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National Geographic Documentary Films’ LA 92 will premiere at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival on April 21, followed by its broadcast debut on National Geographic on April 30 at 9/8c.
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LA 92 - Official Film Trailer | National Geographic

National Geographic

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Author Farnsworth Winkleby ( ago)
Wait didn't they already make War for the Planet of the Apes?

Author VisualDisplay07 ( ago)
I see Maxine Waters been on her game for 16+ years!

Author Milksplooge ( ago)
I can't wait until the last white domino falls...

Author fangirl cupcake ( ago)
this is so sad because it looks like some sort of YA dystopian novel trailer but it's real it's all real it happened and it's still happening and it's only getting worse and you can't fight it it just happens and you can't do anything

Author Hamzah Mahmood ( ago)
1:20 Ouch

Author anthony kelley ( ago)
the LA riots is nothing more then a conspiracy theory because there's no proof of this ever happening and as for the video clips of the black people rioting how do I know or even anyone else knows that these riots wasn't staged for all we know the L.A.riots was probably staged by the Chinese government to destroy the United States of America I was born in 1998 but maybe the L.A.riots really did happen or maybe just maybe the LA riots is a conspiracy theory just like OJ Simpson murder trial of the 1990's but im pretty positive the the LA riots and the OJ Simpson murder trial is a conspiracy theory caused by the Chinese government to destroy the United States of America and until I get the proof I need the LA riots is nothing more then a conspiracy theory caused by the Chinese government

Author Willy Andria ( ago)
mirip tragedi 98 ya
*eh gatau ding 😅

Author Blue W ( ago)
Rioting is not peace and is not a path to peace. It's throwing all things out of the window just to vent your anger (metaphorically and literally). If you want to destroy something, at least destroy what belongs to you and don't ruin things for other people.

Author MyLittleInferno ( ago)
Come stay in SA for a week or two...

Author Alan Castaneda ( ago)
The one thing, regardless of your view point, if it were black officers ruthlessly beating a white man, all would have been convicted. Not only, a white mob would have lynched them before incarceration. Why didn't black folk seek out these white officers and proceed the "white-vigilante"-way? Destroying other's livelihood, neighborhoods, and personal property, whom happen to not be white, was inexcusable. It was purely an excuse for criminality.

Author ryan landes ( ago)

Author ryan landes ( ago)
stick up for the terrorists niggers u fucking monkey lover

Author joyjoyoo ( ago)
I don't know the full story but it's so wrong...damn police brutality. Bullies!

Author rahul mehta ( ago)

Author Fernando Romera ( ago)
CJ, Sweet, Tenpenny... I didn't know that the riot part of san andreas was actually a parody of a real event in the past... quite shocking.

Author Zachary Q. Dwyer ( ago)
Black people out of control the movie

Author Takos_360 ( ago)
Didn't even know this had taken place.

Author ¿ ? ( ago)

Author azelrog ( ago)
this is library

Author Dropalexnotbombs ( ago)
They keep making films but noting changes. God bless everyone

Author Khánn GoldenBlack ( ago)
mark my words this coming is going to be the biggest one of 2017 this video clip of La 92

Author KJM92 ( ago)
I was born on April 29, 1992 and while my mom was resting at the hospital and my dad was out working near the hub of where a lot of the rioting was happening, he managed to take home a new stereo a man was hiding behind a bush. Along with other electronics he was looting from a nearby store. My dad said that as he was loading his truck with the new stereo, he could see the man frantically running down the street, trying to catch up to my dad. My mom said my dad was just smiling when he walked into her hospital room.

Author Homophilically Meek ( ago)
I like when the cops rough up criminals. That's right, those cops are not guilty/to blame, they are to thank for stopping these super predators. _Weeeah, boo hoo, he dindu nuffin,_ ... 🙄 OMG shut the hell up, it's not the cop's fault you don't know how to raise your kids.😝

Author ganger631 ( ago)
wait. why is it that the blacks are the victim in this case? All the Asians had to fend themselves against the black savagery

Author fd11fd33fd99 ( ago)
Clearly, the police who were beating up that black guy were guilty, and should still be in prison. What an injustice? I can't believe it. WTF? And the sad part is that even now the police are getting away with it.

Author Alexander Padilla ( ago)
This actually looks like a interesting documentary!

Author SNS INFOMEDIA ( ago)
I subscribed to your fabulous channel, i request you to SUBSCRIBE to my channel. SO PLEASE SUBSCRIBE.

Author Donegal H. ( ago)
"A riot is the language of the unheard." - MLK

Author Kevin H ( ago)
So their solution was to grab a random white truck driver and knock him out? Good job guys. And then you proceed to burn down half of LA.

Author Rebel Soul ( ago)
White lives matter

Author that dude ( ago)
still not loving police.

Author Carolyn Sanchez ( ago)
was that Rosa parks speaking

Author FaZe Sniper ( ago)
black life's don't matter

Author zaki hannan ( ago)
This fuckup of epic proportions is what resulted in OJ walking free killing a white woman. The black community basically took a piss on the justice system in their own way.

Author cory Flores ( ago)
what everyone fails to see is two wrongs don't make a right

Author Raddder ( ago)
looks good

Author Noman Rasheed ( ago)
Waiting for Asian Americans to cry for the inferiority they face in the US. O wait! They are educated and have good jobs.

Author Mr. Bodymassagemachine ( ago)

Author Atik Hasan ( ago)
fuck this film and those bullshit people who will feel good about themselves watching it

Author Ruben ( ago)
But day dindu nuffin!

Author Hendra Gunawan ( ago)
black going rob korean store. glad korean had gun

Author Ouek ( ago)
I like trains

Author Generic Asian American Guy ( ago)
California is cancer anyway.

Author Hoesay ( ago)
What are you trying to say National Geographic, that this is going to happen again?

Author Hyper trap キリング・ ( ago)
i hope this wont dissapoint

Author YummyDoor ( ago)

Author EH Celikok ( ago)

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