What's inside Nike Air VaporMax?

We CUT IN HALF Nike AirMax VAPORMAX weeks before they are released!!

Watch our videos of our amazing Nike Trip:

We had an incredible time at Nike HQ and feel honored to have met the engineers and designers of their cool products. Thanks Nike for the trip and the swag.

All comments and direction of this video was 100% our own.

Just wait until you see what is coming Day 2-5 of this trip. Amazing.


WARNING: We do not recommend you try what we do! Only do things the we do in our videos IF you are assisted by a qualified adult under proper safety measures. Always think ahead, and remember that any project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK. Remember our motto "We cut things open so you don't have to." so we do not recommend you try anything we do.

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Author JeffUp ( ago)
Alove it

Author mohamed hasan ( ago)
it was a sample, that makes them really valuable

Author Jessica Schell ( ago)
I vote Lingcon

Author Cristian Meraz ( ago)
When white people say they have culture. This is it.

Author Providencecaps10 ( ago)
Cutting the shoe in half was satisfying

Author Ethan Michiels ( ago)
i would feel sick f i did this 😂

Author ginu K ( ago)

Author ThatBeastlyGamer 609 ( ago)
my uncle had thoses shoes and at our Easter party the shoes started to deflate.

Author Mobile Madness ( ago)
I literally cried when he cut into them

Author Lukas Overton-O'Hara ( ago)
I vote Lincoln for president!!!

Author beachroad ( ago)

Author Jan Munske ( ago)
This shoes are ugly

Author Millie marshall ( ago)
Hey what's inside u should cut open the Nike huaraches and see what's in the sole part coz it feels like a hard foam

Author Super Man ( ago)
Lincoln remember warriors blew a 3-1 lead

Author Sam Scullion ( ago)
Lincoln is a bandwagon

Author Jarediah Inocencio ( ago)
kids in india can eat that shoes

Author Christopher Gallegos ( ago)

Author xofficalx5 ( ago)
alot of you guys are probably sneakers head and know about shoes were just normal people ok ig im not normal lmao

Author Eduardo F Silva ( ago)
eu queria que tivesse sido com o pé desse cara dentro

Author Kyle McCarraher ( ago)
And do ultraboost

Author Kyle McCarraher ( ago)
Ew golden state bandwagon

Author Bryant _ Flipper ( ago)
What's wrong with you guys

Author Cody Houghtling ( ago)
The stuff in the shoe is a mix of nitrogen and oxygen

Author Brian dias ( ago)
hi I want to know what's inside solar panels can you make a video on it please☺

Author ampdizzler ( ago)
yo wtf why we cutting thru a fresh pair?

Author Kato x ( ago)
The coolest thing about it was the paper

Author Drope ( ago)

Author RYA ( ago)
Got a Nike ad just before this.

Author the flash ( ago)
so whats the difference between nike air max 2017 & nike vapormax

Author Andrew Ford ( ago)
whos the dad

Author David Vang ( ago)
isn't the point of the clear sole to see what's inside?

Author Maggie Bear ( ago)
9:20 he stabbed on himself but feel nothing? Lol

Author Joseph Elias ( ago)
whats inside the 'elephants foot'

Author Joseph Elias ( ago)
shouldn't there be something preventing this from being examined......copyright etc

Author Collin McAfee ( ago)
I voted

Author M Miraglia ( ago)
Didn't the AJ1 have an air unit....wasn't the air ship the first to feature the air unit in the sole?

Author Koky Koky ( ago)
How do I vote for the kid??

Author Koky Koky ( ago)
you should hang them up like they hangup picture frames or tennis rackets

Author Jordan Goldberg ( ago)
Do you have any left

Author Anti Social - Social Club ( ago)
He cut open a pair of sample vapour max's...

Author Esco Esco ( ago)
Airmax or Airforce one? hmmmmm

Author Alireza Razavi ( ago)
It is properly nitrogen

Author Ebony Master ( ago)
You could sell sell those Vapour max for loads cus they are rare with the Nike property thing in the shoe

Author Blazing dragon ( ago)

Author CarlSldvrVlogs ( ago)
I enjoyed this haha!!!!! so about that flat flyknit material you guys keeping that?

Author go boom ( ago)
i voted for you subscribe to my channer please

Author GarrryGrrrilleTV ( ago)
lil boy such a bandwagon

Author Flash Tech ( ago)
cut open a Kirby vacuum. I heard NASA designed the suction blade for it.

Author Gustavo Castro ( ago)
cmon, who needs to cut a vapormax to understand it...and get high sniffing them...

Author Shane Granali ( ago)
Open a ipad the apple ipad

Author VuderoxRysuje ( ago)
Lincoln's shoe is really cool! I want to get one!

Author Neo Canadian ( ago)
voted for lincoln

Author Real man 361 ( ago)

Author Nicolas Tremblay ( ago)
You monster...

Author Jeff Dickonson ( ago)
They were tough cause they're made for running!

Author Aleksander Borys ( ago)
you are just wasting good shoe

Author Aleksander Borys ( ago)
what is the point of this video?

Author Levi Chalker ( ago)
i voted for lincoln

Author Supe Hova ( ago)
U like golden state warriors me too 😏😏😏

Author Gamer GirlXcX ( ago)
I vote lincholn

Author BismaGaming 12 ( ago)
what inside gun?

Author Ryan Zhu ( ago)
whats inside a Rb26DETT?

Author Ryan Cha ( ago)
What's inside north korea

Author HULK BAGGIO ( ago)
I need a couple of those to run by my knees and I have no money to buy them and you break them like nothing, waooo that eggs

Author Brianna.510 ( ago)
wanna send me some zeros then?

Author marcbronze1 ( ago)
WHAT'S INSIDE DONALD TRUMP! Open him up. And burn it.

Author Frederick Sakr ( ago)
I just bought those yesterday

Author canadaeast ( ago)
Those Asian kids that make those shoes are talented. Those air pockets are actually filled with childrens tears.

Author William Balbuena ( ago)

Author Anthony Murphy ( ago)
How can I snag up a couple sample air units you have? Thanks guys!

Author AJ Comella ( ago)
I voted for Lincoln alot

Author Gogo vlogs ( ago)
I voted for linken

Author RaiderBlader ( ago)
This is Sneaker Abuse! Report flag ⛳️

Author let me reach 10,000 subscribers before I die sam ( ago)
I saw Annie from bratayley

Author Dallas Bagley ( ago)
Wow, those vapor max's are pretty damn sick.

Author jackhind1000 ( ago)
stop cutting open perfectly good shoes

Author jackhind1000 ( ago)
what are you doing this for i would have had those shoes

Author Caleb McAvoy ( ago)
I voted for Lincoln

Author ӃΙᄁɢϺᄋdŻ ᅢd ( ago)
"We're just a normal person"

Author Takis Productions ( ago)

Author James Shields ( ago)
4:50 turn subtitles on

Author Church Tony ( ago)
Shoulder in Africa could use those vapormax

Author Leeiska ( ago)
pretty sure airmax 2017,16,15 etc have more air than vapor max

Author cillian meehan ( ago)
I voted for him no for a like I Acc think his shoe looks cool

just kidding


Author Janghu Seo ( ago)
What's inside jordan and yeezy v2

Author Squilliam Fancyson ( ago)
lol just look at his face while he cuts them 😂

Author Squilliam Fancyson ( ago)
Why does lincoln look like the crackhead kid

Author SkillsMatter ( ago)
This kinda reminds me of a bag of chips

Author SkillsMatter ( ago)
This hurst😢

Author highview seeker ( ago)
hey can you cut open that little kid besides u?

Author Fjrhhr Ffhgrehf ( ago)

Author Grand theft auto 5 Man ( ago)
You should cut a PS4

Author Sheryl Ladura ( ago)
what's inside a fidget spinner

Author Simon Nguyen ( ago)
adidas better

Author Qays DRW ( ago)
3:00 sylvain le pd 🔫🔫

Author Slic_wave Gaming ( ago)
I bet 100000000$ yall don't have the guts to sub to me!

Author Albert K.G ( ago)
Lincoln should thank God he was born in america and not Bangladesh or Vietnam, where kids his age are making such shoes for less than $2 a day working 16 hour shifts. Go Figure

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