LA 92 - Official Film Trailer | National Geographic

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  • SCharlesDennicon
    SCharlesDennicon 5 days ago

    Seen it. From a cinematographic viewpoint, it's the best documentary I've seen since Man on wire. It deserves a fucking oscar.

  • Alejandro Villanueva

    amazing document

  • dinosmall
    dinosmall 12 days ago

    Anyone know where you can watch the full movie?

  • PacificWest117
    PacificWest117 15 days ago

    What's the name of the theme song?

  • Derrick La Saga
    Derrick La Saga 15 days ago

    i can't find this documentary anyhwere. doesn't have it.

  • root
    root 17 days ago

    Why did NatGeo remove the documentary????

  • Jay Sway
    Jay Sway 17 days ago

    Some say this wouldn't have happened if the judge would've claimed them guilty, this MIGHT be true but then again look at what happened in Ferguson.

    Michael Brown WAS guilty (video evidence), judge handling the case claimed the police officers as innocent and the Black Mob STILL rioted, looted and destroyed the city they live in. So what the hell do these people want?

  • baro wow
    baro wow 22 days ago

    i like this documentary, I mean dang! there's a lot of crazy ppl out there..

  • Tru Joy
    Tru Joy 23 days ago

    Sad how this is still relevant

  • ruborbla
    ruborbla 24 days ago

    -Blacks and latinos were the criminals.
    -Hard working koreans were the victims
    -Corrupt democrats were the accomplices
    -LA was destroyed
    -Today, LA is a ghetto of crime and illegality

  • Khalid Tamimi
    Khalid Tamimi 24 days ago

    i want to watch the full movie please

  • Impending Doom
    Impending Doom 25 days ago

    All of this, just because white people want to keep white supremacy alive.

  • Dyan Mite
    Dyan Mite 25 days ago

    Oh yeah that’s why you need 30 round magazines for your AR or AK platform simi-auto rifle because sometimes the police don’t come when violent crowds are trying to kill you.  That’s why, now it makes sense

  • Ann D
    Ann D 25 days ago

    I saw the whole 2 hour documentary on Nat Geo. What happened to King was brutal and people had a right to be angry, but the level of destruction, larceny, killing of innocent lives (most killed, ended up being blacks), torture of innocent people who just happened to pass by the wrong place at the wrong time, resulted in pain and heartache for thousands of innocent people. This riot was the main reason OJ was acquitted of murder about 3 years later, even though the evidence was there. The LA police didn't want to go thru another riot of this extent, so a murderer walked free. OJ timed this one perfectly.

    • Abdulaziz Hashi
      Abdulaziz Hashi 1 day ago

      I agree with you. I just wish justice was for all and we wouldn't have murdered all over our streets and innocent hardworking people in prison.

  • N00z
    N00z 25 days ago

    LA 92- when the chimps tried taking over the world

  • David delk
    David delk 26 days ago

    Go ahead and burn your city to the ground.. fucking idiots

  • thatstheguy07
    thatstheguy07 27 days ago

    The verdict was not guilty in order to try and create havoc. Chaos. Race wars. The powers that be are masters at the game of Divide & Conquer. They want us fighting with each other. Black vs white. Men vs women. Etc. Keep us fighting each other while they continue taking our rights and money.

  • Guillaume Couture
    Guillaume Couture 27 days ago

    Soo good documentary!

  • ERAProductionsinc
    ERAProductionsinc 27 days ago

    People are so quick to condemn riots while failing to address what causes riots. As one guy in the documentary put it, "if Rodney King's rights had been protected, none of this would've happened."

  • eagleshade11
    eagleshade11 27 days ago

    saw this last night with no commercials and no narrator, a rarity.

  • hyunguk choi
    hyunguk choi 27 days ago

    dear blacks, be really free from the leftist media n government system, they are using you, like they fouhgth to keep the slavery , they still own you blacks see how you people always GO wherever THEY tell you to go! it will be only your suffering being doubled ! it is the leftist who own you PLEASE BE FREE N FIGHT BACK! DEMOCRATS OWN YOUR SOULS.

  • hyunguk choi
    hyunguk choi 27 days ago

    when martin luther said " i have a dream" it wasnt the today he were talking about.
    his dream were crushed by his own colo of poeple . blacks had to wait n think more reasonably before they take out their fist, it is same for all race, think first well before you guys act in a group because you feel like you will be protecte in that herd right, let me see if the god can single you out then commend your suffering of the death because he know what you did with the pen , or with your authroity , with your fist. i am willing to be puinshed also so, apologzes the death of koreans n lets stopthe riots for god sake m please blacks do not listen to the leftisht medai so much just please also think why would there be no media coverage black cops killing white boy or girl? they are using you people , so be free from the democrats

  • hyunguk choi
    hyunguk choi 27 days ago

    if it were me who got beaten by white cops, wonder how many black would even questions if were innocent or not? i am not black so i dont deserve to have any rights right?! specially i am korean n asians who could not say anythng when blacks killed me right?? blacks always had to kill n we asians had to always be the victims of these hatred including numerous innocent white folks, when will be in peace , my fellow negro, i am also negro in terms of suffeing so let me ask you as a negro with asians skin, since when our civil right movenment turned this evil , angry , remember i have a dream speech.

  • hyunguk choi
    hyunguk choi 27 days ago

    i really dont like obama adminstration being worshiped n blacks worshiping obama , i curse both of the to pay their prices white crying out their civili rights ! how many others right have you blacks n leftist broken!!!!!?!!!!?!!!!!?!!!!?!!!!!? how many innocent souls have you leftist black loving group taken just to prove how violent blacks are.

  • hyunguk choi
    hyunguk choi 27 days ago

    black people are only race that promotes riots killling n hatreds in the name of the christi n within the chirch, from their point of view when black kills one asain boy, then it is not their busness , yet if five cop -not kill- but tried to stop one black useless thug for either stealing the store or stealing the car then it is a their business, please tell me all americans who is more racist than blacks , please tell me blacks why are you so racist without talking about slavery, if it is about slavery, in your mind, how many have had to you have to killed n destroyed to equallize your own suffering!?

  • hyunguk choi
    hyunguk choi 27 days ago

    if it was asian who were conviccted those black niggars would have said " what a crazy boy or freak" so in a nutshell, they are just intimidated by all of us non-black that we do not give up our rights to them, they are just satanic people who were sent to destroys us all of us n obama the black king is the satan in the nostradamus prophecy the propehcy state the man will be born in loft little island which is a hawai n his nickname will be the black king. all blacks participate in a killing game, they deserve to be dead as long as they dont or refuse to apologizes the death of all white n asian mens n womens they have killed on their own blood , so i curse all of your stupid hearts hatreds, if it is a racism that when black people commits a crime n cops! cant do anything about it then !!!!!!!!!!!!! how far black people stealing !!!!!!!!!!! beating!!!!!!!!!!! killling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is legal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! answer me you motherfucking negros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! answer me!!!!!!!!!!! yeah i am fucking chinese chingchngcho.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! answer me
    answer me why wasnt the rich black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who lived so good n wonderful life does get an admiration not a hatreds but rich koreans n white etc gets a hatreds. you black people have jobs in the government n local office n there are so many rich blacks too.why the fuck when black wants something it is their right , when we want something it is a greed. remember what those martun luthe king like black leaders talked about koreans as if we were the terrorists or everday killed other blacks, 43 koreans were killed even before the riot, i swear god god will punishe the blakc churches n black people the most horrible way than the slavery, they were only race who pronoted in the name of chuch nchrist

  • hyunguk choi
    hyunguk choi 27 days ago

    black people deleted my youtube comment they will surely be dead for that reason i curse them the voodo skill of mine just to punishe those uneducated mindless negnros. yeah i am ching chang cho so what!

  • Prairie Prepper 777
    Prairie Prepper 777 27 days ago

    What these animals were doin is beyond savage.

    • ERAProductionsinc
      ERAProductionsinc 27 days ago

      Prairie Prepper 777 what those animals did to Rodney King was beyond savage, that being said two wrongs don't make a right but there needs to be understanding as to why it happened

  • IWI KongZilla
    IWI KongZilla 27 days ago

    Bravo!! I'm speechless!! Simply the greatest civil rights documentary ever conceived. As I dry the tears running down my cheeks I say once again! Bravo!!! Avant Garde!!!

    • Vanessa Arzu
      Vanessa Arzu 27 days ago

      It's hard to watch indeed and I cry wih you. But it is necessary for the world to remember what happened them because these injustices are still happening now and to all people of color.

  • Voxxen :3
    Voxxen :3 27 days ago

    I watched this and I have literally never cried so hard in my life.

  • Jeromy Rivas
    Jeromy Rivas 27 days ago

    Fuckn animals. 5.56mm

  • navynugget7
    navynugget7 27 days ago

    This would've been a great time and great city to test some nuclear weapons! LA what a shithole!

  • BlitzinLB27
    BlitzinLB27 28 days ago

    Pull the trigger and shoot those niggers!!

      POOPDOG 21 day ago

      jim apple You have the intelligence equivalent to that of a fish. You have no actual argument and by the look of your response, you're most likely a racist as well. Try and act tough and call a black person a nigger in person and they'll have your severed head on a pike.

    • jim apple
      jim apple 21 day ago

      Your name describes how you look .  poopdog    hahahahaha

      POOPDOG 25 days ago

      If you said to any black person they would blow your brains right of your head. A death all racists like you deserve.

  • lava poop
    lava poop 1 month ago

    all this wouldn't of happen if the judge did the right thing and found them guilty smh

    • lava poop
      lava poop 26 days ago

      inkd42088 what crawled up your anus

    • inkd42088
      inkd42088 26 days ago

      lava poop that's your opinion and it means nothing

    • lava poop
      lava poop 26 days ago

      inkd42088 so wtf the majority of them made the wrong decision any way

    • inkd42088
      inkd42088 26 days ago

      lava poop well it was a jury trial dumbass

  • Ragnar Malcolm
    Ragnar Malcolm 1 month ago

    Holy fuck this looks intense

    KJStJDC 1 month ago

    Was able to see this documentary at a screening last night -- amazing. Respect for the directors for telling the whole story by just using footage and letting the viewer experience it without interruption. I can see why this won so many awards.

    • S D T
      S D T 27 days ago

      Another fantastic documentary that is in the same style (raw footage, no narration) is "102 Minutes that Changed America", about the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York. Very hard-hitting and not for the faint-hearted.

  • Andre Newcomb
    Andre Newcomb 1 month ago

    OJ, there's some shoes up in the wires.  They're yours.  A clockwork orange shows rubber batons and Korean liquor stores on Vermont remembering Pasadena on-ramps.

  • Urocyon
    Urocyon 1 month ago

    Rodney Kang ain't didn't do nuffin' wrong.

  • Md. Rifat
    Md. Rifat 1 month ago

    well this is happening again no matter how much we try we can't change our Gene our mentality there will always be some people who will create hatred among people and create chaos

  • Farnsworth Winkleby
    Farnsworth Winkleby 1 month ago

    Wait didn't they already make War for the Planet of the Apes?

  • VisualDisplay07
    VisualDisplay07 1 month ago

    I see Maxine Waters been on her game for 16+ years!

    • VisualDisplay07
      VisualDisplay07 16 days ago

      Actually, she only started wearing the wig in question in recent years, but what do you know about black women, hairstyles and what, prey tell does your weak insult have to do with getting the job done? Trump had to have hair implants to keep him looking like Eric for as long as possible and he's doing a shoddy job despite Fallon being able to run his fingers through Trump's 'man weave.'

    • Jay Sway
      Jay Sway 17 days ago

      VisualDisplay07 Wearing that same James Brown wig for 16+ years too lol

    • S D T
      S D T 27 days ago

      Maxine Waters is amazing. Love that woman.

  • Milksplooge
    Milksplooge 1 month ago

    I can't wait until the last white domino falls...

  • fangirl cupcake
    fangirl cupcake 1 month ago

    this is so sad because it looks like some sort of YA dystopian novel trailer but it's real it's all real it happened and it's still happening and it's only getting worse and you can't fight it it just happens and you can't do anything

  • Hamzah Mahmood
    Hamzah Mahmood 1 month ago

    1:20 Ouch

  • anthony kelley
    anthony kelley 1 month ago

    the LA riots is nothing more then a conspiracy theory because there's no proof of this ever happening and as for the video clips of the black people rioting how do I know or even anyone else knows that these riots wasn't staged for all we know the L.A.riots was probably staged by the Chinese government to destroy the United States of America I was born in 1998 but maybe the L.A.riots really did happen or maybe just maybe the LA riots is a conspiracy theory just like OJ Simpson murder trial of the 1990's but im pretty positive the the LA riots and the OJ Simpson murder trial is a conspiracy theory caused by the Chinese government to destroy the United States of America and until I get the proof I need the LA riots is nothing more then a conspiracy theory caused by the Chinese government

    • Master Try
      Master Try 9 days ago

      You are fuckin retarded. These happened for real and there are many of us who lost lives of families and friends during this riot. And why the fuck would Chinese government promote this? to gain what?

  • Willy Andria
    Willy Andria 1 month ago

    mirip tragedi 98 ya
    *eh gatau ding 😅

  • Blue W
    Blue W 1 month ago

    Rioting is not peace and is not a path to peace. It's throwing all things out of the window just to vent your anger (metaphorically and literally). If you want to destroy something, at least destroy what belongs to you and don't ruin things for other people.

  • MyLittleInferno
    MyLittleInferno 1 month ago

    Come stay in SA for a week or two...

  • Alan Castaneda
    Alan Castaneda 1 month ago

    The one thing, regardless of your view point, if it were black officers ruthlessly beating a white man, all would have been convicted. Not only, a white mob would have lynched them before incarceration. Why didn't black folk seek out these white officers and proceed the "white-vigilante"-way? Destroying other's livelihood, neighborhoods, and personal property, whom happen to not be white, was inexcusable. It was purely an excuse for criminality.

    • 2KGrind09
      2KGrind09 1 month ago

      the police were running scared ......

  • ryan landes
    ryan landes 1 month ago


  • ryan landes
    ryan landes 1 month ago

    stick up for the terrorists niggers u fucking monkey lover

  • joyjoyoo
    joyjoyoo 1 month ago

    I don't know the full story but it's so wrong...damn police brutality. Bullies!

    • Jay Sway
      Jay Sway 17 days ago

      joyjoyoo here's the synopsis:

      Rodney King was under the influence and speeding, PO stop him. Wrongfully beat the shit out of him. PO are found not guilty, Black Mob goes on a fucking spree and riot, loot and destroy pretty much everything.

  • rahul mehta
    rahul mehta 1 month ago


    • Wat
      Wat 1 month ago


  • Fernando Romera
    Fernando Romera 1 month ago

    CJ, Sweet, Tenpenny... I didn't know that the riot part of san andreas was actually a parody of a real event in the past... quite shocking.

  • Zachary Q. Dwyer
    Zachary Q. Dwyer 1 month ago

    Black people out of control the movie

    • navynugget7
      navynugget7 28 days ago

      Zachary Q. Dwyer and that's different from any other day?

  • Takos_360
    Takos_360 1 month ago

    Didn't even know this had taken place.

  • ¿ ?
    ¿ ? 1 month ago


  • azelrog
    azelrog 1 month ago

    this is library

  • Dropalexnotbombs
    Dropalexnotbombs 1 month ago

    They keep making films but noting changes. God bless everyone

  • Khánn GoldenBlack
    Khánn GoldenBlack 1 month ago

    mark my words this coming is going to be the biggest one of 2017 this video clip of La 92

  • KJM92
    KJM92 1 month ago

    I was born on April 29, 1992 and while my mom was resting at the hospital and my dad was out working near the hub of where a lot of the rioting was happening, he managed to take home a new stereo a man was hiding behind a bush. Along with other electronics he was looting from a nearby store. My dad said that as he was loading his truck with the new stereo, he could see the man frantically running down the street, trying to catch up to my dad. My mom said my dad was just smiling when he walked into her hospital room.

  • Homophilically Meek
    Homophilically Meek 1 month ago

    I like when the cops rough up criminals. That's right, those cops are not guilty/to blame, they are to thank for stopping these super predators. _Weeeah, boo hoo, he dindu nuffin,_ ... 🙄 OMG shut the hell up, it's not the cop's fault you don't know how to raise your kids.😝

    • Homophilically Meek
      Homophilically Meek 1 month ago


    • WinterinBerlin
      WinterinBerlin 1 month ago

      Stopping a criminal and roughing them up are two seperate things. You gotta catch him with the means necessary, ye, but punching him after he's already downed is executing punishment and not within the competence of a policeman.
      Sometimes i also wish they get beat up but that doesnt make it right 😋

  • ganger631
    ganger631 1 month ago

    wait. why is it that the blacks are the victim in this case? All the Asians had to fend themselves against the black savagery

    • Homophilically Meek
      Homophilically Meek 17 days ago

      That's not true. Not all black people are criminals.

    • Cjw615
      Cjw615 17 days ago

      ganger631 and at the time all the blacks had to fend themselves from the police savagery

    • Homophilically Meek
      Homophilically Meek 27 days ago

      OK, maybe you're right in Latasha's case but the bulk of LA riot crime wasn't done by Koreans. That one incident does not even begin to equate to the carnage the rioters caused.

    • ERAProductionsinc
      ERAProductionsinc 27 days ago

      Homophilically Meek read up on Latasha Harlins, your ignorance is dangerous

  • fd11fd33fd99
    fd11fd33fd99 1 month ago

    Clearly, the police who were beating up that black guy were guilty, and should still be in prison. What an injustice? I can't believe it. WTF? And the sad part is that even now the police are getting away with it.

    • Jay Sway
      Jay Sway 17 days ago

      fd11fd33fd99 No they're not. That's what MSM WANTS you to think but in every case where black men have been wrongfully killed, the police officers have been found guilty, fired and taken to jail.

  • Alexander Padilla
    Alexander Padilla 1 month ago

    This actually looks like a interesting documentary!

    • Alexander Padilla
      Alexander Padilla 1 day ago

      OH No! It's him! El enemigo!

      Anyways, did you mention that because my last name is "Padilla"?

    • Donald Trump
      Donald Trump 1 day ago

      Alexander Padilla Not as Savage as me deporting your ass

    • Alexander Padilla
      Alexander Padilla 27 days ago

      You replied to a 3 week old comment? Damn son, that's savage!

    • Art Vandelay
      Art Vandelay 27 days ago

      I just caught it last night, and it is pretty riveting. It's made up entirely of news footage, and footage filmed by civilians.

    SNS INFOMEDIA 1 month ago

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  • Donegal H.
    Donegal H. 1 month ago

    "A riot is the language of the unheard." - MLK

    • Jay Sway
      Jay Sway 17 days ago

      Donegal H. Is MLK living vicariously through you or can you not speak for yourself?

    • Donegal H.
      Donegal H. 24 days ago

      "Whites, it must frankly be said, are not putting in a mass effort to reeducate themselves out of their racial ignorance." - MLK

    • Wat
      Wat 1 month ago

      And looting is the language of the righteous. Give me a fucking break

    • Lewis Doherty
      Lewis Doherty 1 month ago

      Everyone hears them. They just hate them.

  • Kevin H
    Kevin H 1 month ago

    So their solution was to grab a random white truck driver and knock him out? Good job guys. And then you proceed to burn down half of LA.

    • Abdulaziz Hashi
      Abdulaziz Hashi 1 day ago

      so your point is when people are drunk or on drugs cops can beat them senselessly? Rodney King was a human being just like anyone else and just because he was allegedly on drugs or intoxicated does not give any police officer to beat him the way those officers did. Funny thing is today being addicted to drugs today is seen as a disease because it is affecting white families from a higher socioeconomic background. Your comment was ignorant and baseless. People like you who emphasize on "there is more to the story" are always trying to demonize the victim.

    • PacificWest117
      PacificWest117 15 days ago

      Street Justice, the oppressed are letting out their anger since the government does not recognize them as citizens. Then it went from a racial dispute to survival in the concrete jungle.

    • bmillerdrums
      bmillerdrums 1 month ago

      Killed 5 cops really? Show's the content of your character.

    • dmack4142
      dmack4142 1 month ago

      you're still going back to what he did to get in that position, it isn't even part of the argument. Even if he killed 5 cops that shouldn't happen so blabbering on about how he wasn't an innocent man bla bla is still pointless.

    • Thefoilerlives
      Thefoilerlives 1 month ago

      If four cops can beat a black man and be found not guilty, then everything these people did during the riots is acceptable. Thats how they felt at the time.

  • Rebel Soul
    Rebel Soul 1 month ago

    White lives matter

  • that dude
    that dude 1 month ago

    still not loving police.

  • Carolyn Sanchez
    Carolyn Sanchez 1 month ago

    was that Rosa parks speaking

    • ERAProductionsinc
      ERAProductionsinc 27 days ago

      Carolyn Sanchez Maxine Waters, congresswoman from a district in South Central LA

  • FaZe Sniper
    FaZe Sniper 1 month ago

    black life's don't matter

    • Laiko Brown
      Laiko Brown 27 days ago

      *lives. Lol if you're going to be hateful at least be grammatically correct.

    • bmillerdrums
      bmillerdrums 1 month ago

      But his life DOES matter

    • Vincent  Mette
      Vincent Mette 1 month ago

      All lives matter even your sad and miserable live does! You're an disgraceful idiotic racist scumbag!

    • Allan V
      Allan V 1 month ago

      FaZe Sniper great to hear from a 14 year old call of duty player really insightful shouldnt you be uploading a new black ops advanced warfare 5 trickshot video or something

    • Roman Reigns
      Roman Reigns 1 month ago

      FaZe Sniper fuck u idiot all lives matter

  • zaki hannan
    zaki hannan 1 month ago

    This fuckup of epic proportions is what resulted in OJ walking free killing a white woman. The black community basically took a piss on the justice system in their own way.

  • cory Flores
    cory Flores 1 month ago

    what everyone fails to see is two wrongs don't make a right

    • Wolfsangell
      Wolfsangell 14 days ago

      Cant wait to see the excuse they use for rising crime in Baltimore and Chicago

  • Raddder
    Raddder 1 month ago

    looks good

  • Noman Rasheed
    Noman Rasheed 1 month ago

    Waiting for Asian Americans to cry for the inferiority they face in the US. O wait! They are educated and have good jobs.

    • PacificWest117
      PacificWest117 15 days ago

      Puppets? I believe you are right, my people have forgotten who we really are and it's sad. My people, (Aztec, and Indigenous Natives) but a great quantity call themselves Mexican; Are blinded by the religious enslavement that they've encountered since the European Invasion. If only they could see the logic in all this, things would be different. Just remember that Jesus Christ DID NOT exist in the Western Hemisphere, not until Europe came over to persecute us for not believing in their white god. I don't mean to sound racist, but it's true.

      ALICIA FUSCHILLO 17 days ago

      Which "Latinos" are you referring to? It is a steeped in varied ethnicity.

    • that dude
      that dude 27 days ago

      My grandparents were beaten by their teachers in elementary school just for speaking Spanish amongst each other. Fuck you, WestCoast. Read an American history book or something.

    • WestCoast Ridah
      WestCoast Ridah 27 days ago

      since when did latinos suffered lol really ??? latinos are bunch of bitches who dance around the whites like puppets

    • Crazy Mcdonalds
      Crazy Mcdonalds 1 month ago

      @Fem Fet

  • Mr. Bodymassagemachine


  • Atik Hasan
    Atik Hasan 1 month ago

    fuck this film and those bullshit people who will feel good about themselves watching it

    • Marco Iglesias
      Marco Iglesias 1 month ago

      You are obviously not from Los Angeles...we never got closure for what happened. Not as a black male, or latino, the city deserves justice

    • fangirl cupcake
      fangirl cupcake 1 month ago

      I'm confused why is everyone here an a*shole guys nobody here is weak and the film is made to put emphasis on how horrible everything is rn people need to know about it and original comment dude probably isn't a terrorist here I'll ask him, hey origanal comment dude are you a terrorist?

    • Khaleege Watts
      Khaleege Watts 1 month ago

      +Atik Hasan but you're weak tho

    • Atik Hasan
      Atik Hasan 1 month ago

      all you wise people are making me rock hard. LOL

    • Khaleege Watts
      Khaleege Watts 1 month ago

      +WinterinBerlin tbh idk what he talking about lol

  • Ruben
    Ruben 1 month ago

    But day dindu nuffin!

  • Hendra Gunawan
    Hendra Gunawan 1 month ago

    black going rob korean store. glad korean had gun

    • ComputerHelp007
      ComputerHelp007 6 days ago

      Hendra Gunawan and you're proud of "murking" innocent civilians?

    • PacificWest117
      PacificWest117 15 days ago

      The Koreans were overwhelmed by the united black and brown gangs of L.A.
      Bloods, Crips, and SouthSiders.

    • Jesse Wilder
      Jesse Wilder 1 month ago

      Hendra Gunawan they still got robbed and murked, . too many crips and bloods and sureños. together we are unstoppable.

  • Ouek
    Ouek 1 month ago

    I like trains

  • Generic Asian American Guy

    California is cancer anyway.

  • Hoesay
    Hoesay 1 month ago

    What are you trying to say National Geographic, that this is going to happen again?

    • SCharlesDennicon
      SCharlesDennicon 5 days ago

      critterfreek82 To me, they kinda are. The poster says "the past is prologue". They compare the LA riots with the Watts riots at the beginning and the end of the movie. The whole thing is pretty obvious. But I don't think they're wrong.

    • critterfreek82
      critterfreek82 13 days ago

      They are saying nothing of the sort. It's a look back at an important and significant event in the history of race relations in America a quarter century later.

    • Eric Lope
      Eric Lope 27 days ago

      Hoesay it already has happened and been happening

    • Dylan Martin
      Dylan Martin 27 days ago

      Donegal H. Nothing that's happened lately is close to the Rodney King beatings

  • Hyper trap キリング・

    i hope this wont dissapoint

  • YummyDoor
    YummyDoor 1 month ago


  • EH Celikok
    EH Celikok 1 month ago


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