When Spider-Man Became As Powerful As Superman!

  • Added:  9 days ago
  • Today on Variant, Arris talks about when Spider-Man became as powerful as Superman with the Uni-Power!

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  • Runtime: 4:33
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  • Lin Xu
    Lin Xu 8 hours ago

    Captain universe more powerful than molecule man? Or the beyonders?

  • TheJewGamer
    TheJewGamer 9 hours ago

    Dude Superman is a chump compared to Captain Universe

  • Walk1ngParAd0xX
    Walk1ngParAd0xX 11 hours ago


  • Tendai Ball
    Tendai Ball 12 hours ago

    Wait, he isn't as powerful as....


    it's a fuckin prank pls don't bully me

  • Sith Lord Gameing With Jzon Ford

    still not as powerful as deez nuts

  • Dabbing panda
    Dabbing panda 13 hours ago

    this spider man is lame complete dog shit

  • marcul tondreau
    marcul tondreau 15 hours ago

    Gry hulk leave

  • DuranGT Troller
    DuranGT Troller 15 hours ago

    Yo Dudeeee......
    Let's make a movie
    A cat that lives in a hat and is a rapist....

    (Donald Trump)
    Did someone say rapist

    You will be perfect
    I have a mother idea....
    Let's make the cat STONED.....

    Mum pls say I'm high and not see illusions

    Ooh my new video could be about illusions!

  • Brotherswords Gaming
    Brotherswords Gaming 15 hours ago

    He may be stronger than superman, is he smarter tham Batman?

  • Unoriginal Username #69

    Wow so Solus is more powerful than superman as he killed cosmic spiderman?
    And The Other is more powerful tahn ThAt!!??

  • kimkirk65
    kimkirk65 17 hours ago

    so he is like one punch man

  • Exotic TigerM100
    Exotic TigerM100 17 hours ago

    hi i habe the same shirt as you

  • LarryBonson
    LarryBonson 18 hours ago

    Do Spider-man Dusk outfit

  • Shawn Lynn
    Shawn Lynn 20 hours ago

    so he got weaker?

  • SCODEtv
    SCODEtv 21 hour ago

    wow.... like if you want me know to subscribe to your channel

  • Meh Meth
    Meh Meth 22 hours ago

    Gay first time straight sex

  • Yasir the ghost ياسر الشبح

    Hey who knows maybe he can kill super man

  • Drak BloodStone
    Drak BloodStone 1 day ago

    Spider Man + Saitama + SuperMan

  • The Hero's Shade
    The Hero's Shade 1 day ago

    Will people stop overhyping superman say he's as powerful as the writers need him to be is irelvent that's true with everyone in comics super has lost many of times batman beat him wonder woman beat him and don't bring up prime he can lose to so people shut up

    • Javier Eduardo Carrillo Castro
      Javier Eduardo Carrillo Castro 15 hours ago




      Wonder Woman



  • Christian Tiu
    Christian Tiu 1 day ago

    you have the same shirt as my uncle that got me into marvel heroes.

  • Mr. Lonely
    Mr. Lonely 1 day ago

    they made spiderman as strong as my dick

  • Mr. Lonely
    Mr. Lonely 1 day ago

    so they made spider-man practically a god. good job marvel

  • Ver Lagman
    Ver Lagman 1 day ago

    is it just me or is that arris from FILM RIOT

  • Swampthing4REAL
    Swampthing4REAL 1 day ago

    Marvel has often said that Spider-Man always has the potential to become the absolute strongest hero in their universe... without cosmic influence.


    I have that exact same shirt

  • Brandon Colin
    Brandon Colin 1 day ago

    Well marvel and there bullshit ._. But its ok because Spider-Man is my 4th favorite superhero.

  • kjdnyhmghfvb
    kjdnyhmghfvb 1 day ago

    yes, but what about Superman Prime, because both of their powers sound really similar.

  • kjdnyhmghfvb
    kjdnyhmghfvb 1 day ago

    Uni Power = Phoenix Force.

  • Leroy The God
    Leroy The God 1 day ago

    What about spooderman?

  • miami based
    miami based 1 day ago

    Cosmic Spider-Man vs goku and vegeta

  • Craig S
    Craig S 1 day ago

    Spiderman becomes constipated haha,,, so it's like Spiderman mixed with silver surfer

  • Craig S
    Craig S 1 day ago

    man I still drives me crazy I had amazing fantasy #15 when I was little, I tore Pages out so I can draw stuff on my walls

  • Jarrett R.K.
    Jarrett R.K. 1 day ago

    I've read up on Cap Universe before, and it's ironic that a being designed to protect the universal balance is inherently too godlike by itself. Imbuing mortals with that power (even ones such as Nova, Captain Marvel, Gladiator, Sentry, etc) doesn't seem wise.

  • Rifqi rayhan
    Rifqi rayhan 2 days ago

    and there... comes one above all :3

  • Bossongbra Marc
    Bossongbra Marc 2 days ago

    im sorry but this looks like alien x from ben ten

    • Bossongbra Marc
      Bossongbra Marc 16 hours ago

      LarryBonson hehe true

    • LarryBonson
      LarryBonson 18 hours ago

      Bossongbra Marc Cosmic Spider-man Nov 1991 waaaaaaaay before ben 10 crap

  • Travis D
    Travis D 2 days ago

    So he is basically Silver Surfer

  • Bene .30
    Bene .30 2 days ago

    spiderman is as powerfull as superman without being cosmic

  • Neo B. Jover
    Neo B. Jover 2 days ago

    Sequel to the Spiderman Homecoming sequel should be: Spider man: Cosmic or Spiderman: Overpowered

  • Sky_On_Flap gamingHD

    well in the spider verse he is eaten by the inherators

  • Jv The King
    Jv The King 2 days ago

    Wtf Spiderman was more powerful than superman wtf

  • Ricardo Arias
    Ricardo Arias 2 days ago

    Spiderman was always stronger than superman to begin with.

  • hunter mcquown
    hunter mcquown 2 days ago

    variant is a fucking retard

  • TheAqwPeeps
    TheAqwPeeps 2 days ago

    He doesn't need his original abilities any more lol it's like he became a new super hero with the same name

  • PhanTonics
    PhanTonics 2 days ago

    technically he always was in terms of strength. now before you get mad and start a full argument if you read the comic book series Superior Spiderman you will see doc OC(now in Peters body) had punched lizard at full strength blasting half his face off causing doc OC to realize how strong he really is. also he picked up a war ship and in the movies he stopped a run away train, and pulled a ferri together in the new movie

  • Zyon James
    Zyon James 2 days ago

    Who here lives in Australia 🇦🇺

  • julian bryant
    julian bryant 2 days ago

    Regular Spider-Man is closer to Superman than Superman is to Cosmic Spider-Man.
    Cosmic Spidey is far beyond Supes.

  • gary juneau
    gary juneau 2 days ago

    A grey hulk? That's unrealistic 😒

  • howell villanueva
    howell villanueva 2 days ago

    super spiderman where's the movie?

  • Marionichu
    Marionichu 2 days ago

    Goku's still stronger

  • Ethan Specht
    Ethan Specht 2 days ago

    I'm gonna be honest, the three minute long sprint commercial I watched before this was so much better. Best commercial i've ever seen. This vid got a like because of it 😂

  • вuFu Fяоsт
    вuFu Fяоsт 2 days ago

    Op is a gaming acronym 😤😤

  • Samuel Koeleman
    Samuel Koeleman 2 days ago

    He totally Burns captain gravity 😂😂

  • Samuel Koeleman
    Samuel Koeleman 2 days ago

    I have the comic were he destroys the tri sentinal iT is awsome

  • Shaiful Kashem
    Shaiful Kashem 2 days ago

    One of my favorite versions of Spider-Man.

  • Thibeau Nulens
    Thibeau Nulens 2 days ago

    but isnot spiderman🤣😂

  • sergio puente
    sergio puente 2 days ago

    so spiderman became god oh boy i wonder what there gonna name this religion

  • sir cartman
    sir cartman 2 days ago

    Am I the only one that doesn't like these extremely overpowered hero's. Like how tf do they even lose. I also hate hero's that don't live up to their potential like the Flash. The Flash is a load of shit with bullshit abilities and yet he's not strong punching people when he's moving fast.

  • EL OH EL
    EL OH EL 2 days ago

    More powerful*

  • Jake Harper
    Jake Harper 2 days ago

    could cosmic spiderman take down thanos

  • Andrew Barthelemyandrew

    he is firestorm and superman but isnt weak from green rocks but girls if you know what i mean 😉

  • BLUE
    BLUE 2 days ago

    He could gave an insane ride to MJ 😎

  • NetSoul
    NetSoul 2 days ago

    I looove that you said he's on level with Superman and Sentry, I love sentry and want much more of him haha

  • kevin bailey
    kevin bailey 2 days ago

    tht was cool i didnt no tht

  • Ambience Lover1991
    Ambience Lover1991 2 days ago

    lol at knowing you were going to have to address the one above all question at one point or another.

  • FrostFall Animations

    If he blasted super man with radiation and then punched him superman would die

    I AM PROMETHEUS 2 days ago

    No one is as powerful as superman not even spiderman.

    • Soul Fox32
      Soul Fox32 2 days ago

      I AM PROMETHEUS This is Cosmic Spider Man we're talking about, of course normal Peter Parker can't beat Superman. Cosmic Spider Man would wipe the floor with Superman because of the long list of powers he has, Now if you mention Superboy Prime, then we can talk

      I AM PROMETHEUS 2 days ago

      Soul Fox32 Peter cant beat him superman has unlimited power and can go faster than light hell peter cant beat flash who is extremley powerful too.

    • Soul Fox32
      Soul Fox32 2 days ago

      I AM PROMETHEUS When Peter is Cosmic Spider Man he can make and destroy matter, he's also immune to any physical harm as well, Superman may be unstoppable when he's mad, but he'd be destroyed if Peter really wanted it. Sure Superman can fight gods and has beaten gods, but They either are weak gods, or are toying with him

      I AM PROMETHEUS 2 days ago

      Soul Fox32 no not even close

    • Soul Fox32
      Soul Fox32 2 days ago

      I AM PROMETHEUS with what I just heard, spider man would kill Superman

  • Diego Meza
    Diego Meza 2 days ago

    Eh. I like him better when he's Spider-Man .

  • datchiman 09
    datchiman 09 2 days ago

    He is just not Spider-Man in that form

  • All TV
    All TV 2 days ago

    ok I agree cosmic Spiderman is super powerful but that's the point with all that power he is not any more that Spiderman that we all love

    in my eyes classis Spiderman is the best

  • zounie
    zounie 2 days ago

    Aww man, I remember using playing the spiderman PS1 game and using the cheat *neocosmic* to get that outfit...

    ...those were the days...

  • Tommy Aldridge
    Tommy Aldridge 2 days ago

    didn't mention that that the alternate spider-man who kept the uni powers basically got eaten in the spider verse storyline

  • DNA Zoom
    DNA Zoom 2 days ago

    Op is more of a gaming acronym than a comic one

  • Nick O'Brien
    Nick O'Brien 2 days ago

    This is honestly where marvel kinda makes a plot hole in there story. cosmic spiderman is a god at this point this also shows how powerful other villains such as the inheiritors Solis was able to drain cosmic spiderman dry spiderman cosmic is op solus is og op.

  • BrysontheGhost Gaming

    cosmic spider man vs super man 1 million who wins?

  • BrysontheGhost Gaming

    spider man can solo the dbz universe

  • Carl Fletcher Junior

    cosmic would crush Superman like literally crush him xD

  • Victor Perry
    Victor Perry 2 days ago

    cosmic Spider Man would wipe the floor with super man

  • Benjamin Catus
    Benjamin Catus 2 days ago

    You think the MCU'll close itself out with an arc like this? I'm definitely getting the vibe the Peter Parker's supposed to be the new center of the cinematic universe in later phases.

  • asmith121
    asmith121 2 days ago

    The over the top Spiderman fanboys creeping out...

    Spiderman and Superman are fictional drawings on paper...

  • Juan De La Roca
    Juan De La Roca 2 days ago

    that was cool

  • Monky 5K
    Monky 5K 2 days ago

    people fcking listen if you think superman would win or cosmic spiderman will win it just ur opinion so just shut up and fcking just comment something like great vid and give him support god somepeople

  • Monky 5K
    Monky 5K 2 days ago

    great vid liked it dude

  • Bionic Bizarre
    Bionic Bizarre 3 days ago

    He is stronger than your regular superman.

  • Aman kodimela
    Aman kodimela 3 days ago

    can you do a history of sub-zero

  • Miguel Ayala
    Miguel Ayala 3 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂he will never get close to be Superman at all

  • Mikoguden
    Mikoguden 3 days ago

    Beating grey hulk into space isnt beating the strongest Marvel character by far. The grey Hulk is considered the weakest version of Hulk. Grey Hulk barely defeated the thing.

  • Syub eats kookie
    Syub eats kookie 3 days ago

    I know him because of spider man unlimited

  • dominique eure
    dominique eure 3 days ago

    Sounds like he just described Silver Surfer listing all of those powers.

  • MasterKcoop
    MasterKcoop 3 days ago

    saw the title and just thought *which version*?

  • Burning NOS
    Burning NOS 3 days ago

    Superman shit's on spider-man. good video

  • Maverick
    Maverick 3 days ago

    Now we know who will kill Thanos

  • Yoon K
    Yoon K 3 days ago

    I remember when Spiderman got Beyonder's power and turned Doc Oc into plants

  • Damion Nguyen
    Damion Nguyen 3 days ago

    *But Can Spider-Man Become As Powerful As.... STAN LEE!*

  • Ethan Light
    Ethan Light 3 days ago

    Make a video of who would win in a fight captain universe vs. super man one million

  • Master Builder40
    Master Builder40 3 days ago

    My dad bought me a book that had all the cosmic Spider-Man adventures

    LUMPY STILSKIN 3 days ago

    too bad the other version of him died in spider verse

  • wei wang
    wei wang 3 days ago


  • josh jake
    josh jake 3 days ago

    I'm sorry, but almost everyone including Spider-Man was and always is more powerful than superman

  • Chun Hong Anthony Lau

    With great power, comes another time for uncle Ben to die again

  • cammo353
    cammo353 4 days ago

    so... in JoJo terms, if spidey were a stand the unipower would be the proverbial Stand Arrow that turns him into a requiem stand?

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