Delta Airlines SECRET to avoid negative customer service ratings!

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  • George Stratton
    George Stratton 3 months ago

    Working in customer service, that rep was absolutely on the line waiting for you to hang up so they wouldn't get a bad survey - and if their supervisor hears that call, they're just as screwed as they would have been with the bad survey.

    • Reva Pettigrew
      Reva Pettigrew 2 days ago

      You get to the airport 3 hrs before the flight. I fly so much and that it is crucial to get there several hours early. Especially if your flying mid-day.

    • Jamie Campbell
      Jamie Campbell 2 months ago

      George Stratton totally agree man !! Done customer service for 15 years !!! That's exactly what happens !!!

    • Layton WR
      Layton WR 2 months ago

      George Stratton will

    • Nathan
      Nathan 3 months ago

      Annys31 true but it's about the positioning. Not can I give you something for free or not.

    • Annys31
      Annys31 3 months ago

      But still when your doing the survey u are rating the agent not the company so delta not giving you your flight for free had anything to do with the agent on the phone he was only following delta's policy, soo......

  • Ice Gaming
    Ice Gaming 13 hours ago

    Deltas service is one of the worst services man they ripped of every single person

  • BMVS
    BMVS 2 days ago

    bruh Delta Airlines SUCKS

  • Doria Lam
    Doria Lam 3 days ago

    There is a tiny button on the back of the controller

  • almar óli
    almar óli 5 days ago

    You should've seen the face of Lincoln when he broke the Switch, hilarious.

  • Jurgen Lie- Atjam
    Jurgen Lie- Atjam 5 days ago

    So, because you are Diamond, you feel you should be able to make your own rules? Check in whenever you want, put your bag on your armrest etc, because hey, you are a Diamond member?

  • Woodchuck awesomeness

    It's true. We had that problem as well.

  • 02Nawal
    02Nawal 7 days ago

    They are a very shady company who rips their customers off with over charging their customers with ridiculous high prices. There flights are over priced.

  • Kailash Nathan
    Kailash Nathan 8 days ago

    You're late man... If you're late, you're late.
    You could have checked in before hand.

  • Howcome howcome
    Howcome howcome 10 days ago

    rules are rules, be a role model, not the whiners that you are.

  • rjr 4949
    rjr 4949 14 days ago

    They gave your seats away so they had to bump you.

  • ABCawesome - MC & More

    Hi big BOIIIIIIIIiIi

  • qxiuo
    qxiuo 22 days ago

    It's funny because I know you didn't think Delta was lame before all this. Clearly says 60 minutes before and you knew it lol

  • Yaell Urrunaga
    Yaell Urrunaga 23 days ago

    Press the back button for Nintendo Switch

  • boojie howard
    boojie howard 27 days ago

    I'm a tin member, and nobody cares

  • William Lau
    William Lau 28 days ago

    As another Diamond, I totally agree with you - some reps uses this trick to avoid getting a bad score when they sense the call is not going well... I fly a lot and usually call because something went wrong and it's Delta's issue or fault. (I rarely make mistakes and if I did, I would just take the loss). This happened to me a lot of times when the call is not going well. I never never make ridiculous request or demand - just common sense stuff that get me through the issue, but some reps are just not helpful and even at times nasty - even at at the Diamond Medallion line. Two ways to get around or handle these issues: 1) towards the end of the call, verbalize clearly you want to take the survey - this is recorded and will be helpful if Delta audit the call; and 2) immediately call back Diamond or another customer service line (if you were diverted on the call) and request supervisor and file complain about the previous agent diverted the call to prevent you from taking a survey... I had one of my similar situation escalated and was told diversion of call to prevent survey is a violation of their call center rules. If you follow step 1 and 2, it would almost guarantee they will track down the individual, along with the access log on your ticket - they do log a lot of details. In one instances, the escalation people told me they found and listened to the call and had electronic log showing the call was diverted by the agent, so they would take appropriate actions... Anyways, Delta is definitely the better airline in the US but you still could get a bad apple every once in a while and I still love Delta...

  • Craig Baily
    Craig Baily 29 days ago

    You're late, but Delta's lame.

  • Moose_exe
    Moose_exe 1 month ago

    Paris? I have been to that airport before! I noticed how similar it is!

  • Miran Anwar
    Miran Anwar 1 month ago

    delta sucks

  • DanielGamez123
    DanielGamez123 1 month ago


  • Maat Hathor
    Maat Hathor 1 month ago

    no offense but I couldn't believe on the second day you still ran late. shame on you

  • Diehard19791
    Diehard19791 1 month ago

    So its Delta's fault you were late? WTF.

  • David King
    David King 1 month ago

    awesome. wish I could take my son.

  • Amy Mahoney
    Amy Mahoney 1 month ago

    What reason did u have for not being able to check in on time at the airport.:/"/?? car trouble, medical emergency.. ect...?*?* I'm at a loss here..

  • YOLO
    YOLO 1 month ago

    wow i love your calm voice

  • Lynnlo gaming
    Lynnlo gaming 1 month ago

    When you got click baited on to a blog that ended up in your Up Next list.

  • Fantasy Sisters
    Fantasy Sisters 1 month ago

    Yeah we heard that one pilot threatened to arrest someone over a bottle of water at delta

  • Rohit Chagam
    Rohit Chagam 1 month ago

    There are rich people who do 1st class then there are average people who do economy and then there is me buisness class baby!!!

  • James Woodard
    James Woodard 1 month ago

    It isn't Delta's policy. On an international flight, you are required to arrive a minimum of 1 hour ahead of departure for security and customs clearance. Even when the originating leg is domestic.
    Delta didn't fail. You did. Don't put your missed flight on the shoulders of the desk agent.

  • dodododa
    dodododa 1 month ago

    Maybe stop being late?

  • Mariana D.
    Mariana D. 1 month ago

    Can't believe that being late once and missing your flight, you were late again and vlogging.... you don't realize that your luggage needs to go through x-ray, it needs to be loaded in the airplane along with all the other lugagge and, if there is a large x-ray line, you will delay your flight? Can you imagine if 250 passengers decided to show up 20 minutes ahead of boading just like you did? Sorry, but your behaviour is no better than Delta's in this case

  • Stanky Nugz
    Stanky Nugz 1 month ago

    First off, you named your son "Lincoln"? LOL OK...
    Secondly, You are a diamond passenger and you don't know to show up to your flight at least one hour in advance? Everyone, especially YOU, should know better than to show up less than an hour before your flight. You gotta give yourself time to get through security, etc.
    Finally, why are you giving them a bad survey when you're the one who screwed up?

  • John Volpe
    John Volpe 1 month ago

    You should take United next time

  • blake whitlow
    blake whitlow 1 month ago

    wow in another video he says they are not rich then you see the inside of his house and he get a first class flight when hes only gonna be staying ONE DAY wth waste of money

  • Rick Dunaway
    Rick Dunaway 1 month ago

    When you didn't show up within the allotted time, they gave your seat away...

  • Matthew Lavin
    Matthew Lavin 1 month ago

    Wow the CS agent really shady sending you to baggage to avoid getting the survey... Still, I think you should have arrived earlier because the 60 minute window for international flights is pretty strict.

  • Ryan Sellers Vlogs
    Ryan Sellers Vlogs 1 month ago

    When I fly. I just check-in online 24 hours before the flight.

  • roberto cruz
    roberto cruz 1 month ago

    You failed to show up on time. Simple own it

  • Shivanshu Bansal
    Shivanshu Bansal 1 month ago

    did u get the cash??

  • Twentyøne Panics!
    Twentyøne Panics! 1 month ago

    I hate delta airlines

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson 1 month ago

    Kids belong in economy wish I had the money for first class internarional

  • Neil Errington
    Neil Errington 1 month ago

    how old are you. I think you are looking around 7 and 9😗😘😍😙😚

  • lgarcia00
    lgarcia00 1 month ago

    then you should know to show up a one hour to check in

  • Markus Walter
    Markus Walter 1 month ago

    Delta has no first class on international flights... good knowledge from a Diamond! And on international flights you have customs regulations.

  • uniquelygeek
    uniquelygeek 1 month ago

    Anyone think Lincoln looks like Lincoln Loud?

  • crankylifter
    crankylifter 1 month ago

    They look like Mormons.

  • Michael Hampton
    Michael Hampton 1 month ago

    The 60 minute requirement for checking in to international flights is mandated by US Department of Homeland Security. The airline has to submit APIS information, a complete passenger manifest, to US Customs and Border Protection for all flights entering and leaving the US. It's not allowed to add anyone to the manifest later than 60 minutes before departure, which is why you aren't allowed to check in.

    • Jeremy Palmer
      Jeremy Palmer 16 days ago

      except when I arrive at the gate 2 hours before the flight but the check in line is so long I dont get to the front till 50 min before my flight because they only have 1 person working. At that point it is ok right?

  • George French
    George French 1 month ago

    just get their on time, youre told this loads! when you book flights, first class or not ! silly entitled bugger

  • Angelito Balboa
    Angelito Balboa 1 month ago

    the flight was probably overbooked and they just made that excuse so that you can't board.. sad.. :(

  • Jiffy Gee
    Jiffy Gee 1 month ago

    For international flights they suggest you get to the airport and check in more than 2-3 hours early. That's just so everything can be properly loaded and everything. Not their fault you didn't get there early enough.

  • MsMuslimahgirl
    MsMuslimahgirl 1 month ago

    my goal is to live like a white family

  • Jeff Daugherty
    Jeff Daugherty 1 month ago

    you should know better

  • RagnaGamez
    RagnaGamez 1 month ago

    I mean, if u didn't check's on u. Just saying.

  • wat
    wat 1 month ago

    *wHaTs InSiDe DeLtA AiRlInEs*

  • steven smith
    steven smith 1 month ago

    Moral of the story , don't commit to 1 company for anything . Biggest example is cars but those that do miss out when a rival company does some thing better same when flying . Look at the safty records and price and fly others to because none of these companies care about you expt how much money you will hand over

  • Bob B
    Bob B 1 month ago

    I work in Delta Reservations Sales, actually on the Premium Sales line, which included the dedicated line for Diamond Medallions, and yes, this is not at all what Delta is about. I wish that that agent would get reprimanded for what they did. Just know that if you do not get a phone survey, that they should be sending you an online survey and those definitely get reviewed by supervisors/managers in that division. I am sorry that this was a bad experience, because as a Delta employee, I would never do that, and no one at Delta would approve of what occurred here.

  • Loopywalker
    Loopywalker 1 month ago

    This is mostly your fault, since you failed to check in on time. There are rules set and regardless of your status, if you don't show up on time, then obviously you're going to pay.

  • Joshua Fleming
    Joshua Fleming 1 month ago

    Just show up on time ..... Duh

    MR CLASSY 1 month ago

    Is delta being run by American airlines?????

  • Josh Plays306
    Josh Plays306 1 month ago

    wow business class?

  • Willem van Panhuys
    Willem van Panhuys 1 month ago

    Salt Lake City Airport...?

  • Ben Gilman
    Ben Gilman 1 month ago

    That kid must probably gets bullied a lot...

  • S  Movies
    S Movies 1 month ago

    How hard is it to turn up early for a damn flight?

    • Fluffy Ponies
      Fluffy Ponies 1 month ago

      About as hard as I get when I read your name.

  • Kalli B
    Kalli B 1 month ago


  • Kenny Omega
    Kenny Omega 1 month ago

    1. Should've been on time. Just cause your "diamond" doesn't mean a plane should wait for you.
    2. You're really going to Paris for one day to shoot a video? Wow. Teaching your kid great lessons about wasting money.

  • Lol Man
    Lol Man 1 month ago

    Let's Boycott delta

  • xLordedits
    xLordedits 1 month ago

    your own fault

  • Ethan Rivera
    Ethan Rivera 1 month ago

    Lincoln with the switch there's a button on the back you press that and hold it and then you slide off the side controllers and they will pop off easily

  • Mark Elias
    Mark Elias 1 month ago

    Delta doesn't deserve to be called an airline.

  • Mohammed Ali
    Mohammed Ali 1 month ago

    i think the first flight was overbooked that why they did not let you in so the can cover their mistake by blaming you that you are late

  • Dustin Largin
    Dustin Largin 1 month ago

    So this all started because it YOUR FAULT for not showing up in time? I see that you are a superficial materialistic person, "I'm diamond, I'm diamond, he has a switch" Well Im a Hilton diamond member and my wife has a switch but I'm not making videos about I didn't get my way.

  • Travel&Home Blogs
    Travel&Home Blogs 1 month ago

    Lol delta sucks!

  • Attila Tóth
    Attila Tóth 1 month ago

    Why is it so difficult to understand with your teeny-tiny brain that you must check-in 60 minutes prior to the flight? No IF and OR, you must check-in 60 minutes prior to the flight. Is it really that complicated to your superior ego? You must be quite dumb not to meet with this complicated condition. I appreciate though that at the second attempt you managed to check-in online. (applause, lol)

  • FlareGFX
    FlareGFX 1 month ago

    Why are youtubers ALWAYS late to the airport? I always get there 3 hours early...

  • John Marquez
    John Marquez 1 month ago

    You been using Delta for 3 years... and telling me you can't download their app or go to the mobile browser to check in advance 24 hours? I will understand if you currently in Antartica or jungle forest where there's no data or wifi connection, but jesus christ.... you have an iPhone... use delta app, apple wallet, safari... there you go. just dumb!

  • Michael Montenae
    Michael Montenae 1 month ago

    southwest. fly southwest.

  • Ekin Hawk
    Ekin Hawk 1 month ago

    well, you did miss the check in time, as you mentioned. So why blame delta? looks like its your fault you put yourself in that situation. you should be responsible for that not someone else.

  • vRampagePlays
    vRampagePlays 1 month ago

    Delta is actually on of the worst airlines

  • TechPro2005
    TechPro2005 1 month ago

    What's inside a delta survey. Lots of crap

    THLSHOW 1 month ago

    Just want you to know that I have been in a bit of a depression recently, but your videos seem to make me positive, and look at brighter side. Keep at it Fam

  • Cyborgdelta1
    Cyborgdelta1 1 month ago

    First world problems next time read the T&C's

  • Luke Free fall
    Luke Free fall 1 month ago

    why are all American airlines terrible.

  • jack mccorkle
    jack mccorkle 1 month ago

    How about just don't be late to your flight

  • Josephlee222
    Josephlee222 1 month ago

    i usually go 4 hours early

  • Curtis Travels
    Curtis Travels 1 month ago

    Woah! I was in Paris at the same time as you guys. Pretty cool! Delta is one messed up airline. In fact it's not like any of the U.S. Carriers are that great. I flew with Delta to Paris because I found a killer deal but all 3 major US carriers are not outstanding. Anyway, looks like you enjoyed yourself in Paris. It's such a nice city!

  • Mikkel Jeppesen
    Mikkel Jeppesen 1 month ago

    an houre is F... NOT PENTY OF TIME!!!!!!!!! get that in youre head

  • TheRblxboy 119vlogs
    TheRblxboy 119vlogs 1 month ago

    i've been to Paris once i love it

  • xJqriellz
    xJqriellz 1 month ago

    Just imagine all the opportunities anyone would have to being really really successful just by being this guys son. :/

  • Robotboy 2020
    Robotboy 2020 1 month ago

    Delta you are vary bad

  • DCtraveler
    DCtraveler 1 month ago

    it doesn't matter if it is first class or economy seat if you don't check in 60 minute prior to departure they will not allow you to check in. second, are you sure you are diamond member because Delta has no First class on international route, they only have business class for international routes

  • Luke Pool
    Luke Pool 1 month ago

    here before going viral

  • Karin Steck
    Karin Steck 1 month ago

    Seriously: You just said that you are RUNNING LATE AGAIN !!! You were late the first day and yet you did it again.... Deliberately.. Great lesson for your children... Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on everyone elses' !!!! Get a clue. Most travelers now a days are also MILLION MILERS, PLATINUM'S ( the fact that your own very young son is one, should give you a clue that it is nothing special at all anymore :)) So the sense of entitlement is a total reflection of whom you are ....From a multi Million Miler....

  • Greg Gerardot
    Greg Gerardot 1 month ago

    Anybody else die a little inside when Lincoln broke the stand on his Switch?!

  • T Zig
    T Zig 1 month ago

    This is so cheesy I have never flown Business or first class and I was there 5 minutes before and still let me though security I felt there pain 400 bucks wow that a scam that have to gain tons of 🤑🤑🤑

  • AlphaPT
    AlphaPT 1 month ago

    It's not a secret. Anyone that works in costumer service, in complaints, will always try to pass the buck somewhere else, so they dont get the "bad review". Usually what is done, alongside long wait periods, is "accidentally" transferring your call to a end node (so it can be recycled back to the system). What you can do (and should do) is always record your calls. There is software that does it for you. Then you can check back and see who got your call. And if you want to really pursue it, now you have a time of call, the name of the person who did it to you, and how your issue was not resolved because of the willing incompetence of an employee.

  • Haleriouse50 Sech_H50

    Dont you hate it when your dad is a blogger and everytime you see him he will just be talking to a amera and if you try to tellhim something he will just tell you to make a summery about the problem whitch you dont care.

  • jayjay2016
    jayjay2016 1 month ago

    Don't be late then

  • Jinxz
    Jinxz 1 month ago

    2:12 clearly pressing 5 with your finger.. - slow it down to 0.25

  • Unicorn Music
    Unicorn Music 1 month ago

    Me and my mom hate United, but... now I'm considering. I love Delta but, they are disappointing all of the customers! Most of the time I'm unCompany miner. So, I'm a child flying by them selfs! If I get kick off of a flight... I'll be kinda scared!!

  • wanketta
    wanketta 1 month ago

    The look on a child's face when he realizes his parent blames everyone else but himself for screwing up, but you're only 11, and you have 7-10 more years to live with the guy.

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