How to draw a rose - Easy step-by-step drawing lessons for kids

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    Cómo dibujar una rosa

    Cómo dibujar una girasol

    Fácil paso a paso extraer lecciones para los niños
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  • Tabatha Saunders
    Tabatha Saunders 10 hours ago

    My turned out pretty good! I'm proud of it!

  • Manish Kumar
    Manish Kumar 23 hours ago

    nice design😄😄

  • Bompula chandu sekhar

    I draw it and it looks beautiful

  • AYX AYo
    AYX AYo 3 days ago

    I learned to draw this at first try this is easy as drawing a simple line

  • Princes Angela 360
    Princes Angela 360 3 days ago


  • Kanika Singh
    Kanika Singh 4 days ago

    very beautiful thanks

  • Pankaj Soni
    Pankaj Soni 4 days ago


  • Alyssa Knochenmus
    Alyssa Knochenmus 5 days ago

    thanks this helped

    I-AM-BORED 6 days ago

    I'm not good at drawing BUT it have a talent. It's like writing is a part of me . I can't live without it . There hasn't been a day without me writing smithing. It's just like drawing or whatever talent u have. To find out ur talent think outside of the box . We all have something we are good at. I only found one of my talents but during ur life u will find many others. So always keep believe in what u do. My English teacher gushes about the work I produce it's the same way with drawing . I drew this rose and liked amazing I fixed the dowsnsides and followed untied gamers advice. I'm just saying if u have a talent u can't live without it. Maybe ur good at something but u don't feel like doing it that means it's not ur talent . My other talent is designing. I live it. So always keep faith. Remember: if u walk in to a crowd u walk where many have walked before if u walk alone u r walking where none have walked before.

    I-AM-BORED 6 days ago

    United gamer ignore Millie she doesn't appreciate others talents and I think the advice u gave was amazing: it inspires me. So Millie HATERS GONNA HATE and this rose was fantastic next time can you do a scenery

  • Alan Cameron
    Alan Cameron 7 days ago


  • daud deha
    daud deha 8 days ago

    so nice that i am going to draw it and make a stiker with it.

  • Ender Princess
    Ender Princess 8 days ago

    Thank you so much for your help :)

  • Darlene St.Amant
    Darlene St.Amant 9 days ago

    I drew this  for my mom and teacher for mothers day

  • Extreme Princess
    Extreme Princess 9 days ago


  • Extreme Princess
    Extreme Princess 9 days ago

    Even though he never dead but he should be!

  • Extreme Princess
    Extreme Princess 9 days ago

    On his grave!

  • Extreme Princess
    Extreme Princess 9 days ago

    Mine looked like Drake's flowers like

  • Predrag Kolarevic
    Predrag Kolarevic 9 days ago


  • Mahmoud Malla7
    Mahmoud Malla7 10 days ago

    اعجبني ولا كن ايمكنك ان ترسم اسم احمد

  • Kelly Bonilla
    Kelly Bonilla 10 days ago

    I'm sorry for the starters out there but this is not teaching you STEP BY STEP. Teaching you does not mean having to copy down every thing they did it's by TELLING you the correct steps. This is forcing you to copy down the rose on every angle. That's not teaching, so I recommend you go to another video that will tell you the steps aloud

  • Linda, Suburban Mom
    Linda, Suburban Mom 10 days ago

    Did it for mothers day :)

  • Potato Pusheen
    Potato Pusheen 11 days ago

    Thanks! I'm using this for a mother's day card and it fits so well!
    Amazing art skills!

  • Maukam Singh
    Maukam Singh 11 days ago

    view to draw by pencil

  • Gabriel Encinas Coronado


  • Luximon Vikram
    Luximon Vikram 13 days ago

    Very nice. Help me to do my homework more quick

  • 1210Nique
    1210Nique 14 days ago

    it actually came out looking decent. nice

  • Sofia Clancy
    Sofia Clancy 15 days ago

    ended up like shit

  • Garrett Holland-Pittman

    My rose came out a little bloated, but it's cool. it'll look a lot better when I paint it! :)

  • King SAmeer King Sameer


  • Ravi Thatikonda
    Ravi Thatikonda 16 days ago

    Thank u for this nice picture from kameswara RAO

  • Syed Basseer
    Syed Basseer 18 days ago

    wow! now I have learned a best Rose now 🌹

  • Amazon Gaming
    Amazon Gaming 19 days ago

    Thank You So Much For That Video It Was Well Filmed And Greatly Done.

  • Hemlata Chaudhary
    Hemlata Chaudhary 19 days ago

    are u chutiya

  • nzgirl 2017
    nzgirl 2017 20 days ago

    going to try

  • Stephanie De La Cruz

    This video helped me a lot 😝

  • El niño del mar
    El niño del mar 21 day ago

    Thank you, it was great help

  • CH JIE
    CH JIE 23 days ago


  • Rob Splane
    Rob Splane 25 days ago

    I actually drew something!

  • adam hughes
    adam hughes 25 days ago

    that did not help

  • Sneha Kumari
    Sneha Kumari 25 days ago


  • AmazingBro
    AmazingBro 26 days ago

    so cool

    AMAN KUMAR SINGH 26 days ago

    really I done well

  • Bagavath Singh
    Bagavath Singh 28 days ago

    When a 8-year-old can draw better than you: (the 8-year-old is my sis) O_O 0_0

    • Bagavath Singh
      Bagavath Singh 28 days ago

      Also, mine looked almost exactly like yours! (P.S. You are an amazing drawing unlike me because I'm horrible at drawing)

  • Monstercats123
    Monstercats123 29 days ago

    thank you for helping

  • Javaria Imran
    Javaria Imran 29 days ago

    I drew the same thing

  • Javaria Imran
    Javaria Imran 29 days ago


  • Javaria Imran
    Javaria Imran 29 days ago


  • Javaria Imran
    Javaria Imran 29 days ago

    He's such a good artist I love the flower

  • Makayla Negron
    Makayla Negron 1 month ago

    I was good at drawing
    but with it drew that rose
    I sucked badly
    really bad

  • Daniela Ramirez-lopez

    Omg! This is great when I first tried it, it was good 😊 and then when I tried it again I messed up a lot ...but I will get the hang of it

  • Kaushik Samaddar
    Kaushik Samaddar 1 month ago

    it's too good

  • Zia Baker
    Zia Baker 1 month ago

    add me on snapchat @zw_1212

  • Sheemu Suhail
    Sheemu Suhail 1 month ago

    it is Best best best

  • Sureya Patel
    Sureya Patel 1 month ago


  • bacca999
    bacca999 1 month ago

    Mine looked like a bunch of leaves but this was a good help.

  • Ellie Wunderlich
    Ellie Wunderlich 1 month ago

    Wow! Thank you sooo much! I have been wanting to draw a simple, elegant rose for so long now! All of the other guides are professional. This is a simple, easy guide to follow! Thanks again!

  • UnicornKittens xoxo
    UnicornKittens xoxo 1 month ago

    Very short to make it , but very nice rose!Also my friend at school is called rosa!!!!!!!!!!!

  • R.S Creative
    R.S Creative 1 month ago

    good job

  • Anupam Barua
    Anupam Barua 1 month ago

    It is so Beautiful flowers

  • ok tatum
    ok tatum 1 month ago

    i give up on drawing

  • Harrison Belcher
    Harrison Belcher 1 month ago

    this is so easy and helpful i have all ready drawn heaps and water coloured them thx for the easy tutorial

  • Karyn Joshephine
    Karyn Joshephine 1 month ago

    so helping. thank youu

  • Kenia flores
    Kenia flores 1 month ago

    love it i love roses i come to this video everytime when i wanna draw a rose

  • all signal
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    KRISHAN BHATT 1 month ago


  • Ива Стоянова

    Some roses are red,
    Some are blue.
    And i realized,
    I draw better than you.


    (Just kidding)

  • luciano frontera
    luciano frontera 1 month ago

    i did this but my parent dont believe me 😭😭😭

  • Sanya Srivastava
    Sanya Srivastava 1 month ago

    Thanks it helped me quite a lot n I use it quite often whenever I need to draw a rose 😊

  • Mangesh Vaishampayan

    my rose looks like a beautiful rose .

  • Jörg Schnell
    Jörg Schnell 1 month ago

    I Subscribed

  • souped me
    souped me 1 month ago


  • souped me
    souped me 1 month ago

    I guess I get BUCKS

  • souped me
    souped me 1 month ago

    my niece thought it looked like a rose

  • شمس الحياة
    شمس الحياة 1 month ago

    wow i love ❤ it thank you for this video im iraqi 😻😍 حللللوة اني عراقية

  • lo272202 lo272202
    lo272202 lo272202 1 month ago

    i like how i look this up watch it then not even try i just go to draw a heart

  • Kimy Yass
    Kimy Yass 1 month ago


  • Noah Negron
    Noah Negron 1 month ago

    Cool Cool

  • Andrew Sorvillo-Cucinotta

    LOL GR8 M8 I r8 8 out of 8 m8

  • Maria Sanchez
    Maria Sanchez 1 month ago

    Mine came out good suckers

  • Alyssa MacDonald
    Alyssa MacDonald 1 month ago

    mine looks exactly like it in the video without colours

  • Ella Ruby
    Ella Ruby 1 month ago

    thanks :) This actually helped- my rose turned out really well!

  • زهرة الربيع

    The drow is very beautiful

  • Unknown. Girl
    Unknown. Girl 1 month ago

    I'm doing this because I'm to lazy to buy a birthday card for my sister

  • dawn carson
    dawn carson 1 month ago

    this rlly helped thx!

  • doreen amigable
    doreen amigable 1 month ago

    I didn't know I can draw!!!!

  • Bacariq Tv Bacariqli Tv

    great rose.thank you

  • Diamond Girl
    Diamond Girl 1 month ago

    My rose is now my profile pic

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  • Ram_ Chan
    Ram_ Chan 1 month ago

    How come this channel has 75 thousand subscribers and yet, this channel had 4 million views

  • Nicole AJ
    Nicole AJ 2 months ago

    Mine turned out really good I'm shocked

  • Randi Gibson
    Randi Gibson 2 months ago

    Mine looks like what he/she drew

  • Geometry Dash VIRUS leyni

    omg i typed "how to draw" looking for how to draw a rose and this was the first suggestion

  • kannan kannanghgbg
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  • Jessica H
    Jessica H 2 months ago

    Mine looks like poop and some leaves


  • Art King 45
    Art King 45 2 months ago

    awesome art video but can I get you guys opinion on my how to draw a seal video I subscribed to your channel to

  • fd lily
    fd lily 2 months ago

    So easy and so beautiful ahh thank you so much!

  • eSe_Origami paper creations

    mine looks fine

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