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  • I can't imagine not being jealous of this pizza slice. I recommend anyone who watches this video to go to their favorite pizza place and ask them to do what we did in this video.


    Howto - NY STYLE PIZZA:


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  • Ramezya Lesmana
    Ramezya Lesmana 12 hours ago

    you should make giant pizza cake!

  • 4C1DF13ND
    4C1DF13ND 1 day ago

    Stupid slope.

  • Eddie 33
    Eddie 33 1 day ago

    Who else thinks the Garry tosser looked a lot like Garry from DP??

  • Millie Scanlon
    Millie Scanlon 1 day ago

    ( * *)

  • Tyrese Francis
    Tyrese Francis 1 day ago

    pizza is never too big

  • Ilik Pi3
    Ilik Pi3 2 days ago


  • sulie bradley
    sulie bradley 2 days ago

    You guys should do giant quesadilla mext

  • spencer bobo
    spencer bobo 3 days ago

    / \

  • Gabe Boi
    Gabe Boi 3 days ago

    ( ^>^)
    / >🍕

  • Mucho Pasteles
    Mucho Pasteles 3 days ago

    i get the feeling that kyle is such a huge fan of theirs so he locked jose in the janitors closet just so he could be in the video

  • Nerfinator30
    Nerfinator30 3 days ago

    5:17 lol

  • Majd Hazim
    Majd Hazim 3 days ago

    You guys should colab with Mama bee!

  • Over. You.
    Over. You. 4 days ago

    i had to make another tab for Birthday Sex, nostalgia

  • Andreas Buus Mukherjee1 Unknown

    (^ . ^) 🍕🍟🌯🌮🌭🍔

  • No- limits To you
    No- limits To you 4 days ago

    she looks the type who loves tea bagging 👌👌😗

  • LilMochiii ChimChim

    Its a horrible idea to watch this channel while hungry and at 2:am

  • Pall eðvarðsson
    Pall eðvarðsson 5 days ago

    next time can you make a giant hotdog

  • Silent Gravity
    Silent Gravity 5 days ago

    Ernest Lee, Honestly

  • niya egbe
    niya egbe 5 days ago


  • Ali Alkhater
    Ali Alkhater 5 days ago

    (' - ')

  • John Bazeyan
    John Bazeyan 5 days ago

    The intro made me want to kms

  • J Noon
    J Noon 5 days ago

    That's a small size

  • mohno
    mohno 5 days ago

    haven't even watched the video but that pizza BETTER be BONELESS

  • Naseem Myrie
    Naseem Myrie 6 days ago


  • Abora 915
    Abora 915 7 days ago

    I'm like fasting and all I'm watching is food

  • Sandra Uy
    Sandra Uy 7 days ago

    you people are so lucky you get to make so many yummy things and try them to

  • Yameen Sekandari
    Yameen Sekandari 7 days ago


  • twentyønepiliøts fan

    DON'T TOUCH MY FOOD 😇😘🍔🍟🌭🍜🌯🍣🍿🍫🍽☺✋😒😤😡

  • Mac Pas
    Mac Pas 8 days ago


  • Derrick Jones
    Derrick Jones 8 days ago

    Hellthyjunkfood awesome video that's one large pizza slice

  • Daniel Chelba
    Daniel Chelba 8 days ago

    I said birthday sex

  • Trish G
    Trish G 9 days ago

    Did any other Brits crack up at "tosser"?😂😂😂

  • Carla Villa
    Carla Villa 9 days ago

    Who else got really relaxed at 2:38👏👏😊

  • Audrey vs. Andre
    Audrey vs. Andre 9 days ago

    No, it's not BIG ENOUGH 😜

  • Yellow Peep
    Yellow Peep 10 days ago

    "Listen you donkey "....😅😅

  • Kha Bs
    Kha Bs 10 days ago

    Why am I watching this while fasting?!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Asus_ Alex
    Asus_ Alex 10 days ago


  • jj.generxtion
    jj.generxtion 10 days ago

    pizza is never to big😅

  • Ibi 13331
    Ibi 13331 10 days ago

    r dey fuking

  • Wild Smurf
    Wild Smurf 10 days ago

    not a slice, a slice would be an equal sized piece from a pizza divided equally, that's a whole pizza just cut in a triangle, to claim that title make a big pizza first

  • Kaitlyn McPhail
    Kaitlyn McPhail 12 days ago

    Go to Big Lou's in San Antonio, Texas. They have a 42" pizza and each slice is 15" long

  • MrFg Gamer
    MrFg Gamer 12 days ago

    omg that's not even big its so tiny

  • Walter Kovic
    Walter Kovic 12 days ago

    ( ^_^)
    /< 🍕

  • Charlieignatious
    Charlieignatious 12 days ago

    "He's a tosser" that's an insult in some countries

  • Lihua huang
    Lihua huang 12 days ago

    I love it

  • della jenkins-bey
    della jenkins-bey 13 days ago


  • Maria Gilles
    Maria Gilles 13 days ago

    make a giant donut

  • Zade Bakir
    Zade Bakir 13 days ago

    Thats not the largest pizza

  • John Hernandez
    John Hernandez 13 days ago

    two emojies. 👉👌

  • • Catiper •
    • Catiper • 13 days ago

    😮 You guys are from Florida too!

  • Saige Martinez
    Saige Martinez 13 days ago


  • rahul b balsa
    rahul b balsa 13 days ago


  • Sathyaman
    Sathyaman 13 days ago

    4:15 lol her voice

  • Mandrake Cigars
    Mandrake Cigars 14 days ago

    Your YT channel is a good example of how screwed up our food culture is. We are a world of obese, unhealthy, destructive and selfish people and I bet you guys don't even understand how you are contributing to some of the biggest issues we face as a society.

  • Shadi M
    Shadi M 14 days ago

    oh my god i am starving

  • Habon Osman
    Habon Osman 14 days ago

    I'm not Indian but I know they hate when non Indians say naan bread because that basically means bread bread

  • Jalyn Tan
    Jalyn Tan 14 days ago

    its always nice to see cool food locations on youtube that are not in cali like I can actually drive an hour and a half from my house to here bless

  • 20Landers
    20Landers 15 days ago

    Um pepperoni underneath the mozzarella? Heathens. Smh.

  • OmgItzLily
    OmgItzLily 15 days ago

    ( o o )
    /> <\

  • Mortabe MonkeyZZZ
    Mortabe MonkeyZZZ 15 days ago

    in Florida there a place were they make pizza slices that big

  • ThatWeirdKidWithaAfro 9000

    how do they not have diabetes yet

  • Gumaroff
    Gumaroff 15 days ago

    Julia looks like pornstar

    YØLÕ BÃVÄ 15 days ago

    Just listen with your eyes closed! @ 7:33

  • ShadowGames14
    ShadowGames14 16 days ago

    ove been eating pizza of 1m in my country

  • Cheap Laundry Detergent

    make a pizza pyramid!

  • Berelim gomez
    Berelim gomez 16 days ago

    this makes me hungry

  • Jae Song
    Jae Song 16 days ago

    wow, she looks exactly like PUNKY BREWSTER .

  • ExplodingSheepYT
    ExplodingSheepYT 16 days ago

    *smokes regular pizza*
    * gets high *
    *Regular pizza turns into GIANT ASS PIZZA*

  • Beans McGoo
    Beans McGoo 16 days ago

    Julia looks hella cute in that hat #noshame

  • Yugi Kim
    Yugi Kim 17 days ago

    u guys are the bomb diggity 🙃🍕🍕🍕😎

  • Zeh Vlooogs
    Zeh Vlooogs 17 days ago

    When you've been subscribed to them for a year [or more] but just realized their name is actually
    "hellthy" not "healthy"

  • Brooklyn The Unicorn Frapachino

    I'm gonna Eat PIZZA tommorow!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr. Diddles
    Mr. Diddles 17 days ago

    has anyone else noticed that she looks a little like dory from finding Nemo

  • Allygaming 101
    Allygaming 101 17 days ago

    the pizza was so thin!!!!

  • Максим Калита

    Fucking pizza! I just love her! :)

  • Ashley C
    Ashley C 17 days ago

    Wonder how big the whole pizza is🤔

  • Dan Septic Bean
    Dan Septic Bean 17 days ago

    I was just watching Gordon Ramsay and JP said you donkey

  • Saima Naqvi
    Saima Naqvi 17 days ago

    well..... I'm fasting

  • Jennifer Aguirre
    Jennifer Aguirre 17 days ago

    Yummy pizza lol while my fat self is trying to lose weight and I sit here and eat salad :( !!

  • Varsha Venkatakrishnan

    I was so surprised when I could smell the pizza in the second half of the video

    But then the doorbell rang and it was the pizza guy

    HAYA DARDIRY 18 days ago

    I absolutely love Julia's freckles

  • Hira Tanveer
    Hira Tanveer 18 days ago

    Guys please do NOT watch this if ur fasting.

  • MegaSantos1985
    MegaSantos1985 18 days ago


  • MegaSantos1985
    MegaSantos1985 18 days ago

    Big like my dick

  • Tuấn Khang Huỳnh

    Bday cex

  • Brianna Morris
    Brianna Morris 18 days ago

    I want that pizza damn

  • #KMCrazy
    #KMCrazy 18 days ago

    i have a friend named sheffy

  • Naidan Freerun
    Naidan Freerun 18 days ago


  • Victoria Herrera
    Victoria Herrera 18 days ago

    Me:MOMMY can I have some pizza please ???🍕


    Mom:but only one slice of pizza

    Me:ok YAY ^my mother doesn't no it's going to be so big*🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

  • Andrea Hood
    Andrea Hood 18 days ago

    please make a giant cookie 🍪

  • ffeellix is fine
    ffeellix is fine 18 days ago

    So, you guys make commercials now.

  • Alan Durakovic
    Alan Durakovic 19 days ago

    you guys should go to Jacksonville Florida to moon Dog it has almost the same things but really big pizzas and good menu items.

  • Alia Ahmed
    Alia Ahmed 19 days ago

    make giant Oreo cone

  • TaloyAmanda 4150
    TaloyAmanda 4150 19 days ago

    i didn't eat pizza for a year !! i miss it (pizza)

  • Creeperfreund 488
    Creeperfreund 488 19 days ago

    Make a Giant "Wiener Schnitzel" please

  • ThatWeirdGirl 2005
    ThatWeirdGirl 2005 19 days ago

    Julia is so oooooooooooooooooooooooo Gorgeous!

  • Jason Espinoza
    Jason Espinoza 19 days ago


  • jooock the player
    jooock the player 19 days ago

    yes I'm English and children are not meant to say it

  • Vast Craft
    Vast Craft 19 days ago

    They should make a giant bagle :D

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