17 Crazy Ways to Open a Bottle Without A Bottle Opener

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  • Enikő Sebők
    Enikő Sebők 1 day ago

    i found the best solution at 11 second :D thanks!

  • i like FUCKIN PUPPIES!!!!

    you can use an axe or machete

  • Gamer Goten
    Gamer Goten 3 days ago

    I have that exact sword

  • Sachin Shaw
    Sachin Shaw 5 days ago

    that belt buckle worked for me...

  • Maria Luna
    Maria Luna 6 days ago

    Thank you for that belt trick

  • the brick cave
    the brick cave 8 days ago

    Where can I get that book go the f🌑🌑k to sleep

  • Ronin Elenion
    Ronin Elenion 9 days ago

    My mom just used a can opener to open a Coke bottle.

  • person person
    person person 10 days ago

    a cold one for the boys

  • Silvershotprop
    Silvershotprop 11 days ago

    Who else would love to see another one of these?

  • Acid Lord
    Acid Lord 12 days ago

    ways to crack open a cold one with the boys.

  • Whittney Martinez
    Whittney Martinez 13 days ago

    i use a caribener

  • Nøra The Trash Can UwU

    go the fuck to sleep :0

  • Ku Doub
    Ku Doub 17 days ago

    Lel. that cowbell fever reference was quite gr8 m9

  • Almuqddar Ahmaf
    Almuqddar Ahmaf 19 days ago

    Can anyone here open a bottle with their dick

  • Pack Rj
    Pack Rj 19 days ago

    seat belt bukel

  • Sirbluekitty Gaming
    Sirbluekitty Gaming 20 days ago

    I loved the video but most ways shown here through valuable soda all over the place

  • Funfun 687
    Funfun 687 21 day ago

    Get the bottom of a lighter and push it up against the bottle

    Y SO SIRIUS 21 day ago

    How 'bout going to the store and buying a bottle opener?

  • Jaketkd 526
    Jaketkd 526 22 days ago

    Use a twist off bottle

  • Cerina Palmer
    Cerina Palmer 23 days ago

    I would prefer a small piece of metal called a bottle opener

  • Feodor Engels
    Feodor Engels 29 days ago

    i ended up using a swiss army knife to open my bottle
    took me like a solid 20 minutes to find it

  • Tegan Burns
    Tegan Burns 1 month ago

    I think the point is that the liquid stays inside of the bottle...

  • Amelia Burch
    Amelia Burch 1 month ago

    the just opened a lot of pops and beers, and i bet they had no one to drink any of them

  • James Reid
    James Reid 1 month ago


  • AVS PC Tips
    AVS PC Tips 1 month ago

    Opening the bottle with mouth....

  • riley woodhouse
    riley woodhouse 1 month ago

    I just use a bottle opener..

  • Marios Aspris
    Marios Aspris 1 month ago

    with a bottle opener like a normal person

  • Disco Dog
    Disco Dog 1 month ago

    Yo mama is also a good bottle opener. Her wide area should give you good leverage.

  • SpritFoxGaming
    SpritFoxGaming 1 month ago

    The book title was amazing

  • PrinZPlayZ
    PrinZPlayZ 1 month ago


  • Robot4092
    Robot4092 1 month ago

    go to your nearest cocaine dealer and ask to borrow his 12 gauge

  • imKhaos DG
    imKhaos DG 1 month ago

    You can do this with anything.

  • Sir Iodine
    Sir Iodine 1 month ago

    I simply buy a can beer

  • Jackson Manson
    Jackson Manson 1 month ago

    Putt you butthole on the cap then squsse

  • Ethan Wollmann
    Ethan Wollmann 1 month ago

    i know a way with a hammer but u need mc hammer u just need to swing the hammer at the neck of it dammit it spilt

  • Ayumo 77
    Ayumo 77 1 month ago


  • MLG Blue Moon Creeper

    Straight up teeth! If you have permanent teeth knocked out, hot glue flat teeth at the side of a small pvc pipe and hook!

  • Drake Rivero
    Drake Rivero 1 month ago

    you can open it with a disk

  • TheSauseyCow
    TheSauseyCow 1 month ago

    Him: Hey where's my bottle opener?
    Him: Let's try this toilet...
    Toilet: FUCK

  • Pugs 4 life
    Pugs 4 life 1 month ago

    who was talking from 3:12 to 3:14

  • mrfartingcactus:]
    mrfartingcactus:] 1 month ago

    U. An probly just open it with your feathers at that point or wack on your head

  • the king of awesome gaming

    i use the corner of my bed like you would do with the table

  • UnderdogReviews
    UnderdogReviews 2 months ago

    This makes opening a bottle as easy as counting to 123.

  • David Reese
    David Reese 2 months ago

    You take your vagina shove the cap of the bottle in and pull

  • David Reese
    David Reese 2 months ago

    You take your vagina shove the cap of the bottle in and pull

  • Girl Mercenary
    Girl Mercenary 2 months ago

    U can open a bottle with a quarter I did it once with a sprite glass bottle

  • Gaming Ghost
    Gaming Ghost 2 months ago

    For some reason my cap doesn't pop

    STRIKER BEAST 2 months ago

    lol, at 2:00 the book: go the fu*k to sleep

  • La Platypus
    La Platypus 2 months ago

    Use a bottle opener

  • Baran Eroglu
    Baran Eroglu 2 months ago

    I'm 11 and I always ask to open my dads bottle because it's easy

  • ERROR_CODE 509
    ERROR_CODE 509 2 months ago


  • Chandlr Gillam
    Chandlr Gillam 2 months ago

    I watched this 5 times like if you did to

  • a1 a1
    a1 a1 2 months ago

    i use my dick

  • ShikiGummy
    ShikiGummy 2 months ago

    how many bottles do you have?

  • cat gamer
    cat gamer 2 months ago

    go the f k to sleep good book

  • emerson goldstein
    emerson goldstein 2 months ago

    Here's a good one you use a bottle opener

  • Hi how are you
    Hi how are you 2 months ago

    Just _don't_ drink.

  • Jefferson Louie
    Jefferson Louie 2 months ago

    Twist caps

  • Zamuthe Gamer
    Zamuthe Gamer 2 months ago

    put ur cap under a piece of cloth and turn it

  • Rasputin
    Rasputin 2 months ago

    I just eat the bottle

  • Ryan Wee
    Ryan Wee 2 months ago

    You do know that the book you used is an inappropriate child's book

  • Christian Balcazar
    Christian Balcazar 2 months ago

    I open it with my dick

  • BlueOmega
    BlueOmega 2 months ago

    the belt one was the most useful

  • Boris The wolf
    Boris The wolf 2 months ago

    I just weekend the cap with a spoon and then pride it off with my teeth. My dad probably thought i couldn't open it.

  • Savage Dragon
    Savage Dragon 2 months ago

    I wanted to make this same video so I went around my apartment opening bottles with all kinds of stuff. Paper folded over many times is a cool trick. also opening​ a bottle with another bottle.

  • Unknown Error
    Unknown Error 2 months ago

    Throw the bottle at the wall

  • Pipeeeh
    Pipeeeh 2 months ago

    ive got a fever, and the only prescription is MORE COWBELL

    JCD VIBES 2 months ago

    whats wrong with the title of that book?!?!?! lol

  • Foxy DJ
    Foxy DJ 2 months ago

    Your book says go to f to sleep 😴

  • the best Swampert
    the best Swampert 3 months ago

    I open the bottle with medal

  • Priti Thacker
    Priti Thacker 3 months ago

    you can use chainsaw to do that work

  • Jordan Harris
    Jordan Harris 3 months ago

    V vv vv vv vv. vv vv v. Vv v

  • Brian Duncan
    Brian Duncan 3 months ago

    I just used a bottle of ibuprofen to open a beer. Thanks I would have never thought to use that.

  • Coolbeardygaming
    Coolbeardygaming 3 months ago

    One of My grandads hammers have a bottle opener he calls it the Friday hammer

  • Glyn Hughes
    Glyn Hughes 3 months ago

    Smash it over your friends? Hey it gets the job done, but he might make you pay for his stitches

  • TotallyNotASeaOtter
    TotallyNotASeaOtter 3 months ago

    A butter knife is the easiest. It doesn't shake up the contents in the bottle either.

  • Rygamer 2345
    Rygamer 2345 3 months ago

    I just watch these for fun 😁

  • The Deadeye Sniper
    The Deadeye Sniper 3 months ago

    Snuff can

  • Pig Game
    Pig Game 3 months ago

    1:56 Literally? Go the f**k to sleep???

  • Ash vids
    Ash vids 3 months ago

    i use my teeth

  • This guy game's
    This guy game's 3 months ago

    the book he uses said go the f**K to sleep

  • Jack Mura
    Jack Mura 3 months ago

    A lot of the methods were the same, just different materials.

  • EaseYourLife
    EaseYourLife 3 months ago

    If you can open it with a tissue
    Why not using your hands?

  • Shuma Das
    Shuma Das 3 months ago

    cool video dil

  • Felipe Monroy
    Felipe Monroy 3 months ago

    imma become a youtuber now....nothing but useless shit for videos

  • Miracle-7 -Agario
    Miracle-7 -Agario 3 months ago

    my method is going to walgreens and getting a bottle opener for 5$

  • Death By Gaming
    Death By Gaming 3 months ago

    maybe use a bottle opener?

  • Ninja
    Ninja 3 months ago

    No sodas were harmed in the making of this video

  • Edjon Stojku
    Edjon Stojku 3 months ago

    i open my bottles like a normal guy with a chainsaw

  • Tirthraj Gandhakwala
    Tirthraj Gandhakwala 3 months ago

    I can't find my bottle opener

    but hey who cares !? I got my Big Sword 😐

  • Patrick Luna
    Patrick Luna 3 months ago

    OMG!! You opened a bottle with a book

  • Covered henry17
    Covered henry17 3 months ago

    how about cutting the stem of a cucumber and rub it on the cap and use it to push it to the ground

  • Joey Minion
    Joey Minion 3 months ago

    Use a can opener

  • TheDigitalguyy
    TheDigitalguyy 3 months ago

    lol i have the same plasitc sword

  • Meme 420
    Meme 420 3 months ago

    I just use my dick

  • Alvin leader
    Alvin leader 3 months ago

    just got out of jail needed to open a bottle so i searched this video thank you!

  • Baer Games
    Baer Games 3 months ago

    Put a bit of rope around the neck tie rope to something like a ceiling fan sand on chair and then kick the chair away

  • bakonfreek
    bakonfreek 3 months ago

    Same concept (prying), but I have used both UV filters and the lens hood on my Canon XF100 (the HVX200 hood has a rubber edge and won't pry for shit).

  • Federico Galcius
    Federico Galcius 3 months ago

    use your seatbelt to open a beer while you are driving

  • Reece Ambridge
    Reece Ambridge 3 months ago

    With a cd run it up the side hard

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