Philco 1940's model 46-1203 art deco styled radio & record player.

Another flea market score. I found this 1940's art deco styled Philco that is in immaculate condition for its age with a beautiful original light brown mahogany finish. Model 48-1256 used 6 tubes and included an automatic record changer. It received the AM band only. It was available in either Walnut or Mahogany.
Original selling price: $124.95 (walnut), $129.95 (mahogany)

It was introduced in 1941, and has almost no scratches and has it's original nice shine. The radio works great and has a nice bass and rather powerful amplifier. The record changer cosmetically looks like new, but does not work properly. It keeps cycling and also the record release levers do no operate, which I think I can fix. The original 78 cartridge also does not work. The amplifier is very quiet with no hum, and has all original tubes. I foolishly tried to avoid temptation at buying this as I have quite a few record players that need work. He wanted almost 50.00 which was probably a bargain at that for a vintage radio in its condition. I walked around the drive in a couple of times and each time when I stopped by the price got a little lower. Just around noon when everyone was leaving he let me have it for 15.00, and it is in amzaing conditon for it's age. When I get the changer repaired I will post some of my 78 record collection using this record player. There was another RCA from the 1940's needing lots of work but he wanted 55.00 for it as is.

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Author Scott Frye (1 year)
I just got one in from my stepson to go through and make sure it all works
. Then we'll put it up for sale

Author Larry Gott (4 years)
Now, if you could get it to play 1940's programs you'd really have
something! ;^)

Author Owly Owlybananas (4 years)
very nice and the wood is mint

Author shedradios OLDRADIOS (4 years)
Because it is on automatic. That's a normal action. To play record the
switch should be in manual. That is if all else being ok. Pilot error, oops
operator error.

Author desoto1961 (4 years)
Find their website it will have all the info you need and you can email
them and they will give you a price on restoring the cartridge. West Tech
Services.The one I bought on ebay was new and made in china but it looked
original and works !!

Author maynardcat (4 years)
How about posting it sometime as is, it would be interesting to see. I also
remember the Philco you bought on ebay back in the summer. Did you ever
start working on it. I did get the changer working. It had a worn out
spring, needed a little cleaning and oil, but the cartridge has no output.
Some of them ususally fail with age, that is why I am a lit cautious of
those new old stock 78 cartridges on ebay. I bought one once and it had no

Author maynardcat (4 years)
This needs a new a new cartridge. It is difficult to find just a 78
cartridge for these, and the new old stock cartridges sometimes don't work
either due to age. I may have to try a Pfanstiehl of some type.

Author maynardcat (2 years)
I just checked ebay, and there are 3 or 4 listed, most are not in very good
cosmetic condition, and are priced somewhat high.

Author fortiesnutcase (4 years)
A real beauty!!

Author Lockemeister (4 years)
Very nice! I love the art deco styling.

Author dewey70 (1 year)
15 bucks! Sweet deal.

Author maynardcat (4 years)
Hi desoto1961 Thanks for the comment. Do you mail in your old cartridge to
Caldwell for repair. I think I may have to resort to doing that as I have
bought new old stock on ebay, and they have either no output or low volume
due to age. The old 78 cartridges are almost impossible to find and when
you do most of them don't work.

Author umajunkcollector (4 years)
I waz thinkin that computers should have a nice wooden case, but they are
obselete so soon, that it's not worth it. But even if they used simulated
fake cabinets, they put little effort into making confusers look kewl like

Author hollycare (4 years)
I loved those old recordplayers in my youth, still do.

Author maynardcat (4 years)
Thanks for your help, I will check out their website.

Author born2conga (4 years)
It was made in 1946 I have one.

Author maynardcat (9 months)
Yes I have another video uploaded showing it operating properly, but at the
time I didn't have a 78 cartridge to install in it. Just type in maynardcat
1940's changer

Author CASE (2 years)
I am extremely jealous of you.

Author PurpleAlligatorSoup (3 years)
I also own one of these Philco's its a 1946 with a Mahogany finnish and
works great but needs a little woodwork. My model is practically the same,
great classic.

Author maynardcat (4 years)
@shedradios No it is not a normal reaction, the changer was malfunctioning,
by continuously rejecting the record instead of playing it. I have another
video showing the changer repaired and the tonearm not rejecting in error,
playing the record as it should,and rejecting only at the end of the record
or by the reject switch.

Author Colin Todd (1 year)
Wow what a lovely item, and in original codition too. Bargain!

Author farr64 (4 years)
easy fix remove clip holding turntable you will see a large cog follow
teeth round and you will find a very small floating arm abot 3cm in lenth
it's job is to engage the auto function of the turntable it should move in
at the end of the record to engage autostop it as seased or jambed in try
moving it back and forth and lubricating it with some light machine oil ..;

Author chagall56 (4 years)
Why does your changer keep rejecting the record? Do you lack the stylus? I
have a 46-1209 Philco console. Mine has the 10A changer that has a magnetic
cart. You have the model 10 changer with a crystal cart. A friend of mine
told me to get a model 10 phono like yours because you change out the
crystal cart. and install a astatic ceramic cart. where styli are easily

Author bluenazz (4 years)
The cabinet on that unit is outstanding!

Author maynardcat (4 years)
@born2conga This one is also a 1946. This model was introduced in 1941, and
I assume the quit making them during the war years or made very few of
them. The first two digits of the model no indicate the year.

Author maynardcat (4 years)
@chagall56 Hi chagall56 I had the explanation about the changer in the
information box. This is all the changer would do when I first bought it .
I did manage to fix the changer, but I still need to change the cartridge.
The trip mechanism in these old changers is very sensitive. Too much
tension on the spring and it constantly rejects and too little it won't
reject at all. So far it's been working just fine.

Author Gregory May (1 year)
Can't seem to make up it's mind!

Author Richard McLeod (3 years)
I have a 1948 Motorola 78 RPM record player radio combo in a solid Bakelite
Cabinet. The needle appears to last forever, or certainly a long time. The
change is Model RC-30. The record player looks great, and the sound is
good. The changer will hang up on occasion, but then I play it manually. It
needs a little adjustment on occasion.

Author aurora1957A (9 months)
man that is cosmetically in wonderful shape! I'm jealous. Didja get it to
work right?

Author Vinylrecordsneverdie (4 years)
Whoever owned it must've kept it out of the attic, basement, shed, or
garage and cleaning it regularly cuz it looks so damn mint for being 60
something years old.

Author desoto1961 (4 years)
Beautiful player. I have had West Tech services in Caldwell Ohio repair my
old 78 RPM crystal cartridges. Very fast turaround. And I bought a repro on
ebay for my 1946 Rock-ola jukebox and it worked great !

Author dgmarkham (3 years)
What a deal you got! $15 for that vintage radio/record player? Beautiful.

Author retrochad (4 years)
Wow, that was a great deal! We worked on one of these and as I remember the
record changer was simple to work on without a lot of complex parts but the
radio chassis was pretty crowded and difficult to replace capacitors. I
think we put a new Pfanstiehl ceramic cartridge in it.

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