

  • Random Gaming
    Random Gaming 5 days ago

    (where he blinks) 2:51


    whollly crap

  • Brian Michelsen
    Brian Michelsen 5 days ago

    damnit you just made me have to run a full system scan on my computer antivirus.

  • YG // YawnyGaming
    YG // YawnyGaming 5 days ago

    I think number one is memz

  • George Orwell II
    George Orwell II 5 days ago

    I remember on my old computer I had a virus that played the Mario theme song forever.

  • Cheesepuff111
    Cheesepuff111 5 days ago




  • SoaR_Fearless x
    SoaR_Fearless x 5 days ago

    Your forgetting the Trojan Virus and MEMZ Virus.

    • Daylen
      Daylen 3 days ago

      trojan contains tons of viruses. it's not one virus, but a virus pack.

  • Purple Steak
    Purple Steak 5 days ago

    I have a virus on my computer, I was on a game website and I accidentally clicked an ad. I never thought anything of it, but after a while my computer is now really slow and nothing will work..):

  • FarmYard Gaming
    FarmYard Gaming 6 days ago

    WannaCrypt. BAM

  • 1991birthday
    1991birthday 6 days ago

    There's this computer virus I remember causing a lot of trouble for some of my friends in I think it was 2009/2010-ish. It was an annoying one that spread through Skype where if you were infected with it, it would say something to trick you like "hey, you gotta check this out" or something then post a suspicious link. My first friend who got it contacted me before I saw the link outside of Skype informing me to not click the link he sent because it will install a virus onto my computer & that some of our group had already been infected. It seriously felt like a scene from a horror movie. That caused all sorts of issues for him & eventually, he was without a computer for a while. A similar virus showed years later that spread through a different group I was apart of & I recognized the sort of way it presented itself so I knew not to click the link & I helped inform people that it's dangerous & to not click it although it was too late for some members of the group. Do you know anything about the viruses that spread like that through Skype? They're outright annoying, I mean I know to not click those links so having them sent to me isn't the problem, what is would be that the people who suffer from it are very embarrassed & have to try & get the word of warning out to all their contacts before the link is clicked & some of the friends who care such as me feels obligated to help so I'm usually trying to get a hold of people I know who are friends with the victim on Skype to give them a heads up before signing into the program. Luckily as someone who had lost contact with people through the closing of some forums & so on, I know to get more than one method of contact from people if I can help it so I just have to remember who checks what more often & who would be where before signing into Skype. I also send a message to them on Skype just in case they happen to check that first thing.

  • Various Videos
    Various Videos 6 days ago

    All viruses these days do is look for credit card information, so pathetic.

  • homerheartdonuts
    homerheartdonuts 6 days ago

    He blinks at 2:53 by the way. You're all welcome

  • DapperGamerPuppy
    DapperGamerPuppy 6 days ago

    "Don't click on suspicious links or email from Nigerian princes." lol xD

  • Terroriser Playz
    Terroriser Playz 6 days ago

    Blink dude u never Blink

  • Turtle4life
    Turtle4life 7 days ago

    I got wanna cry virus. What do I do?

  • Tim Dook
    Tim Dook 7 days ago


  • You Were Hacked
    You Were Hacked 7 days ago

    hes not blinking

  • The Headquarters
    The Headquarters 7 days ago

    Hey and viruses will just destroy your computer by deleting your MBR

  • Skyler Shaw
    Skyler Shaw 8 days ago

    me: *goes on terraria computer*
    me: "what a nice day, I wonder what my friends sent me"
    me: *goes onto Facebook​ just to see another 2 million friend request from random fans of me then sees the ILOVEYOU text*
    me: "hmmm" *goes onto antivirus software I made and programmed myself*
    me: "hey kylo, is this text a virus? and what kind is it?" kylo the antivirus software: "indeed, this is a worm virus, it overwrites all your files with the ILOVEYOU text and if it isn't backed up then you lose all you files and data"
    me: *deletes text then sees a Skype call that's from my best friend bluefoxinho*
    me:"what's going on-
    me: "woah woah woah calm down Jesus

    FELL SANS 8 days ago

    some people do that

  • oikling
    oikling 10 days ago


  • thefwaynes
    thefwaynes 10 days ago

    plot twist
    this video gave you a virus
    im kidding

  • Stephen Struble
    Stephen Struble 10 days ago

    If you use Windows you can watch my video on proper security practices in Microsoft Windows. The reason so many Windows clients get infected is because people are browsing the web with their administrator account. That's the equivalent of using your root account for everything in Unix or a Unix-like system and I'm sure you know how terrible of a security practice that is. Always browse the web from a standard user account instead of your administrator account.

  • Pixel Laptop
    Pixel Laptop 10 days ago

    Good thing I don't check my emails unless it's for a password change.

  • Starknight4LIFE!!!!! 9567

    What about MEMZ virus

  • :pink clover:
    :pink clover: 11 days ago

    11:24 he blinks.

  • StampyDaSpy
    StampyDaSpy 11 days ago

    ugh numb er 1 was horrible

  • DR.Goodman
    DR.Goodman 11 days ago


  • Mystic _101
    Mystic _101 11 days ago

    Who made these viruses

  • Asriel Dreemurr
    Asriel Dreemurr 12 days ago

    W H O S B E E N D R A W I N G D I C K S

  • theluckycrafter C18
    theluckycrafter C18 12 days ago

    i made a virus it spams 10 porn sites a sec after being ran
    its called M1necraft.exe

  • NapstaLuke
    NapstaLuke 13 days ago

    This video makes me worry about my security more.

  • Disarming Gaming
    Disarming Gaming 13 days ago

    Two of the "porn" websites was "watch me whip" and "watch me nay nay"

  • DanTDM Intro Effects [Videos And More] 2017


  • Saajid Rohman
    Saajid Rohman 14 days ago

    What do you expect I'm a kid

  • Saajid Rohman
    Saajid Rohman 14 days ago

    I don't even use emails

  • unMER the sea
    unMER the sea 14 days ago

    This video just made me think of this, but I've gotten a Zeus Virus Scam twice. It does nothing unless you call the number on the screen, right?

  • Akres
    Akres 14 days ago

    Just for the record, SQL is actually pronounced as spelled S-Q-L, not sequel :-)

  • Mystical pretty Spirit magic fox

    Macs don't get viruses

  • Ogres are like potatoes

    c'mon guys it's just the cuts of the camera.

  • Frizeio
    Frizeio 15 days ago

    I have the ultimate anti-virus capable of blocking all of these email viruses....


  • Jason Clark
    Jason Clark 15 days ago

    On my computer with this virus it's so bad I can't even click on anything this is as bad as it gets

  • thepizzacar pizza
    thepizzacar pizza 16 days ago

    I can't get an email virus, because I barely look at my email, so my pc is slow because of unread emails

  • Pauul Fairfield
    Pauul Fairfield 16 days ago

    Thing is, there are a lot of "anti virus" programs that are actually viruses themselves.

  • Savage Potato
    Savage Potato 16 days ago


  • PatentedSugar9
    PatentedSugar9 16 days ago

    My computer doesn't do what it's told... 😒

  • Angel Watts
    Angel Watts 16 days ago

    Someone call dedsec!!!

  • Freddy the creepypasta We're death is magic

    JAN,25 is when I was born TwT

  • Wilson Hum
    Wilson Hum 16 days ago

    I just got a virus on my dad's computer 😳 1 like : one prayer for the computer

  • Mr.Charmander
    Mr.Charmander 17 days ago

    This dude is a computer virus.He doesn't even blink.

  • VirusLands **
    VirusLands ** 17 days ago


  • Blueberry Blogger
    Blueberry Blogger 17 days ago

    Luckily, my inbox had really less emails. So, I didn't get any virus on my computer.

  • Blueberry Blogger
    Blueberry Blogger 17 days ago

    Thinks for your advice for getting rid of them! At least only my Windows XPwas the only computer broken.

    • Pauul Fairfield
      Pauul Fairfield 15 days ago

      Blueberry Blogger figuratively, sinve it's so terrible.

    • Blueberry Blogger
      Blueberry Blogger 15 days ago

      Wait, it's a VIRUS!?!

    • Blueberry Blogger
      Blueberry Blogger 15 days ago

      And I have a Linux (hate it a lot because it's android), a windows 7 (I hate windows 7), Windows 10 (THE BEST).

    • Pauul Fairfield
      Pauul Fairfield 16 days ago

      Blueberry Blogger windows xp is a virus

  • 123ALIN321
    123ALIN321 18 days ago

    hello I just had a virus before in my tablet and its a Facebook virus I just fixed it by deleting the app

  • XxMinerBoixXTM Gaming


  • Velfeti e
    Velfeti e 18 days ago

    The melissa virus is spreading at my school

  • Clash attack-Clash Royale and Clans of clans

    I know a other bad virus u can get. Seeing your face btw no hate to him that was just a joke

  • Bendy the Ink Demon
    Bendy the Ink Demon 19 days ago

    Who else is extremely paranoid with viruses and malware, and at the same time has a lot of stuff downloaded...?

  • yixnorb
    yixnorb 19 days ago

    You talk very fast yet you are easy to understand because you speak clearly and to the point. Thank you.

  • I make stuff, okay?/The Flower Boi.

    ☻/ This is Bob . Copy and paste him
    /▌ all over Youtube so he can travel the world.
    / \

  • LulicoAG
    LulicoAG 20 days ago

    Let's have a blink contest...

  • BlueShadowGD
    BlueShadowGD 21 day ago

    What about WanaCry?

  • Elena Sucec
    Elena Sucec 21 day ago

    You'll never get me Melissa

    I have no friends

  • Perfect Cell
    Perfect Cell 21 day ago

    This man does not blink

  • Mangel Fassbear
    Mangel Fassbear 21 day ago

    Who is hear during the virus wanacry

  • ComGhos7
    ComGhos7 21 day ago

    what about kaspersky?

  • the profilest
    the profilest 21 day ago

    The worst virus of all time is the Hydra VIRuS.

    Cut off a head, two more will take its place.
    [ Hydra ViRuS BioCoded by Typhon/Échidna ]

  • IMuradI
    IMuradI 22 days ago

    I think he broke the world record for not blinking.
    Guess he's the perfect one to take a picture with because he wont blink.

  • Edlix
    Edlix 22 days ago

    memez virus is good

  • SimsForever2000
    SimsForever2000 22 days ago

    eternal Rocks will probably be the worse one since loads are effected and they don't know about because the purpose of it hasn't been activated yet

  • Missile
    Missile 22 days ago

    I got an outdated email last year and it was about a guy who died in Zimbabwe in a car crash in 2003. I was supposed to collect my money from his will of $10,000,000.

  • Asaf KHAN
    Asaf KHAN 22 days ago

    I got involved in a 9:37 minute staring challenge. Results will be published after 20 likes.

  • Asaf KHAN
    Asaf KHAN 22 days ago

    You Sir,
    Are a Zombie !

  • BrunoBANNONY AnnoNY
    BrunoBANNONY AnnoNY 23 days ago

    Do u not get it? He dosent blink couse he has a virus he just doznt know ?

  • Nicholas Pallotto
    Nicholas Pallotto 23 days ago

    The Melissa virus happened again but with google's email servers

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