Nancy Pelosi Blames Progressive Terrorist Attack on Trump, GOP, Clinton Impeachment

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Comments: 8

  • JerryK
    JerryK 2 days ago

    Is she still alive. Or is she a marionette on strings!!

  • A. Whiteman
    A. Whiteman 2 days ago

    What is she, 80 now?

  • Stephen B
    Stephen B 6 days ago

    it never my falt it's always someone else's.

  • StrnFn9099
    StrnFn9099 6 days ago

    WOW! It's time to go Pelosi. Both you and McCain.

  • Trinidad Figueroa
    Trinidad Figueroa 6 days ago

    How are these people in power? It's scary, she forgets what she's saying while speaking.

  • Shawn Parry
    Shawn Parry 6 days ago

    She references 2 comments made on Presidents Trump's campaign trail, incorrectly stated and out of context. What no longer amazes me is she's able to overlook the daily negative barrage by her and the main stream nor has she once considered that Trump is our president. She never once considers the Trump supporters, and how much anger and hostility she creates !!

  • Dee Santiago
    Dee Santiago 6 days ago

    Psychotic bitch. Lock her up with Hillary.

  • tduna
    tduna 6 days ago

    wishful thinking.

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