xenon 8000k vs 6000k

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Author แสงอาทิตย์ สาดส่องแสง (12 days)
Calculator recording sure....

Author World One Tube (9 months)
If you want to know how this set looks like, see my channel, I show there
the HID Xenon 8000K 35W, I also explain how you need to connect it on your
car correctly so you don't get error's!

Author oldschoooll (2 years)
Cell phone recording...really?

Author verAppIed (2 years)
Is this a remix of "Where them girlz at" or the original one? Sounds like
much more bass. If a remix, plz tell me

Author Eddy Raymundo Chi Quen (2 years)
remix version is a friend, stick very well the woofer

Author hyfrSilaz71 (2 years)
I just looked thru all these comments and i realized, english or not i cant
understand any one of the fukkers

Author verAppIed (2 years)
Is it possible to upload the remix version? It sounds very well!

Author TIKIMAN198 (9 months)
you're a faggot and you deserve to die nigger.

Author Chris Liu (1 year)
just wasted 40 secs of my life... RIP

Author Skyler Deckard (2 years)
What brand of potato was this filmed with?

Author Eddy Raymundo Chi Quen (2 years)
perdon pero es q tengo bajas en 6000 y altas en 8000 por eso no se ve el
comparativo pero en funcionamiento puedo decirles q no es como los focos de

Author mtthomo (2 years)
Running your hids while others are coming toward you what a fucken asshole
your are

Author JCamacho123 (1 year)
Lmfao this video is pointless...

Author CDNbakin (1 year)
Could have at least turned the horrible disco music off before filming..

Author haussemann deter (1 year)
Nice song ,if you like that kind of stuff!!!

Author daddyfranky01 (1 year)
lowbeam on 6k and highbeam on 8k.... so how can you make a comparison? You
are HIV Aladeen!

Author bradbrad@planbrad (1 year)
Are the rest of your vids this good?

Author Eddy Raymundo Chi Quen (2 years)
percent the friend did not look as I walk in memory of the car, and came on
a motorcycle, just as it happened to you.

Author Stefan Lutz (2 years)

Author Gustavo Javier Mondino Conci (2 years)
Para q ir andando a esa velocidad y con la camara moviendose mas q en un
terremoto. . . . Muestre con el auto parado primero u.u

Author Jonathan Flys (2 years)
y el comparativo? perdon pero malisimo el video!

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