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Comments: 970

  • Jonathan Whyte
    Jonathan Whyte 5 days ago

    pretty. absolutely gorgeous

  • psych_vts
    psych_vts 5 days ago

    vodka with coke?

  • Naomi Otten
    Naomi Otten 6 days ago

    you look like demi lovato

  • Makayla Aitken
    Makayla Aitken 7 days ago

    Lol my middle name is Fried. I used to get called fried chicken 27/4 hahaha. its pronounced Freed tho in my defence

  • Rune Van de Weyer
    Rune Van de Weyer 7 days ago

    wait drunk for the first time ? I was 15 when I was drunk for the first time I don't think I believe it 😂

  • samimami
    samimami 9 days ago

    This the cringiest thing that i ever saaw

  • MIP Perez 11
    MIP Perez 11 9 days ago

    That's dumb

  • Jose Orozco
    Jose Orozco 9 days ago


  • Drew bombardier
    Drew bombardier 10 days ago

    try jack and coke next time.. haha

  • Kael Foote
    Kael Foote 11 days ago

    when she drinks at the legal age.

  • Sachin Bhakri
    Sachin Bhakri 15 days ago

    "For the first time" my ass those shots went down way to easily and she said "this is how I take shots" so she obviously has taken shots before

  • Carsyn ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    " I didn't come for these fucking pussy ass questions" why is this made me laugh so much 3:40

  • Phoeb M
    Phoeb M 17 days ago

    I watch this video so much and it actually so funny hahhshaha

  • Joe phillips
    Joe phillips 18 days ago

    1:16 thats what she said

  • Cameryn Faye
    Cameryn Faye 19 days ago

    The way they said portrait lol

  • Josh NA
    Josh NA 23 days ago

    For the first time my ass lol

  • GamingOcean
    GamingOcean 25 days ago


  • Elin Abrahamsen
    Elin Abrahamsen 26 days ago

    ok im drunk and idk this girl but i love her. I just pray that she's gay if so she better be my friend asap omfg (gonna regret this comment tomorrow)

  • Nyla Brown
    Nyla Brown 26 days ago


  • taylor stephens
    taylor stephens 27 days ago

    i still couldn't tel if she was drunk or not XD

  • Maxgames
    Maxgames 28 days ago

    1:49 Iam sorry i stopped the video just needed a wank..iam sorry!

  • Sachie Garcia
    Sachie Garcia 1 month ago


  • lllilkilla202ll100
    lllilkilla202ll100 1 month ago

    You should try jack Daniels

  • David Trevizo
    David Trevizo 1 month ago


  • james fender
    james fender 1 month ago

    what do you do ? just look good . you probably already told this but what are you going to school for ? what are you going to be ? It seems like you are doing well at this already

  • Ali Lorraine
    Ali Lorraine 1 month ago

    I just discovered your channel and I'm laughing my fucking ass off hahahaha

  • Blakberi
    Blakberi 1 month ago

    Don't be quick to listen to this youth young boys! She be actin'

  • just that guy
    just that guy 1 month ago

    3.56 did she drop a few biccies too? LEL

  • Cybil Ghent
    Cybil Ghent 1 month ago

    I love captain morgans. I don't have to chew it.

  • Ahmed Elsayed
    Ahmed Elsayed 1 month ago

    im o fuckin dru k as n cant control myself

  • Briana Whittaker
    Briana Whittaker 1 month ago

    Cant you get sick chasing vodka with dark soda?

  • De Selby
    De Selby 1 month ago

    I got drunk for the first time at my new boyfriends house last weekend. I had never drank beer before so I passed out after the first sip. When I woke up the next morning by butthole was so sore. I don't know how alcohol can make a butthole hurt but it did.

  • Kevin Ochoa
    Kevin Ochoa 1 month ago

    Am I the only person that can drink a whole bottle straight no chaser

  • Lucy Tappenden
    Lucy Tappenden 1 month ago

    This is literally me when I'm drunk.

  • Link
    Link 1 month ago

    you look like ijustine

  • rick white
    rick white 1 month ago

    Fake, take it from a dude who drinks a lot a hell of a let, people who never drink and have vodka pass out not make bullshit like this, trust me, drink vodka as a non drinker and see what happens.

  • LilixMartinez _
    LilixMartinez _ 1 month ago


  • Rebekka Rós Einarsdóttir

    i'm drinking vodka now and i'm 15

  • modernwarfarenoob
    modernwarfarenoob 2 months ago

    haha lightweights ive drunk a six pack of beer every night for the last twelve years once a year drinking vodka is nothing

  • Toast
    Toast 2 months ago

    "For the first time" so your saying you never got drunk in high school?

  • Callaway Rose
    Callaway Rose 2 months ago

    I don't why I'm watching this

  • Planet Angelo
    Planet Angelo 2 months ago

    Yay! Jenn!

  • gianna donofrio
    gianna donofrio 2 months ago

    we all know jenn had some of that vodka

  • Dillian Bell
    Dillian Bell 2 months ago

    who else is drunk af

  • Temppa
    Temppa 2 months ago

    In Finland we just drink straight to the bottle. we dont need cola with it

  • Ehren
    Ehren 2 months ago

    This video is making me giggle a lot but it's my first time drunk right n ow, it feels awesome. I just wanted to search other people doing it too! I'm actually 28, liike a loser that this is my first tiem but I don't give a shit right now lol.

  • PrincessA
    PrincessA 2 months ago

    Have your parents seen this!??

  • Jacqueline Flores
    Jacqueline Flores 2 months ago

    1 MINUTE and I can't stop laughing dang. . . love her♡ Subcribed!

  • Tasheena Pasap
    Tasheena Pasap 2 months ago

    Who drinks raspberry vodka with coke? Lmao but this was funny

  • Kimmie Duncan
    Kimmie Duncan 2 months ago

    She's drunk asf 😂😂😂

  • LaTavia Washington
    LaTavia Washington 2 months ago


  • Eva
    Eva 2 months ago

    ayeeee my last name is freeman i got made fun of a lot too 😂❤

  • Mafi14
    Mafi14 2 months ago

    i dont believe it

  • zer0
    zer0 2 months ago

    "I've never gotten drunk before"
    "This is how I take shots"
    Excellent acting.

  • Lilia Borden
    Lilia Borden 2 months ago

    *6 shots in* "i feel gooood"
    we've all been there girl

  • Leopold Rompotti
    Leopold Rompotti 2 months ago

    I'm drunk for the forst time RN!!!!

  • Kesava Dunne
    Kesava Dunne 2 months ago

    I'm 21 in May! Let's fuck

  • Kesava Dunne
    Kesava Dunne 2 months ago

    I'm 21 in May! Let's fuck

  • Esther Gutierrez
    Esther Gutierrez 2 months ago

    you should try Hennessey for my first time with smirnoff vodka sucked. Hennessey is smoother.

  • Rosemarina Zambrano
    Rosemarina Zambrano 2 months ago

    I love you!!!!! 😂💗

  • Yolanda Infante
    Yolanda Infante 3 months ago

    supposed to drink than take a shot my boyfriend said

  • Blue
    Blue 3 months ago

    Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait WAIT! *Falls over*

  • lil snapp
    lil snapp 3 months ago

    "i'm napping" ahahah

  • Festive_Squid Girl24
    Festive_Squid Girl24 3 months ago

    This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen 😂

  • Aly B
    Aly B 3 months ago

    *Takes five full shot's* "I've never gotten drunk before." SHE NEEQEDSSSS SOMEEEE MILKKKK

  • hazzly124
    hazzly124 3 months ago

    oh good question a mouse

  • Tyrone Sanguez
    Tyrone Sanguez 3 months ago

    I just like literally searched getting drunk and it linked me to your video the excellent by the way.

  • Murray Ormiston
    Murray Ormiston 3 months ago

    lol that's sad ur drunk off 2shots

  • Heinrich Himmler
    Heinrich Himmler 3 months ago

    I was drunk as fuck last night with my friend i'm only 15 and well i tried to shove a big metal pipe up my ass and i fell like 10 times and fell under the table once.. it was fucking awesome

  • Mia H
    Mia H 3 months ago


  • Eugene Grewing
    Eugene Grewing 3 months ago

    Just mention Morgan Freeman the next time someone makes fun of your middle name.

  • Eugene Grewing
    Eugene Grewing 3 months ago

    Learn what it takes to get a buzz and then learn to maintain that, but don't get plastered. It's all about timing.

  • Brookie Whitaker
    Brookie Whitaker 3 months ago

    Ok..... love you

  • Tropic Clan
    Tropic Clan 3 months ago

    Wait, you got drunk of one shot?

  • Tropic Clan
    Tropic Clan 3 months ago

    In Australia it is legal to purchase drinks at 18, on private property it doesn't matter here.

  • Celia
    Celia 3 months ago

    ee er

  • Larissa Zavala
    Larissa Zavala 3 months ago


  • agent475816
    agent475816 3 months ago

    1:48 dat ass

  • AkCutie 907
    AkCutie 907 3 months ago

    never drink clear liquor with dark pop. don't mix your drinks. if you want to then Yolo like her

  • Jodi Dekker
    Jodi Dekker 3 months ago

    jenns just fucking taking the abuse like a rebel fuck.

  • tubular mouse
    tubular mouse 3 months ago

    ur a dumb drunk...

  • Love Cake
    Love Cake 3 months ago

    Is it weird that i'm 14 and i've already been drunk??

  • Shelby Fulton
    Shelby Fulton 3 months ago

    Really pretty

  • PhexO Gaming
    PhexO Gaming 3 months ago

    When the police pull you over and ask you if you've been drinking you say...

    "I swear to drunk I'm not god!"

  • Crunchy Mama
    Crunchy Mama 3 months ago

    You do the chaser before the shot. Interesting 😂

  • Lindsay
    Lindsay 3 months ago

    I've literaally been binge watching ur videos all day

  • Norman Freeman
    Norman Freeman 3 months ago

    My middle name is Freeman too😱❤

  • jonoplaysmc
    jonoplaysmc 3 months ago

    Who thought Jenn was a balloon when she popped in

  • Bob Bobington
    Bob Bobington 3 months ago

    Who else is drunk while watching this?

  • cyle moore
    cyle moore 3 months ago

    she had like 4, 5 shots? how was she drunk?

  • Wonderless Words
    Wonderless Words 3 months ago

    You're so cute oh my god

  • Sam Pierce
    Sam Pierce 3 months ago


  • Troy Turner
    Troy Turner 3 months ago

    light weight

  • Fields
    Fields 3 months ago

    why the fuck Im watching this?

  • Bailey Elizabeth
    Bailey Elizabeth 3 months ago

    What song is at 1:22

  • Richelle Marie
    Richelle Marie 3 months ago

    Already laughing by the beginning. "syke bitch you can't"

  • Blurry
    Blurry 3 months ago

    That's it! I found my fetish:)! Drunk girls

  • Zoe Arapidis
    Zoe Arapidis 3 months ago

    she was not drunk. she probs did water shots.

  • Marissa Becker
    Marissa Becker 3 months ago

    do this again

  • Lauryn Rose
    Lauryn Rose 3 months ago

    I used to make out with a teddy bear it's normal

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