Indestructible Coating?!

Used in everything from bullet-proof vests to the walls of the Pentagon, polyurea's strength comes from its long-chain molecules.
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Nathan Hansen, Bryan Baker, Donal Botkin, Tony Fadell, Saeed Alghamdi

Filmed by Prashanth Venkataramanujam

SFX by A Shell in the Pit

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Author Joshua The Science god ( ago)
Thats soo cool, they should put this on phones so they won't break as easily

Author Frances Ubogu ( ago)
i'm 14 what am i doing here

Author SharpyShark ( ago)
nanomachines son!

Author Jacob Specht ( ago)
I wanna see someone make a bullet covered in this stuff so they could have bouncy bullets that are also dangerous imagine it could be a sport bullet trick shots hit 17 bottles that are in different places in a room with only 1 bullet

Author Zameer Nizam ( ago)
Some say this is the secrete ingredient of The Brick.

Author netmatrix75 ( ago)
I wonder how this compares to D30?

Author connor nicholls ( ago)
Isn't urea in your piss?

Author Aidan Hayes ( ago)
Should make condoms out of this stuff

Author Jorji Boi ( ago)
coat an egg

Author Eric Jung ( ago)
This is literally the spray shoes from "cloudy with a chance of meatballs"

Author Zorlax ( ago)
so this is how basketballs are made

Author Dr.Expresso ( ago)
this needs to be added to cars

Author SHARCRASH ( ago)
So... no details on how this material degrades or is recycled over time to avoid environmental impacts... or... you just don't care Veritasium?

Author kjanling ( ago)

Author Chazzy Chaz ( ago)
this kinda coating seems bad for the environment

Author i want to die ( ago)
can you be my science teacher at my school, I would probably pay more attention

Author David García ( ago)
Line-X is just a commercial brand, you should be talking about the POLYUREA technology which is actually the product of the reaction that you were explaining... video seems sponsored by line-x 👎🏻

Author Sooty ( ago)
But it doesnt stop things from getting destroyed. It just keeps things together after theyre destroyed

Author raghu ram ( ago)
The tower is there for 2 reasons

1-drop tests
2-SUICIIIIIIIIIIIIIDDEE (sings in let it go tune)

Author Oscar Lallier ( ago)
This coating vs very hot knife

Author Jakub Hejna ( ago)
Are you kidding may?

Author Tammy Chong ( ago)
What if you spray a human with a layer of polymer and do the same experiment?

Author Harpreet Singh ( ago)
What is it

Author Wladimir Putin ( ago)
Take a gun and u will be fine

Author CarlWong510 ( ago)
I may need this tech to do my project, who can I contact to? i live in south east asia.

Author Razvan J ( ago)
I wanted to say that's a bed liner. I didn't knew it's called a bed liner in english so i didn't say it. Glad i learned something new. A friend used something like this on the bullbar of an SUV, the bullbar was glossy and chome .. and seriously scratched. Painted the car in matte and put this plastic stuff the bumpers .... he told me it's a plastic paint used for trunks .. awsome

Author Orion Weblab ( ago)
Indescribable watermelon vs US shipping...

Author Timothy Jones ( ago)
Imagine a LINE-X phone case 😱

Author Sir Iodine ( ago)
When Nokia grows watermelons

Author Conner Hobbs ( ago)
spray-on shoes anyone? :)

Author Neon Crystal ( ago)
(typed before watching)is that coating line-x cuz i watch show down of the unbeatables
line-x battled a water cannon but i forgot the name

Wow! That's cool

Author seasong ( ago)
The watermelon didn't really "survive" though.

Author t bret ( ago)
5:08 he smells it lmao

Author Jeremy Remele ( ago)

Author Reino Brown ( ago)
why not make tires from it???

Author traceyja40 ( ago)
Is this like the stuff flint lockwood from Cloudy with a chance of meatballs has on his feet?

Author Anubhav Bhown ( ago)
Thats the shoe spray from cloudy with a chance of meatballs!

Author Kaladin Stormblessed ( ago)
Ah yes, Darksteel

Author Melody ( ago)
oh no fuckin wonder it survived you gave it like 5000000 coats.

Author Ya Mi ( ago)
Coat it to yourself and become invincible.

Author Gerard Legrand ( ago)
wow you just rediscover polyurethane, congrad...

Author tamara ciocan ( ago)
Another indestructible thing is bedrock , resistant to everything!

Author SedoKai ( ago)
I particularly like 0:11-0:16. the fact that it resembles little more than a stain on the asphalt afterwards and the sound the watermelon makes are both very pleasing.

I'd like to see and hear it hit the asphalt at terminal velocity.

Author Crushonius ( ago)
1:30 you can see the "coating" looks to be about an inch thick . they sealed the watermelon in 1 inch thick rubber yeah no wonder it survives it

Author TheNightster07 ( ago)
I like how the mechanic was trying to explain a concept in simple terms to a physicist.

Author Harrison Clark ( ago)
1:07 this means your ballistic vest is fine but your organs are just slush :)

Author First Last ( ago)
Urea, so its piss rubber?

Author Khaidhir Danish ( ago)
Did they just made Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, spray on shoes?

Author Giovanni Di Cello ( ago)
I get it, you are Aussie and now you work in Canada and US but why do you guys mix up feet and seconds? As a scientist you should me using meters only.

Author Kyelan Cookson ( ago)
So it's not indestructible then?

Author Nick Moore ( ago)
can they linex my heart? :(

Author LegitLogic ( ago)
I want this on my phone

Author MrHenrySetaga ( ago)

Author Mohamed Mahmoud ( ago)
great video

crysis suit in secodns, just stand there naked

Author arc arcon ( ago)
The best way to explain how a baby is made 4:06

Author Goretantath ( ago)
polyureaka! they made awesomeness!

Author casesusa ( ago)
I guess you really don't want to breath this stuff in.

Author Kal Kuma ( ago)
line-x my dick pls

Author Pls Explain Life 3 ( ago)
kids in Africa could've eaten that rubber

Author Cryptos 115 ( ago)
So that's how basketball are made.

Author Marcel Rodriguez ( ago)
will this work on tanks?

Author Miles ( ago)
1000 degree knife versus Indestructible Coating

Author Tre G. ( ago)
Mix this with am A.I. and you get Venom

Author Outdated Bloke ( ago)
Cloudy with a chance of meatballs already did this

Author joe cantwell ( ago)
Body armour ?

Author joe cantwell ( ago)
Just spray phones with this

Author Playasum ( ago)
How to make and store your watermelon juice

Author Nienke Fleur Luchtmeijer ( ago)
anything but a cat, you say?🤔

Author Dean Lehmann ( ago)
I really want to shoot that stuff to see what happens

Author llewen ebag ( ago)
does it smell like a piss?

Author Matthew Hill ( ago)
Thanks for saying the IUPAC name of the polymer. There isn't much rigor on youtube--I appreciate the discipline. Love your channels.

Author Matrix Operator ( ago)
that dude seems so much like the guy from codys lab. even the mannerism

Author Finnian Hadid ( ago)
That isn't free fall because there is air resistance

Author Shep ( ago)
make a phone case out of this lol

Author MasterDj47 ( ago)
Is this what Flint Lockwood used to make his shoes?😂😂😂
(Not sure if I spelt his name correctly)

Author TheSuperQuail ( ago)
Could this be used for body armor?

Author Marc ( ago)
what font is used in the thumbnail???

Author Saul Moses ( ago)
Time to spray this all over my body

Author MakeMeThinkAgain ( ago)
Since you were showing the molecular structure you could have added something about where the heat was coming from. Electrons migrating or just changing energy levels?

Author Fazal Fariz ( ago)
The question is can a pointy object like a nail go through it?

Author KraineK xDDD karambitch ( ago)
sounds like a rubber ball to me

Author Thomas Foster ( ago)
is that gin-gin?

Author anna w ( ago)
can i spray my skin w it

Author Splash AKA Melody Fox Productions ( ago)
XD I HEARD "B is Nepali"

Author Vitaly Gubarik ( ago)
I hate that the coating was over one inch thick on the bouncing watermelon... I can do that with home-depo rubber.. (misleading)

Author Nanette Sage ( ago)
How do you break down the substance such that it is not an Eco-horror?

Author Tonicity ( ago)
The instant basketball-maker spray

Author SuperFailism ( ago)
I'm paranoid bout epoxies and stuff, but don't smell it when it's doing the chemical reaction is a safe bet.

Author Jonathan B ( ago)
cloudy with a chance of meatballs shoes, anyone???

Author Guten ( ago)
I would coat my dick and slap bitches' faces with it

Author sadclownairraid Arka-9 // MC FAX ( ago)
Impressive stuff, but to be honest thats like a 3cm thick coating on the watermelon. I bet if you wound the same thickness of duct tape around it, it would also not break.

Author Erik Straathof ( ago)
but does this work on humans?

Author SHICKLGRUBER ( ago)
The title for this video for me was "Uknuselig belegg?!" which is norwegian for "indestructible layer"
Who else had a translated title?

Author Grin ( ago)
What would happen to a human body covered in that thing?

Author Jude Campbell ( ago)
The water melon drop was at Gingin

Author Ben Bostic ( ago)
So... Every truck bed lining since it became a thing?

Author Kirk Patrick Besa ( ago)
What if you line-x a bomb before it explodes lol

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