Ass-Kisser of the Month | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

  • Added:  23 days ago
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    Bill addresses President Trump's constant need for flattery in a new segment called "Ass-Kisser of the Month."

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  • Video CategoriesFilm & Animation
  • Runtime: 8:11
  • Tags for this video:  Senator Ben Sasse  Republican  Nebraska  The Vanishing American Adult  Our Coming-of-Age Crisis and How to Rebuild a Culture of Self-Reliance  Tristan Harris  Time Well Spent movement  Design Ethics  Product Philosopher  Google  Rebecca Traister  Writer-at-Large  New York Magazine  All the Single Ladies  Eliot Spitzer  Governor of New York  Jim VandeHei  Politico  Axios Media Company  

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  • Dorothy Potter Snyder

    It's oddly cool to see Elliott Spitzer again. I am surprised to see him. He's also dead right: not so smart to just point fingers and say how stupid Agent Orange is, because he "outsmarted us, and either way, it ain't good." God Elliott, why couldn't you keep your pant zipped?

  • ash irons
    ash irons 14 hours ago

    so make c0ck sucker of the month
    it would be you every time you open your c0ck sucker

  • SN1350
    SN1350 1 day ago

    Has to be the best. "His ass is so big because it is full of dreams for America" l00000000000000000000000000000l

    DAH MAH 1 day ago


  • jake spivey
    jake spivey 1 day ago

    What about the WH circle J that had by the cabinet, that proves who the biggest A kisser is.

    PAVANZYL 1 day ago

    I see everywhere the counting of number of days Trump has been in the White House. How about counting down the number of days left? Yea, I know, it's depressing...

  • Glori Oskiola
    Glori Oskiola 1 day ago

    Eww. I needed a good chuckle.


    Pervert Elliot Spitzer, really?


    President Trump is a great American patriot


    Egomaniac Maher sounds jealous . . .


    Maher's a clown . . . really stupid!!!


    China and India, with 9 TIMES as many people as USA and no regulations, are the climate problem, not USA, with only 5% of world population, and onerous regulations . . . . wake up!!! CNN & MSNBC are now entertainment shows for ratings, not news.

    BON JOVI 1 day ago

    This was the job of RUDOLPH HESS to train peoples to worship the fuher

  • Dennis Guillemette

    Bill the gay pedophile number one zionist propoganda machine is america's and Mr Trump top enemy who does absolutely anything that nytnyahoo orders him to do just like all liberal congressmen and pentagon traitors.

  • yoland banda
    yoland banda 1 day ago

    Sounds like A beer ad xx Instead of the most interesting Man in the world, It's The most Ignorant man in the world

  • K Maher
    K Maher 1 day ago

    Awesome segment! i miss Spitzer. when i see that orange ape listening to endless praise, it makes me want to punch that stupid smug orange face with his ugly mouth. its hard to admit americans were that stupid to vote for this orange jackass!

  • Debra McCullough
    Debra McCullough 1 day ago

    Eliot Spitzer? Really?

  • Zulu Nation
    Zulu Nation 2 days ago

    The Reason why Trump won is , because left are stupid. they wasted their votes on third parties.. This is the same reason GOP won in Georgia .. third parties.. and that Trump can win again.. yes the Russia help,but what people forgets is that the left are stupid idiots than the tea parties

  • Wendy Rubin
    Wendy Rubin 2 days ago

    Lmao while wanting throw up to the dire reality of Trump and shame!!!

  • charlesredful
    charlesredful 2 days ago

    to all the demacrap out there when your done crying and wipe your nose we the rest of the grown up will accept you back with open arms p.s i dont think ill drink pineapple any more tho

  • SvenXiaoZelicRamKlaus

    Bill, it must be terrible being hillary's ass kisser!

  • Paul  McGarr
    Paul McGarr 2 days ago

    this segment must have been done BEFORE that cabinet roundtable slurpfest.

  • moist faucet
    moist faucet 4 days ago

    American empire.......

  • bermudaguy1
    bermudaguy1 5 days ago

    Maher has played this Trump thing till it's not funny!

  • MyTotalRemedy
    MyTotalRemedy 7 days ago

    Hillary Clinton started out as a very politically Active wife of the president.

  • Justin Roloson
    Justin Roloson 7 days ago

    Damn I thought he was talking about the Clintons.

  • percussion jamz
    percussion jamz 7 days ago

    Hate trump but I'm not gonna sit here and say all his voters are dipshits. To be honest, if your in love with either trump or hate him cause he won and Hilary lost, that makes you just as much as a sucker. Both sides have very stubborn and one sided people who want to be right for the team. But I will say, people that sit here and argue their opinions on something they really can't change is the reason we have presidential elections like we do. Go out and be productive and voice your opinions. Not type them. ( even though I basically just did.) most of the time you people arguing for the sake of your ego instead of logic.

  • Mick The Saxophone King

    You can't ejaculate magma above ground. You can only ejaculate lava above ground!

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense 8 days ago

    ignorant fucks

  • Koji seat
    Koji seat 8 days ago

    Russia is the game we are waiting for an answer and Donald is fooling us again, Don the Con and his family did a voter fraud too, he send Jared and his son's to buy people out with force or promises

  • BigD
    BigD 8 days ago

    Sorry.. which one?

  • Susie Adare
    Susie Adare 8 days ago

    Gees, it auto corrected again: B A N K S T E R S

  • Susie Adare
    Susie Adare 8 days ago

    Typo: banister supposed 2 b "banisters' corrected wrong
    FYI: this is Cornelia Mara Susie Binkley

  • Susie Adare
    Susie Adare 8 days ago

    I'm an Elliot ❤️❤️ fan; I don't care who he paid for sex or didn't pay, at least he's not a rapist or groper. He is the only public official to go after banisters. Wish he is our president.

  • gina james
    gina james 8 days ago

    OMG stop saying that trash won the election. HE DID NOT WIN THE ELECTION. SMDH!! The Russians won the election for him. Do you not get that. WTF?!?!?!?

  • Caro T Gray
    Caro T Gray 9 days ago

    Lol...I think 'he' will forgive this because you described his resorts as exquisite. :-D

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 9 days ago

    This is not funny....this is just terrifying.
    these are the beginnings steps of turning America into a dictatorship.

  • Joe Emanon
    Joe Emanon 9 days ago

    WTF? this video is not available? fuk I pay for hbo n can't get THIS shit now?

  • Scott Clouse
    Scott Clouse 9 days ago

    now you fuckin shit stain pukes know how the other side felt while the chimp ran things

  • Scott Clouse
    Scott Clouse 9 days ago

    now you fuckin shit stain pukes know how the other side felt while the chimp ran things

  • Scott Clouse
    Scott Clouse 9 days ago

    now you fuckin shit stain pukes know how the other side felt while the chimp ran things

  • Matthew Collins
    Matthew Collins 11 days ago

    The problem is the people pulling the strings, Trump is a symptom of the problem and making the problem worse.

  • Harry Buttworth
    Harry Buttworth 11 days ago

    That list was hilarious lol

  • Dominic Nigro
    Dominic Nigro 11 days ago

    Bring back the Guillottine!!

  • Anthony Tecchio
    Anthony Tecchio 11 days ago

    Lets bring back Kings and Queens as titular titles. They get to be lavished in wealth. It will be far greater then anything they currently have. Then we make them fight over it in whatever way they want while the rest of us can both have a King of Fools and ALSO get shit done instead of just one of those.

  • Stone King
    Stone King 11 days ago

    2020 can't get here fast enough!!!!!

  • Thisdudeintheback
    Thisdudeintheback 12 days ago

    I forgot how to breath when he started to read that paper.

  • Tone Pimp1
    Tone Pimp1 12 days ago

    Well he´s stupid but he Outsmarted democrats how does that feel?

  • Petr Novák
    Petr Novák 13 days ago

    Trump didnt outsmart anybody, the DNC outsmarted itself when they decided to run Hillary...

  • Reason
    Reason 13 days ago

    Look at all these democrats nodding and circle jerking one another as they all agree that Trump is a scumbag.

  • Susan Jaye
    Susan Jaye 13 days ago

    With the clip of Scott Pruit thanking Trump for his " fortitude, strength, and steadfastness" ... it looks like Trump is thinking,

  • Frank Sanchez
    Frank Sanchez 14 days ago

    trumps rallies are scary? never seen trump supporters burn buildings down.

    • Augustus Trumpus Diabeetus Titleist
      Augustus Trumpus Diabeetus Titleist 10 days ago

      Seen em shoot up black churches, assault people at rallies, attend Klan rallies,vote to take people off healthcare, and show up with AR-15s when confederate statues were supposed to be removed.

  • Kadui Saui
    Kadui Saui 14 days ago

    I think Trump was brought up without ever once being told no. He probably has never been scolded or punished. Most likely Trump has lived a lifetime of having things his own way. He seems a bit like King Joffrey Baratheon.

  • FreeThinkers Society

    she looks like a female sidney crosby lol

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 14 days ago

    That lady is hot

  • Darin- USMC B- 85-93

    Bill sucks, I like humor, no matter the party affiliation,When I see it or hear it.But his jokes all fall flat,Only he and a hand full of audience are laughing-Likely only because they are flashing a big sign at them,Aging laugh now, please laugh now.He's a arrogant liberal narcissistic ass!

  • Meh n
    Meh n 14 days ago

    You fucking Dems, we had Bernie and you bLew out. You fucking deserve DT. Enjoy the consequences of cheating in favor of the crooked.

  • e val79
    e val79 14 days ago

    how can u guys laugh at Trump voters when u were willing to vote for Hillary?!
    u guys are laughing at the same thing u are!

  • Ad Logic
    Ad Logic 14 days ago

    How did he outsmart us? He lost the popular vote. Damn, Elliot, you're as dumb as ever. His yokel voters weren't outsmarted either. This is exactly what they wanted. They want their perceived enemies to suffer -- even if that means they suffer under the burden of taxes and loss of healthcare to pay for it all.

  • BLueSun
    BLueSun 14 days ago

    That bitch is an idiot.

  • Hugh Mair
    Hugh Mair 14 days ago

    one can only exclaim OFFS

  • Jack Jammen
    Jack Jammen 15 days ago

    The Palestinian leader? He's not an asskisser. He's outsmarting trump, by passing his brain to his ego

  • Fisher Sam Fisher
    Fisher Sam Fisher 15 days ago

    4:06 so we go now to Chuck Norris facts :D Nicely done.

  • Vivaldi
    Vivaldi 15 days ago

    Trump can't outsmart a pencil.. he has people do that for him that he pays lots of money

  • Steven Mason
    Steven Mason 15 days ago

    Boy, a real stretch, even for Maher. The hate for Trump knows no bounds.

  • Protean36
    Protean36 15 days ago

    For once, all members of the panel were pretty intelligent. There was no whining by some black guy about how White Privelege is destroying America, or some feminist bitching about how men, specifically white men, are getting all the opportunities; I would say these three guests are a pretty well-rounded, rational group of individuals.

  • r2blank2
    r2blank2 15 days ago

    Ass kisser of the month would be Maher in his first segment with that Dyson guy. I've never seen him so meek.

  • Dale Tripp
    Dale Tripp 15 days ago

    Bill is not even funny he cant even make a joke that is funny unless he is putting some one down. That is so sick. Bill think he is great but he is a real dumb ass and is the ass hole of the month

  • Edna Epstein
    Edna Epstein 15 days ago

    It's not scary. It's the funniest thing in the world. The Moron-in-Chief is making politics more fun than it has EVER been.

  • 37BopCity 2017
    37BopCity 2017 15 days ago

    Fantastic! Thank God we have Bill Maher to tell us the truth about Trump and make us laugh, when the majority of Americans---and decent people around the world----are shedding tears of disbelief and disgust.

  • Jake Sweedler
    Jake Sweedler 15 days ago

    shout-out to Elliot spitzer. he's definitely the guy to critique..he loves his prostitutes........liberal and leftists never seem to recognize their own hypocrisy..

  • Ali N
    Ali N 15 days ago


  • Fire Iscoming
    Fire Iscoming 15 days ago

    Trump supporters deserve to have their insurance and other help taken away from them. They should not complain when they can't take care of themselves or their families as the Trump government cuts off all the help they rely on. I hope they remember that this is what they chose.

  • Dà wèi Hortum
    Dà wèi Hortum 16 days ago

    And the world is no longer what you like, get over it

  • Dà wèi Hortum
    Dà wèi Hortum 16 days ago

    Trump rocks

  • Jayne Taylor
    Jayne Taylor 16 days ago

    This reminds me of Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In Fickle Finger Award. Too funny. Love you Bill.

  • Goldclaw837
    Goldclaw837 16 days ago

    Will someone please KILL Bill Maher?--I hate the cocksucker!

  • Kevin Wobucks
    Kevin Wobucks 16 days ago

    Put some stock in yo! verbiage....

  • Rob Fritzenkotter
    Rob Fritzenkotter 16 days ago

    Here's the file commentary from HBO. Via leaker " He just blurts out 'N-word..., as if he co-opted their suffering. The shameless, pompous, arrogant, beta-male, socialist, creepy faced boy-man, with whiny voice tone. Perverts love this guy, of course. Cornell University, English and history; graduated in 1978; went on to rubbing elbows with Hollywood. Tells Jokes, had several parts in Movies and TV, where he played himself. He has no skills, talents or anything else... look, we have to fire this guy now..."

  • Marthin Lukas
    Marthin Lukas 16 days ago

    Owh I know trump so well, stfu old bitch ahahaha

  • Marthin Lukas
    Marthin Lukas 16 days ago

    Holy shit the histeria is fuckin amazing.....bill suicide watch is awesome!!!

  • Ron Gutierrez
    Ron Gutierrez 16 days ago

    Yes Jail the reporters. Bill is part of the problem. He says whats on his mind but still sucks up to Liberals. Sad.

  • tammy tyner
    tammy tyner 16 days ago


  • tammy tyner
    tammy tyner 16 days ago

    I love Mayer. Deserves respect!

  • Robert Himes
    Robert Himes 16 days ago


  • Robert Himes
    Robert Himes 16 days ago


  • Vikki DC
    Vikki DC 16 days ago

    The interpreter for the Palestinian leader sounded rushed and terrified

  • Sheri Patterson
    Sheri Patterson 16 days ago

    Hope Hicks needs some attention poor thing.

  • Alejandra Sánchez
    Alejandra Sánchez 16 days ago

    Trump winning the election doesn't make me think "oh, he must be smart for winning " but actually "I never thought Americans could be that dumb"


  • Roman KTM
    Roman KTM 16 days ago

    She's on FIRE. Described his value to the point.

  • RoughneckMP
    RoughneckMP 16 days ago

    Ass kisser? No.....
    Tossing his salad? Now that gets Trump a bit of a chub.

  • will be my end
    will be my end 16 days ago

    Fake News. Sean Hannity lives in Trump's asshole and doesn't even get a mention? I call BS.

  • E D
    E D 16 days ago

    Mahmood Abbas is an ass. LOL.

  • wraith7777x
    wraith7777x 16 days ago

    Kike Bill Maher

  • acephalicatv
    acephalicatv 16 days ago

    No joke here, this is happening

  • Kay Blanks
    Kay Blanks 16 days ago

    Bill Maher is the pits. Hes not funny whatsoever. He comes across like an insulting arrogant ass. All the running the mouth about Trump this and that. Trump being stupid? Really? Damn I'd like to be that stupid and rich at the same time. Why don't all of you bad talking mothers go spew all this bs in one of those head cutting off countries. Don't be more ignorant than you already are; a huge amount of Americans are fans of Trump. He's got "what" it takes up to say what he damn well wants to. Our American lifestyle has sucked big time for the last 10 or more years! Shut up and sit down!

  • Hans Marheim
    Hans Marheim 16 days ago

    Who is the most pathetic? The president of the USA, or the majority of Americans who freely voted for a stupid, half senile conman to become their leader, their "God"?. But maybe that's a question to far out because you all think everything is so "great".

  • Stephen M
    Stephen M 16 days ago

    Just imagine for second Trump is right? Just imagine what that would do to the universe.

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