A Plastic That Conducts Electricity?

Plastics usually stop electricity in its tracks, but scientists have figured out a way to keep the electrons flowing.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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Author AmazingSticker ( ago)
They already have bendy smart phones

Author lohphat ( ago)
What is Mylar then? What's its history?

Author Raymond K Petry ( ago)
[03:55] "outdated...piece of technology"—we're waiting on 'Google Glass Edge'...

Author Dimension640 ( ago)
An oxy-moron

Author Damien Green ( ago)
Discovery = identifying the mistakes or accidents

Author Flori Pons Toloza ( ago)
Agradecería si pusieran subtítulos en español. Gracias

Author SHiVeRS ( ago)
If you want a bendy phone, just get an iPhone 6!

Author apostle333 ( ago)
hint: your "bucket brigade" analogy has more than one application.

Author apostle333 ( ago)
almost there...Marry this to transparent metal, and flexible glass, and you now have a complete system. (All are doable, hang in there! You're sooo close)

Author The Great And Powerful Trixie ( ago)

Never fear, the Bucket Brigade is here! =D

Author Gamer2natic ( ago)
I lost it on the bucket part... omg XD

Author TheJamesRedwood ( ago)
Alan McDiarmid, great New Zealander.

Author ziyad yasir ( ago)
Have you ever been trolled?

Read more

Author jobriq5 ( ago)
why is there conductive plastic near my anus?

Author Fergus Wyrm ( ago)
Wow the editors must have had fun with this part.

Author fboyg91 ( ago)
Ok so I like to listen to scishow too and from work so I don't really WATCH the video; I LISTEN to them. At 2:00 I thought there was something wrong with my car's stereo system and then I thought it got worse or the thought I was going crazy crossed my mind. I decided to replay the video later and I laughed so hard my dip fell out.

Author Darius Oak ( ago)
I dunno how long Tuna's been editing these videos, but for the love of god let there be more hilarious editing a la the Bucket Brigade.

Author PkmnandUTfan ( ago)
But why is there a bucket brigade around my anus?

Author Stoned Pikachu Guitar Videos ( ago)
apple sussed out the bendy smart phone a couple years back haha

Author Abdelgafar El Masry ( ago)
Hank, keep on hosting, you're a legend

Author Toad Roach ( ago)
Ah Sweet!
A new way to lose you phone; When it blows away in the wind! :P

Author KRASS TV ( ago)
But oi don' wan't moi smart phone to bend....

Author IlrysKadiatu ( ago)
I think SciShow should make an episode featuring "accidentally awesome" mistakes in chemistry, things like conductive plastic and Teflon.

Author GameSquid ( ago)
lol makign a bendy cell phone would hardly add any usefulness. it's fairly easy to avoid breaking a phone. but using a phoen that bends under your touch will probably be less practical than a regular one. only people who are extremely outdoorsy would want this technology.

Author Art Mills ( ago)
That's a lot of Hanks.

Author WarzoneNinja2 ( ago)
this editor is fun! please keep him!

Author Symbionite xX ( ago)
Where did you buy that shirt Hank?:) love it!

Author Skyler Nabess ( ago)
i like your shirt :)

Author gpwnedable ( ago)
Stop editing the spaces off the end of your video. It makes it unwatchable.

Author mario villanueva ( ago)
I'm calling it, AI invented this and guided humans to "discovered" now they're in their way to print terminators

Author William Phillips ( ago)
it's funny how fuckups become a discovery... what if you had to call it like it was?
(Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my latest fuck up!)

Author William Phillips ( ago)

Author lochinvar00465 ( ago)
There is also conductive rubbers(usually silicon based). One app of it is connecting to LCD screens in digital watches, small game toys etc. It is composed of alternating strips of conductive and non-conductive rubber. A home made pressure sensor can be made using this because with pressure the resistance changes.

Author Heaven Marks ( ago)
BOob HAir????

Author Jayyy Zeee ( ago)
Do they have conductive plastic filament for 3D printers yet? It would be cool to print circuits within a 3D object.

Author James Rae ( ago)
That demonstration with the buckets was beautiful.

Author Chad Zsideg ( ago)
Really enjoyable show! Did he say "on accident"?

Author moh you ( ago)
SolidBanana: Why is there plastic around my anus?

Author Curtis Silveria ( ago)
AYYYY! I'm excited! I have been doing research for 2 years now on polymer based solar cells and now they are getting their own spotlight!

Author Monkeyradar ( ago)
The bendy smartphone is at least 2 years old already.

Author Josh Wright ( ago)
top quality editing five outta fove

Author Ethan Wagner ( ago)
But we already have a bendy smartphone: the iPhone 6.

Author Max McAdams ( ago)
I want that shirt

Author mongo moonbladder ( ago)
Hank Green for President !

Author Ryvucz ( ago)
I'm so angry I'm PDOT.

Author RickySTT ( ago)
Didn't Apple already invent the bendy smart phone (also by accident)?

Author Cameron Beyer ( ago)
Want a bendy smartphone? Get an iPhone 6+

Author ideas ( ago)
how do smelling salts work?

Author Jason Hops ( ago)
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You would have to flood EVERY and ONLY White countries with millions of non-Whites.
Then you would have to demoralize ALL Whites by screaming the R-Word! at them if they objected.
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Then you would have to…Oh wait. This is already happening!
They say it’s “anti-racist” but it’s simply anti-White.
Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

Author frenchiveruti ( ago)
I have to give a big kudos to the editors, to you guys I give my entire apreciation for making those videos funnier and much more enjoyable

Author james draper ( ago)
i don't know if you've seen this already but veritasium just proved the Coriolis effect with Destin, and they pointed out that you said it was "bunk" could you clarify or retract your findings? they explain thoroughly that it has nearly no affect on drain direction unless precisely controlled. can you test and confirm? for peer review sake.

Author Sophie Robinson ( ago)

Author Jessica Valentina ( ago)
I can't stop rewatching the bucket brigade scene. It is so amazing; I love it!!
Hank Green continue what you're doing!

Author yeahminecraft16 ( ago)
2:05 it's polyhankylene

Author BB-8 ( ago)
Oh shit, oompa loompa hanks.

Author xbfalcon83 ( ago)
more bucket segments please

Author heated up julian ( ago)
so he simply addes "metal" to plastic and called it plastic

Author nunya ( ago)
You might want to recheck your facts. The Ransburg Number 2 Process Electrostatic Paint Gun has a schematic dating 1961, which has a plastic bell that transfers 90,000 volts positive to the paint. If this bell is cleaned in laquer thinner or MEK, it will strip too many electrons making the bell almost useless. So, they are cleaned in xylene.

Author DonTHEhandsome1 ( ago)
Wow, with plastic solar panels we can stop our reliance on fossil fuels for energy. Wait, isn't fossil fuel a big component to plastics? Shit!

Author serges ( ago)
I kinda like have a solid phone... not really interested in a$700 squishy rectangle lol

Author Allison Roll ( ago)
not a big fan of the excessive editing

Author Evan M ( ago)
Do a video on the science behind the video where a guy lights his cigarette by striking his thumb against a plastic helmet

Author culwin ( ago)
Japanese. It's always the Japanese.

Author Zeus Kepler ( ago)
love hank green <3

Author Leopoldo Aranha ( ago)
2:21 I want a shirt with that pattern of Hanks passing buckets to other Hanks.

Author Ender Wiggins ( ago)
I like how the show is evolving

Author Willaev ( ago)

What do you mean 'some day'?

Author Nathan ( ago)
I fucking loved the editing in this episode. XD

Author CptWindwalker82 ( ago)
So. Many. HANKS.

Author Nolan Bing ( ago)
my backpack already has a solar panel XD

Author Atlas Medic ( ago)
They actually don't get electrocuted they get shocked electrocution is being executed by electric

Author abukar mohamed ( ago)
You can say that I am the same as conductive plastic. We both were made As an accident

Author y2ksw1 ( ago)
Conductive plastic was always a problem and insulated plastic had to be invented in order to use it for electric cables. The changes you are talking about are about "good" conductors.

Author Reila Z ( ago)
This is something I took a topics course on in my university, and he covered the jist of it pretty well.

Author Jay Mee ( ago)
this is cool.

Author Smashen ( ago)
yeii more plastic, hell yeah! ..... eh what???

Author J Allen ( ago)
Was it chemical X?

Author preClassic ( ago)
Bucket Hank saves us all

Author KaX321 ( ago)
3:51 flying cars are not the future, the future is boring.

Author Anastasia Podscochinova ( ago)
why doesn't gravity work as much in water o_o

Author DARK OF MOON ( ago)
I want this shirt so bad !

Author Max ( ago)
i have Hank-Bucket nightmares now

Author TheMr77469 ( ago)
How come it took Nobel 25yrs to award the prize to them?

Author adhair ( ago)
What's photographic film?

Author Amieroll Mukminin ( ago)
Plastic are worst when it comes to decomposition, but when about electronics, yes I like to prolong my 27 years CRT to 1000 years...

Author Scott FW ( ago)
Two thoughts. One; isn't a shiny conductive foil what the UFO crowd says some UFOs are skinned with? Two; that shirt looks like some kind of leftover from a DoD camouflage experiment.

Author Christie Nel ( ago)
I always feel disappointed that this sort of thing has to discovered by accident.

Author balintnk ( ago)
Lets cover everything with these solar-plastics - we can figure out wastemanagement later...

Author Andreas Kapetanios ( ago)
i have a question for you .... i have myobia , when i see objects in the mirror which are far away i dont see then well , but the mirror is 20cm from my eyes . how can this happen

Author Derpster ( ago)
"Go to youtube and subscribe." What insheeption is this? I'm already in youtube.

Author shortbuspileup ( ago)
Does this mean we'll get paid to recycle plastic bottles like we do to recycle copper wire? 💰 ♻️ 💵

Author wnkrwnkr ( ago)

Author ChaosManticore ( ago)
Plastic isn't quite as heat resistant as silicon, so that might be an issue.
Another problem with plastic materials are aging, which makes them brittle.
Not great if you want to keep bending your phone for years to come.
People will probably buy a new phone every 2-3 years to keep up with advancing tech.
So might be less of an issue unless they are really attached to their new shiny plastic phone.

Author Random Stuff ( ago)
So the guy that messed up doesn't get any award.

Author ithenoob ( ago)
bendy smartphones already exist.. cred apple

Author Stephen Woods ( ago)
Real science is very rarely 'EUREKA", much more often it starts with 'That's strange.'.

Author Sandesh Míñð Freâk Sawant ( ago)
"Accidently added 1000 times more catalyst"

Dats how you get PowerPuff Girls....!!!!!! 😀

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