Character Bios: Ego the Living Planet

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  • Nowl Wane
    Nowl Wane 7 days ago

    Too bad he was a movie villain

  • Norma Salgado
    Norma Salgado 11 days ago

    And then Hulk Spiderman and the avengers ate him!

  • ThePonyDalek
    ThePonyDalek 17 days ago

    A planet with a beard and eyebrows

  • Captain Falcon
    Captain Falcon 24 days ago

    "I'm Mary Poppins, y'all!"

  • Jake Rutigliano
    Jake Rutigliano 1 month ago

    Is Ego a bigger asshole than J'son?

  • Joseph Christovich
    Joseph Christovich 1 month ago

    Can you do some gi joe stuff?

    THE AWESOME SHOW 1 month ago

    they should've kept him alive though

    THE AWESOME SHOW 1 month ago

    ego is never a father 😂

  • thebuckrogers22
    thebuckrogers22 1 month ago

    i dont understand comicbook fans! they r ok with ego the living planet being human but they was pissed galactis was a cloud? when thats how he looked in the ultimate comics

    • FrANubis
      FrANubis 1 month ago

      Watch the movie. He IS a planet.

    • Gabriel Hill
      Gabriel Hill 1 month ago

      have you seen the movie yet?

  • Dan Ramos
    Dan Ramos 1 month ago

    You are hereby fined two demerits for misusing the word "literally" and two more for mere repetitive abuse of said infringement.

    • Dan Ramos
      Dan Ramos 16 days ago

      Metal Marauder You forgot to state whether you meant that literally.

    • Metal Marauder
      Metal Marauder 16 days ago

      Dan Ramos you're hereby fined two demerits of who the fuck cares

  • Adam Lockington
    Adam Lockington 1 month ago

    Wanted: Ego vs Unicron

  • Ozzy1488 WPWW
    Ozzy1488 WPWW 1 month ago

    ego is super cool

  • Project 8
    Project 8 1 month ago

    Half of this video is either ads or intro...

  • Custom Graphic Ts
    Custom Graphic Ts 1 month ago

    I don't believe he could be destroyed by a bomb. that's just stupid

  • nazrin ghani
    nazrin ghani 1 month ago


  • aleks knox
    aleks knox 1 month ago

    he said he was one of the celestials

  • nachas peludas
    nachas peludas 1 month ago

    just sae the movie that nigga dead

  • Faizal Ali
    Faizal Ali 1 month ago

    2:06 SPOILERS!

    I guess that's why they had Peter turn into a Pac-Man while fighting him, cool nod!

  • Anikus Sarkarius
    Anikus Sarkarius 1 month ago

    Ego vs Mogo!!!!! PLZ Deathbattle

  • Exre YT
    Exre YT 1 month ago

    >One of the Strongest and Smartest villian/hero in the universe.
    >dies by small bomb made by rocket

    • Starbrand Fan
      Starbrand Fan 27 days ago

      Exre YT Well I just got my ass spoiled.

    • Austin Caldwell
      Austin Caldwell 1 month ago

      TPumpkin Gaming plinking

    • Rowan Seaby
      Rowan Seaby 1 month ago

      the bomb was planted at his brain, also the bomb was very powerful

    • CubeGuardian
      CubeGuardian 1 month ago

      > bomb with a super powerful battery

    • CubeGuardian
      CubeGuardian 1 month ago

      > its like his heart
      > bet ull die too

  • Harsh Mallow
    Harsh Mallow 1 month ago

    Now to learn about my favorite Green Lantern character

  • invokermeepotinkerpuck dota

    i thought ego was the result of a scientist merging with a planet when that planet's sun went nova ? wats real

    • huan gia
      huan gia 1 month ago

      invokermeepotinkerpuck dota huh i thought he was just a space being well thanks for telling me

    • invokermeepotinkerpuck dota
      invokermeepotinkerpuck dota 1 month ago

      dude its in wikipedia. it even says there that ego told thor that

    • huan gia
      huan gia 1 month ago

      invokermeepotinkerpuck dota lol wut i dont even know there is someone like that

  • Sme Gay Doodz fucked me up

    spoilers =

    he's a living planet and a celestial

  • ReadinRed1
    ReadinRed1 1 month ago

    Please everyone don't fall for the subliminal metaphor that Ego is "God." Making you associate God as the villain.

    • Lonelyeco
      Lonelyeco 1 month ago

      ReadinRed1 In the film he said "god" with a little "g". So he is not the supreme God, but a Pantheon type of god. He has limits and weaknesses.

    • Aaron Aide
      Aaron Aide 1 month ago

      ReadinRed1 lmao everything is a conspiracy.

    • B. Drexler Davila
      B. Drexler Davila 1 month ago

      ReadinRed1 I don't think anyone is gonna make that immediate conclusion. It's not as if Ego has claimed to have made mankind.

    • Michael Roberson
      Michael Roberson 1 month ago

      ReadinRed1 too late. Gods are evil.

  • az21bob666
    az21bob666 2 months ago

    they should have keep ego, he could be used after thrones is done, or a way have someone go after ego and be friend with him, to protect them form thrones.

  • IronClaw3000
    IronClaw3000 4 months ago

    it'll suck if the planet looks like a face like how the skull in skull island looks like a skull (so basically in just a certain angle).
    And Ego can only talk to you if you talk to his core instead of from space, and all this is to look realistic. and that's why we see the explosions in the trailer.

  • Dragonborn
    Dragonborn 4 months ago

    I love Ego too, nice fluffy waffles with a good serving of syrup:)

  • Anthony Manini
    Anthony Manini 4 months ago

    So why hasn't galactus ever eaten him?

    • J Moon
      J Moon 4 months ago

      Isn't it obvious. Galactus is no match for him.

    • Hybrid Network
      Hybrid Network 4 months ago

      +Anthony Manini Galactus has tried, and Galactus has failed

  • Toomnyusernae
    Toomnyusernae 4 months ago

    Pops. Anti-Pops. Regular Show.

  • Darylifill Ifill
    Darylifill Ifill 4 months ago

    I love Ego since that Fantastic Four cartoon when I was a kid love to see him go against Mogo

    • The King
      The King 4 months ago

      Darylifill Ifill same

  • Logan Dietz
    Logan Dietz 4 months ago

    The style of this video was sick, great work

    • Hybrid Network
      Hybrid Network 4 months ago

      +Logan Dietz thanks man! check out our character bio playlist for bios on even more characters!

  • Mark treacy
    Mark treacy 4 months ago

    im 48 stop sending me cartoon film please

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 4 months ago

    just a random guy

  • Joel Garcia Vasquez
    Joel Garcia Vasquez 4 months ago


  • Joel Garcia Vasquez
    Joel Garcia Vasquez 4 months ago


  • Joel Garcia Vasquez
    Joel Garcia Vasquez 4 months ago


  • André
    André 4 months ago

    Ego is Life #AllHailTheLivingPlanet

  • Kung Fu Kenny -
    Kung Fu Kenny - 4 months ago

    You just had to follow the damn planet CJ!!!

    • fpskillz
      fpskillz 4 months ago

      nice video bor

    • Hybrid Network
      Hybrid Network 4 months ago

      +YourNewDad - LOL! Ego is pretty quick though 😏

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