What's inside Nike Air VaporMax?

We CUT IN HALF Nike AirMax VAPORMAX weeks before they are released!!

Watch our videos of our amazing Nike Trip:

We had an incredible time at Nike HQ and feel honored to have met the engineers and designers of their cool products. Thanks Nike for the trip and the swag.

All comments and direction of this video was 100% our own.

Just wait until you see what is coming Day 2-5 of this trip. Amazing.


WARNING: We do not recommend you try what we do! Only do things the we do in our videos IF you are assisted by a qualified adult under proper safety measures. Always think ahead, and remember that any project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK. Remember our motto "We cut things open so you don't have to." so we do not recommend you try anything we do.

This footage is property of What’s inside LLC and is not allowed to be repurposed without written consent from What’s inside LLC. For any requests from media contact us at

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Author CalingamingHD Cuparescu ( ago)
Why are you doing that when it took Nike 5 years to make it

Author Le garçon ( ago)
At 3:15 the boy next to the kid is a french youtuber and the girl next to this guy is french youtuber too, en passant par la qu'est-ce qu'ils font la stp 🙏

Author Mdubs Is me ( ago)
Do what's inside an ouija board

Author Gtime Awesomeness ( ago)
Please do a whats inside episode with an air fryer. Im really curious to see the composition of one of these things.

Author Bob Kim ( ago)
Can you guys do what's inside ur son?

Author Samuel Segieth ( ago)
watch this whast inside is in other pages

Author jabulari ( ago)
Im so jealous

Author SlateHypercurve ( ago)
yo no offense and im not trying to hate but thats such a waist of god shoes like there are people who dont even have shoes again not trying to hate

Author Roy Martinez ( ago)
Hey, guys, I'm a huge fan of this channel as well as a huge Nike air max fanatic, I was wondering if I can have one of those airbag units, been looking for them and can't find any, thanks it would mean a lot.

Author Manny The crazy monkey ( ago)
can y'all help me hit 230🎯☺

Author Manny The crazy monkey ( ago)
can y'all help me hit 230🎯☺

Author Codrin Dumitrescu ( ago)
sry no tanx i wouled licke to not buy you're shoo

Author Here's Johnny!!!!! ( ago)
Can you guys please do what's inside a Nintendo Switch?

Author thegamingexpert333 ( ago)
I voted;)

Author Paige Wireman ( ago)
i have nike shoes but they are not airmax

Author Clorox Bleach ( ago)
do whats inside lincoln

Author Wild Gaming ( ago)
Nice shoe u designed!

Author YA AY ( ago)

Author Sophie Lo ( ago)
Karry Wang,young talented singer and idols from China👍

Author Dennis Pehle ( ago)
can I have one of the soles because I voted for lincoln

Author WildSausage ( ago)
I voted for Lincoln

Author vote4freedom ( ago)
I checked out the voting page and it looks like all 8 designs are going to be made. Congrats Lincoln!

Author E.A.F.H Awesomeness ( ago)
I voted for Lincon, good luck is your reading this Lincon:) P.S. My names Evan From UK and I love your shoe and I have a large interest in Tesla :D

Author xXUHC_ SAMXx ( ago)
Do whats inside a Universal Wand :D like

Author leah galt ( ago)
whats inside a fight spinner

Author 1,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos ( ago)
What's inside icy soles

Author Vidstah ( ago)
I voted fo licon

Author UltraEnforce Gaming ( ago)
I vote for lincoln for the shoes too be made :3 ......yeah............. ok bye

Author Philip Nguyen ( ago)
or maybe what inside a led light

Author Philip Nguyen ( ago)
do what inside licoln shoe if it gest enough votes

Author Philip Nguyen ( ago)
i voted for licoln wa sap

Author Just Horsin' Around ( ago)
I voted for Lincoln

Author k b ( ago)
Do what's inside a claw machine!

Author Ilham Hakim ( ago)
What inside your son

Author Raising Saint Paul ( ago)
Utterly lame... sorry, to have clicked on this... the shoe cost $5 to make...

Author Jeffery Hinderson ( ago)
damm just those materials cost $200+

Author Chris Garcia ( ago)
I voted for Lincoln

Author Harry Houdini 973 ( ago)
What's inside: Lincolns head??
Easy: nithing

Author Eshlen :D ( ago)
What's inside jordan XXXI please

Author Kerri Belcher ( ago)
I vote loicon

Author Nicholas Fasone ( ago)
I voted If you win I will bye 2 pairs of shoes

Author Suicidal Sundays ( ago)
im cryin grown man sneakerhead tears rn

Author Eli Canfield ( ago)
Holy moly they chopped samples rip

Author Kaaden Hyde-Evoundi ( ago)
why are you cutting OS why those are my favorite except air force one

Author Cisco Pena ( ago)
White people ruin everything.

Author Gingin Meme ( ago)
I voted for Lincoln

Author Catto Cheeto Burrito ( ago)
Why would u cut open originals D:

Author Julian Monas ( ago)
U should cut open a bushnell golf laser range finder

Author You heck'n weaboo ( ago)
You know he's white af when he calls anything "swag."

Author ian Snell ( ago)
voted for Lincoln a couple days ago

Author Luis Campos ( ago)
Golden state 😂 what a bandwagon

Author Caiden Nihiser ( ago)
Do a figet spinner

Author Please Stop ( ago)
"We're just a normal person."

Author coolkid64 ( ago)
i hope u win good luck

Author coolkid64 ( ago)
i voted on your sheo and i told a whole lot of my friends to vote for your shoe and they did!

Author Goulash Weekly ( ago)
This hurts me so bad 😭

Author Todd Schuman ( ago)
Sorry if I spelled ur name wrong

Author Todd Schuman ( ago)
Voted for lincion

Author Blaze ( ago)
Voted for Lincoln

Author jeff levin ( ago)
what's inside a deck of cards

Author noah farris ( ago)
i voted

Author hb ( ago)
His face when sawing would make a good meme

Author 9snaker ( ago)
What's inside the Nintendo Switch? Well damn I'm too late :/

Author Pete Puckett ( ago)
I voted for you lincon

Author Bryan Williams ( ago)
he said he like golden. when did you start liking them when kd went there?

Author Jayden Haggerty ( ago)
what about what's inside area 51

Author Cristiano Samsung ( ago)
i voted for u homy linkon

Author 1stbajan Canadian ( ago) plz

Author Nathanminecraft13 ( ago)
Can you see what's inside of a 3-D pen

Author Dr.Chaos ( ago)
whats inside lincons back pack *Dad finds gun

Author fduysgbuyvv23 ( ago)
I voted for your shoes!!!

Author Christian Berry ( ago)
I voted for him

Author Chip gaming ( ago)
LMFAOO they were samples

Author Jeremy Eberhart ( ago)
Cut open car radio

Author DiamondGamerXY ( ago)
I tried voting, but failed because of internet

But I then watch another video

Author Chickenhawk0028 ( ago)
Congratulations Lincoln all designs are being saved. That means anyone can buy ur shoes (sorry if I spelled ur name wrong)

Author RhettBaseball ( ago)
Whats inside a flexible tripod

Author abraham saucedo ( ago)
what's inside a medicine ball

Author abraham saucedo ( ago)
what's inside a medicine ball?

Author Unknown People ( ago)

Author nick underscore88 ( ago)
you guys should cut open Nike Air mags if you know what those are

Author Pink Swagger ( ago)
I voted for Lincoln like 40 times

Author Little Kid Logan ( ago)
I voted for Lincoln

Author Luke Levangie ( ago)
that "not for resale" stamp though :'(

Author Taiben Achter ( ago)
cut open a pro scooter

Author aka gamer benko ( ago)
I vote for linkin

Author Audrey Talbot ( ago)
Watch Studio C.

Author Carter Ganson ( ago)
No affence but it's just a normal nike show that u put different colours on it

Author Miguel Rotger ( ago)
this channel blew up bruh i remember in 2k15 when it had 94,ooo subs

Author Jesse Novo ( ago)
Look whats Inside anti gravity balls

Author The Adrian Show ( ago)
Lincoln is your average white boy hypebeast

Author OdeyGaming ( ago)
cut open a Nintendo switch please

Author Sam minecraftealoto ( ago)
whats inside a nintendo switch plz im your favorite fan

Author Dovah Bear ( ago)
I wish it could just be the dad. The kid ruins most stuff. Not trying to hurt his feelings but I really wish he could be a better actor and host

Author Lucky2orch Dabz ( ago)
I voted u in Nike store hope u win!

Author Portugese Waterdog ( ago)
you should do what's inside a pop socket

Author Jessica Wells ( ago)
I wish I could vote for lincon but I WOULD VOTE!

Author The Live Gamer ( ago)

Author Tigerzack Howell ( ago)
You should do what's inside an nintendo switch

Author Sawada Tsunayoshi ( ago)
Voted but Lincoln won't like my comment just watch

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