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    ROSA AVENDANO 18 hours ago

    i live in chicogo

    ROSA AVENDANO 18 hours ago

    i live in chicogo

  • SSO Ida
    SSO Ida 23 hours ago

    HER EYES ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • Kiara David
    Kiara David 2 days ago

    That Joker on her desk

  • Gavin Rutherfurd
    Gavin Rutherfurd 3 days ago

    The dolls in the background were so creepy haha

  • Lidea Ryan
    Lidea Ryan 7 days ago

    my mom is a 90's kid i was born in 2008

  • Babula Bisoyi
    Babula Bisoyi 7 days ago

    stupid u should take the marker end

  • kayley pashkow
    kayley pashkow 9 days ago


  • Emily Anna Hill
    Emily Anna Hill 10 days ago

    U should do a extra love for each state on every vid

  • Carlos Pedrero
    Carlos Pedrero 12 days ago


  • Cute C
    Cute C 16 days ago

    My mum too😂

  • Aemee The one and only

    make sure that its not 3 and below

  • Aemee The one and only

    i love you you are my biggest fan😍

  • Venessa Varghese
    Venessa Varghese 20 days ago

    r those dolls behind u

  • pizza boy
    pizza boy 21 day ago


  • Lyra Ducks
    Lyra Ducks 21 day ago

    Magic Makeup, is that what you use when you apply makeup? Because you look very different

  • Juraimi Adnan
    Juraimi Adnan 23 days ago

    The car on fire actualy means that the car is SUPER FAST 🚘

  • Damorea Patton
    Damorea Patton 23 days ago

    why are there dolls in the back creepy 😷

  • Damorea Patton
    Damorea Patton 23 days ago

    she is so loud 😒😒😒😒

  • ᑌᑎIᑕOᖇᑎ ᑭOOᑭ

    'And a car on fire
    ...this is so creepy to me'

    Says the person who has a room full of dolls😅😂😬

  • Rose bud
    Rose bud 26 days ago

    I love Her channel, but she to sooooo much like Dory it's honestly kind of funny.

  • demon miku666
    demon miku666 27 days ago

    out of all youtubers on the interwebs you have the best background

  • Brielle Kremer
    Brielle Kremer 28 days ago

    Dolls are really creepy why do you have them

  • Darth Vad3r35
    Darth Vad3r35 1 month ago

    i have a question. Do any of you think Skyrim is scary? I will not judge... don't worry :-)

  • Its A Girl Thing
    Its A Girl Thing 1 month ago

    who else love her but not that creepy doll room?

  • Aubrey Bogdan
    Aubrey Bogdan 1 month ago

    I have the airbrush Magic Pen and it works fine

  • Amber Bradshaw
    Amber Bradshaw 1 month ago

    You an tell that bunny is tired I'm like that when I'm tired lmao

  • Spicy Brown
    Spicy Brown 1 month ago

    this video was hilarious 👍🖤

  • Sade Hietpas
    Sade Hietpas 1 month ago


  • Lauren Martin
    Lauren Martin 1 month ago

    it dare you to breath it in hahaha

  • Lilybuggy's Life
    Lilybuggy's Life 1 month ago

    this is my first video of hers....what is sippy sippy?

  • ItsJustMarlie
    ItsJustMarlie 1 month ago

    Bunny the dolls creep me out. Why do you have them? I'm not a new fan. I've been a fan for a while

  • Ellie Parsons
    Ellie Parsons 1 month ago

    your room is REALLY REALLY SCARY !! with the dolls in the background

  • Jacquelin Sainte
    Jacquelin Sainte 1 month ago

    Chicago here!! Watching in May 2017... little late to the game! lol

  • Yajaira Mercado
    Yajaira Mercado 1 month ago

    lol fish is already plural

  • Alaina Stafford
    Alaina Stafford 1 month ago

    the stuff you tested is a ripoff of magic pens

  • Frankie Tummillo
    Frankie Tummillo 1 month ago

    I live in Chicago

  • Maricruz Lugo
    Maricruz Lugo 1 month ago

    can you see her earings

  • Tessa Contreras
    Tessa Contreras 1 month ago


  • Holly Major
    Holly Major 1 month ago

    The swamp family looks like camo

  • Lisset Yebra
    Lisset Yebra 1 month ago

    they do work I have it

  • Cassie Gomis
    Cassie Gomis 1 month ago

    My sister is very very very mean

  • hippie trash can
    hippie trash can 1 month ago

    "fresh lungs"

  • Baylee Mesecher
    Baylee Mesecher 2 months ago

    a lady bug table vacume as seen on tv

  • Oresha Annikey
    Oresha Annikey 2 months ago

    Why do u have so many dolls it creepy 8:00

  • Sarah Marsic
    Sarah Marsic 2 months ago

    I have Crayola airbrush set

  • Leslie Gillman
    Leslie Gillman 2 months ago

    are you a smoker Bunny?

  • Maraya Pabon
    Maraya Pabon 2 months ago

    I have that

  • Nashi Dragneel
    Nashi Dragneel 2 months ago

    You're hair is Bomb it's looks amazing

  • kelly Reyes
    kelly Reyes 2 months ago

    your room is so creepy there is a doll with blood

  • Piink Dancer
    Piink Dancer 2 months ago

    my grandatgher is a dancer and her hip hop dance is called "That's so 90's"

  • Nailea Cortez
    Nailea Cortez 2 months ago

    I wish I had that

  • Matthew alumbaugh
    Matthew alumbaugh 2 months ago

    It looks like a tampon

  • romina boggia
    romina boggia 2 months ago

    you suck

  • Random things
    Random things 2 months ago

    The room was creepy it was full of baby dolls

  • the DT girl aka chara amy

    i have a magic eye book pls like

  • Creativity100 118
    Creativity100 118 2 months ago

    talk normally! !!!!

  • Mia Pacheco
    Mia Pacheco 2 months ago

    I subscribed 😀😀😀

  • joefel gravoso
    joefel gravoso 2 months ago

    Can you try the 3d pen i just wanna know what is your reaction on that.....hahahha

  • Sujatha Rajan
    Sujatha Rajan 2 months ago

    She is soo funny 😂😂😂

  • Aeare
    Aeare 2 months ago

    I used to have these lol

  • Diana Lutsiv
    Diana Lutsiv 2 months ago

    it's not working because your doing it wrong

  • Jysly1
    Jysly1 2 months ago

    other way bunny other way

  • Rayne Tucker
    Rayne Tucker 2 months ago

    i do

  • Madeline Brown
    Madeline Brown 2 months ago

    her eyes are so pretty

  • Bella Hayes
    Bella Hayes 2 months ago

    it shows you the color it changes on the end of the marker

  • Nerdy Birdy whitch
    Nerdy Birdy whitch 2 months ago

    She's very animated and I ❤️ it!!

  • Autumn's Vlogs
    Autumn's Vlogs 2 months ago

    They were called Magic Pens!

  • Lindsey Moore
    Lindsey Moore 2 months ago

    My little sister broke my finger and sometimes that finger hurts so bad, I cry. I've heard that it's arthritis.

  • Madison O'neil
    Madison O'neil 2 months ago

    more better- Bunny 2015

  • Madison O'neil
    Madison O'neil 2 months ago

    guys.. my Starbucks is. 24 hour

    like. if the same

  • True brabant
    True brabant 2 months ago

    More better is not correct bunny I'm sorry but I'm a grammar addict

  • S L
    S L 2 months ago

    99% cannot see this but to the 1% hello!!!!!!!!!😘😏😃😊☺😁

  • cindy rios
    cindy rios 3 months ago

    I live 19 minutes from where you live!!!

  • Irma Munoz
    Irma Munoz 3 months ago

    I have one of those and they actually works with me

  • zoe ferguson
    zoe ferguson 3 months ago

    I was born in 2001 but I used to play with that

  • k taylor
    k taylor 3 months ago

    meteorite actually killed dinosaurs so get your facts straight before you said on the internet

  • Sebastian G Fish
    Sebastian G Fish 3 months ago

    I had blow pens as a kid! They never worked and they always got full of spit because I was 4 and didn't know how to blown into things without blowing spit everywhere...

  • Tanika Mitchell
    Tanika Mitchell 3 months ago

    test out kick to make ice cream😁

  • Mrs.GrantGustin
    Mrs.GrantGustin 3 months ago

    All the people saying the background is creepy is obviously new here😂😂

  • Fury Fire
    Fury Fire 3 months ago

    Pause at 5:42😂😂

  • daughteroftheelement
    daughteroftheelement 3 months ago

    did anyone else catch the Clue reference? 😏

  • Ruqaiyah Ansari
    Ruqaiyah Ansari 3 months ago

    who watching in 2017

  • Ray medamiedo
    Ray medamiedo 3 months ago

    Is this girl on crack?

  • Claire Bingham
    Claire Bingham 3 months ago

    why do you have so many dolls in the background they are so creepy

  • Casie King
    Casie King 3 months ago

    I have those

  • Edurdo Orozco
    Edurdo Orozco 3 months ago

    I know right that room is Scarry

  • Kraig Gibson
    Kraig Gibson 3 months ago

    yard girl do you still have bright bugs

  • Sandra Ventura
    Sandra Ventura 3 months ago

    yea her room of dolls is creepy

  • Candyheart girl
    Candyheart girl 3 months ago

    I'm like not kidding like in almost every video that those dolls move

  • jose contreras
    jose contreras 3 months ago


  • jose contreras
    jose contreras 3 months ago

    egghc 11:11

  • jose contreras
    jose contreras 3 months ago

    xhfhxhg 19:40

  • jose contreras
    jose contreras 3 months ago

    dchxvhdh 9:14

  • Drawing Tutorials
    Drawing Tutorials 3 months ago

    did anyone else notice the background of creepy baby heads

  • Loving Laynie
    Loving Laynie 3 months ago

    Whoo 90's

  • Stephanie Kellerman
    Stephanie Kellerman 3 months ago

    i have that!!i can barly breath when using them

  • Selena Cruz
    Selena Cruz 3 months ago

    That's from 2017 silly

  • Elizabeth Chastain
    Elizabeth Chastain 3 months ago

    here is something to eat🍇🍈🍉🍊🍋🍌🍍🍅🍓🍒🍑🍐🍏🍎🍆🌽🍄🌰🍞🍖🍗🍔🍙🍣🍤🍚🍟🍕🍛🍥🍳🍜🍡🍲🍝🍦🍱🍠🍧🍘🍢🍨🍩🍮🍸🍪🍯🍹🎂🍼🍺🍰☕🍻🍫🍵🍭🍷🍬🍶

  • Jessica Cooper
    Jessica Cooper 3 months ago


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