The Tipping Game - Waitress rewarded for her hard work - 11/5/11 - The Tipping Game is a little game of Karma I invented a few years back

When we'd go out to dinner after a successful night vending our products, if the waiter/waitress did a great job, we'd give her an extra good tip. If she did a terrible job... well... we'd give her a normal tip anyway just for unknowingly playing our game.

NOTE: Some people seem to be upset that we didn't tip her more. The whole idea of this game is that for just a few extra dollars you can have the same rewarding feeling and make someone who works hard, happy. You don't have to give someone $1,000. An extra $20 will really make someone's day. Try it out, I guarantee you have as much fun as the person who wins.

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SamytheGreekSamytheGreek (3 months ago)
I HAVE A TIPPING GAME FOR YOU. follow waiters and waitresses to see if they tip. I am an Uber driver, I drive waiters and waitresses to work at the best West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Sunset Strip restauants where they work, I have NEVER ONCE received a tip from them. Shame on them.

mark marchiafavamark marchiafava (5 months ago)
the BETTER way to do this would be anonymously

Norwegian733Norwegian733 (6 months ago)
Didn`t like the twist. If you want to be kind, just give her the money without all the judgement.
She should *atleast* have $100 just for being a part of this film. Unwilling.
But she has to put up with it because its her job.

CemanCeman (7 months ago)
fucking awesome please keep it up guys! that's amazing! love this shit.

skoko1945skoko1945 (7 months ago)
Patting your self on the back ? just leave the tip and go.

Dÿłåñ XDDÿłåñ XD (9 months ago)
$30 dollars is better than nothing

Charlie MathewsCharlie Mathews (10 months ago)
Thirty dollars is barely more than decent. Don't brag about it.

evony treeevony tree (1 year ago)
sad idea just to get 71k views look at all the dislikes thats because you thought 30 bucks would benefit YOU not her don't ever post another shyt vid again

Robert StewartRobert Stewart (1 year ago)
$30 cheap bastrads

Wolfgang GrahamWolfgang Graham (1 year ago)
I usually give $20 on a 30$ tab and I just drink a few beers and get ignored by the bartender. I usually sneak out before they see it. Stupid bullshit of a game. Very pretentious.

Barbara AdlerBarbara Adler (1 year ago)
bragging is more like it....if u really want to help someone..just give it to them without filming on youtube,,...what u do in private u shall be rewarded in public

Penguin Da SkepyPenguin Da Skepy (1 year ago)
Well if these videos weren't on YouTube I wouldn't be able to keep restoring my faith in humanity.

Saurabh GarkotiSaurabh Garkoti (1 year ago)
can't believe $30 tip
have 52k viewer i mostly gave more then that, i should on TV.

John MalloryJohn Mallory (2 years ago)
Lol, you must be Jewish.

Sam ArtmanSam Artman (1 year ago)
+johnmalory26 you must be a stupid anti-Semite cunt!!!!!1

Claire FerriterClaire Ferriter (2 years ago)
you are a condescending prick. i'd like to put a camera in your face as you shine my shoes...just exactly who do you coach? if you want to give a good tip do it without filming someones reaction so you can relive the moment in your fat headed fuck

Richard SendallRichard Sendall (1 year ago)
You are an awesome person. You speak the truth, people should not seek recognition for acts of true charity and kindness. People should do it because it is the right thing to do period. 😇

HughJassHughJass (2 years ago)
when i went to the US from new zealand. i knew very little about tipping, other than i had to tip everyone. so i was tipping an average of $50 (was only there for two days for work), but i had quite abit for 2 days worth, so i was pretty generous. when this dude said $5, was a good tip, then i guess my tip was fucking extraordinary hahaha.

Sarah OwensSarah Owens (2 years ago)
Everybody can't tip $5000.00 but tipping 50-100% really makes a waitress/waiter's shift.

KingOfTheCrease1KingOfTheCrease1 (2 years ago)
Getting badgered and video taped at work wouldn't be worth 30 dollars to me. Some people think they can do anything to their server (i.e video tape them) because the server is at the mercy of whatever amount you are going to leave them so they can pay their bills.
Even if you don't video tape it and look for gratification on YouTube, there's no reason to double your check when going out to eat. If everyone tipped even 25% all night (which never happens), it would make a huge difference.
Judging your waiter on anything other than their politeness and professionalism is ridiculous.
"$50 if she was really outgoing".........that's not her job and she doesn't have time to be when it's busy.

AlternativeCoachAlternativeCoach (2 years ago)
Folks the point is, to encourage everyone to play the game which only requires you to tip something that is NOT really large for you but makes the server very happy. We're not trying to change her life with the tip, but if a lot of people did this it would be awesome. And at $30 it's very doable. As we say in the description above

"For just a few extra dollars you can have the same rewarding feeling and make someone who works hard, happy. Try it out, I guarantee you have as much fun as the person who wins."

Edward SmithEdward Smith (2 years ago)
These guys are wanker. It's not . fucking game/

Brando19Brando19 (2 years ago)
You guys made a video and critiqued her for $30? Wow. Maybe we should be taking up donations and videoing your reactions.

TexasTrezTexasTrez (2 years ago)
Just give this bitch a tip, already. Your stupid little game is a waste of time. You wouldn't like it if your boss was playing games with your check.....

SabrinaSabrina (2 years ago)

Anna MAnna M (2 years ago)
Anyone who is complaining on behalf of the waiters obviously has never actually worked as a waiter or in the food business. You all realize that people either don't tip at all, or at most usually tip around $8-10 ? They're tipping three times the amount. Quit taking a nice gesture and making it seem pitiful. 

Mr. AhmedMr. Ahmed (2 years ago)
$30 only?

2RO Prod2RO Prod (2 years ago)
hahah 30 dollar!!?? hey mec pas besoin de poster ça sur youtube! moi 2 ou 3 fois j'ai laché 50 euros et je me suis pas filmé pour autant!

bosniazzzbosniazzz (2 years ago)
Wow maded a video for 30$.Why don't you two suck your own balls and tip each other..

Valdez guipsyValdez guipsy (2 years ago)

CrackityJonesCrackityJones (2 years ago)
Sure, $30 is ordinarily a good tip, but not when its filmed by a couple of douchebags Filming it to inflate their own egos for as little as possible.

reichcalvanismreichcalvanism (2 years ago)
you waisted $30 worth of her time!!! and mine!!! 

richard Ruebanrichard Rueban (2 years ago)
cheap son of bitches

Ess DubyaEss Dubya (3 years ago)
It's already been said but considering there are a lot of people criticizing the amount you left, I'm also a server and I would be ridiculously happy about that tip! 

Keith PetersKeith Peters (3 years ago)
What a stupid waste of time video. - When you tip $500 or more... then you have permission to seek publicity on YouTube.

Emilio nemoEmilio nemo (1 year ago)
God Bless your soul, but I have no need to buy a woman's heart for love is not bought, it is provided by the good Lord :) and I'm actually pretty fit, stop gazing in the mirror to reflect your flaws on others who have been blessed with money!  

Brown EyesBrown Eyes (1 year ago)
You are so right.

TexasTrezTexasTrez (2 years ago)
+Emilio nemo this fat ass, is just trying pick up some trash ass

Emilio nemoEmilio nemo (2 years ago)
+poop pooperson fuck this guy, he doesn't realize how much these waiters/waitresses make, I once tipped a waitress 100 bucks and she bawled her eyes out. But I never had the notion to record it, I just wanted to see her reaction and she chased me down the street to hug me. It was the best feeling ever. 

ShareYourGoldShareYourGold (3 years ago)
everyone should be doing this, my vids are trying to inspire this kind of change, god bless, lets change the mass together

holly downsholly downs (3 years ago)
I am a server and even that $30 on a $25 would THRILL me!!! Great humans to share so generously with compliments and cash!! xo

DigitalKiwi14DigitalKiwi14 (3 years ago)
Kinda cool, and if word gets out that more and more people are doing the tipping game, maybe service will improve in some of the eating establishments where right now it sucks.

wcresponderwcresponder (3 years ago)
Unfortunately studies have shown that doesn't happen.

Wade RyanWade Ryan (3 years ago)
Yea it was a very generous tip but to film it and make it a big deal "the tipping game" makes it look like that's it dude $30)

DestroyTheMatrix2012DestroyTheMatrix2012 (3 years ago)
great video man. you have a kind heart and great friends.

Pepa LepaioPepa Lepaio (3 years ago)
5 min vid for 30 bucks. pathetic and is that guy wearing a collar?

TheBdcmoiTheBdcmoi (3 years ago)
It is not just about the money. It is about the gesture and being recognize as someone who is doing a great job. I think you did something good for that lady :)

eric hatfielderic hatfield (3 years ago)
not impressed. You should've went for the obscene tip. $100 or more would have made your video enjoyable. You seem a bit Jew-y

Your awesome for doing this

AlternativeCoachAlternativeCoach (5 years ago)
Sure you can... The Tipping Game is for everyone to play. Change it as you like, we would love to see many more "tipping game" videos in the future

The BopperThe Bopper (5 years ago)
That was cool...I might try this but I cant hijack your game entirely so I'll have to kinda make it my own...hmmmmmmmmm lol

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