Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy - Hang Eight Level Playthrough Video | PS4

Your favorite marsupial, Crash Bandicoot™, returns on June 30th, 2017! He’s enhanced, entranced & ready-to-dance with the N. Sane Trilogy game collection. Experience Hang Eight, the first water level from Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. This overgrown river not only highlights Crash’s new on foot moves (the slide and body slam) but gives you a taste of his first vehicle: a souped-up jet board!

Spin, jump, wump and repeat as you take on the epic challenges and adventures through the three games that started it all, Crash Bandicoot™, Crash Bandicoot™ 2: Cortex Strikes Back and Crash Bandicoot™: Warped. Relive all your favorite Crash moments in their fully-remastered HD graphical glory and get ready to put some UMPH in your WUMP!

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Author Yung Irving ( ago)
This game it's time - exclusive for ps4? Or not?

Author kevin feranklin ( ago)
Wow this great game

Author Samuel Johnson ( ago)
finally someone we see some crash bandicoot 2 gameplay and finally someone who knows how to play crash bandicoot

Author ColdSnow69 ( ago)
I love the water graphics, but sony, you should upload more gameplays

Author Saulin1987 ( ago)
lo quiero para ayer!!!

Author Raitis Gobiņš ( ago)
Really Crash is back PS4??? )))

Author tyler curry ( ago)
man if this does well i so hope they remaster the 3 original spyro games

Author Pojosamaneo ( ago)
Gonna get a platinum for this game.

Author Circle 25 ( ago)
such a dumb move by playstation.great that they are bringing back these classics but showing them full on? just dumb

Author Lee Gjerstad ( ago)
I am a PC person, simply because I find it easier to aim with a mouse and keyboard. I also like the free multiplayer, mods and high resolutions (and emulators sometimes if it makes the game better than the original console made it).


I am getting a PS4 so that I can get all these exclusives I am missing. I want to play horizon zero dawn and crash bandicoot, uncharted and nioh! I would prefer if they were on PC, but they aren't and they probably never will.

Author Arthur Tavares ( ago)
I'd call that a remake

Author Ben Wright ( ago)
i can't wait for this nostalgia.

Author Queen of The Corn flakes ( ago)
PLEASEEEEE remaster Crash of The Titans

Author Robro Greece ( ago)
Sony tell vicarius to give us another cinematic please Sony

Author Logan Fairchild ( ago)
Out of curiosity, how many of you have already pre-ordered the game?

Author Falos228 ( ago)
How did u get it?

Author LadyDaru ( ago)
Me gusta todo excepto la música, no tiene ese toque "tropical" que tenía en el psx, ese ritmo rockero quita el ambiente al "surf de playa"/I like everything except music, it does not have that "tropical" touch that had in the psx, that rhythm rocker takes away the environment to "beach surf"

Author ClaudioPMDK ( ago)
Solo por este juego y el remake del ff7 vale la pena tener una ps4 :v

Author Kevon Ralston ( ago)
Cant wait to see a Crash Warped level plus here that main theme again 😍😍😍😍

Author Cinthya Niño de Guzmán Pezo ( ago)
Cuando llega a lima el videojuego?

Author Aymam 2000 ( ago)
i will buy ps4 for it

Author Andy Jacques ( ago)
the game is too bright and the color palet is bad (particulary on the boxes)

Author James Taylor ( ago)
i have afew issues with this game so far. from what i can see. the colours look a little washed out, the music needs more energy to it ( not just a random loud note every now n again) and the effects and lacking. mostly when collecting a crystal and entering the level warp effects. Jazz the game up I need over the top sparks off things.
buying the game anyway cause who doesn't love crash. i just hope they dont phone it in. also how good would it be if you 100% each game and unlocked CTR. just a thought.

Author Linkfreak 404 ( ago)
I'm honestly not that impressed with what I'm seeing. It just doesn't seem the have the same feel as the original...

Author BeetlePuLsE 163 ( ago)
They should also make crash twinsanity and crash tag team racing

Author Sean W. Stewart ( ago)
Crash is back, baby! Woo!!

Author Zarcaster De Vacto ( ago)
did you realize that aku aku was gone when crash finished the bonus round?

Author Nick930 ( ago)

Kinda disappointed there's no impact effect or even wet fur simulation on Crash when he interacts with water. I hope they add that in cause right now it looks lazy.

Author Nipple Pubes ( ago)
CTR and Crash bash with online please 👌😏

Author Daniel Ayala ( ago)
WTF with Crash's face?

Author gamerjc21 ( ago)
Dafuq, did that timer for the secret Gem say "0:60" instead of "1:00"?

Author [POLYBLUES] - Mannequeen ( ago)
I hope there's a contrast changer.

Author M R T K ( ago)
Why? U no pick up purple crystal!

Author Jason Todd ( ago)
will they ever remaster spyro....

They should made new stages and enemies not just new graphic

Author FroakieTrainer54 ( ago)
Not a fan of the new music but I'm still excited!

Author TheBiozone ( ago)
Why do the colours look so washed out?

Author Mistergamer9892 ( ago)
Come on! The doors don't make a sound when they open? Attention to detail, man! Come on!

Author Insensitive Alien ( ago)
If only this was on the Xbox one...

Author Dj Rampage ( ago)
Need a jak and daxter remake

Author Scythe Tenshi ( ago)
I hope something they fix is the time it takes to pick up wumpa fruit after you break a crate, I have noticed from watching a few clips that after breaking the crates it takes a little bit of time of crash standing in the wumpa fruit for them to actually be picked up so it doesn't feel fluid in that sense, like the traditional crash games. Another picky thing I would hope they change is how long it takes for the wumpa fruit to transition from crash to the actual counter at the top, I sometimes find it a bit distracting. Apart from that though it looks good

Author Bruno Bocek ( ago)
My children ;( ;) i love this game i need get this noww i like get al gems

Author Mohamed Elattar ( ago)
18 years ago i played it

Author Karin Uzumaki ( ago)
I hope they​ put new controls in pack attack and Rock it, the originals are so uncomfortable, at least for me.

Author Mayank Verma ( ago)
I don't remember it being this easy and this linear.

Author Sagi Ruiz ( ago)
Pishi crack alaberga

Author Danny Guzman ( ago)
Game Is Fantastic

Author matthatter56 ( ago)
I am going to get this on this PS4 and if and I stress IF by some miracle it would come to the Switch I would definitely double dip. Why? Well because Crash on the Go. And secondly I wan't another freaking Crash game. So take my money please.

Author Jack Gee ( ago)
cant wait to get this game

Author Jolly Dank Scunt ( ago)
*Waits for the music to be uploaded* This music is so amazing why couldn't this be in the original! 😤😁

Author TUGEFA :v ( ago)

Author كبوس kabosi ( ago)
Still not good like old one 😷

Author iPotionX ( ago)
Got annoyed and turned off when you missed one box at 0:13

Author Ismael Aguilar ( ago)
IGN score 4/10 : too much nostalgia

Author David Duran ( ago)
I going to be honest the remaster looks like those 3D fan-made games, the music is just weird, and the sound effects are kinda gross, and crash looks really weird I just wish it more cartoony like the original, but that's me I'm just glad that crash is coming back.

Author ImSecretspie YourSuperiorSpy ( ago)
can we get to 20 subs???

Author ImSecretspie YourSuperiorSpy ( ago)
cheak out my channel guys gonna get crash early before it comes out

Author quebex ( ago)
a bunch of weird crybaby Xbox fans on here. Gtfo and go play halo. even if I come to Xbox... which I highly doubt lol. it would be a while so get over it!

Author crach123 bandicut ( ago)
I hope they made exclusive saludos de México aqui tan bien hay fans de CRASH Bandicoot !!

Author Isart Ventures ( ago)
This game looks awesome! Will be nice to play it on Switch.

Author Channler SK ( ago)
I'm feeling for warp rooms ;)

Author Abdurahman Asiri ( ago)
My childhood 😢

Author Doruk Çoban ( ago)

Author Scottish Guy ( ago)
After this, a new CTR and new SPYRO game would be nice  :D

Author Mr. Spiff ( ago)
I can't put my finger on it but something seems super off about how this game looks, it feels like crash is super dark and the plant enemies are really bright and the color saturation is way too high but at the same it's mostly dark and shady. Also the movement almost feels like slow motion compared to the PS1 games. I'm excited for this game but I can't figure out what looks why this all looks so off

Author Stiven Oyarce ( ago)
Él juego mas esperado por mi este año 👏🙌 Crash bandicoot forever :) XD

Author Ifrit101 Brett ( ago)
So long as the Area 51 stage is removed or revamped, this game will have a better chance as GOTY.

Author PaCMaN ( ago)
i still waiting the N. Cortex Theme Remastered:')

Author Carlos Ivan Meza ( ago)
Medievil remastered please!!

Author trfan18 ( ago)
I don't know I'm kind of on the fence about this.

Author HUNTERxGAMER ( ago)
esto es sencillamente hermoso perfecto!!! me trae muchos recuerdos de mi infancia ese nivel :') ya deseo con todo mi kokoro tener en mis manos este nuevo Crash Bandicoot y jugarlo

Author SLIM PS NS GAMER ( ago)
Playstation is making me go broke 💸💰💵💴

Author The Boss ( ago)
Im so glad and surprised that they are actually making the game in this quality with way better graphics

Author EL JUAN PA SG ( ago)
Hey chicos de PlayStation me gustaria hacer una sugerencia que este maravilloso juego tambien saga la entrega en ps3 por que me gustaria volver a jugar este gran clasico en mi condola ps3 por que ahora como esta la situación no puedo tener un ps4 si me pudieran hacer este gran favor

Author مشاعل -X1 ( ago)
Omg wtf this is trash

Author Cody Merrell ( ago)
Awesome Too know AT LONG LAST CRASH BANDICOOT IS COMING BACK. yet Me and other Remaining Spyro fans Continue To Hope Spyro will get HIS Games Re-Mastered Too and SpyroKeeps the Ability To FLY and by Insomniac Games

Author kingplutoxiao1 ( ago)
I'm waiting for them to remake spyro

Author : SuperCrazyCaleb : ( ago)
A few VERY VERY minor nitpicks:
1. I think the HUD should be a little bigger (same with the timer)
2. The bonus room is a tad too zommed out
3. The Crystal (and Gems) don't go to the bottom of the screen (but that will probably be changed anyway)

Just had to get that off of my chest. :D

Author Swbf Bossk ( ago)
pls let us see ripper roo

Author Selim Oguzhan Bakir ( ago)
if the stages will be same than i would play the originals... this stage is my favorite and it looks milli on times better in original also music sucks here original is better at that too. but if t Hey make more hiddet areas and some changes in stages than it would worth money

Author Nahuel Arias ( ago)
Corre a 100fps :v muy rápido wey

Author OtroMundo ( ago)
rock it pack atack pls pls pls hahahahhaha

Author Alakazdrack ( ago)
This crash bandicoot doesn't smile just like the original. Maybe, he miss something, or, miss someone...

Home... But, whatever, i just want to see the game, that can broke our souls and THE F***, AREA 51? !!!!

Author TigerTony 77 ( ago)
naughty dog I'll buy all your games 🎮👾

Author Perfect Focus ( ago)
Where tf is pacman world 2!

Author Moataz Seada ( ago)
Crash team racing remastered please

Author Jimmy Sim ( ago)
Made by the company who rips players off the most and who gives the worst DLC? No thank you.

Author James Jr ( ago)
I know crash trilogy is all 3 crashes but imagine the crash warped part of the game

Author xEndless11 ( ago)
oh my god :D i can't wait anymore to 30.06 :(

Author Manuel Clavijo ( ago)
this must be exclusive to ps4 so that way crash and mario again, like the 90s will be awesome! and fun

Author John Angelo Tenorio ( ago)
Getting yourself killed in the Bonus area extends the time.

Author Vankho ( ago)
Dont forget WARPED !!!!!!!!! the best part of all !

Author El Marcianito 100%realnofeik ( ago)
i love Crash Bandicoot my favorite game of ps1 :3

Author Dank Kush ( ago)
when does this come out

Author Crash Azn ( ago)
I wanna see the N. Gin fight on Warped for the N. Sane Trilogy

Author Xethias ( ago)
The original looked better

Author Mr Unknown ( ago)
I hope after this game they make a new crash bandicoot game and I wish it to be like crash twinsanity

Author TheNuclearpolitics ( ago)

Author Mizhidor ( ago)
it would be cool too if the door to the level make a loud sound like it did in the old one

Author Thanos Nikopoulos ( ago)
The wumpa fruit counter needs to have a softer shadow at least

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