The Best & Most Anticipated Upcoming Games in 2015 !
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Music: edIT - Straight Heat
The Crew:: Oliver Tank - Last Night I Heard Everything In Slow Motion
No Mans Sky: Silent Partner - Dark Step

MY TOP 20:
#20 Dying Light
#19The Crew
#18 Sunset Overdrive
#17 Evolve
#16 Batman Arkham Knight
#15 Until Dawn
#14 Assassins Creed Unity
#13 The Order 1886
#12 Dragon Age 3: Inquisition
#11 No Mans Sky
#10 DOOM 4
#9 Ori and the blind Forest
#8 Far Cry 4
#7 Bloodborne
#6 Rainbow Six: Siege
#5 Quantum Break
#4 The Witcher 3
#3 Tom Clancy's The Division
#2 Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain
#1 Uncharted 4

PS: Sorry for the bad quality of the Uncharted 4 Trailer. I had to recreate it with my own voice and different music because of copyright issues, but I really wanted to have the game in this TOP 20!

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This Video contains the best, greatest, most anticipated and most wanted upcoming games 2014 - 2015 on PC / XBOX ONE XBONE / PS4 Playstation 4 / Xbox 360 and PS3 Playstation 3.

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Author Арайгул Емжарова ( ago) заработай ещё больше денег

Author Mamino Slimani ( ago)
God jub

Author reyzuna ( ago)
Duhhhh to noisy amf will they shut up

Author Ilham Isdiansyah ( ago)
i love my penis ,lol

Author Valentin Vasilev ( ago)
From where i can download THE CREW :)

Author Syn Aralius ( ago)
#11 No mans sky. 13:30 what is the song?

Author thanasis ioranidis ( ago)
top 9 should be top 1

Author Алексей Юхименко ( ago)
Enter for a chance to win 1 out of 10 Mad Max Steam Keys

Author Алексей Юхименко ( ago)

Author Global Videos ( ago)
thanks love it

Author Tomás Colunga ( ago)
Min 13 27 hehheheheheheh -_-

Author flying mario ( ago)
nice job dude

Author IAmTheFletch ( ago)
Excellent video, excellent work. Would you mind looking through my videos? And Subscribing. Thank you

Author Splendido Splendente ( ago)
The skip option is smart and handy. Thankyou

Author Nemonex ( ago)
This boy is obvsly getting paid for those number ones in his vids

Author Ryan Spurgeon ( ago)
for the most part they show the trailers for the same type of games. I've viewed a few of these and I have yet to find something I'd be into. where are all the interactive adventure games.. not action adventure. want to play games like 'LIFE IS STRANGE'... any thoughts?

Author D.lake ( ago)
Honestly uncharted 4 is the only game for me, that actually lived up to it's hype

Author Emirhan Dagli ( ago)
I love your t-shirt :D

Author Thomas appel ( ago)
Thumbed up the video before watching just for the effort of the nice skipping option.

Author David YT ( ago)

Author Веско Срб ( ago)
best games to top the list of my choice are The Order 1886, Until Dawn, Far Cry 4, Rainbow Six: Siege, Tom Clancy's The Division, Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain. :)

Author teodor iurascu ( ago)
rainbox six siege eh ?

Author Mardik Youssef ( ago)
can you give me the link please

Author Mardik Youssef ( ago)
can i run sunset overdrive on pc
can you me the link please

Author نصائح عامه ( ago)

Author Vlad Vidican ( ago)
some of the games are from 2k16 not 15 wtf is this list

Author con_con_ gaming ( ago)
I don't like no man's sky my opineon

Author Cielaczek96 ( ago)
And witcher3 win 2015 ;)

Author Dj RsM mumbai ( ago)
new ring tone COC remix

Author Patrik Racsko ( ago)
Really The Division beat The Witcher 3?!?! this list was made by an amateur

Author Mixem ( ago)

Author Alien noobs ( ago)
What is the name of soundtrack of no man's sky??

Author BenevolentBull ( ago)
Upcoming MMORPG on Kickstarter - Chronicles of Elyria. Next Generation of RPGs?

Author RafaJusto ( ago)
Confira meu canal, acredito que vai curtir o conteúdo! Se puder, também se inscreva pois me ajuda bastante! Valeu!!

Author Exotic Momo ( ago)
is good

Author Mute ( ago)
This is a flop 2015, excluding some games like Ori and The Blind Forest ,The Witcher 3, MGS 5 ...

Author Danijel Nikolic ( ago)
igrice koje ometaju normalan rast i razvoj maloletne dece.. pre svega bih zeleo da naglasim psihicku nestabilnost kod omladine..... tuzno....

Author Danijel Nikolic ( ago)
jebao sam ga u igrice...

Author Jatin Dahiya ( ago)
hi i got processer- intel core i3-3110M CPU@ 2.40GHz 2.40GHz can i play batman arkham knight

Author Noob Sensei ‹•.•› ( ago)
i just kept skipping in-case i'd find a new game.

Author Akilesh Jadhav ( ago)
Are there just zombie games ?

Author S1 Oyunda (454 years ago)
Abone OLUN Yakında Guzel Videolarla Sizlerleryim :)

Author Maurice Ourthe (541 year ago)
Vote 6#

Author BE LIKE BOSSS ( ago)
if anyone subscribed me I will subscribe back surely

Author aza teza ( ago)

Author mechanikilla ( ago)
previous gen far cry 4 was terribly bland

Author same ansari ( ago)
Nice game you must dwld

Author BINTEAK MUSIC ( ago)
Nice video!!!! Music for videogames in my channel!

Author píčovina ( ago)
where is Fallout 4?

Author الكوره الذهبيه ( ago)
please guys i want a good free site to download this games ^_^ thank you too much

Author Pevox TV (986 years ago)
Zapraszam do mnie

Author Revolts PlaYgames ( ago)

Author familylifeshanghai ( ago)
Wow more game addicts! No wonder our children today are becoming less and less responsible. Their whole world revolves around these games that are more substantially entertaining. Real life becomes so boring now.

Author karam abadi ( ago)
uncharted isn't in 2016 ??

Author Apdussamet Bülbül ( ago)
birinciyi yapa yapa bu mu yaptınız mallar

Author zak dumaroc ( ago)
33:28 REAL WOMEN !!!! wow

Author ThatBlueScrew ( ago)
what was your music you set for #19 the crew?
it's not the trailer or ingame music as far as i can tell and i couldn't find it anywhere else but now it's deleted. it sounded most soothing and relaxing to me

Author Anais Morales ( ago)
Instagram: Games_Addicts 🎮🏁

Author :D :D ( ago)
Killing Floor 2 ?!

Author Tchi Pa Tchi Pa ( ago)
cs go noob

Author Bossman Kozlovskis ( ago)
why did you put 2014 games in 2015

Author onat çoruh ( ago)
Mgs 5 game of the year

Author Pawelix ( ago)
Wither 3 Wild hunt is best game in 2015

Author Hamza Goun ( ago)
اخي اريد ربط تحميل للعبة من فضلك

Author joki boy ( ago)
Good guy iNOREPLY makes annotations to skip the current number :D

Author ZEPOS - MAN ( ago)
How can you make this finishing move with the heart i have unlocked every skill and i cant make it !!!!

Author Sam Newton II ( ago)
Awesome video, thanks for keeping me up to speed 🤗

Author Rumpelstinski Mc ( ago)
no.1 is bullshit... id rather put bi mans sky altho its a 2016 not a 2015

Author Enis frenchy (1971 year ago)
not my type of games , prefer fifa and nba and in action games u got splinter cell really good game and in between 16:30 stop sucking your dick

Author salim spyro ( ago)
a little game!yQhV2Bwb!6dm5QXPOY7
password yabpYIGGuu7FaWJL6k3o-FBwb3tG0Jfkg

Author Youssef Fersi ( ago)
no madmax ? no black ops3 ? no just cause 3 ? its totally wrong

Author Владимир Путин ( ago)

Author Charls Space ( ago)
Nope,No mans skype it is from 2016!

Author Kenneth Gossett ( ago)
Dont see the point in the crew looks totally stupid

Author Michael Ezell ( ago)
that's Evolved

Author TheRoman Gaminghd ( ago)
nice video i like it.

Author 정호준 ( ago)
와 우리나라 온라인게임은 졷도 아니군 이렇게 그래픽 쩔고 잼나는 게임이 많네 ..

Author Best solution gamers ( ago)
awesome video! I really liked it, keep up the good work

Author Lili gravando ( ago)
and fnaf?

Author GameDvs Alg ( ago)
some Zombies from Dying Light is defrent ,a also some animations , am plying it on PC is it because of the difrent between last gen and next gen ??

Author σlнαBємGαмєя ( ago)

Author Códi gos ( ago)

Author Simon Cankov ( ago)
game 18 is stupid and horible

Author Mihkel Klement ( ago)
someone knows the song name 13:30

sunset overdrive came out last year

Author putih abuabu ( ago)
Dude.. wtf you just got just like 40.000+ subcribers.. here take my hand

Author YouTube cop! We are the LAW! ( ago)
Where is Halo 5: Guardians?!?!?!?!!?

Author John Smith ( ago)
Popular multiplayer, browser-based arcade tank simulator!

Author Murilo Henrique Daniel ( ago)
o pessoal da uma entrada no meu canall

Author Sumartini Susilo ( ago)
you love your penis :o

Author lazzzyboy ( ago)
I Just knew Uncharted 4 had to be #1.

Author Bilal Muhammad ( ago)
thumbs up if i brought u guys here

Author Grex A. ( ago)
whats up with the crapi audio quality

Author Eric Rodriguez ( ago)

Author GMQ320 ( ago)
Hi guys! I'm starting up a gaming channel and I would really appreciate it if you guys would check it out! :)

Author loof alif ( ago)
until dawn is the best

Author Madison Braff ( ago)

Author gabriel lucas silva coelho ( ago)
ja joguei todos ,,sou craque e que vai querer me desafiar

Author alan yang ( ago)
I made a game video with Attack On Titan anime song. It is enjoyable in some game forum.
"進擊的巨人 Attack on titan + 討鬼傳 極 Toukiden Kiwami V.1 Game Video "
and pic of my video is about BOOBS. enjoy it.

Author VIDEO - MIX ( ago)
Good video - I have great videos.

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