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Author nawazish khan (3 months)

Author Muhammed Amin (8 months)

Author Jatt .sher (5 months)
what the hell is this

Author Haroon Hussain (5 months)
Geo jutt 

Author Odorica Ion (9 months)
Frumos ritm:):):)

Author nazir khan (7 months)
muhmmad zulqarnani

Author Asad Khan (11 months)
Very nice♡

Author nazir khan (7 months)

Author Keshav Kumar (11 months)
Bahut khub

Author adnan ghumman (8 months)
proud to be a jatt

Author usman shazada (1 year)

Author India Bazaar (1 year)
verry nice 

Author Asad Malik Awan (1 year)
Very..... nice

Author برويز انور انور (1 year)

Author PUNJABI SHER (3 years)
chok dehhhhhhhhh pakistannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn chok deh

Author Zaman Bhatti (2 years)
acha hya g

Author adnan qadir (3 years)
@kouser0 hi baby wanna suck my dick

Author Shreya Shree (3 years)
pakistani gaanon pe Indian actress ko kyo sharm nhi aati kya

Author Mian waqas (2 years)
mian waqas

Author saarraahhmmiilleerrr (4 years)
does anyone know where to find the song (sohna jeha na - by the return of
the chamkila)?

Author Jaswant Chera (2 years)
Hot pics !!!!

Author 123sz (2 years)
Let them fight there is no way u can stop them British went away 60 years
back but these Asses dont stop rubbing eachother so let have starbucks, And
enjoy the JAAT song

Author OnlyJtag (3 years)
wah ji wah

Author farukh shahzad (4 years)
qasim alone was not in power to defeat raja dahir bcz qasim first commander
was defated by jutt army who was under raja dahir

Author zee31632 (3 years)
@mahachotia sister b ha na teri bs khud hi dawat de raha hai choosene ki .
puttro thora intezar kro gaya india

Author HX1Productions (3 years)

Author mutusos78 (3 years)
I don't like to much arabic music i like this though.

Author ShamsherJBS Hans (2 years)
Jatts are great on both sudes if India- Pakistan border

Author Musakhann (4 years)
@daedalus991 try hadiqa kyani

Author sukh thind (3 years)
140 people do t like this song they r mother fucket or poor cast peo[ple
great songs

Author aniqfaiz (4 years)
Jatt zindabad!! Visit my profile and ENJOY...

Author 123sz (4 years)
@aneetsunny15 And love from People of Pakistan We really need to make peace

Author MrPunjab420 (3 years)
huh? lolzzzz.........John Abraham Jatt haiga ?? :D

Author ADNAN HAIDER (4 years)

Author Samah Saeed (3 years)
@mutusos78 it's pakistani.. south asian, not arabic. its different culture

Author Umair Ismail (3 years)
jeeeeeeeeeee oooooooo jattaaaaaa

Author Zubin Koticha (3 years)
beautifully said

Author ismail hanif Arakani (4 years)
مجهے بہت اچها لگا واه

Author mundi3210 (4 years)
Love it Man..from Eastern Punjab..(India)

Author farukh shahzad (4 years)

Author munny0051 (2 years)

Author farukh shahzad (4 years)
juuts were decended 4rm hazrat nooh a.s sons ham all juts were worshiper of
1 god then they devide in sikhs and hindus

Author warrior Naz (3 years)
abrar rcoking in punjabi language, BRAVOOOOOO ABRAR

Author notoriousjutt17 (4 years)
proud to b a jatt

Author listenerinthislife (2 years)
jatt zindabad <3

Author Zain Ayaz (3 years)
@mrallahisgreat786 gandu insaan user name to allah is great hai phir
larkiyan dhoond raha hai youtube song pe. Laanat hai tujhpe chutiye

Author chicksdigsme (4 years)
abar please make another was 2007 since your last album .its been
2 years please.

Author Tanveer Muzmal (2 years)

Author Ifraaz Atta (2 years)
Well soooorry beautiful :) Smile yaar!

Author arslan hanif (3 years)
what the fuck is this video,..

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