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Key Ball City

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Uploaded by: OfficialNerdCubed

Views: 191459
Added: 18 days ago
Runtime: 15:38
Comments: 472

Tags for this video:you have 293 keys  nyoom  City Clickers  free games  free  comedy  lets play  commentary  gameplay  british  uk  review  nerd³  nerdcubed  nerd3  nerd 3  nerd  cubed  nerd^3  daniel  hardcastle  keys  lock  door  hundreds  ball  ramp  flick  fling  throw  drop  city  build  builder  clicker  pixel  isometric  pc  

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Adam EnglishAdam English (8 days ago)
If anyone played Trials Evolution's user created levels, you'll know how to do that 2nd game...

George  FarrellGeorge Farrell (9 days ago)

RLS0812RLS0812 (9 days ago)
Keep on trying until you are successful - or run out of credit - or end up in prison - or fall over dead

dèl Păntióndèl Păntión (9 days ago)
that Nyoom looks pretty good

doc pony stinedoc pony stine (10 days ago)
3% chance of you going through that many keys (according to the product 282:n=1 (292-n/293-n)) at least. Not impossible.

po3mon gam3rzpo3mon gam3rz (11 days ago)
293 keys on the floor 293 keys
take one down pass it around 292 keys on the floor

FeliceFelice (13 days ago)
Am I seriously the only person who noticed it told him he'd tried 282 keys out of 293, even though he still had about 40 sitting on the ground waiting to be tried, plus one falling to negative infinity?

bit bitbit bit (13 days ago)
arthritis kicking in yet?

DangerDaveDangerDave (15 days ago)
im literally procrastinating right now

Meshersmit64Meshersmit64 (15 days ago)
Im still surprised you haven't covered Dwarf Fortress in this series yet

Frederick BobFrederick Bob (15 days ago)
Was the key the people succeeded with the same one dan succeeded with?

Seb EdwardSeb Edward (15 days ago)
Wait... is this back forever?!?!

niamaru2niamaru2 (15 days ago)
nerd3, the only channel I know that I can watch at 1.25 speed and it is good! lol

Ace EliteAce Elite (16 days ago)
Ravenfield is free..

Ayy lmaoAyy lmao (16 days ago)
The way he played City Clickers really helped show the dangers of communism

NinjaSwift12NinjaSwift12 (16 days ago)
Last time I was this late, the Watch Dogs 2 Completes was over.

Patryk KołodziejczykPatryk Kołodziejczyk (16 days ago)

Patryk KołodziejczykPatryk Kołodziejczyk (9 days ago)
TheSquirt5000 I mean season 2 :)

TheSquirt5000TheSquirt5000 (10 days ago)
he did

DarkErrorCodeDarkErrorCode (16 days ago)
if i had 293 keys i would get a knife from cases

DroidzeybuoyDroidzeybuoy (16 days ago)
well, three free games? throwwwwbaaaack!

Knevelis22Knevelis22 (16 days ago)
Dan, Can your next complete series be ''Terraria"? BTW: I <3 You

Kango BangoKango Bango (16 days ago)
2 minutes in = The definition of insanity, is were you do the exact thing over and over again expecting a different outcome

FeliceFelice (13 days ago)
He _wasn't_ doing the exact same thing over and over.  He'd had to have used the same key every time to do that.

Eratin PersonEratin Person (16 days ago)
Nice to see City Clickers being covered. It's a nice game.

TigerOfCanda Tutorial'sTigerOfCanda Tutorial's (16 days ago)
can you do a protect cars vr part 2

Chase PeneChase Pene (16 days ago)
The definition of insanity....

Charlie DaigleCharlie Daigle (16 days ago)
See, the chances of you NOT picking the right key each time is 292 out of 293. If that happened 282 times then you have (292 / 293) ^ 282, which is around 0.381, meaning that there was a 38.1% chance of you having to go through 282 keys just to find the right one, so yes, it was statistically improbable

Chel JohnsonChel Johnson (17 days ago)
Dan playing PUBG would be a gift

Glitch_FACEGlitch_FACE (17 days ago)
have you ever wanted to play cookie clicker but with taxes?


what is wrong with you?

Anti Poison 11Anti Poison 11 (17 days ago)
I did it in 63 keys

Dino DareDino Dare (17 days ago)
They should have given you doors with weird easter egg or just strange rooms and you have to use your keys to open them.

Julia KielyJulia Kiely (17 days ago)
Three Free Games Friday Three Free Games Friday Three Free Games FridayThree Free Games FridayThree Free Games FridayThree Free Games FridayThree Free Games Friday

Greg GriffithGreg Griffith (17 days ago)
"there it is. there its not" simulator. (charlie and the chocolate factory)

FonnsterFonnster (17 days ago)
Keep buying lottery tickets until you win.


Rhys Clark Film & MediaRhys Clark Film & Media (17 days ago)
nothing but planet coaster adds on nerd cubed videos for the past 3 days lol bring back planet coaster dan!

Kennan DunnKennan Dunn (17 days ago)
Three free games... Thursday...

KillingthepowerKillingthepower (17 days ago)
Wouldn't "You have 293 keys" be so good in VR?

biome3biome3 (17 days ago)
This is a great idea for a video, you should have done something like this sooner.

Mike64 - TheRealPowerMike64 - TheRealPower (17 days ago)
Ever heard the definition of madness...

Totally ProTotally Pro (17 days ago)
When does you have 293 keys get vive support?

Miles11weMiles11we (17 days ago)
only problem is its actually 292 keys and the one beyond the door is the one that works

TooolToool (17 days ago)
its not even friday..
gosh the new nerdcubed is awkward

AnonymousAnonymous (17 days ago)
"Their complaint is about a noisy street."


Kolbein of HolmrKolbein of Holmr (17 days ago)
I had to wait till Friday to watch this video, it just didn't feel right.

Gladys CenizaGladys Ceniza (17 days ago)
I think Dan just went to rehab for his Cookie Clicker Addiction.

KATKAT (17 days ago)
harry potter

w4rsp1tew4rsp1te (17 days ago)
Watching this on a friday.

Grim712Grim712 (17 days ago)
Please showcase Hoshisaga! Unless you already have... If that is the case, someone link the episode to me... please

William WaffleWilliam Waffle (17 days ago)
So when are you bringing back "Hello Procrastinators"?

DanishDanish (17 days ago)
This video has more views in 13 hours than the finale of Just Cause 3 in 4 days!

System256System256 (17 days ago)
What? Three Free Games Friday?
On a Thursday!?
The fuck! We all know they're supposed to be on *_Saturday!_*

Meneer HeydrichMeneer Heydrich (17 days ago)
what about SpaceEngine

turbochop3300turbochop3300 (17 days ago)
Once upon a time, a Game Developer watched an episode of Freakazoid!

TechyBenTechyBen (17 days ago)
Wait, when did they make Simcity 5 free?

callum mclachlancallum mclachlan (17 days ago)
New people thinking Three Free Game is a new series. I remember when it was on Friday. Anyone else?

Blackstar CjBlackstar Cj (17 days ago)
dude what the hell your channel is dying?! i just came back watching you since 3 years and you get less than 10% of the views you used to have :( i feel sad because you had a fair chunk of my childhood, you should invest in some stocks or something even join twitch or patreon good luck to you mate i hope you make it

Christopher MorsonChristopher Morson (17 days ago)
Yeah it's back.

Tasty TacozzTasty Tacozz (17 days ago)
ITS BACK!!!!!!!!

Luke FLuke F (17 days ago)
FUCK YOU SIXTEEN PEOPLE... contrarianism against contrarians is NORMALCY. Stop fucking be normal 16 dislikes

Tim stro59Tim stro59 (17 days ago)
You have to burn the rope.

spoiler alert.

jack Kennerleyjack Kennerley (17 days ago)

The HaterThe Hater (17 days ago)
Dan lives in England, and this was uploaded on a Thursday.

You made everyone triggered.

Down2BusinessDown2Business (17 days ago)
I swear your keyboard is just a bunch of super loud mice

GCGC (17 days ago)
Three free games Friday :)

Mine_ZoneMine_Zone (17 days ago)
Today is friday where i live

The Last And First TimeThe Last And First Time (17 days ago)
And Dan goes mad.

shobe garridoshobe garrido (17 days ago)

LoneWolf GamesLoneWolf Games (17 days ago)
Imagine Dan playing City Clickers as a complete series....XD

Ethan KlineEthan Kline (17 days ago)
Nerd³ Completes... City Clickers


NeonsStyleNeonsStyle (17 days ago)
So City Clicker is effectively Repetitive Strain Injury Creator.

Eigen LenkEigen Lenk (17 days ago)
Newer versions of the game have little features to overcome this issue. You can upgrade the construction action to have to click less and also hold down the date button to tick time. -dev

OnixOnix (17 days ago)
its thursday

OnixOnix (17 days ago)
not friday

Matthew SinclairMatthew Sinclair (17 days ago)
Nerd completes 293 keys

watchmyvidsplease24watchmyvidsplease24 (17 days ago)
Nerdcubed you should play i expect you to die (vr game)

Bradley CoxBradley Cox (17 days ago)
Has anyone been noticing a bit of a 2013 nerd3 in his recent vids?

Joseph WillinghamJoseph Willingham (18 days ago)
"For educational use only"

Nota WordNota Word (18 days ago)
he's gone insane

ComradeComrade (18 days ago)
that key game would be great in VR

Blockalot5Blockalot5 (18 days ago)

What a throwback

'Cept it's not Friday

Ace EdmondsAce Edmonds (18 days ago)
Having a stick for a key is about as secure as having password as your password.

Jackmerius TactheratrixJackmerius Tactheratrix (18 days ago)
What if there was another door?

Lynette JacksonLynette Jackson (18 days ago)

DolthraDolthra (18 days ago)
Dan's strategy in the end there reminds me of the old bug in the new Simcity games, where you could increase the taxes to maximum right before the month ticked over, and thereby get 15% taxes from all your residents while also not losing approval because of high taxes.

Josiah FragnitoJosiah Fragnito (18 days ago)
liked before it started

It MeIt Me (18 days ago)

OvertimesHouseOvertimesHouse (18 days ago)

OvertimesHouseOvertimesHouse (18 days ago)
I'm liking this

Bz RexBz Rex (18 days ago)
it its not friday

varnine889varnine889 (18 days ago)
The point of a cookie clicker is to be extremely braindead and constantly generating revenue. -Hence why they are addictive.-

The last game is no different than playing Cites: Skylines except clicking 10 times every time you build something.

Jan GEERTSEMAJan GEERTSEMA (17 days ago)
also its free

Eigen LenkEigen Lenk (17 days ago)
It wasn't meant to be a serious game. -dev

JamesTavRuleJamesTavRule (18 days ago)
Just after midnight on a Friday too :D

Brigham BielemaBrigham Bielema (18 days ago)
its not three free games Friday anymore you titholes

TheNukeManTheNukeMan (18 days ago)

I'm Pretty Dank •-•I'm Pretty Dank •-• (18 days ago)
Now I want a triangle toothbrush :-(

I'm Pretty Dank •-•I'm Pretty Dank •-• (18 days ago)
Now I want a triangle toothbrush :-(

Canadian BearCanadian Bear (18 days ago)
he's brining the oldies back!!!

BzorlanBzorlan (18 days ago)
Could you not have waited a few hours? It's Thursday

Mind TurtleMind Turtle (18 days ago)
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit wadddddddddddddup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan KavanaghRyan Kavanagh (18 days ago)
i saw three free games and literally fucking checked the upload date like 50 times

PrestonMJR GamesPrestonMJR Games (18 days ago)
i missed this

Pascal KuchinkePascal Kuchinke (18 days ago)
That is the best concept of a clickergame I've ever seen.
- Actually commenting on the content of the video like it's 2010 again.

Alan JenkoAlan Jenko (18 days ago)
im wayyyyyyyy to high for this

Just an average sniparJust an average snipar (18 days ago)
in the second game, in the bottom right corner it says for educational purposes only lol

Jomm JunkJomm Junk (18 days ago)
play more of the last game bastard

ThePizzaNovaThePizzaNova (18 days ago)

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