Official Juicy Fruit Commercial ft. Julianne Hough

production company: Laundry
director: Laundry! (Anthony Liu + PJ Richardson)
agency: Translation marketing

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Runtime: 0:33
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Author Abigail Chew ( ago)
0:06 did Jules lose her left eyelash extensions?

Author muskielolable ( ago)
Would bang

Author TRVVR ( ago)
Happy Birthday Alicia!!!! ;)

Author Liana Rodriguez ( ago)
kingtrash, total g

Author Richard J. Smith ( ago)
Thumbs up if Michael DeForge brought you here. WHY MICHAEL WHY

Author Takashi1NY ( ago)
3 year old comment response. wtf.

Author ClassicTVMan1981X ( ago)
Oh, yeah? The classic version also sounded country-ish... and bluesy.

Author ClassicTVMan1981X ( ago)
The 1985 version also sounded country, maybe that's the reason Miss
Julianne wanted to do this? I mean, that version used what sounded like a
Fender Telecaster guitar.

Author backtotherooster ( ago)
Forget the Juicy Fruit. She's got a nice juicy ass!

Author Rockin Robinson ( ago)
i remember this then i was young. :) Memories.

Author MultiMonster69 ( ago)
itll move ya for a good 5 seconds then itll lose the flavor

Author marcio3santos ( ago)
What happend to "take a sniff, pull it out"? Ahhh, the joys of the 80's...

Author Lashaee Gholar (1595 years ago)
Juicy Fruit Yeah !!!!!!

Author kim mckendrick ( ago)
@ryanrudeiscool shut the fuck up asshole! Julianne did amazing.

Author Cynless ( ago)
Julianne Hough you are an amazing dancer/actress/singer... I love you -3-3-3

Author trvm153 ( ago)

Author mkyakomo king ( ago)
Julianne Hough is so hot omg thats all ur thinking of lol

Author ryanrudeiscool ( ago)
@DragonHatchet no bithc just go sucka cok

Author DragonHatchet ( ago)
@ryanrudeiscool FUCK U

Author ryanrudeiscool ( ago)
@TheEllenShow UR FUCKEN STUPID !!!!!!!

Author bgd360 ( ago)
Works for me!

Author DragonHatchet ( ago)
all you need for a comercial now days is a blond sexy chick.

Author Matt Will ( ago)
This video made me buy a truck load of Juicy Fruit its definitely good for
your soul!!!

Author KTBEverlasting ( ago)
@hearron15 Comparing a girl and a guy: FAIL

Author hearron15 ( ago)
julianne is pretty but CHRIS BROWN IS SEXY #NUFF SAID

Author 248productions ( ago)
I got something Julianne Hough can pop in her mouth

Author applejuice95 ( ago)
She's hot but Chris Brown's commercial killed hers.

Author Succotashes ( ago)
Who cares about her. her voice makes me wanna scratch my ears off.

Author CoonEyed ( ago)
The difference between Chris Brown's commercial and Julianne's commercial
is the influence of women. Although Julianne is a woman, and hot, unless
there are as many lesbian lovers out there as there are straight,
heterosexual, Chris Brown-lovin' female consumers out there, Julianne will
never sell as much gum. While guys might want a poster of Julianne on their
bedroom walls, you've gotta admit, female fans are just a little bit more
intense than that...

Author Mike Ondreyko ( ago)
@RileyRichardz My sentiments exactly!

Author Joseph Parsons ( ago)
Is this a fat joke?

Author C♓illi ( ago)
now we only have the "nobody beats Aaron's" commecial -__-

Author idotidot2 ( ago)
this is my favorite

Author goodolboy17 ( ago)
@248productions Im sure it's small as gum though.

Author Mz Silele ( ago)
her commercial is soooooooo cute

Author 248productions ( ago)
I got something she can pop in her mouth...and it ain't gum ;)

Author AznM4fia ( ago)
Pop it in your mouth?

Author Michaela Mitchell ( ago)

Author eric schaef ( ago)
@bigchrisbrownlover AGREED

Author iamawesome523 ( ago)
NEVER leave Juicy Fruit in your mouth over night! it taste like semen!

Author weak4legs ( ago)
She is gorgeous!

Author cool12328 ( ago)
i might propose

Author cool12328 ( ago)
what a coincidence i only buy juicy fruit now.... shes fine as hell!

Author jennifersman ( ago)
Julianne's just as juicy!

Author JayMarxMusic ( ago)
This is commercial is horseshit compared to Chris Brown's. She's hot
though, I'll give her that.

Author warpedsavage ( ago)
julianne is sexy as hell

Author Jmehix ( ago)
Chris Brown is a douchebag.

Author NEWRNBDAILY1 ( ago)
Chris Brown's is BETTER.

Author airkobealday ( ago)
fucking cb killed it

Author That Guy ( ago)
Here at the end she says "the taste is gonna, gonna, gonna move ya" but the
in the original 80s ads it was "the taste, the taste, the taste is gonna
move ya". Wonder why they felt the need to change that?

Author cutiecrossable ( ago)
i love juicy fruit

Author jamasianman ( ago)
I just found out she's only 22.

Author Kashti Hough ( ago)

Author Christina Nana ( ago)
Chris Brown Commercial Was Better! IDGAF What Nobody Says!!

Author flowerpie411 ( ago)
@bigchrisbrownlover thx lol!!!

Author bigchrisbrownlover ( ago)
@Qiuera91 Yea Wee All Knoow Who Thatt Iss Of Coursee Chris Brown !!

Author bigchrisbrownlover ( ago)
@flowerpie411 Yup iAqreee With You !!

Author bigchrisbrownlover ( ago)
@echo685 Fuck You.Chris Brown Iss Fuckin Sexcy

Author echo685 ( ago)
Fuck Chris Brown, this Julianne chick is crazy hot!

Author flowerpie411 ( ago)

Author johnnyboy221094 ( ago)
i came.

Author Spencer Clarke ( ago)
I want some of your Juicy Fruit ;)

Author Taylor Harris ( ago)
@anastasiaT1234 lmao hell yea!!!!!!!!!!

Author bigchrisbrownlover ( ago)
@AlexSevigny89 okayy whatever you say!!!?????well watver im not trying 2
waste mt timee on you okayy byee havee a good day.!!!!

Author AlexSevigny89 ( ago)
@bigchrisbrownlover cause I like Julianne Hough, she's a beautiful woman.
Plus, You don't see me coming up into Chris Brown's juicy fruit ad and
saying it sucks, because I know better than to offend a chris brown fan, so
you should thank me. So for all the chris brown fans, why don't you go
watch your own shit, and let us enjoy our shit.

Author bigchrisbrownlover ( ago)
@AlexSevigny89 ummm what the fuck??cause i can?iwas checkinqq out this gay
ass commercial?and y do u care?

Author AlexSevigny89 ( ago)
@bigchrisbrownlover why are you here?

Author a7xfan208 ( ago)
I wish more commercials had hot women in their ads...then you'd watch the
sales increase at least 25%. Sucks she isnt as hot in her other videos

Author bigchrisbrownlover ( ago)
chris browns doublemint commercial iz likee wayyy bettur!!!

Author idylanj ( ago)
Love this commercial and LOVE Julianne Hough! Shes so pretty and talented (:

Author Ray-Ray Brackens ( ago)
juicey fruit is iought lol

Author Ray-Ray Brackens ( ago)
i like it she look like that blonde girl from white chicks lol very nice
commercial lol : )

Author John Spencer ( ago)
@kissable48 I totally agree with u

Author Ray-Ray Brackens ( ago)
i like this commercial cant stop watchin it

Author Ray-Ray Brackens ( ago)
@BoogieMind thats why they did the same thang did there little dance the
crap behind the gum wen it moves and they wank away. YEA lOl

Author Takashi1NY ( ago)
thumbs down for the fact its country. weird. and it says pop it in your
mouth ????????????

Author John Spencer ( ago)
Don't like juicy fruit but I love the girl

Author Grymmorgan ( ago)
It's a very appropriate video campaign, as I would merrily eat a piece of
Juicy Fruit off the bottom of Jullianne's SHOE!! X^D

Author Steve Soprano ( ago)
Um yea that little move @ 0:22 I like it and yes I'm sure I would be
extremely moved popping that piece juicy fruit in my mouth.

Author valeska4ever ( ago)
OMG gr8 song!!!!!LUVVVVV IT!'the tastes goona move ya when ya pop it in ur
mouuuuth!!!!' XD :D))))

Author Billy Lenz ( ago)
god that stuff tastes like shit!!!! taste is gonna movie you?!?!?!? i beg
to differ! it tastes like cheep grose stail sugar mixed with water! it even
looks like it too

Author Nintruendo ( ago)
Take a sniff, pull it out. And don't forget to pop it in your mouth.

Author nissantitansc ( ago)
Julianne Hough, Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler. in that order. hottest
girls in country.

Author chantal g ( ago)
@Hottie00301524 well no offence but wriglys told her to do that and the
told chris brown and the told ne-yo so nobodys copying anyone and sorry if
i offended u

Author RileyRichardz ( ago)
Doesnt even hold a CANDLE to the 1980s verson.

Author DoityDeEmunz ( ago)
I'd like to get stuck in the middle o that LOL

Author William Weissman ( ago)
not great singer, however.... really damn hot.

Author 69Sixteynine ( ago)
the 1987 original song was 1000000 times better.

Author Cristian Martinez ( ago)
i just like this cause of the women

Author Kristoffer Leijon ( ago)
that was totally stupid

Author famousking105 ( ago)
5 stars for the sexy blonde chick

Author Tazreen Mahmood ( ago)
i love this song:P:P

Author Kenneth Hu ( ago)
@simpsonsman957 when were bones only in arms........

Author HeresOtis ( ago)
She has some nice eyes, a great smile, and some beautiful legs.

Author Tazreen Mahmood ( ago)
i was singing this in school:P

Author maxcharmax ( ago)
lol im from south alabama HOT REDNECK CHICKS FTW

Author jamesbrandonthe3 ( ago)
shes so hot... almost makes me wish i was an inbred hillybilly from utah.
so i could bang that hot trailerpark ass.

Author a7xfan208 ( ago)
kinda hot? id destroy her

Author a7xfan208 ( ago)
its a hot chick, seriously

Author MyNamesMike ( ago)
Hmmm for some reason I want some Juicy Fruit now...

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