Top 5 Smartphone Cameras: The Blind Test!

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  • Slaime
    Slaime 1 hour ago

    I liked pixel Xl the most

  • Redneck Rampage
    Redneck Rampage 1 hour ago


    Look like a liked the Pixel the most, I ordered an S8 Plus yesterday :)

  • piyadol mamuang
    piyadol mamuang 12 hours ago

    I choose D

  • zalabany 13
    zalabany 13 13 hours ago


  • Hope Hollingsworth-Veneziani

    I just finished watching your video on best camera phone for 2017 and finally, yes finally you helped me see the one best for me. I have watched so many videos in the last two days and FINALLY you answered all my questions..thank you😀😀😀

  • Jessica tsao
    Jessica tsao 1 day ago

    Picked 2 for each and got 6C 5B and 4D

  • A.L Crena
    A.L Crena 1 day ago

    I picked B lol I have lg though I feel like a traitor

  • Coffee House Media
    Coffee House Media 2 days ago

    Iphone7 killed it! Punchy and detailed I love it

  • Actual Research
    Actual Research 2 days ago


  • Iron Mike
    Iron Mike 2 days ago

    I like the echo. It's dif

  • Know Me
    Know Me 2 days ago

    E C C E C E E C. Liked c the best

  • Zelofy
    Zelofy 2 days ago

    1. C
    2. B
    3. E

  • TZK Beats
    TZK Beats 3 days ago

    Ha very interesting.... I seemed to love the LG G6 pic samples... but now I realized that I prefer the google pixel xl lol

  • Alebone
    Alebone 3 days ago

    I have an iPhone 7+, and it was the worst for me ;(. Didn't expect that

  • Arvind Hariharan Nair

    loved this method it has helped a lot

  • Arvind Hariharan Nair

    B and C

  • Leonard Teo
    Leonard Teo 3 days ago

    C and E

  • Riley Freeman
    Riley Freeman 3 days ago

    Can't believe how poorly the iPhone 7+ did

  • Sanjay Mohan Dubey
    Sanjay Mohan Dubey 3 days ago

    S8 all the way !

  • First Wongsrila
    First Wongsrila 3 days ago


  • bobo tea
    bobo tea 3 days ago

    this was a great video, really what i needed to keep my own biases in check. keep these up!

  • Sourabh Tayade
    Sourabh Tayade 4 days ago

    dafuq all the time i thought d was s7 and i choose becoz it looked good and did not even went for B (which was sammy) for any of them. I now know how much i hate apple for the brand while not seeing its camera quality....

  • Acid HD
    Acid HD 4 days ago

    I chose B

  • MaGoGo323
    MaGoGo323 5 days ago

    For me it was: A: 5 points, B: 4 points. C: 5 points, D: 3 points and E: 3 points.

    So I would rank them as follows:

    T1 - OP 3T and Pixel XL
    3 - Galaxy S8
    T4 - iPhone 7+ and LG G6

    I did this test blindly and I have to say I was surprised that option A was the oneplus 3T. I guess we would have to add a video test too. I think OP lacks in this department when compared to the other models.

  • Deity Slayer
    Deity Slayer 5 days ago

    you ppl don't know anything about color grading and correction is you didn't go for D !

  • Deity Slayer
    Deity Slayer 5 days ago

    funny i picked D for every single shot !! didn't expect it to be an iPhone !!

  • Ronak Jain
    Ronak Jain 5 days ago


  • geofee
    geofee 5 days ago

    C & D

  • sruly pin
    sruly pin 5 days ago

    I thought A was the IPhone. surprised.....

  • P. L.
    P. L. 5 days ago

    First the A (OnePlus) and second the C (Pixel), it was my final result but I have to say that I found both pretty good. First in be discarded was B (Samsung) and then E (LG). D (iPhone) was in the middle.

  • Britain Goodemote
    Britain Goodemote 5 days ago

    I got lg g6??!

  • Alex Raudenbush
    Alex Raudenbush 5 days ago

    C was my favorite

  • JP Eloff
    JP Eloff 6 days ago

    I either went for B or E. I was surprised when I found out B is the Samsung S8 as it is one of phone options I am looking at for purchasing.



  • The Raging Reject
    The Raging Reject 6 days ago

    C and D is best, B and E is worst. Depends on the picture but B is definitely worst

  • pate wrage
    pate wrage 6 days ago

    wow i picked google pixel

  • Hyrule Hero
    Hyrule Hero 6 days ago

    At first the Pictures of C looked the best, but at the end I chose B. I liked D and E the least and A was the middle ground for me.

  • Amanda Lynn
    Amanda Lynn 6 days ago

    I picked the google pixle every time..

  • Taylor Moore
    Taylor Moore 6 days ago

    C, A, B, D, E.

  • Taylor Moore
    Taylor Moore 6 days ago

    I really enjoyed the format of this video! Excellent way to judge smartphone cameras. If I can make a suggestion, I feel like you should have had more variety in the pictures you decided to use.

  • FrictionAce
    FrictionAce 6 days ago

    i chose c

  • Timothy Dannenhoffer

    Gotta do the same video and put the HTC U11 in the mix!

  • Timothy Dannenhoffer

    Yeah, the differences that stood out for me was the color and detail of your shirt in your selfie and the "haze free" detail of the steering wheel in "C" (Pixel XL) compared to the others. As you said in the beginning you are kind of splitting hairs with today's best smartphones but the photos that jumped out for me here were taken by the Pixel XL.

  • JaiDon Music
    JaiDon Music 7 days ago

    niga turn the echo down on this bullshit bruh!! wtf man millions of subs great camera great setup.. echoes like a muthafuk 😑😑😑

  • Austin Dwain
    Austin Dwain 7 days ago

    1. D
    2. C
    3. C
    4. C
    5. C
    6. C
    7. D
    8. E

  • Ayan Khan
    Ayan Khan 7 days ago

    for portrait its e and overall i would say c then e then comes b as sometime it produce image too saturated like the yellow line of car, a and d are average literally in groot d and a perform worst while c and e were equally good then b. and how a person liking c can even like a.

  • Jamal Joyner
    Jamal Joyner 7 days ago

    guess I was wrong about the pixel lol looks pretty good

  • Chirag K
    Chirag K 8 days ago

    B i chose and D i chose for worst

  • Dieztrict
    Dieztrict 8 days ago

    I like B most of time, and photo A is the worst. I can confirm it is true, as 3T user the camera wasn't impressive compared to other expensive flagship phone but it's affordable and performance is awesome.

  • Desmond Menser
    Desmond Menser 8 days ago

    Google Pixel again

  • rlholo
    rlholo 8 days ago

    CDABE: Wow. I thought the OnePlus was the iPhone, because its photos were so artsy & golden-hour. I'm glad to prefer the Pixel as that's what I've been planning on. Since I went Nexus 6p, I can't fathom going back to waiting for carriers to release patches & updates.

  • spencrtheman87
    spencrtheman87 9 days ago

    Wow I liked the one plus best

  • Reffo News
    Reffo News 9 days ago

    E was the worst.
    C is a definite winner.
    B comes second.
    A was good at the beginning but got sloppier with time.
    D performed worse than E on a few pics.

  • Ghanem Belgacem
    Ghanem Belgacem 9 days ago

    Picked B from start to finish.

  • Sasi Kumar
    Sasi Kumar 9 days ago


  • Rasen Shuriken
    Rasen Shuriken 9 days ago

    I choose B

  • Mister Bandit
    Mister Bandit 9 days ago


  • Jaystic
    Jaystic 9 days ago


  • Andy Green
    Andy Green 9 days ago

    funny, I was tied between C and E. Turns out its an Android fan.

  • BlueCrowN
    BlueCrowN 9 days ago

    D looked awesome when there were no people in the picture. but as soon as a person i in the shot, the person looks bad. C looks better with persons. So i'd say C was my favourite

  • Balázs Ungvárszky

    Each round I gave 5 points for the winner, 4 points for the 2nd, 3 points for the 3rd, 2 points for the 4th and 1 point for the last one.
    My results:
    A=20 points
    B=23 points
    C=35 points
    D=22 points
    E=20 points

  • Dennis Ferrell
    Dennis Ferrell 10 days ago

    c at first, then B towards the end

  • April
    April 10 days ago

    why was there no xperia included?

  • Ahmed Hamdy
    Ahmed Hamdy 10 days ago


  • Huey Freeman
    Huey Freeman 10 days ago

    Google pixel surprised me damn

  • Apple Learn
    Apple Learn 10 days ago

    B and d

  • Robert Montalvo
    Robert Montalvo 10 days ago

    i was just wrong about samsung. Not that great anymore

  • Peter Ros
    Peter Ros 10 days ago

    Hands down, samsung S8 looks better in almost all tests. great video

  • Ben
    Ben 10 days ago

    1st: E
    2nd: C + D
    3rd: All others

    It really surprised me that I never liked the pictures the S8 took.

  • Syed Ameed
    Syed Ameed 10 days ago

    C and E
    B was worst

  • Matt Weston
    Matt Weston 10 days ago

    i picked C and B!
    1. C
    2. B

  • Joris Griffioen
    Joris Griffioen 10 days ago

    E, B, A ... I was going for an S8 soon so that's okay :)
    Wow the iPhone pics look bad btw :| Even though it's my go-to camera these days.

  • The Cube King
    The Cube King 11 days ago

    I got

  • Rigal Thokchom
    Rigal Thokchom 11 days ago


  • HolyCrapGamer
    HolyCrapGamer 11 days ago

    I sent c, c, e, a, e, e, c, b and I'm just sitting here thinking, really, iPhone? I hate everything apple but I thought that the camera was at least the only good thing?

  • Nurlan Omar
    Nurlan Omar 11 days ago

    A, C, E most of the time. After third photo comparison I already suspect that the C is Pixel. LG G6 camera have suprised me in a good way, don't expect that G6 camera can be that good!

  • Bruno M.W. Bloch
    Bruno M.W. Bloch 12 days ago

    Interesting. My choice was either B or D and I never expected them to be Samsung and Apple.

  • A Money//A Nation
    A Money//A Nation 12 days ago

    In my opinion C and D tied. B was the worst, E is third, and A is fourth. This is just my opinion because I like cameras that are a bit more realistic so IPhone and Google tied. Don’t hate this, it’s just an opinion

  • Zella Bee
    Zella Bee 12 days ago

    Hm, I found that I liked the Samsung Galaxy S8 the most, but i have an apple phone at the moment.... Its not a bad thing to switch, its just a hard decision considering all the information I have with apple already.

  • Jim Byrd
    Jim Byrd 12 days ago

    I love blind tests. Many times they show you, you wasted your money. Your presentation was first class. Thanks, Jim Byrd

    NOISE MAKER 12 days ago

    I'm so glad I bought a Pixel...

  • Julius Leal
    Julius Leal 13 days ago

    I picked S8 then G6

  • Mahmmood Eljannabi
    Mahmmood Eljannabi 13 days ago

    I mostly picked up D then C!

  • Salem Dweller, Jr
    Salem Dweller, Jr 13 days ago

    1.C (Google Pixel)
    2.A (OnePlus 3T)
    3.E (LG G6)
    4.B (Galaxy S7 Edge)
    5.D(iPhone 7 Plus)

  • fatima abdulazim
    fatima abdulazim 13 days ago

    LG G6 won lool i thought it was iphone camera.. how impressive !!

  • egje EORWIJ
    egje EORWIJ 13 days ago

    ZERO low-light testing where noise happens.. ZERO macro or fringe testing.. This videos can't be used for grading quality.. A 2011 crap phone can take pics in these conditions with little defects... Pixel XL averages best here with white-balance and what you can see of fringing..

  • Vignesh kumar Sivakumar

    guess wat im right B-samsung galaxy s8

  • Da Alpha Supreme
    Da Alpha Supreme 14 days ago

    I picked E, I'm very surprised... My phone is a iPhone 7 Plus

  • 3brosthatsk8
    3brosthatsk8 14 days ago

    don't do photo comparison do video, I feel video quality is the best representation of how well the qualities are. Because, one thing I've noticed is how iPhone has had the most HD video capture, as opposed to Samsung galaxy, but I hate iphone.

  • Shani Powell
    Shani Powell 14 days ago


  • Severin Walling
    Severin Walling 14 days ago

    nice vid

  • aaronperrin
    aaronperrin 14 days ago

    c clear winner, b second.

  • Gus Campos
    Gus Campos 14 days ago

    C or D

  • Nick Weber
    Nick Weber 14 days ago

    LG G6

  • Kristoffer Johansson

    Picked a mix between C and D. I'm a bit surprised that I disliked B's photos as much as I did.

  • Даниил Кириллов

    Mostly C and D, E maybe. Surprised of honest white balance of 7+

  • Muhammad Fauzi
    Muhammad Fauzi 15 days ago

    my fav is B

  • phillip galas
    phillip galas 15 days ago

    my favorite was E (LG G6), then C (Pixel XL). D (the iPhone) was worst IMO.

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