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Author Jawadiqbal Iqbal (1 month)
Pahari Mahiya - Malik Maroof VS Mishri P2 (Wedding Shahzad Choudhary -

Author J0nesJR . (1 month)
Just start listening to maya's. Just come back from mirpur and somebody
from charoy was staying at our village at some relatives, he knew hundreds
of maya's and had a good voice.

Author Muhammad Yasin (4 months)

Author Rajabutt Rajabutt (3 months)
kiya bat hai mishri ki

Author tariq tabsim (5 months)

Author md shoel mizi (8 months)
I am Riasat Razzaq pakistani Kashmiri azad kashmir Job at Saudi Arabia
Damaam city
I love kashmir Riasat Razzaq & Kamran Razzaq Bhoael coloney Live Saudi
Arabia, Dammam City

Author Riasat Razzaq (4 months)

Author Raja Jahangir (11 months)

Author md shoel mizi (1 year)
Riasat Gul padaesi

Author Rajaabdul ghaffar (1 year)

Author edward baraza (11 months)

Author Mohd Ashfaq (1 year)

Author Mohd Ashfaq (1 year)

Author AWAIS ALI (1 year)
Yaro koi ye bata sakta ha ye Chaudhary Yasir Mishri kidar chala gaya ha
both arsy se en danoo ka koi new program ni howa both achy fankar hain ye
danou humary kotli khuiratta k .....

Author Maqsood Ahmed (1 year)
sb kuch yaad a gya

Author khushaal khan (10 months)

Author mirza imran (1 year)

Author rohab javed (1 year)

Author raja sami (1 year)

Author Asif gondal (1 year)

Author Zahoor Adnan (2 years)
kiya baat he mere kashmir songs ki maza aah geya

Author JARAL786KZ (4 years)
Pach Mariya Kele Nu Saarre Naalon Wicharri na JaraL Jee Pachhtaso Wele Nu

Author malik naeem (2 years)

Author Zafar Iqbal Ch (3 years)
well that's a personal decision, you guys have good vocabulary which I
thought would help a lot in success of an album.... :). There is a great
demand for decent and understandable mahya singers though, it's an art
associated with Paharri people but Talent is waste until shown to the rest
of the add me to your future shares... waslam

Author Aslam Barki (1 year)
Great mahyie

Author Jameel Javed (2 years)

Author fivestarbasrianguj (4 years)
wah ji wah swad aa gia

Author Ifti Anjum (2 years)
Very good

Author Kotliboy Azad Kashmir (3 years)
My voice is like a broken piano......i remember alot but can't sing to save
my life. Anyways thanks for the lovely compliments and i will try to get
some more mahiya's because my uncle is coming from AK soon. Please let your
other family & friends know about my videos. Jazakallah. Allah hafiz

Author JARAL786KZ (4 years)
Koi Sigrat Laai Huii Ay Jagha Jagha Dil Dene O JaraL Jee Key Khed Banaai
Hui Ay

Author Kotliboy Azad Kashmir (3 years)
Salam Zaf bro.....thanks for the very nice compliments. I love my language
and think its like an unpolished diamond.....which people do not know the
value of. That is why i was adding potohari sher, but then recentely when i
travelled to Pakistan/ Azad Kashmir, i realised the true sakafat & heritage
of my beloved Azad Kashmir is in fact Pahari Mahiya. It makes sense to me
more than potohari sher do. And I think it needs afew superstars which
promote the mahiya even further around the world.

Author madman4687 (2 years)
very nice

Author tosifafaqi (3 years)
ha ha

Author wasim gujjar (2 years)
hatiyan te chandi aa wich pardeesaan de yaad sajnaan di andi aa

Author ChachaMahiya (2 years)
Zabardast Very Nice ji - Chacha Mahiya

Author JARAL786KZ (4 years)
Koi Raqbe Ghha Wele Kadi Tenu Yaad Aassan Saade Waqat WaFa Wale

Author JARAL786KZ (4 years)
Koi TeKssi ne Waaj Ditta Wich Pardesan ne Mahiye Ghaman Waale Yaad Keeta

Author Farooq Ali (2 years)

Author Kotliboy Azad Kashmir (3 years)
Kah kapni ya rah kar ke.... Milaney te ay a dola.... Lag seney nal tahh kar

Author Kotliboy Azad Kashmir (3 years)
@NADIA9076 Tusan chiteyan paniyan pul gey....jadon da telephone lageya....
La ke lagian nebaneyan pul gey......jadon da telephone lageya.....

Author Kotliboy Azad Kashmir (3 years)
@NADIA9076 Button Lawan Kameza no...... Naley tenu yaad karan.....naley
ruwan naseeba no.

Author JARAL786KZ (4 years)
Wah Jee Wah

Author Zafar Iqbal Ch (3 years)
Wah Ji Sigh sb...!

Author Asim Shah (2 years)
damn right bro pahari mahiya all the way

Author TheKashmirilion (1 year)
Cheeki rakhoo

Author dara singh (3 years)
kha kapni aa chap mari,, oh maya kudar gya ;; jarha langna se gap mari

Author Kotliboy Azad Kashmir (3 years)
Pach mareya keley no....... Sarey nalon kirey te dhola..... Pach taso valey
no..... Sarey nalon kirey te dhola.

Author mianwaliasil (2 years)
zabardest cultural song

Author Umar Gujjar (2 years)

Author wasim gujjar (2 years)
kaprey to k tang jani sedaa khush was soniyean sadi rondiyan nang jani

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