Music Legend Chuck Berry Dead at 90

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    SPAC3MANxSPL1FF 3 months ago

    worst part is, is that he was putting a new record out now, or planning to. what a bummer, hope we get to hear whatever was produced thus far

  • Mike Pantaleo
    Mike Pantaleo 3 months ago

    I remember taking history of rock and roll in high school and learning about him. Rip another legend gone

  • joshuah hapeman
    joshuah hapeman 3 months ago

    he also farted on hookers faces so....

  • Mr. Nice Guy
    Mr. Nice Guy 3 months ago

    Sad news, Chuck Berry was a true #Legend. My favorite hits were easily "Good Golly Miss Molly", "Johnny B Goode" and "Stand By Me".

    I'm devastated and hope he makes a full recovery.

  • Lance Love
    Lance Love 3 months ago

    Dead sober and sexy

  • Isaac Bz
    Isaac Bz 3 months ago

    i didn't even know he was still alive

  • Midwest Mafia
    Midwest Mafia 3 months ago

    he was a bad ass.

  • Axemanudeath
    Axemanudeath 3 months ago

    Strange this mourning phenomenon , I mean do all the comments about Chuck entering heaven and what a great man he was really add up. Yes an incredible musician but also a total creep.

  • How'd You Do That
    How'd You Do That 3 months ago

    Marty McFly made him famous.

    JEDI MASTER YODA 3 months ago

    my favorite song was school days RIP Chuck berry

  • Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith 3 months ago

    bet he blames white people for his death.

    • Will .F
      Will .F 3 months ago

      Jeff Smith shut the fuck up your just as ignorant as those BLM shits

    • LongLiveLeoKing
      LongLiveLeoKing 3 months ago

      Jeff Smith That's the most ignorant thing I've read in the comments. Have some fucking respect.

  • LearnEnglishESL
    LearnEnglishESL 3 months ago

    Our Thanks, Blessings and Peace be upon a Bright Star. "O my Lord, that Thou hast enjoined upon men to honor their guest, and he that hath ascended unto Thee hath verily reached Thee and attained Thy Presence." - Baha'u'llah

  • Jeff Vinylvarmint
    Jeff Vinylvarmint 3 months ago

    nobody cares

    • Will .F
      Will .F 3 months ago

      Jeff Vinylvarmint fuck of you muppet

    SAVEOURREPUBLIC2 3 months ago

    he was also a legend at taping women using the restroom in his southern restaurant he owned where there was a one million plus settled lawsuit to female victims, he was caught with the tapes in his possession. now let's all celebrity worship with our Michael Jackson syndrome.

    • Axemanudeath
      Axemanudeath 3 months ago

      Brilliant musician but I can't admire him as a person.

    • Christian Gacad
      Christian Gacad 3 months ago

      SAVEOURREPUBLIC2 And?? He just wanted to see some good shit. Lmao

  • rome368
    rome368 3 months ago

    RIP Chuck

    AFR0PUNKHEAD13 3 months ago

    If they do a tribute for him, I hope they do it justice because this man was in a lane of his own.

  • turkeychuck
    turkeychuck 3 months ago

    let the band wagon begin

  • Tip Tig
    Tip Tig 3 months ago

    rest in peace we will miss you music

  • Massimo Barcella
    Massimo Barcella 3 months ago

    Rest in LIGHT Father.

    Rock'n'Roll After Death.

  • TheFVguy
    TheFVguy 3 months ago

    Back to the Future anyone?
    That's where I listened his music for the first time.

  • Eshaan
    Eshaan 3 months ago


  • Kimarie Barnes
    Kimarie Barnes 3 months ago

    God give us back chuck berry and we will give u bill Cosby

    • Johnny Clash
      Johnny Clash 3 months ago

      They are both sex offenders so that comment is dumb.

  • randy martinez
    randy martinez 3 months ago

    The oldies are the best

  • randy martinez
    randy martinez 3 months ago

    Chuck Berry chubby Checker the big bopper Richie Little Richard fats domino the drifters the four seasons

    • Joye Smith
      Joye Smith 3 months ago

      rest i eternal peace chuck

  • randy martinez
    randy martinez 3 months ago

    Fuck all these new singers

  • randy martinez
    randy martinez 3 months ago

    Of course he's a legend he's better than Ariana Grande Selena Gomez Taylor Swift Becky G Lorde Demi Lovato Miley Cyrus

  • Gabriel X
    Gabriel X 3 months ago

    The Father and true king of a Rock n Roll

  • Gods Gift
    Gods Gift 3 months ago

    we went from Chuck Berry to kanya west..this is how I know America is collapsing

  • weems13
    weems13 3 months ago

    I don't understand why everyone is reacting sadly. The man lived a long, good life. This is a joyous time. A time to celebrate a legend.

  • Cristian Patricio Carcamo Salas

    descanda en paz genio

  • Evie Margaret
    Evie Margaret 3 months ago

    Rest In Peace!!!!! I love you!!!!

  • Chalino L
    Chalino L 3 months ago

    Wow this guy past away and also my grandpa

    • Chalino L
      Chalino L 3 months ago

      iwhite5 yup

    • weems13
      weems13 3 months ago

      That's life. Celebrate it

  • Travels World
    Travels World 3 months ago

    My condolences.

  • Hollis Williams
    Hollis Williams 3 months ago


  • GantzIsSloppy
    GantzIsSloppy 3 months ago

    Wow now it's just Little Richard left

  • Red Forman
    Red Forman 3 months ago

    "Chuck, Chuck, its your cousin MARVIN BERRY"". You know that new sound you looking for, well listen to THIS!!!!"

  • chokedbymerriman
    chokedbymerriman 3 months ago

    "Go give my ass a little kiss. Kiss it. Mmm hmm. Did I fart in your face? I like to do that." - C.B.

    God Rest and God bless your zombie bones, Chuck.

  • Ęÿūį Æßñ
    Ęÿūį Æßñ 3 months ago

    Rest in peace Chuck Berry. You will never be forgotten.

  • Showery
    Showery 3 months ago

    Now watch all the millennials act like they know who he was and try to relate.

  • Christ M
    Christ M 3 months ago

    rip creator of rock music

  • saltymemz
    saltymemz 3 months ago

    2016, 2017?!.....Y u take good artists? we're going to end up with nothing but shitty rappers and lame pop artists.....

  • Mo Mo Mo Ur Boat
    Mo Mo Mo Ur Boat 3 months ago


  • dominic darksdale
    dominic darksdale 3 months ago

    Creator of Rock an Roll

  • Germaine Russell
    Germaine Russell 3 months ago


  • Russ Wong
    Russ Wong 3 months ago


  • Henry Rock
    Henry Rock 3 months ago

    R. I. P Chuck

  • Zachary Chestnutt
    Zachary Chestnutt 3 months ago

    In 1955, Marvin Called Chuck about a new sound. Chuck was then motivated to do a song he heard over the telephone and it became a hit.

    R.I.P. Chuck

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 3 months ago

    You paid to get this trending? Posted yesterday, 6,400 views, and TRENDING? Bull-fucking-shit.

    • 3bad
      3bad 3 months ago

      John Johnson welcome to youtube's 2017 community

  • Velocisaurusman
    Velocisaurusman 3 months ago

    I loved chuck berry, without him, we we wouldn't have have all these amazing songs and guitarists that are influenced by him

  • Richard Canipe
    Richard Canipe 3 months ago

    R.I.P. Chuck Berry

  • KingJax
    KingJax 3 months ago

    so sad, is his album still coming out this year tho?

  • tom philips
    tom philips 3 months ago

    rock music is devils music
    you are going to die one day
    and be punished by God for your sins into eternal fire
    but the good news is God sent his only son to take YOUR punishment you deserve
    Jesus christ is the only way to heaven
    REPENT beg for mercy turn from sin BE CHANGED BY GOD
    be saved
    in Jesus name

    • tom philips
      tom philips 3 months ago

      im 23

    • tom philips
      tom philips 3 months ago

      there no such thing as christian rock thats another lie from satan
      just like there is no christian drugs or christian pornography christian rap
      its worldly lust from false converts

    • Anakin Skywalker
      Anakin Skywalker 3 months ago

      your just from the 1940s and if you don't like this you DEFINITELY won't like modern rap or pop

    • OverlordDarius
      OverlordDarius 3 months ago

      so what is christian rock than devil music or god music. Checkmate

    • KingJax
      KingJax 3 months ago

      tom philips rock music is devils music? lol fuck off 😂

  • Raj Kumar
    Raj Kumar 3 months ago

    return if possible (RIP)

  • Stephen Fiore
    Stephen Fiore 3 months ago

    ......... God Bless You Chuck....... Being Good won't get you into Heaven only Believing in Jesus Christ will. Almost every guitarist has benefited from your playing. My dad and mom are in their 90's also. Love You Chuck...

  • Sc j
    Sc j 3 months ago

    RIP The TRUE king of rock and roll!!!

  • Timothy Davis
    Timothy Davis 3 months ago

    true dat it's just sad to him pass

  • Shahar Deutsch
    Shahar Deutsch 3 months ago

    I wish I was Marty Mcfly in 1955 to see Berry perform - RIP.

  • AlexKx
    AlexKx 3 months ago

    ...and I weep! My soul brother has died! Oh, how I loved and still love him so! R.I.P.!

  • Roger Thornhill
    Roger Thornhill 3 months ago

    Rip, long live rock and roll!

  • LedSabbathQueenie
    LedSabbathQueenie 3 months ago

    RIP Chuck Berry. The true original.

  • Henrik V
    Henrik V 3 months ago

    I'll tell you what's great about Chuck Berry: when there was money to be made selling sappy drunk moanfests Chuck was saying "Get up! Do it!" like a man on a mission to make something happen. And he did, too.

  • Michael Baker
    Michael Baker 3 months ago

    Trending with 1k views.

    Fuck Google & Youtube.

    They are also secretly against white people & promote fake news by saying the Republican Party is a terrorist group

    • Grizzly chang
      Grizzly chang 3 months ago

      Michael Baker actually you can actually tell what videos paid youtube to be on trending page if a video doesnt have a description below the thumbnail they are paid youtube for that spot.

    • Grizzly chang
      Grizzly chang 3 months ago

      Michael Baker actually you can actually tell what videos paid youtube to be on trending page if a video doesnt have a description below the thumbnail they are paid youtube for that spot.

    • Henrik V
      Henrik V 3 months ago

      Michael Baker post that somewhere else, will ya? A guy died.

  • DaviloX07 _
    DaviloX07 _ 3 months ago

    Another past century legend is gone😔😔

    • weems13
      weems13 3 months ago

      Dude he was 90. It'd be sad if he lived forever. Celebrate his legacy

  • Mwoakill09
    Mwoakill09 3 months ago


  • pee pee toucher
    pee pee toucher 3 months ago

    Dead?😂‼⁉⁉❓❗😂😂💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥💦💦my dreams will never die😂😂😂😭😭😭💯💯💯🔥🔥💦 proverbs 3:15💦💦💦🔥🔥💯💯😭😭⁉😁😁👌👌👏God🙏🙏🙌🙌💦💦👌👌😁😁😭💯💯🍆🍆🍆24/7 non stop grind 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💦💦💦💦😆😆🙌🙌

  • iMasonThatKid
    iMasonThatKid 3 months ago

    💯 #RipChuckBerry 💯

  • abel flores
    abel flores 3 months ago

    rip legend

  • tittiesncream balls
    tittiesncream balls 3 months ago

    oh please, we hear about celebrities dying all the time. news flash people, the media lies, this man is probably still alive and well.

    • LedSabbathQueenie
      LedSabbathQueenie 3 months ago

      The dude is 90. If not yesterday, he was gonna die soon. RIP Chuck Berry.

  • Douglas Thornstone
    Douglas Thornstone 3 months ago

    Chuck Berry, R.I.P, was a choir boy in a Christian Church. That's how he learned to sing. His Daddy was the Deacon. The choir would practice at his home. He became famous for his Hillbilly music & was classified as a country musician..

  • Lisa Sandoval
    Lisa Sandoval 3 months ago


  • DopplerVidya
    DopplerVidya 3 months ago

    I thought it was Bill Cosby in the thumbnail at first. What's in this drink?

  • Butterhead! `
    Butterhead! ` 3 months ago

    My parents took care of,chuck berry

  • i dont want to see you kissing goblins

    fuuuck why just why please just stop

  • • Ranger •
    • Ranger • 3 months ago

    May your soul find everlasting rest, we'll miss you, Chuck

  • James Baxter
    James Baxter 3 months ago

    my ding a ling

    WANDERING WOLF 3 months ago

    a living legend

    • Achilles
      Achilles 3 months ago

      Henrik V This one's in eternity now.

    • Henrik V
      Henrik V 3 months ago

      Achilles legends never die

    • Achilles
      Achilles 3 months ago

      Mudkip Mudkip Not anymore

  • oak
    oak 3 months ago

    A true legend

  • Bea La Zay
    Bea La Zay 3 months ago

    He held on to his ding-a-ling-a-ling! RIP.

  • Christal Davis
    Christal Davis 3 months ago


  • Sun Network
    Sun Network 3 months ago

    real rock star

  • DarkGemini
    DarkGemini 3 months ago

    My condolences to his family and friends, and he will never be forgotten his music will live forever. R.I.P Chuck.

  • Aubrey M  Hollins Jr
    Aubrey M Hollins Jr 3 months ago

    ✨🎸✨ YOU. WILL. BE MIST. ALL. OVER. THE. 🌍 MR. CHUCK 🎤 BARRY 😢YOU you was definitely and still is a American 🌟󾓦🌟 ICON. REST. IN PEACE 🇯🇴🇭🇳🇳🇾 🇧🇪. 🇬🇴🇴🇩✨💖✨🎸✨🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • Lee Dittbenner
    Lee Dittbenner 3 months ago

    Oh no, I think of Chuck Berry many times over the years of how he is doing. Now this, he's gone to heaven. Our beloved Chuck Berry. Rest in Peace. A momet of prayer ....

  • ray jingcock
    ray jingcock 3 months ago

    moon cricket

  • Timothy Davis
    Timothy Davis 3 months ago

    dammit why does every great legend have to go

    • Dan Favata
      Dan Favata 3 months ago

      we all have to go! Legends or not! This life is short and only temporary, there is far better down the road after this life!

    • Definitely NOT an Alien
      Definitely NOT an Alien 3 months ago

      Timothy Davis I mean, he was 90. the adverage age for Americans is 80 u till death. he lived a long happy life. :/

  • Timothy Davis
    Timothy Davis 3 months ago

    omg r.i.p you will never be forgotten

  • Gucci Mane Laflare
    Gucci Mane Laflare 3 months ago

    Here we go .......

  • Hailey Poo
    Hailey Poo 3 months ago

    Pure talent. Will not be replaced!!

  • HandsomeDevil
    HandsomeDevil 3 months ago

    "i can't kiss you. your face smells like piss." sir chuck berry.
    r.i.p. to a true savage! #SQUAD

    • bucko60
      bucko60 3 months ago

      Not hateful at all. It's an actual statement made by him after pissing on a prostitute. There's video evidence online too...and it's hilarious. "You like to be clean, don't you?"

    • ConstrictorEliProjex
      ConstrictorEliProjex 3 months ago

      Dan Favata How is that hate? Being a savage is nothing to be ashamed of.

    • Obama Barack
      Obama Barack 3 months ago

      Dan Favata savage isn't a bad thing

    • Dan Favata
      Dan Favata 3 months ago

      thats not appropriate here! take your hate somewhere else!

  • Cara Delevingne
    Cara Delevingne 3 months ago

    No eternal life but only songs

    • squach623 !!!!!
      squach623 !!!!! 3 months ago

      Cara Delevingne Why not for Chuck? He was a Christian.

  • Cara Delevingne
    Cara Delevingne 3 months ago

    It is the time for him .

  • Deserae Ward
    Deserae Ward 3 months ago

    the movie Cadillac record taught me alot about him. RIP

  • Lol bruh
    Lol bruh 3 months ago

    R.I.P Chuck berry I am honored to be introduced to your music!

  • diane dansereau
    diane dansereau 3 months ago

    RIP Mr Chuck Berry, Another Legend Will Be Missed

  • Freedom BS
    Freedom BS 3 months ago

    God Damned PEDO Junkie. Rocknroll sucks. We want to hear more bombs and gunshots

    • Michaeo Atkins
      Michaeo Atkins 3 months ago

      Freedom BS u probably believe pizza gate b.s. is real sad

    • Tony Rain Seduction Mckeller
      Tony Rain Seduction Mckeller 3 months ago

      +Aaron Centola plus he said God instead of Got damn that guy doesn't have any respect

    • Aaron Centola
      Aaron Centola 3 months ago

      Freedom BS do you have an extra chromosome because what you wrote is retarded

  • Bee Master
    Bee Master 3 months ago

    Before Berry.........Rock "N" Roll really didn't exist yet. He was "The Guy" That more or less invented it.  All other Bands including the Beatles, Elvis etc.......just followed in his foot-steps.

  • The New Yorks
    The New Yorks 3 months ago


  • Isley Claymore
    Isley Claymore 3 months ago

    Legend, rest in peace

  • ForeverChristyxx
    ForeverChristyxx 3 months ago

    RIP Chuck Berry

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