xenon 8000k vs 6000k

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Author SLA ( ago)

Author แสงอาทิตย์ สาดส่องแสง ( ago)
Calculator recording sure....

Author World One Tube ( ago)
If you want to know how this set looks like, see my channel, I show there the HID Xenon 8000K 35W,  I also explain how you need to connect it on your car correctly so you don't get error's!

Author TIKIMAN198 ( ago)
you're a faggot and you deserve to die nigger.

Author CDNbakin ( ago)
Could have at least turned the horrible disco music off before filming..

Author bradbrad@planbrad ( ago)
Are the rest of your vids this good?

Author Chris Liu ( ago)
just wasted 40 secs of my life... RIP

Author flying High crew productions ( ago)
Nice song ,if you like that kind of stuff!!!

Author JCamacho123 ( ago)
Lmfao this video is pointless...

Author Skyler Deckard ( ago)
What brand of potato was this filmed with?

Author Adrian Lucid ( ago)
Cell phone recording...really?

Author Stefan Lutz ( ago)

Author Eddy Raymundo Chi Quen ( ago)
percent the friend did not look as I walk in memory of the car, and came on a motorcycle, just as it happened to you.

Author verAppIed ( ago)
Is it possible to upload the remix version? It sounds very well!

Author Eddy Raymundo Chi Quen ( ago)
remix version is a friend, stick very well the woofer

Author verAppIed ( ago)
Is this a remix of "Where them girlz at" or the original one? Sounds like much more bass. If a remix, plz tell me

Author Eddy Raymundo Chi Quen ( ago)
perdon pero es q tengo bajas en 6000 y altas en 8000 por eso no se ve el comparativo pero en funcionamiento puedo decirles q no es como los focos de halogeno

Author Gustavo Javier Mondino Conci ( ago)
Para q ir andando a esa velocidad y con la camara moviendose mas q en un terremoto. . . .
Muestre con el auto parado primero u.u

Author Jonathan Flys (686 years ago)
y el comparativo? perdon pero malisimo el video!

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