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Author Affan Abbas ( ago)
First Muslim Than Jutt ....

Author ( ago)
Good night

Author Ameer Hamza ( ago)
wtf? ban this video...its as fake as f

Author Awais Jutt1011 ( ago)
jee o jutta

Author Shamshad Iqbal ( ago)
jatt jatt ne

Author Baldev Singh ( ago)
Mirze di Bakki ton darn Farishte, Jatt ton dare Khuda !

Author rehman juut ( ago)
Ladla jutt 966550330928

Author Zamir Ahmed ( ago)
Good song 

Author nawazish khan ( ago)

Author Jatt .sher ( ago)
what the hell is this

Author Haroon Hussain ( ago)
Geo jutt 

Author nazir khan ( ago)
muhmmad zulqarnani

Author nazir khan ( ago)

Author adnan ghumman ( ago)
proud to be a jatt

Author Muhammed Amin ( ago)

Author Odorica Ion ( ago)
Frumos ritm:):):)

Author Keshav Kumar ( ago)
Bahut khub

Author Asad Khan ( ago)
Very nice♡

Author India Bazaar ( ago)
verry nice 

Author ‫برويز انور انور‬‎ ( ago)

Author Asad Malik Awan ( ago)
Very..... nice

Author Waseem Ijaz ( ago)
I am also jutt but Muslim first than a Pakistani :)

Author waseem akbar ( ago)

Author Rashad Mehmood ( ago)
Nice song

Author بدر الحجاز ( ago)
i am from Saudi Arabia and i do love Pakstani songs but i do not know how
to get the origenal ones .. could you recomend some nice songs for me ?
thank you very much

Author sl malik ( ago)
nice song...........

Author haroon naseer ( ago)
Am american nd luv dis song bvoz am jatt hell ya nigga ;)

Author robin chetan ( ago)
hindu, sikh and muslim jatts all belong to the same tribe... they have
common attributes of bravery, strength and high principles

Author listenerinthislife ( ago)
jatt zindabad <3

Author listenerinthislife ( ago)
you sound like a right pervert

Author Shaikh Muhammad ( ago)
a nice song of abrar

Author Jaswant Chera ( ago)
Hot pics !!!!

Author Mian waqas ( ago)
mian waqas

Author 49Moody ( ago)
Wtf.. Pics

Author Louise Jackson ( ago)
I love this song and Im a Britsh gori....

Author psvyt ( ago)
Gaadyo, when Jatt will open school and hospitals? When education is
priority for Jatt?

Author jagvir sahota ( ago)
ki frak penda we are jatts brothers

Author md shumon ( ago)

Author 123sz ( ago)
Let them fight there is no way u can stop them British went away 60 years
back but these Asses dont stop rubbing eachother so let have starbucks, And
enjoy the JAAT song

Author 123sz ( ago)
I am in USA for last 15 years currently in Tx which state u do u live.

Author 123sz ( ago)
JIDO HOWIYA NAHI JUDGE KO LO FAISALA KACHERI APPI LA LII JAAT NAY You are Right Punjabian. I wish we can go free across
border.. We migrated from Jhalander Punjab to Lahore

Author 123sz ( ago)
I agree buddy.....JAAT JAAT HON DAA HAI

Author Tanveer Muzmal ( ago)

Author ShamsherJBS Hans ( ago)
Jatts are great on both sudes if India- Pakistan border

Author nomi cool ( ago)
i like this songs

Author munny0051 ( ago)

Author Ifraaz Atta ( ago)
Well soooorry beautiful :) Smile yaar!

Author Rana Mi ( ago)
hindi or indian , most importantly you get my point , don't comment on my
language I didn't ask for your correction .. what's wrong with you people .
by the way I'm not a child , you child .. have some respect you don't even
know who the hell I am .. lol I asked a simple question and you could
nicely answer it , if not then don't reply to me from the first place. ciao!

Author Ifraaz Atta ( ago)
There's no language called "Indian" child..

Author Rehan Awan (1791 year ago)

Author Zaman Bhatti ( ago)
acha hya g

Author Janey Ali ( ago)
fight lol fight are u all fucking gone mad man peace and love and chill :P

Author Rana Mi ( ago)
these are indian actors not pakistani actors! ..btw do pakistani people
speak indian? cz that's what I noticed

Author Zubin Koticha ( ago)
beautifully said

Author arslan hanif ( ago)
what the fuck is this video,..

Author Zia Janjua ( ago)
Good Song BAt nOT tHE viDeo

Author Shrikumar Ghanghas ( ago)
best yaar..

Author Shrikumar Ghanghas ( ago)
jatt.,,jaat jat..good yaar...chahe hindu ho ya muslim ya shikh..kya fark
parta hai..jaat to jaat hi hai..ek hi khoon..hai yaaro..We r proud of being
jaat...good song..thanks Abrar Bhai thank a lot..!

Author hassnain qureshi ( ago)
Gr8 song proud pakistani ibrar .. U rock ibrar sings best punjabi song
pakistan da jaattt ibrar himself a jatt .. Love to all pakistani
punjabisss. . Chuk k rakh oay

Author MrPunjab420 ( ago)
huh? lolzzzz.........John Abraham Jatt haiga ?? :D

Author M.T. Tahir ( ago)
Crap pics. Doesnt match with song

Author Humaira Shahzad ( ago)
@dinosaurodon fu*k off u asshole >.......u aint knw nothing bout jatts

Author 849jatt (721 year ago)
@dinosaurodon: ill fuk u till u luv me bitch

Author Fahad Rahman ( ago)
smoke some weed guys, they got good weed in india and pakistan.

Author adnan qadir ( ago)
@kouser0 my number is 03136969407 from lahore

Author Nataruka8 ( ago)
i love my life ^_^ screw all you people cuz i can say it because im here
for the song not the board.

Author adnan qadir ( ago)
@kouser0 hi baby wanna suck my dick

Author 408babbu ( ago)
stupid shit what does the boobs has to do with this fuddu song

Author Amardeep661 ( ago)
jatt baradhri zindabad...

Author warrior Naz ( ago)
abrar rcoking in punjabi language, BRAVOOOOOO ABRAR

Author Money Mayweather ( ago)
Fuck you dirty slags.. you wont get no where on youtube so jusT STFU!!!!

Author kouser0 ( ago)
I am Ayesha from Pakistan (Vehari). My contact number is 03026994349. Some
times my mother pick up my mobile. I am sorry for this.

Author nbnybeats4u ( ago)
beautiful women

Author Umair Ismail ( ago)
jeeeeeeeeeee oooooooo jattaaaaaa

Author Samah Saeed ( ago)
@mutusos78 its okay brother

Author mutusos78 ( ago)
@xXxItachixUchihaxXx Sorry didn't know

Author Samah Saeed ( ago)
@mutusos78 it's pakistani.. south asian, not arabic. its different culture

Author HX1Productions ( ago)

Author PUNJABI SHER ( ago)
chok dehhhhhhhhh pakistannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn chok deh

Author Hassaan Syed ( ago)
Pakistani Songs Mash-up...../watch?v=GmpX5FLwDis...Sing for Pakistan

Author mutusos78 ( ago)
I don't like to much arabic music i like this though.

Author pakistan47007 (1379 years ago)
good song visit my profile and enjoy more.

Author 0GurtejS ( ago)
@rsrules794613 true

Author Funistan ( ago)
@jogi6045 tum apni dunnya min mast raho jeger ye jung nai khatam ho gi

Author MrPerunicic ( ago)
does anybody know from which pakistani (or indian, or...) song this is
stolen? thanx in advance

Author misslouisejackson34d ( ago)
I am a sexy English blonde...big tits etc... I prefer UK Paksitani
men...see my videos...

Author Johanpreet singh ( ago)
porkistanis! terrorist america will fuck yo shit up!

Author Johanpreet singh ( ago)
@soormesikh no one gives a fuck about religon in 21st century thumbs up if
you agree!

Author jattar007 ( ago)
sick tune... bbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Jat4Life

Author Funistan ( ago)
@mahachotia sister b ha na teri bs khud hi dawat de raha hai choosene ki .
puttro thora intezar kro gaya india

Author Funistan ( ago)
@mahachotia aenda asi bakwas na karna

Author Shreya Shree ( ago)
pakistani gaanon pe Indian actress ko kyo sharm nhi aati kya

Author Chandan Kumar ( ago)
ma ke lode pehle likhna to sikh baad me chudwana pakistan ko india
se........ teri maa di lan saliya.......

Author Attiq201 (1834 years ago)
bst song

Author sukh thind ( ago)
140 people do t like this song they r mother fucket or poor cast peo[ple
great songs. fro indian punjab

Author sukh thind ( ago)
140 people do t like this song they r mother fucket or poor cast peo[ple
great songs

Author OnlyJtag ( ago)
wah ji wah

Author Daisy Mart ( ago)
o jaata khar hove

Author varinder singh ( ago)
Oyee no if no but only JATT......

Author roxenmyfavourite (832 years ago)
song is gr8 bt faces are very bad in pics..

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