Titanic Sinking simulation

this is a simulation of how the titanic sank.

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Author james sun ( ago)
imagain if this could reverse

Author Cristian Posada ( ago)
This is traumatic...

Author Kaapouch ( ago)
@a01087483 it wasn't just the crash that caused the Titanic but also
several big design flaws by the British board of trade/ships designers. The
ship could've been saved had they not been so cheap during the designing
process. To many theories these days but Best iron wasn't adequate, nor was
the lack of compartment hulls at the front. A series of small tears in the
hull lead to an unzipping effect due to the pins being made of an inferior
steal. It was simply a bad/cheap design, peace,

Author Alexander Lee ( ago)
@a01087483 The ship sunk because of the Iceberg punching holes in the SIDE
of the ship which penetrated five of the big sections of the ship, which
was the reason the ship sunk in the first place. A frontal collision
would've caused some bad damage, but wouldn't make the ship sink (or at
least a lot smaller chance). It's just such cruel irony if you think about

Author a01087483 ( ago)
@rulezz264 Thats just silly, who in their right mind would think of
crashing into it besides they were going really fast, it would have been a
total loss, the problem want the captain (who wasnt in charge at the time)
but the badly designed rudder which was too slow to react, as well as the
second in command who reversed one of the engines, he didn't know that
would actually cut some of the flow towards the rudder... so the ship
couldn't turn faster.

Author Johnny Hernández ( ago)
que chido 

Author Johnny Hernández ( ago)
que chido 

Author zoby68 (1980 years ago)
titanic's propellers stopped while it was sinking

Author Alexander Lee ( ago)
Btw compare the size of the "rocks and leaves" under water with the ship,
damn those gotta be huge :D

Author Alexander Lee ( ago)
If the captain would've chosen to frontal collide with the iceberg, instead
of trying to turn, the ship would've only had a badly damaged bow and
wouldn't sink (or at least a much decreased chance of sinking) and all of
those people didn't have to die and could've been saved. Irony of the

Author borisvdm ( ago)
@sacramentolove yeah

Author miguel santiago ( ago)
why the titanic trun the sihp go to the left 

Author borisvdm ( ago)
@sacramentolove FUN??????????

Author 482lost ( ago)
You know, I'll never understand how a compartment can be considered
"watertight" when they don't even cap the top of it. *Insert facepalm here*

Author Albany Rosello ( ago)
so that's why titanic sinks

Author Sam Dubois ( ago)
WHAT!!! So theres no hippie telling me whats happening!!! Damn, Man

Author PivotAndCinema ( ago)
@KorruptedDragon982 He didn't make it, he just took it from the movie
Titanic (1997) and uploaded it to YouTube.

Author rgur90x ( ago)
@DKM101 its kinda both really. an animated simulation!

Author MrClassicDoctorWho ( ago)
i bet the sea life got a shock when R.M.S Titanic hit the decks! xD

Author Skizzle ( ago)
i just wish it wasn't so dark, but other than that it was good

Author Skizzle ( ago)
i just wish it wasn't so dark

Author sidrules777 ( ago)

Author Kabu Tops ( ago)
That was awesome

Author DKM101 ( ago)
not a simulation, animation :/

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