Official Juicy Fruit Commercial ft. Julianne Hough

production company: Laundry
director: Laundry! (Anthony Liu + PJ Richardson)
agency: Translation marketing

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Added: 6 years
Runtime: 0:33
Comments: 675

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Author RileyRichardz (4 years)
Doesnt even hold a CANDLE to the 1980s verson.

Author spartoon110 (5 years)
ill have wat hes havin

Author airkobealday (4 years)
fucking cb killed it

Author HornyFishx (5 years)
Sexy girl :- >

Author Doug ug (3 years)
Great ASS

Author Hottie00301524 (4 years)
Ur a follower Chris brown made a commercial just like dat MAKE UP UR OWN

Author sashamonsterr (3 years)
i like doublemint better..

Author Chance Rourke (5 years)
i wanna bone her

Author bigchrisbrownlover (4 years)
@flowerpie411 Yup iAqreee With You !!

Author Courtney123321hello (4 years)
This is like one of the best videos =]]

Author BoogieMind (4 years)
Doublemint, Big Red, and Juicy Gum are all from the same company.

Author Tairoku (5 years)
Hmmm for some reason I want some Juicy Fruit now...

Author Matt Will (2 years)
This video made me buy a truck load of Juicy Fruit its definitely good for
your soul!!!

Author lazyboypnoy3 (5 years)
she is sexy as hell

Author Takashi1NY (1 year)
3 year old comment response. wtf.

Author hearron15 (2 years)
julianne is pretty but CHRIS BROWN IS SEXY #NUFF SAID

Author simpsonsman957 (5 years)
a vagina?

Author johnnyboy221094 (4 years)
i came.

Author Ray-Ray Brackens (4 years)
i like this commercial cant stop watchin it

Author Mike Ondreyko (3 years)
@RileyRichardz My sentiments exactly!

Author maxcharmax (5 years)
lol im from south alabama HOT REDNECK CHICKS FTW

Author idylanj (4 years)
Love this commercial and LOVE Julianne Hough! Shes so pretty and talented (:

Author Keith Payne (3 years)
this is so me!

Author 69Sixteynine (4 years)
the 1987 original song was 1000000 times better.

Author anastasiaT1234 (5 years)
now thats how you sell gum.

Author mkyakomo Khatau (2 years)
Julianne Hough is so hot omg thats all ur thinking of lol

Author patlenora9 (3 years)
so wrigley's is just gonna dis winterfresh??? lol

Author AznM4fia (3 years)
Pop it in your mouth?

Author CoonEyed (3 years)
The difference between Chris Brown's commercial and Julianne's commercial
is the influence of women. Although Julianne is a woman, and hot, unless
there are as many lesbian lovers out there as there are straight,
heterosexual, Chris Brown-lovin' female consumers out there, Julianne will
never sell as much gum. While guys might want a poster of Julianne on their
bedroom walls, you've gotta admit, female fans are just a little bit more
intense than that...

Author ComplexedSociety (5 years)
She reminds me of a young Meg Ryan.

Author John Spencer (4 years)
Don't like juicy fruit but I love the girl

Author TwilightSagaLove0794 (4 years)
They do this kind of commercial for all the wrigleys gum. They did it for
big red too and ne-yo sang the song. So she didnt copy they do it for all
of the gum.

Author bigchrisbrownlover (4 years)
@echo685 Fuck You.Chris Brown Iss Fuckin Sexcy

Author RiverStix1234 (5 years)
dam shes hot ans i like the coutry bango they put in it

Author weak4legs (3 years)
She is gorgeous!

Author JayMarxMusic (4 years)
This is commercial is horseshit compared to Chris Brown's. She's hot
though, I'll give her that.

Author simpsonsman957 (5 years)
isnt a bone in ur arm

Author William Weissman (4 years)
not great singer, however.... really damn hot.

Author Josh B (5 years)
when i was in canada i bought some of that gum

Author nissantitansc (4 years)
Julianne Hough, Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler. in that order. hottest
girls in country.

Author Jmehix (4 years)
Chris Brown is a douchebag.

Author bigchrisbrownlover (4 years)
@AlexSevigny89 ummm what the fuck??cause i can?iwas checkinqq out this gay
ass commercial?and y do u care?

Author KrystenLucas (5 years)
yes, "kinda"

Author Rockin Robinson (1 year)
i remember this then i was young. :) Memories.

Author cool12328 (4 years)
i might propose

Author Bob Jefferson (3 years)
a bit too.. shit for my taste

Author Christina Nana (4 years)
Chris Brown Commercial Was Better! IDGAF What Nobody Says!!

Author arumdance (5 years)
its like the double mint commercial

Author Tazreen Mahmood (4 years)
i love this song:P:P

Author Lilicious1000 (3 years)
I used to love these commersials...

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