Yoga Jnana Sitthar Om Sri Raja Yoga Guru and Amirthavarshini

photoslide of gurji and how His Divine Grace is like rain

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Author Aditya Viknesh (3 months)

Author Dinesh K (7 months)
Sadly, it seems that educated people are the ones whom are fooled more
easily these days...

Author cibai09 (4 years)
i went to the payerci went i was in form 5,,, nw i felt i did a stupid
thing,,,, i spent 700 ringgit for it,,, there alot of people need that 700
ringit 4 inmportant tins..... sm need to study.... v shold spent for
them... nt for a swamy teling can gt power by giving 700.... y guys,,, y.
think with ur brain..... somemr he tel, v cny reach god witout his payerchi
wich coc 700....... when god ask money, god ask for truth n love ny


Author Magendran Chandran (2 years)
This guy is really a blood sucker.if he's a real siddhar, why he mus wear
that kind of suits like a proffesional? y he mus do this payerci all at
high rate and big hall? if he doing real good things he could do it at
temple, he could make it free! he's fraud la!!!! for those who went for
this useless payerci by wasting money, one day you'll curse yourself and
him "the great useless fellow"... we dont f to find and reach to god by
paying rm 700.... god is within us in our heart and soul..

Author Mohan Rau (4 years)
anta kaasu tamil pallikkuthan thanam senjare Dato seri Guruji Avargal Athu
Teriyatha? Dato seri Guruji Publishithi romba seyya maatar, Anaal Anbu

Author Ghandimathi Suppiah (1 year)
i rely gt swami blzez! i cnt hw 2 tel olzo.. yoga yanna sitar om sri raja
yoga guru saranam....

Author sathis13 (4 years)
Dato sri nityanandha guruji...hehehe

Author saran260275 (4 years)
pls dont make money used name of spiritual,our 18 siddhar is original,

Author Ganesan M (4 years)
tamilan will always be stupid, ancient tamilan are million time clever than
current tamilan. do u relly know the meaning of sittar.

Author Ganesan M (1 year)
just pity on u. pls do read tirumantiram. then u know what i mean. Take care

Author sampalani03 (4 years)
@ganesanvision, what about u?

Author jemivijay (1 year)
What happened to Tamil people? Varravan poravanllam saamiya? Dai ongalailam
thirutha marupadium Periyar porakkanunnda.

Author oliver khan (2 years)
dont think tat ur guruji is save innocent people like u ,the belive in u is
save n give diffrent to u .one more thing do u no wat is sittar means or
not.go refer the our great sages the 18 sittar.then u know wat sittar
means.....dnt waste ur money ...cauz tere is lot of people out tere need

Author rockstone188 (3 years)
RPT centres hve weird rules & regulations, eg. we shdn't mingle with other
gps in the centre and must not share the teachings with other grps & so on.
Why is this so? i thought the teaching is all the same frm the divine Guru?
Hell of politics in the ctr! I wonder does the Guruji is aware of such
rules or all these rules is his idea? Only God knows if this Guruji is
divine or not. These politics in the RPT ctr has pissed me off & I have
lost trust & give up the meditation! :(

Author TheGobusita (1 year)
im not believe in guruji previously bt frn if i.had dcide to take the
payerchi means there is a meaningfull thing on tis payerchi....i had read
all the comments...sum comments gud...sum very bad...frens god wont cum to
us straight face to face to help...remember there will be always a sender
will cum behalf of god to for those who dun blieve on tis
plz...kindly do not comments badly bout a god followers we are
nt taught to bhave like this even with our enemy ...

Author MrRomeo Hustler (3 years)
BREATHING ..sheild..omshiva...SOUND(close the years wit finga
meditation).....LIGHT.....still no many of you guys are
really successful and seen god after doing this advance mega meditation for
da past 2 months?? because the leaders says results can be seen within
weeks?? i did for a month then i stop........y?? coz no results....

Author holy joy (1 year)
(inner peace) stupid people dont understand this. haters gonna hate..who
cares? go and fuckyourself,,,,haters...!..

Author swanan76 (4 years)
Hi Viewers ... PLEASE understand this .. matha ,pitha guru, Deivam.... in
this world when comes into earth 1st you meet mathat, second meet pitha,
3rd meet guru .and finally god.... this is basic ... for every human... SO
... anyone doesn;t know what is meaning of GURU.. Please come and meet OUR
DATO SERI GURUJI ...learn about guruji spiritual life ..then u all can talk
about GOD.... identify yourself ...

Author sathis13 (4 years)
@Janaricious i donno y some people still believe this kind of things
all...he is just guru...but u all make him like god...u all must understand
he also human being like us..god is is difrent...and onother
thing..i got saw him in batu caves..u all put red carpet for him and make
him like god..u all dont do all tat thing in kuil god is big...if
u all wan do means do other place..dont do it in kuil..understand...

Author Athiya Man (4 years)
is this true medidation?????dont blv tis stupid swamigal...he will caught
inscandal soon...

Author MrKethavan (2 years)
if v wana do meditation, there are alot of people doing it free... don't
trust this guys. it just a money making program....

Author Darsh Jaga (2 years)
mediation is good, mentioned is name, eveything works and it works for me

Author pravena vena (1 year)
why u pain ah when we trust our guruji?

Author TheGobusita (1 year)
im twenty two years old girl...i studied well done job
yet....the hse we renting nw have to shift out due to irritating mum work hard since myself in eight years old...nw she
currently working as father jobless due to his health
condition...i have 5 siblings together wit myself...they ol still
studying...plz guruji....we are suffering...i want to reduce my parents
burden....give me strenght to overcum all tis prob...give me a
me to get job.

Author hor nie (2 years)
somebody should stop this clown soon!!!!

Author karthik jack (1 year)
i love tiz song

Author jeevanesan jeeva (11 months)
madai pundaingele ungeleku lam ayirum vivek vanthalum arevu pundai
varathuda muutal makkalz... poi velai pundeiye parungeda valkai nala
irukum,, inthe pundeiya parta iven valkai mattumthan nalla irukum pity lar
my society

Author pravena vena (1 year)
let see first..

Author Jesi Gurl (2 years)
im recently went 4 guru ji b'liv in i will get different in my truely trust in guru ji..tanx guru ji

Author deviltarc (2 years)
heloo every1,for those who dont knw about guruji,pls stop comment about our
HDG guruji,you guys dont f any rigths to coment about RPT or guruji,indians
alwis like to talk bad about others without kwning anytg,pls c urself 1st
b4 comment.if u all dont like juz neglect about this mater but dont talk
bad,for those u had taken this payerchi,dont give up,if u all give up
early,its not guruji fault,the method u practice shld b correct and must be
patient.Nambikai thai valkai..pls practice it. peace

Author pavan14 (3 years)
realy.. make people millionare!!!only.. can see.. this kind of thing.. on
our indians!!!!

Author saranboy143 (3 years)
@kettapaiyen i agree with you

Author Ramanes Romeo (3 years)
froud no1 la him. stupid fucker guruji, he steel people money. everybody
can do yoga without him free. That works to me. Just RM 10. Buy TAMIL 3D

Author dynamite3920 (4 years)
DIVINE????this guy???wat the hell is happening here??he is just a normal
being thats all??my friends who attended watever he is conducting told me
that this guy is full of shit.....those around him who call themselves
'seedar' are even worst!!!

Author Jesi Gurl (2 years)
yaa..its true

Author Murugesan Murugesan (2 years)
kettapaiyen enthu manamartha paradukal

Author jeevanesan jeeva (11 months)
try in mudah job

Author MrJAsonKumar (4 years)
Kadavulai Nambu Kandavanai Nambathirgal............

Author pravena vena (1 year)
so u also a stupidlah because u also a tamilan what..

Author pravena vena (1 year)
shut up k!mind your business!!!

Author saranboy143 (3 years)
@kettapaiyen i agree with you

Author Margaret Mark (2 years)
No! Not everyone is God! God is in Heavens. Just don`t trust Balakrishnan
and thats all!

Author Pd Sundari (1 year)
i heard bout guruji balakrishnan very powerful n lot miracles happen...pls
giv me my life miracle too.. my husband left me at my mother house ... and
everytime said will come back but my mother in law don allowed... i went to
c but mil tel guard chase me... my husband never giv me money , i sold my
car , jewel ,credit card debts...pls tell me wat im suppose to do ...

Author jeevanesan jeeva (11 months)
ade madai pundai ... realy pain tammil makkalz bcome so dumb ass une
mathiri muttal pundeinge irukere varaikum nadu urepedathudi tewdiale

Author harehvin shyam (3 years)
believe in yourself and god....not money.....all powers in ourself...don
waste time....

Author Prabakaran Karuppiah Servai (2 years)
You're God.That's it.Don't follow all these craps and put your life into

Author jennifer anne (1 year)
it is very true....for parents blessing don't need to pay rm 750...parents
blessing is from their heart

Author thina87 (1 year)
fuckl you eat guruji shit he no1 lier

Author ruthran8877 (4 years)
halo ur name alredy like tat so ur thinking also in tat name la 700 only u
can get wonders.sit down n think wat good u get wen u take payichi don just
simply talk ok God neve ask money but which temple gives u free archanai u
tell me i ask Guruji to do it so

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