Indestructible Coating?!

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  • not myname
    not myname 19 hours ago

    whats more interesting is how we can make this :)

  • Krombopulos Michael

    Are two called di-uria?

  • That Guy
    That Guy 1 day ago

    What happens if you get it on your skin?

  • new topix
    new topix 5 days ago

    Future Condoms

  • TM Fan
    TM Fan 6 days ago

    has anyone watched the japanese tv show hoko tate which also features these coatings?

  • NoobGamer
    NoobGamer 7 days ago

    But can you put that thing on normal clothes and not be able too stab thru it with a knife?

  • Elias Price
    Elias Price 7 days ago

    It would be horrifying to get sprayed with this stuff...

  • Elyas
    Elyas 8 days ago

    Do you have a clear version for my car?

  • RadoHx
    RadoHx 8 days ago

    Spray-on biker helmet? :)

  • Shreyansh Fofandi
    Shreyansh Fofandi 10 days ago

    cloudy with a chance of meatballs...

  • Quackers
    Quackers 12 days ago

    What happens if you put linex on a bullet?

  • Kizon
    Kizon 13 days ago


  • MrSubsound90
    MrSubsound90 13 days ago

    So how do you clean the gun?

  • Shinigginaz
    Shinigginaz 14 days ago

    thats insein

  • King Agar
    King Agar 14 days ago

    2:32 Voice Crack

  • Yaseeen Ali
    Yaseeen Ali 14 days ago

    That Aussie guy cracked me up 😂😂😂

  • Tyler joe Hanley
    Tyler joe Hanley 15 days ago

    So could you line-x my dog?

  • AntWorld
    AntWorld 16 days ago

    Can you spray my tire with that? I don't want my tires to pop on me while on a road trip.

  • National Gopnik/Stalker Of Latvia

    Dad says: You see thats uranus
    Son says: Dad wheres my anus ?
    Me when i heard the conversasion: HAHAHAHHAHHAHHA LOOOOOL

  • Haitham Gryffin
    Haitham Gryffin 16 days ago

    Could you safely coat tires or will it affect performance?

  • xXHydroDragonXx
    xXHydroDragonXx 17 days ago


  • Daniel Aldrete Ondarza

    Linex a nokia and you will get an atomic bomb

  • 1acroyear1
    1acroyear1 17 days ago

    Well, exactly what *kind* of protective coating can I put on my cat?

  • Beate Haunschmid
    Beate Haunschmid 18 days ago

    i saw a plastic ball with a watermelon inside. how exciting ...

  • Frodo Swagings
    Frodo Swagings 18 days ago

    So will they linex my dog?

  • Aydyn Siraci
    Aydyn Siraci 18 days ago

    That's pretty smart, hitting a bouncy watermelon with an axe.

  • Comrade X7
    Comrade X7 18 days ago

    I'm actually having this sprayed in the sidecar of my old soviet motorcycle and as an undercoat after I paint it because it makes an amazing barrier against salt in the winter

  • Julie Fournier
    Julie Fournier 19 days ago

    Will that be good for covering bike tires and prevent them from flat? It could be a layer inside the tire.


    Today we will
    commemorate the
    death of Mr Watermelon
    - Mrs Watermelon
    Death by drop

  • kongqianfu
    kongqianfu 22 days ago

    that Tekken 4 machine tho!

  • fatpanda4212
    fatpanda4212 22 days ago


  • Vurinova
    Vurinova 22 days ago

    It wasn't just "sprayed", they put a half inch shell of rubber on it

  • Chris Andrew
    Chris Andrew 23 days ago

    I want to put this on everything

  • Ca11mero
    Ca11mero 23 days ago

    If it's that flexible yet so impossible to rip through. Wouldn't it be good for a lot of safety gear in motorsports for example?

  • Grundlin
    Grundlin 23 days ago

    So i can bring my dog?

  • Charlie Kempf
    Charlie Kempf 23 days ago

    sombody should coat carbon nanotubes in this

  • cere tomer
    cere tomer 24 days ago

    I've had the beds of both of my pickups sprayed with this stuff. Extremely satisfied. Current truck is 12 years old and the Line-X bed-liner is still working and looking great.

  • Gurnard Herded
    Gurnard Herded 24 days ago


  • macadamia
    macadamia 24 days ago

    ~*guy uses correct term for type of reaction*~ ~*Derek laughs*~ never change...

  • aaron rey
    aaron rey 25 days ago

    increasing patient connect note temple then convert estate observer.

  • insane maniac
    insane maniac 25 days ago

    1000 degree hot knife vs indestructible coating

  • richard cero
    richard cero 25 days ago

    paired it with carbon fibers and boom.

  • Vincent Harris
    Vincent Harris 25 days ago

    what if you sprayed this on your skin

  • LoLAwesomechad
    LoLAwesomechad 25 days ago

    it got an insane concussion. that is enough to kill a person even if you protect the outside of the body

  • schutz nhil
    schutz nhil 25 days ago

    their is probably away to suck more than 10.3 meters wenn the stroh is realy thin like in a three ou get probably additionalal liftforce

  • April L
    April L 25 days ago

    Subtle tekken 4 is subtle

  • Tester
    Tester 25 days ago

    I feel like this is the black stuff they shoot at Mr. Incredible to stop him.

  • Tester
    Tester 25 days ago

    You saying I can dodge bullets?
    I'm saying that when you're ready, you won't have to.
    */ sprays polymer coating all over body /*

  • HAL420
    HAL420 25 days ago

    imagine they hit it with an axe and then the axe flips around and bounces back in the face

  • Zachary Coronado
    Zachary Coronado 26 days ago

    Could they not just make a 2-step spray application, like 2 part epoxy? Instead of creating an extremely complex applicator, just a 2 part spray, maybe something we could use and buy commercially?

  • squeaker EDITION
    squeaker EDITION 26 days ago

    24h erection

  • Gordon Langell
    Gordon Langell 26 days ago

    Our farrier coated the top of his straw cowboy hat with Line-X.

  • graden barber
    graden barber 26 days ago

    Diareua ;-;

  • Tvde1
    Tvde1 26 days ago

    that's insign

  • Fail cast game
    Fail cast game 27 days ago

    i went to that tower when i was a kid

  • Plem Mlem
    Plem Mlem 27 days ago

    hit it with a pommel

  • Nathan Morse
    Nathan Morse 27 days ago

    Hell... It's basicly spray foam...

    • Nathan Morse
      Nathan Morse 27 days ago

      SLIGHTLY different chemicals.... Literally the exact same equipment, process and reactions

  • Pedozzi
    Pedozzi 27 days ago

    how do you manage to burn or recycle that thing?

  • John H Baumgaertner
    John H Baumgaertner 27 days ago

    I thought this was a joke at first!

  • Connor Clark
    Connor Clark 27 days ago

    Isnt this just spray on shoes from cloudy with a chance of meatballs

  • ALD7M
    ALD7M 27 days ago

    spray yourself and jump

  • SWNerd97
    SWNerd97 27 days ago

    *Recieves an indestrucible coating... somehow finds a way to break it in 10 min or less* lol

    TDW ACE 27 days ago

    if the tinsel strength is so good then put this inside of car doors and other things it would be like a bullet proof coating of it was thick enough. this could turn into a muli billion dollar industry

  • Tearnofear
    Tearnofear 28 days ago

    Just a side note: i'm working in the foam industry and MDI/Polyol are two basic ingredient of foam. So nothing special there. But you have to know MDI is somewhat toxic if it gets on your skin. So can the endproduct be if you touch it, there can be unreacted/false reacted particle wich are toxic too. So never ever work with/touch it without any gloves.
    The other DI we use is TDI wich is very toxic and dangerous.
    Both chemicals are nowhere near any natural material.
    I'm srsly getting chills watch him handling those chemicals like that o.0

  • Munchic Pham
    Munchic Pham 28 days ago

    Imagine spraying this on your hand 😳😳😳

  • Larvitar Dratini
    Larvitar Dratini 29 days ago

    I bet that thing is obliterated inside the shell.

  • 82snowball
    82snowball 29 days ago

    That would make good roofing, line the tiles or shingles

  • The King TV
    The King TV 29 days ago

    hey i've been there, in WA australia

  • Ender Chibi
    Ender Chibi 29 days ago

    Huh. So Kevlar?

  • Joshua Crawford
    Joshua Crawford 29 days ago

    spray on shoes?

  • MovieNerd_EP
    MovieNerd_EP 29 days ago

    Can you stop translating the titles into german? Its super annoying

  • Mr Cow
    Mr Cow 29 days ago

    thats not really a coating

  • Michael Robins
    Michael Robins 29 days ago

    I would like to throw a black from that tower

  • Æíxìlïmar
    Æíxìlïmar 29 days ago

    Lol from the top of this 45ft tower my friends are going to cover themselves in this stuff and jump off the top.. was disappointed..

  • Eren Jaeger
    Eren Jaeger 29 days ago

    child in africa could have eaten that line-x

  • Aranwar Uirviluiron
    Aranwar Uirviluiron 1 month ago

    Where's the SlowMoGuys when you need them...

  • Tristian Johnson
    Tristian Johnson 1 month ago

    I wanna see this stuff covering the tip of a bullet

  • Timmyval123
    Timmyval123 1 month ago

    that's really freaking cool

  • Fun Fact
    Fun Fact 1 month ago

    Just have Amy Schumer sit on it.

  • Locus
    Locus 1 month ago

    I watched the video it is coated with line-x or x-line

  • Panagiotis Petridis
    Panagiotis Petridis 1 month ago

    Although at free fall v=g*t there are other factors that should be taken into consideration. Since it took 3s for 45m the the speed is about 15m/s or 54km/h and that is the real speed of the watermelon with the other factors taken to into account.

    good video though

  • Jet Nassar
    Jet Nassar 1 month ago

    I had a rhea the other day.

  • Joshua Wheeler
    Joshua Wheeler 1 month ago

    Line-X phone case??

  • Dan Zhukov
    Dan Zhukov 1 month ago

    That watermelon slammed the ground harder than I slam your mom at night

  • Gera Sanz
    Gera Sanz 1 month ago

    and thats exactly how tony stark should look like after a fight

  • Mayur
    Mayur 1 month ago

    I'll bring a dog they said anything but a cat

  • Anon Gloria
    Anon Gloria 1 month ago

    Was going to watch porn but decided to binge watch videos on this channel instead

  • LoganDaCarr
    LoganDaCarr 1 month ago

    I need this for the apocalypse

  • HI79638
    HI79638 1 month ago

    So they'll line-x your dog?

  • Twh Az
    Twh Az 1 month ago

    Rhino Lining????

  • Aeswere
    Aeswere 1 month ago

    A indestructible rubber coating is made by mixing two very long named chemicals together, they get hot when mixed together and create a dick and balls, and becoming more of a solid than a liquid.

  • Alias 2032
    Alias 2032 1 month ago

    can you make it transparent your product?

  • Barmaley_bl
    Barmaley_bl 1 month ago

    Now what if you coat that coat with carbon fiber ??

  • MattTheBoss
    MattTheBoss 1 month ago

    Could you coat string with it and use it as super strong string and test if you can swing like spider man.

  • MattTheBoss
    MattTheBoss 1 month ago

    The guy who shows the compounds looks like Codys lab

    GAME SLASHER 1 month ago

    You say that it's indestructible...Gimme something coated with it, I get my weapon of choice I can break it. Or is there a wall of that indestructible paint, I can break it with my fist depending on the size.

  • Eric Chu
    Eric Chu 1 month ago

    spiderman's backup webbing formula lmao

  • Oscar Chan
    Oscar Chan 1 month ago

    Cut the Line X paper with a 1000 degree knife!

  • Ben Clarke
    Ben Clarke 1 month ago

    Is that urea group and polyurea chain in any way linked to urea as in the main component of piss?

  • Modern Bladesmith
    Modern Bladesmith 1 month ago

    so... this is what truck beds are lined with?

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