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Author Logan Stephenson (1 month)
Subscribed; Gamer Tag -> HeadShots4Dayss

Author dakoda kirk (9 days)
Subbed gt is zoimbeslaslayer

Author Ethan Hutch (10 months)
@disputers123456 mine is MassXwarfare please do mine!

Author Vs Rush (3 months)
Subbed inv me my get is vZ lynnx

Author Chris Aucter (1 month)
GT: BulgyTooth1596

Author christian morgan (4 months)

Author Sean Lewis (5 months)
GT: LilLewis00, and can you give infections

Author Kaman Kang (5 months)
GT: MMonkeyKKid

Author Paul Jordan (4 months)
OiOi JoRdAnN

Author VR SkilZ (5 months)
I subbed and my GT:Jamz x TrIcKz

Author justin brantley (4 months)
Corleone L Sgt

Author Jas0nTHeNINJA (2 months)
Subscribed. GT: Jas0nTHeNINJA

Author Raheem Bolden (4 months)
iWrek x Society

Author Carolyn Gourlay (6 months)
I subed and my gamertag is XLR8 DuBsTePz

Author HDzToneAttemptZ (3 months)
I miss tu6 😔

Author Buizel Plays (6 months)
TSK Bladez

Author FreZ Eye (7 months)
FreZ Eye

Author Lucas Lindgren (5 months)
Gt: Lucas Shakur

Author cocogaming (5 months)
xbox 360 gt is coco5789

Author TrickShottingPotato (4 months)
I subbed GT: oo PerPleX oo

Author SkaR StealTh (5 months)
my gamertag is sKaR StealTh

Author Alex Fogle (5 months)
i subbed do mine GT: xENDLESSxGamer5

Author Itz Azryd (6 months)
Hey can you get me 10 prestige mods? Also my Gt is Twistedx3ffectz also sub

Author Wout Janssens (2 months)

Author Michael Oxenham (6 months)
Onix bills is my gt and I really want the spinnig skull emblem actually
that's i all I want if you came plz

Author manman2567 (6 months)

Author Anshoo saha (6 months)
Awesome man71

Author cocogaming (5 months)

Author Skilled Banana Man (6 months)

Author raam fart (10 months)
GAMERTAG: D3M34T15 A514N Do mine!!!!!

Author James laffin (8 months)
a barrel 1

Author io Gamer (8 months)
gt : Killer3459

Author ballislife Price (8 months)
I subed GT xEpiC xWanTeD

Author Peyton KIng (9 months)
Gt peyton1472580

Author Marcel Karrer (9 months)
I subscribed, so pls get me in one of these -> Xbox-GT: "Shooterkiller X"
THX ;)

Author TheMinecraftHero - (8 months)
Sub me

Author Chris Robertson (9 months)
I subbed so can i get one GT:IttzzNiNJazZ

Author East Coast Kicks (10 months)
GT is D3fy Jok3r 

Author Robert Thompson (9 months)
Gt: Cx4 KILLER25077 on xbox 360 i need one really bad please

Author CoD Gaming (10 months)
gt: xxPlatano10xx

Author Alec Begay (9 months)

Author Zeke Smmers (9 months)
do me gt : ekez123ysug

Author Jam Man (9 months)
My gamer tag is XxSh4dowreapzxX please add me or send a message!

Author Adrien FIGUERES (10 months)
GT : adriraxor 

Author Trevor Schoen (10 months)

Author Trenton Lane (9 months)
gt:quickscope9157 can you please put me in your lobby I really need this

Author Jonathan Hillman (10 months)

Author Ice? Raoul (10 months)
my Steam GT is [CUBE] Gandalf

Author Just Eli (10 months)
If someone can get me everything unlocked i will return! Message "TraMa
Eli" on XBL

Author pablo garfias (1 year)
Add Me gt : WinnieDaPablo19 on xbox360

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