Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy - Hang Eight Level Playthrough Video | PS4

Your favorite marsupial, Crash Bandicoot™, returns on June 30th, 2017! He’s enhanced, entranced & ready-to-dance with the N. Sane Trilogy game collection. Experience Hang Eight, the first water level from Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. This overgrown river not only highlights Crash’s new on foot moves (the slide and body slam) but gives you a taste of his first vehicle: a souped-up jet board!

Spin, jump, wump and repeat as you take on the epic challenges and adventures through the three games that started it all, Crash Bandicoot™, Crash Bandicoot™ 2: Cortex Strikes Back and Crash Bandicoot™: Warped. Relive all your favorite Crash moments in their fully-remastered HD graphical glory and get ready to put some UMPH in your WUMP!

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Author PedroDMC ( ago)
Crash Twinsanity is the best...

Author محمد فقيهي ( ago)
?is crash Twinsanity will remaster

Author Alex Souza ( ago)
Alguém sabe se vai sair em português BR ??

Author GO!!/#NUKE_PLAYER ( ago)
infilatevi crash bandicoot tutto nel culo e mettete crash taitan

Author Start&Select ( ago)
This game will come out for xbox one?

Author Danilo Javier Ramirez Jaramillo ( ago)
I want Crash Bash remastered please

Author MrMilhome ( ago)
Esse jogo está ficando muito lindo, sem dúvidas! Mas eu não acho que esse tipo de texturas realistas ficam bons em Crash, sinceramente acho que gráficos estilo cartoon cairia bem melhor, assim como foi no Crash Twinsanity!

Author Alex Parker ( ago)
It's my childhood! And now I don't need rose tinted glasses for it to look great!

Author CrashBandicOOtLover ( ago)

Author JackGray99 ( ago)
I can't wait to platinum all three of these

Author Jontin Murfee ( ago)
Why does it look and sound worse than the PS1 version?

Author Ann-Marie Ellis ( ago)
Can't wait to hear the Eel Deal OST remaster! Favourite Crash theme ❤

Author Shadow11614 ( ago)
i hope theres an option to play the original versions of the music

Author StabNDab ( ago)
anyone else agree that they should remake twinsanity and ctr? 😃

Author Monther Elvis ( ago)

Author Darkstar263 ( ago)
I don't like the remade music.

Author KEYJOKES PLAYER330 ( ago)
Wow! does anyone think this game is worth getting? after getting paid from work! so you can afford it? Hahaha I bet everyone does this!

Author Rey Vortian ( ago)
I hope Crash to have pro XBOX .. I do not have conditions and much less money to buy another console to have the Crash.......

Author Bamagiotis ( ago)
I hope for CTR next with online play , i can only imagine how epic it will be if this is the result of the trilogy!!!!!

Author arcticridge ( ago)
I'm still not sure about Crash's design, there's no reason why he can't look exactly like the original artwork now.

Author Tyler Foster ( ago)
It's been a month and I am still in awe at this. Even the music, which seems to be getting criticism, is fun, fresh, and nostalgic. If Vicarious Visions treats the entire remastering like they have for the levels they have revealed thus far, then this is going to be an incredible game.

Author Kevin Connelly ( ago)
I could cry, Thank you sony

Author Tyson Bernard-Hutton ( ago)
Taylor Swift

Author F.D.T COMPANY ( ago)
the remake of ctr plis

Author Will M ( ago)
smh cant event get a jak and daxter remake.

Author Mr. Edwards ( ago)
this should stay ps4 exclusive. no multiplatform. if it was multiplatform it would be like if Mario games were on Xbox. what I'm saying is that crash was basically the mascot of PlayStation.

Author Stu D ( ago)
It would be really cool if Crash 1 was modified, so that a new collectible is added, so you don't need to pass the full level without a die to get the gem, but the 3 games get the new collectible which is obtained just as the original CB1's gem (without dying)

Author David Duggan ( ago)
Where's the warp platform? if I remember correctly it's in the 2nd river section, I hope they didn't remove it.

Author AbrahamZX1 ( ago)
Now remake Spyro.

Author Jtorres ( ago)
crashes shoes look like converse lol 😂😂⛦

Author 05GT ( ago)
May have to buy a PlayStation again for this. Ahh how I miss crash,Jak and Rayman

Author Super Mario ( ago)
You suck Crash

Author Michael Owens ( ago)
Next The jak series please, and thank you.

Author Crash Bandicoot ( ago)
Crash's shadow still is there when the bonus stone elevates.... you guys need to polish this game, because you're messing with " the Mario from nintendo " or " the Sonic from Sega" if you fail with this, it will be like " yea some random studio coudnt remake the OG game anyways its not from naughty dog" So make the 40$ worth it ok?

Author TehhDraft ( ago)

Author Moonwolf ( ago)
I'm so so so glad my old childhood friend is back!! :D :D

Author Gustav Gans ( ago)
I will buy it for my Xbox One!!

Author mo mo ( ago)
no titans?

Author William Ortega Ramirez ( ago)
Like Si Ya Quieres Jugarlo !! OMG

Author jUppers ( ago)
warping in and out is lazy af, hope you guys will fix it

Author sonic 1991 ( ago)

Author Crystal Clevenger ( ago)
is this the one that is coming out in June?

Author ƬψƬΩiiXinnex ( ago)
Finally he's back :D

Author Saloufardos ( ago)
So satisfying. I hope you change your mind about PS4 exclusive and offer more people the chance to play this diamond.

Author RED- SEC ( ago)
crash landed

Author SwagKiller 20805 ( ago)
Cant Wait For June For This Game To Come out Who Agrees

Author The Krew ( ago)
OH Cant Wait, love The Classic's

Author Anthony Mckay ( ago)
awesome it looks like in the 2 game

Author AlwaysHarmony ( ago)
where did you take the demo?

Author Ratablankero Pro ( ago)
I Love You

Author emir-OZ611 ( ago)
Por favor Sony que crash bandicoot n sane trilogy sea exclusivo para ps4, nosotros los sonyers nacimos jugando crash exclusivo para ps1 nos haria feliz que crash bandicoot n sane trilogy tambien sea exclusivo para ps4!!!!

Author Jackie Kernaghan ( ago)
My only concern is that it is being made by Activision, I may wait to see how it is reviewed when released and either get it used or buy it new depending. I mean it is only £28 release so I can't complain too much even if it is not as great.

Author Stu D ( ago)
Really bothers me the unsynced TNT sound, and really miss the original font.

Author What In Tarnation ( ago)
This looks like absolute trash.

Author Data4664 ( ago)
Plzz answer this: Is Crash N.Sane Trilogy more easy?

Author Bigbohemoth GRAND DAD ( ago)
I *reeeeaaaalllly* want a PS4 now!

Author Lucas Vinícius ( ago)
i really hope activision include Stormy Ascent in this remaster

Author kurt nissen ( ago)
REDO MEGA MAN NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author tristan0312ify ( ago)
As a diehard Crash fan, I think this song sounds better than the original

Author Sapphire752 ( ago)
Thanks for bringing the 90's back! 👍

Author Stuart Gibson ( ago)
I want this game so badly.

Author tristan0312ify ( ago)
Is it just me or so far, all of the remastered songs sound better than the originals?

Author DeadlyTheLegend ( ago)

Author Nex Elity ( ago)

Author Gary Carolan ( ago)
Will we be able to get the powers from crash 3 in crash 1 and 2 like double jump etc?

Author LittleBigPlanet 2 ( ago)
@1:15 WTF? He didn't drown, yet he died! XD

Author Ταξιαρχης Κιτσος ( ago)
u shouldnt shiw every one thebtrick with slide jump.... I was very proud I was the only one from my friends that knew it

Author Christopher Jaymes ( ago)
Spyro and sly cooper need that remastered next!

Author Alby Nano ( ago)
what about Crash bash and CTR ??

Author Carls493 ( ago)
1:16 Sonic would have a laugh riot.

Author terrahort ( ago)
shut up and take my money :o

Author FK Glitching ( ago)
Isent They Going To Be A Public Demo For This Game!

Author Ravinder2220 ( ago)
I can't wait !

Author Alfa GR ( ago)

Author Rages ( ago)
I preordered this already😂no slacking bro

Author DeaTHBuLLeT818 ( ago)
already pre-ordered... got a countdown in the psn store

Author Sheaiskl ( ago)
looks sick but the music needs to be less corny

Author Sr Pelo ( ago)
1:16 inspired by Tommy Vercetti

Author amunve ( ago)
i hope after that activision create a new crash bandicoot in the same style of the trilogy(platform)

Author Fishy ( ago)
Next we need All the Sly Cooper Games! 😎

Author yjp fg ( ago)
I still remember playing it on ps1 and its still gives me the same feelings! crash franchise was allways a memory to me!

Author KysymysMerkki ( ago)

Author Baha's gaming box ( ago)
spyro!!!!!!!!!!! are u coming after this remastered u say, Will u better because u know I will buy you for sure.

Author Suzane Swan ( ago)
Massa 😍💖💖💖

Author Marvin Simmond ( ago)
to all of u people who are saying that crash should be on other platforms answer me this why cant we play mario on the playstation, why we cant play halo on the playstation,why we cant play world of warcraft on the playstation ? smh crash is a playstation icon he deserves to be an exclusive to the playstation

Author Grzegorz Ciężak ( ago)
Just bought a ps4 specifically to platinum this. Some things you just have to do to look yourself in the mirror.

Author Pedro Rocha ( ago)
A PS3 sai mais uma vez esquecida😫

Author Anas Alqasmi ( ago)
احلى لعبة ع البلايستيشن 😘 متشوق لها 😍😍

Author punchy ( ago)
crash twinsanity remaster when

Author GestapoSantaClaus ( ago)
I used to play these games all the time as a kid, fitting that this releases on my birthday!

Author VITOR DIAS souza ( ago)
foda br

Author GameGuides ( ago)
I hope they make a crash bandicoot:mind over the mutants remaster with multiplayer and alot more objectives.

Author ECDT1089 ( ago)
You know, it amazes me that after all these years people still think Naughty Dog and Sony owns Crash, when in fact, they never did. Or either Naughty Dog still has some kind of affiliation with Crash to this very day. They don't!

Author Gunnar D ( ago)
If you don't like this game your're crazy

Author Gunnar D ( ago)
this looks amazing

Author Jaleel brooks ( ago)
What about a portable crash Sony port the game on the psvita guys come on

Author MistarJ ( ago)
Anyone remember crash bash on psone?

Author Crash Bandicoot ( ago)

Author REVERSE_DREAM ( ago)
no one asked for a remake of this has been. Glad to see Naughty Dog is wasting time instead of working on TLOU2.

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