North Korea vs US Military Power Compare

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  • Walter Strong
    Walter Strong 23 hours ago

    NK has a MASSIVE number of artillery positioned on the DMZ border.  When the first shot is fired they'll open up on SK cities with all they've got.  That artillery would have to be the first target if we attack.

  • Aitor Andrew Simoniel Gutierrez

    nobody will win this war 'cause nobody would be able to survive it

  • pinguvell 13
    pinguvell 13 6 days ago

    N.Korea pleas dug up your rockets!

  • maria page
    maria page 9 days ago


    La ONU le ha inpuesto una infinidad de sanciones a Corea del Norte con el fin de ahogarla y matarla de hambre . Cada vez que este pais lanza un misil o hace estallar una bonba, se reune el Consejo de Seguridad, a peticion de Estados Unidos, para condenar siempre a Corea del Norte.
    Para condenar a Corea del Norte, la ONU no toma en cuenta que los Estados Unidos se la pasan haciendo ejercicios militares frente a las costas Norcoreanas desde la Segunda Guerra Mundial, aliados con Japon y Corea del Sur. La ONU no toma en cuenta que Corea del Norte nunca ha ido a Norteamerica a provocar a Estados Unidos. La ONU no toma en cuenta que es Estados Unidos quien se desplaza hacia la peninsula asiatica de Corea para intimidar al pais norteno.
    Si la ONU es lo que pretende ser, un conjunto de naciones, entonces ella deberia sancionar a Estados Unidos por ir a Asia a buscar problemas en latitudes que no le incumben. La ONU deberia imponerle las mismas sanciones a Estados Unidos como a Corea del Norte, si fuera verdad que Corea del Norte lo mereciera.
    Estados Unidos es la unica amenaza globar. Estados Unidos ha estado bombardeando a Siria, ataco a Afganistan, militariza el Mar de China asi como Europa del Este frente a las fronteras con Rusia. Estados Unidos es el unico pais que merece sanciones del Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU.
    Tal parece que la ONU no es ninguna ONU sino mas bien un instrumento que sirve solamente a los intereses de Estados Unidos.
    Estados Unidos nunca pidio permiso a la ONU para bombardear Siria ni Afganistan y la ONU no dijo nada. Estados Unidos militariza el Mar de China y la ONU no dice nada.
    La cobardia de China ha llegado al grado de exigirle a Corea del Norte que acate las resoluciones de la ONU, es decir, que se desarme, que renuncie a defenderse y que desaparezca para que Corea del Sur se extienda hacia Corea del Norte y los Gringos puedan ir a poner bases militares en lo que hoy es Corea del Norte, asi como lo hacen actualmente en Corea del Sur y en Japon. La cobardia de China no tiene limite.
    China deberia exigirle a Estados Unidos que se retire inmediatamente y sin condiciones del Mar de China, ya que la ONU no dice nada al respecto.
    Cualquier persona o pais tiene derecho a construir su defensa sin necesidad que haya una autoaridad que se lo permita o que se lo impida. Una autoridad puede impedirle a una persona portar una arma en la calle, pero no puede ni debe impedirle a alguien portar una arma y permitirle el porte de arma a otra persona. La ley debe aplicarse a todos por igual, no debe haber preferencias para nadie y la ONU le permite a Estados Unidos lanzar misiles, acumular miles de bombas nucleares amenazadoras y hacer ejercicios militares con intencion de invadir pequenos paises indefensos como Irak, Panama, Granada, Libia, Corea del Norte, etc.
    Si llega a estallar una guerra entre Estados Unidos y Corea del Norte, espero que esta ultima nacion lance un misil sobre Nueva York y pulverice la sede de la ONU.

  • Edward Soares
    Edward Soares 9 days ago

    People like to make those silly videos on YouTube comparing armed forces in numbers, as if military strength alone constituted any guarantee of a decisive victory. Any campaign is costly, both in resources and human lives, the invading army will always be in disadvantage, since they are the ones who must take the offensive and force a surrender on their enemy, whereas the attacked force will be in their home country and must simply defend itself long enough to reach a stalemate. An invasion campaign in modern warfare is incredibly complicated, military forces especially in the case of the United States are spread all across the globe, and if you think that would make things easier, you're dead wrong, that makes things INCREDIBLY difficult to manage. The logistics behind it, allocating huge amounts of resources and supplies to thousands of forces, each different in strength and needs, back and forth around the world... it's much more complicated than what numeric terms suggest. Not to mention the human consequences any military campaign implies on either side. There's no victory in war, not for those who fight it, and definitely not for those who manage to live through it. The only ones who gain anything are those who don't care for a human cost anyway, which exhausts any idealistic reason for war. Conflicts are bloody and don't solve anything, in fact, they only make things worse: waste valuable resources and destroy human lives, achieving nothing, except more conflict.

    ADITYA BORA 11 days ago



  • blue story
    blue story 13 days ago

    no one wants to eat your American junk food.

  • Error: Could not authenticate user

    This is like a big brother(US) beating up his baby brother(NK). He(US) can decimate his brother(NK) but he won't because mom(China) and dad(Russia) are watching them.

  • George S. Patton
    George S. Patton 14 days ago

    It's like comparing a 4 year old girl to John Cena.

  • Charles Walker
    Charles Walker 15 days ago

    Every one look up how long America could survive against the world do it its 2 minutes long dooooo it

  • Edward Mynning
    Edward Mynning 16 days ago

    China,, Russia, would never want war with us right now, because of how rich everyone is getting.
    China is communist. yeah right..
    They are so capitalist they can't even see it!!

  • Edward Mynning
    Edward Mynning 16 days ago

    The Chinese and Russians do nothing to help them, a war between the two would be over faster than Desert Storm.
    And I highly doubt China would back them.
    the Chinese government knows North Korean government is nuts!!

  • Walk Khan
    Walk Khan 16 days ago

    best of luck North korea

  • Noe Berengena
    Noe Berengena 19 days ago

    Once that heavy metal stuff started at 1:45 I knew in my gut we'd be kicking some kimchi butt.

  • . 더빙러
    . 더빙러 19 days ago

    if kimjungyeon send up nuclear bomb to us, us will defeat

  • Sebastian Rogers
    Sebastian Rogers 19 days ago

    everyone on the planet needs to wake up... 50,000 years ago there was no countries and borders now just a bunch of idiots who dont know anything creating all these rules and regulations.

  • seo845
    seo845 20 days ago

    But now it's a nuclear war.

  • Dimitrije6500 :D
    Dimitrije6500 :D 21 day ago

    I'm sorry but according to the current stats NK has a larger army

  • Ryan Brock
    Ryan Brock 23 days ago

    The US is just waiting for NK to make the first move so any retaliation or invasion would be justifiable.

  • Tony Dinh
    Tony Dinh 23 days ago

    Game over, you fat pig kimchi, ruthless piece of shit!

  • Tony Dinh
    Tony Dinh 23 days ago

    Our propelled missles launchers will hit theirs about 90 percent of the time with our radar technology and will wipe out their shitty army

  • Lee Sk John
    Lee Sk John 23 days ago

    This war will be usa nightmare . Worst than viet war. They might even nuke yr entire invasion in defence . Entire army and carrier grp wipe out in seconds .

  • Steve
    Steve 25 days ago

    All of these "military comparison" videos are irrelevant. The one true and only statistic that matters, is how fast either country can replace/rebuild it's lost forces. If you take a small country with a standing/active military that's less than a larger country with superior numbers in men and material, but that larger country cannot replace it's spent forces or lost equipment at anywhere near the rate of the smaller country, the chances of the smaller country winning a war against the larger one increase greatly.

  • Boogie Woogie
    Boogie Woogie 25 days ago

    No ac-130?

  • UnicornAkina Hetalian

    Umm m. ..First of all is USA. ...Second Usa is powerfully country

  • PortableBacon
    PortableBacon 26 days ago

    Were the fuck are you even getting these numbers? The U.S has over 100 million people fit for military duty yet you list manpower as 900k. weres the logic in that?

    BENJI'S WORLD 7 27 days ago

    Go USA :D

  • The Military and normal channel

    the only way for north korea to have a fair fight is for philipines , china and russia ro join The US has japan and S.korea

  • Space nugget
    Space nugget 27 days ago

    Did north korea rip off Fisher price toys?

  • Barry Cohen
    Barry Cohen 29 days ago

    URGENT FACT!--- World War 3 is on our doorstep and when it hits you will be exposed to WORLDWIDE TOXIC cell mutating radiation from the air, water and from the contaminated food you will eat! PROTECT YOUR HEALTH AND LIFE! You Need To learn about zeolite for radiation detox. BE READY! See

  • ph0kused
    ph0kused 29 days ago

    you missed the drone category (obviously)

    PEACEKEEPERS Police 1 month ago

    in fact UK is the leader without UK no USA or ISRAEL in this world

  • Yariel Espinal
    Yariel Espinal 1 month ago

    Give USA literally 1-2 years.

  • Chris L
    Chris L 1 month ago

    A false flag event carried out by our friends in Israel will attack a US ship in the area bringing a fevered pitch in the USA to go to war. Problem solved on how to get this all going.

  • You tube pranksTv
    You tube pranksTv 1 month ago

    north korea is bullshit

  • tadzmir ibrahim
    tadzmir ibrahim 1 month ago

    the nk have 3 submarine lol not 70

  • matthew lui
    matthew lui 1 month ago

    North Korea Military Power is too weak

  • stillwill2215
    stillwill2215 1 month ago

    yeah, but how much of American military power is Actually over there? and, are we spread too thin? please RSVP.

  • Mister GT
    Mister GT 1 month ago

    North Korea is like a little puppy getting mad and barking at a huge dog witch is staying calm, that being the USA

  • Derick Panuelo
    Derick Panuelo 1 month ago

    well most of the nk ships and planes don't even work. becuse they don't have enough fuel to run it.

  • Robert Hue
    Robert Hue 1 month ago

    The US vs North Korea would be like an elephant crushing an ant.

  • Dalmacio Wahayna
    Dalmacio Wahayna 1 month ago

    War, war, war, GO, GO, GO...


    Black power ya ali Mahmud abaz we serbs proud ottoman sons


    We serbs are turks we make wars agains white albanians we now speak english ya ali we same as Iran Shia Muslims scums ortodox ya ali Mahmud we dumb but proud

  • Josiah Evans
    Josiah Evans 1 month ago

    Now I just feel sad, we're gonna just push them around

  • frankman2
    frankman2 1 month ago

    That's why NK wants a deliverable nuke on a sub. Plausible 2nd strike even if totally taken out. Dead hand strategy.

    YUIOP WERT 1 month ago

    I feel that the only scary thing about North Korea are the nukes they have

  • IRG-Putin
    IRG-Putin 1 month ago

    North korea is good customer to Russian military complex.

    Usa if you are not cowards! invade North Korea, Test the Russian war toys.

    Give your miserable lives for the advancement of Russian science.

  • Stinger Bee
    Stinger Bee 1 month ago

    North Korea can't get any of it's materiel to the USA. The USA would not conventionally invade North Korea until they have decimated 90% of the DPRK hardware. So a wooden comparison showing the North Koreans have just as many tanks (lol,) for example, is pointless. Moreover do you really think their tanks can stand up to an M1A1?

  • Aimed Abderrahim
    Aimed Abderrahim 1 month ago

    The US can destroy North Korea in only 24 hours

    • WoTanki
      WoTanki 29 days ago

      They would have to kill every NK man, because they are very patriotic, and they will kill shitty occupants from usa!

  • random tv 1
    random tv 1 1 month ago

    nk wants food thats why they want to start war they will loot macdonalds first and order 1000 big macs and fries hahaha

  • hari shankar
    hari shankar 1 month ago

    I think we should make a video about the war on this comment if you agree😁😁

  • KillerBossGames
    KillerBossGames 1 month ago

    i feel safe now

  • Long Fue Vang
    Long Fue Vang 1 month ago

    all thanks to the Germans

  • ArkSaber
    ArkSaber 1 month ago

    What's with the low numbers for some 7 ha more like 7 thousand

  • arztbesuch
    arztbesuch 1 month ago

    the Backgroundmusic👌

  • Son Geki
    Son Geki 1 month ago

    North Korea vs US Military Power Compare:
    Both have nukes. End of discussion and of the dick messurement contest.
    Kim Jong Un is crazy enough to start a nuclear war, don't give him a reason to do so.

  • Mr.Skittles the III
    Mr.Skittles the III 1 month ago

    Are yall forgetting that millions of people are innocent civilians, I hardly doubt that the U.S. will bomb NK, then again it is their home turf, they have the advantage therefore leaving us but no other option but bombing the place.

  • Fungist aka (B-laze)

    Dont underestimate NK. Vietnam brought US to their knees with sticks and clubs.

  • Slumpt TX
    Slumpt TX 1 month ago

    We have exo suits and laser weapons

  • Plane Buster
    Plane Buster 1 month ago

    We need to build more f15s

  • Plane Buster
    Plane Buster 1 month ago

    They still have t54and t55 and t62...

  • ural Walker
    ural Walker 1 month ago

    The u.s.a bully of the planet will lose next war ,thanks to god.

  • ural Walker
    ural Walker 1 month ago

    if you're black don't fight for the u.s.a Nazi military it is not your war.

  • Garry Bourne
    Garry Bourne 1 month ago

    armoured vehicles will be irrelevant in WW3

  • kezeoh cabusas
    kezeoh cabusas 1 month ago

    top countries:
    1st america
    2nd russia
    3rd china

  • riko adi guna putra
    riko adi guna putra 1 month ago


  • Indy's Finest
    Indy's Finest 1 month ago

    North Korea is playing a dicey game and if you mess with the bite your going to get bit! I feel sorry for the misinformed general population in North Koreas. I'm guessing they are just average working people being oppressed by dictator.

  • Debra Carney
    Debra Carney 1 month ago

    So what does a fat little spoiled brat nip, with no military service or West Point experience do all day. Terrorize his own people with hand me down Russian out of date war surplus, while he eats Peking duck. Fuck this slob, we now have a president that won't withdrawal troops too early and we can implement a stable, self sustaining government for those poor subjects. Take him out.....and his juvenile tantrums will go away. He's only as powerful as his demented mind lets him think he is, it's just like that bully.......he's a tough guy until you punch him in the mouth.

  • Schlageter66
    Schlageter66 1 month ago

    Kim jong un , you are a good man !
    Ich bin Deutscher , zweimal haben sich diese verfluchten Yankees ( 1917 - 1918 und 1941 - 1945 ) in unsrere Angelegenheiten eingemischt , obwohl diese sie nichts angingen !
    Beide Male haben diese gottverdammten Yankees umermeßliches Leid über mein geliebtes , deutsches Volk gebracht !
    Uns angeblich befreit !
    Von was bitte schön ???
    Von Leib & Leben , von Hab & Gut und vorallen Dingen , haben uns diese Bastarde unsere Gebiete und Patente mit beraubt ( Yalta 1945 ) !
    Kim jong un , ich wünsche Ihnen und Ihrem Volk alles Gute !

  • kingofenglandthethir

    Total US forces as opposed to total NK forces omits the fact that US total forces are spread throughout the world. The greater mass of US forces will need to remain in America and its 400+ world bases . Does anybody think the US will deplete all world commitments to maintain a 10 to 1 advantage. The South Korean forces with a large US force will achieve a superiority in forces. However this video seems to assume a "state of total war between the US and N K. The South Koreans are Koreans. They dream of the reunification of the peninsular of Korea not the mass murder of 24 million of their sadly brain washed brothers in the north.

  • Auxinn
    Auxinn 1 month ago

    The US would destroy NK! What kind of video is this? It's obvious...

  • Matthew Pittman
    Matthew Pittman 1 month ago

    What a scare

  • kim jong un
    kim jong un 1 month ago

    i'm the best!

  • Grzegorz Kruk
    Grzegorz Kruk 1 month ago

    there is nothing to compare!

  • Максим Бичёвин

    We will remove Putin and many dictators will fall 5.11.17

  • Kamran Ali
    Kamran Ali 1 month ago

    Dont invade NK they are controlled by dictator and without any hesitation they'll use nuke and destroy the world

    • Bruins Fan 88
      Bruins Fan 88 1 month ago

      they most likely dont even have functional nukes. the only ally of the US that they could hit would be SK

  • Patriot Albanian
    Patriot Albanian 1 month ago

    Kill THose ugly orcs Chinese Fucks fuck iran Rusia Serbia Grece India Afghanistan u fking Shia Muslims orthodox Scums rusia is not strong Albanian Rebels Guerilla killed 10,000 rusian mercenary and about 250 rusian t90 Tanks destroyet Albanien Rebels Guerilla Fighters got only rpgs and ak but win

  • MrCali357
    MrCali357 1 month ago

    There's nothing to compare here. It's like comparing a 240lb wrestler to a 2 year old kid.

  • jfmjames
    jfmjames 1 month ago

    them 6 ballistic submarines that north korea has stationed off of us west coast and hawaii, will do an awful lot of damage to civilian population. best be careful mr trump!

  • Roman Bellic
    Roman Bellic 1 month ago

    North Korea doesn't even have the ability to feed their troops or even supply them long enough. It's like playing a video game and a low level goes against a level 100 player

  • Mary Kali
    Mary Kali 1 month ago

    America has artillery that actually works.

  • TheViburn
    TheViburn 1 month ago

    NK would clearly lose. Kim has to learn that it takes more than a little fresh paint to have a modern army.

  • Honey Badger
    Honey Badger 1 month ago

    In a non nuclear war US would defeat NK whithin hours

  • Doogle Ticker
    Doogle Ticker 1 month ago

    It was Fearless Leader KIM (number two) that invented meat between two bread slices (AKA hamburger)...according to the NK official propaganda. Gosh, I hope they don't sue the rest of humanity for royalties on that...they'll be rich enough to take over the whole wide world!

  • Kai Rossbacher
    Kai Rossbacher 1 month ago

    T-55 first generation? Is this a Joke???

  • alfesh zuber
    alfesh zuber 1 month ago

    strength dosent matter all u need to have is guts americans wont have that in NK situation.

  • David Jager
    David Jager 1 month ago

    north Korea is a fucking joke little bitches won't do shit

  • Joss Mikeal Picardal

    Well to be honest I just believe we are going to do what we do best Blow the Hell out of north korea

  • JeanLafitte
    JeanLafitte 1 month ago

    5:35 "Transport Aircraft" the truth behind the numbers is seven worse for North Korea North Korean Special Forces rely on the 1946-vintage Antonov An-2 "Colt" to deploy paratroopers and commandos. An-2 is a baby seal for US and South Korean air defense, fighters and even troops firing out of the side doors of helicopters to kill.

  • JeanLafitte
    JeanLafitte 1 month ago

    4:00 "Rocket launchers" - I was worried about the imbalance between the US and NK on rocket launchers until I saw most of them are Katyushas and FROGs. Inaccurate, and soft targets for ATACMS missiles with HE or smart armor-piercing bomblets. A head-to-head artillery duel between North Korea and the US Eighth Army, South Korean forces and the US Air Force and Navy would end very badly for North Korea.

  • Ken Coker
    Ken Coker 1 month ago

    and yet even a small hand full of goat fuckers in the middle eastern desert is still keeping the world largest military power at bay. lol

  • Daniel Treadwell
    Daniel Treadwell 1 month ago

    We ain't afraid of no gooks!

  • Henrik Andréason
    Henrik Andréason 1 month ago

    By just comparing airpower goes to show who of them would win. Rule the skies and you win the war. Atleast by judging that this is two conventional armies facing of against each other.

  • James Yates
    James Yates 1 month ago

    hoperfully kim fires as soon as possible...lets pray the coward phony loser americans...who are in fact not american at all...but liars and frauds........praying to non xtian GOD that that dam breaks and kills a shi....t load of traitors....I can not marry a government weapon...american women(whores) all have 3 or 4 last names...The children are used as weapons it's called "blackmail" :wink: You will find very few children that have fathers in amerifraud=land of cowards and liars...The cowards could not even make thier own national anthem..Thier enemy did lol.....also they fly two separate flags..The real one in court, and the fake one waiving on top of the court house...Real stupid people...The Government dose not want muslims here...because, they will teach amerifrauds how to shoot back...The government could give a shi...t less about bombings....amerifrauds killed thier own people (children) oklahoma bombing was an fbi joke on the cowards(amerifrauds).......and of course...9-11...

  • izuksammy
    izuksammy 1 month ago

    You forgot to add the media

  • Rockysquid
    Rockysquid 1 month ago

    Where are the V-22 Ospreys at???

  • antonio melendez
    antonio melendez 1 month ago

    my gosh do some research most of the fact are fake

  • tank3225 aka Dj_tank

    were America anyone stupid enough to poke a active bee hive like Japan in the past should know we don't fuck around.
    all we would do is blow them to hell and back simple, easy, quick.

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