Maulana Tariq Jameel in front of Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Sudais (Urdu)

Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Sudais D.B in Pakistan in this video and Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab speaks in a gathering arranged by Wafaqul Madaras Pakistan.Maulana Tariq Jameel welcoming and addressing Shaikh Abdurrahman As Sudais and others (Urdu Dubbing)

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Author tube222ful (3 years)
that was very warm welcome

Author Shaikh Khan (2 years)
maulana tariq jameel sab ne ARABIC mei bayan kia hai uska urdu tarjuma hai

Author ThinShins (3 years)
@khany556 can u please translate or give me a brief descriptiont o wat he
is saying?

Author rafeeq222 (3 years)
Tariq please tell people that ho important it is to vote for the right
people,and to be part of politics as Hizoor (S.A.W) were greatest of
politician,may Allah bless you

Author yousuf karsh karsh (2 years)
Muslim Brother....! So i won't ever say you like this bcz.,,,islam Teaches
us if a person is even you don't have any right to say some bad
words to him....rather in a good manner you can make them Understand....
Bass Allah ap ko aur hm ko....Sahi rsty py chaly or Itna ilm dy k atleast
Lfzzoo ki pehchan ajay....taky ksi py hm bohtan tou na lgy.....GOD BLESS
YOU Sir Tariq Jammell..! LIVE ALONG LIFE aamin

Author Hafeez Qureshi (1 year)

Author Raja awais Rehman (2 years)

Author Azaan5577 (2 years)
@Azaan5577 sorry brother , this reply was to some one else.
vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv sorry.

Author hasanahmad1000 (2 years)

Author Ali Ahmed (2 years)
@users169 originally he spoke in arabic. this is the translation

Author gogeat577446 (3 years)
The audio in this video is not real after he says Salam.

Author khany556 (3 years)
mind blowing love he has for us all, spends most of his life for the search
of Allah's pleasure. May Allah swt guide us all. My brothers Allah swt's
guidance comes at a price.. and that is effort, on our part. May Allah swt
give us the ability to strive and struggle for his deen like He tasked all
his belloved messengers and may He protect us from the tricks of the
trickster and whisperer satan the accursed.

Author faisalrcet (2 years)
Maulana saying right .... But i think here is something wrong statment that
Sheikhs of Saudia Preaches islam in Sub-Continet . I think u all knows that
who Preaching the Islam in Sub-continent. The "AHLE-BAITE (SADAAT Faimily)
". and we should all thankful to them.

Author Farrukh Sahr (2 years)
ishratali007 jo kuch ap nay likha hai ALLAH ap ko is ki jaza day AMEEEN

Author SuperCheetah777 (2 years)
MashaAllah may Allah bless him

Author arkishali (2 years)
maulana tariq jameel sahab ap ko Allah izzat or jazai khair de or LA ILLAHA

Author Naseeb Afghan (2 years)

Author Hussain Bhai (2 years)
ALLAH PAK aap ko jaza ztta farmay ... SBHANALLAH

Author muuuuuuuuuah (3 years)
unmatchable person MASHALLAH

Author sohail amin (2 years)

Author mr423456 (3 years)
ya voice molana sahab ki nahi hai....

Author MrMuaviakhan (3 years)
hey.....where is propaganda your eyes and watch this .the imam
of saudi arabia is with moulana tariq jameel.shame on you people who are
just on the mission to destabilize the muslim ummah.sheikh visit the darul
uloom deoband in india and appriciate the efforts of deoband ullama and
advised the admin authorities of deoband to carry on their mission with
courage.this is proving that the think tank of muslims are in favor of
deoband efforts for islam.

Author DannyAbdillah (2 years)
no english subtitle? what is he talking about?

Author khany556 (3 years)
@MuhammedP23 wow, that would be a mommoth task, my urdu is not as advanced
as the tranlator's but translating from urdu to english as supposed to
arabic- english still wouldn't do justice. Just briefly, for a person who
came un-prepared and delivered a speech on very short notice, he blew us
all away.. We will need a scholar who is well versed in arabic to make this
video with subtitles.. that awould be ideal.

Author abidfarooq27 (2 years)
@khany556 Aameen Allah Pak Aap Ki Dua Qabool Farmaye Aameen

Author Sajid Sameja (2 years)

Author haseeba247 (2 years)
Allhamdulillah mujhe Allah K gar main Imam-e-Kabah Sheikh Sudais or Sheikh
Shareem se Hath MIlany ki Saa'daat Naseeb hui thi 2003 Haaj main Sudais Sb
or 2006 main Shareem Sb se....Babe Safa ki taraf jab ye apne Shahi
Muhallaat main wapas ja rahy the Security Hisaar me the...

Author noorhawk1 (2 years)
mashahAllah. maulana tariq jameel is the great persnalty. look it his
words, awesome..........

Author مالك حبيب (3 years)

Author Sajid Sameja (2 years)
Masha-allah, Ameez sakhsiyat hai Imam Sudais Sahab aur Maulana Tariq Jameel
Sahab, Allah kare main apani zindagi me aap dono se milu........

Author khany556 (3 years)
@Shehriyarr ameen. - mere bai aap hamaray dil may brailviyon ke liye nafrat
dal rahe ho. musmalman ko sab ke liye dua or ache umeed chahiye. begair
saboot deney say baat nahi karna chahiye. hamaray dil may brailviyon ke
liye nafrat dal rahe ho. voh wakat kareeb aa raha he jab SAB musalman ek
maksat ke liye ek ho jayengay. inshallah.. Allah ummatay Muhammed s.a.w ko
maaf farmayeh hum sub me ghaltiya mowjud heh. Ameen.

Author Sajid Sameja (2 years)

Author ansazam786 (2 years)
this is not Tariq Jameels voice it has been dubbed. i know because i listen
to his speechs all the time

Author tajrapShareef (2 years)

Author EHSAN KHAN JADOON (2 years)
i like molana tariq jamil sab

Author ANDeoband (2 years)

Author Azaan5577 (3 years)

Author faisalrcet (2 years)
Mulana sb. saying right.....But i think & u should search and then give
comments that who bring Islam in Sub-Contenet????? Clearly Ahle-Baite not
the sheikhs of Saudia. I think we should admit the right ...we should the
thankful to Sadaat ...we should thankful to the Ahle-baite that they made
our elders Muslims.

Author abidfarooq17 (3 years)
allah pak se dua hai ke woh tamam muslmano ki pareshaniya door kare aur
ghamo ko khushiyon mein tabdeel farmaye aameen

Author yousuf karsh karsh (2 years)
@afridi... Dear you don't have any idea about How wrong you are....about
Tariq Jameel sahb......first Learn what is the Mean of "BENDOON" ...then
you talk & taunt on some 1 , Bendo \ Bandy means THE PERSON WHO
PRAYS...."ABADT KRNY WALA>.....BANDGI Krny wala.....ALLAH ki....well ! Is
Sentence ko ab dekho...k ap kia bol rhy ho..... "K Mohammad S.A.W , Bandy
ni thy".....! Ab galat kon ha and lanat kis py ?????? ..........well! You
are as my brother..."continue"

Author hassan buttar (3 years)
molana sb tusi sher ho baki sb har phair ne

Author musaamir (2 years)
allah tariq jameel sb ko maaf kr de... allah hm sb ko maaf kr de... allah
hm sb se raazi ho jae.. ammmmenn

Author yousuf karsh karsh (2 years)
@AfridiW4 Answer for you...My friend

Author Shehriyarr (3 years)
Brailviyon ka fatwah hai jo imam e kabah k pichay namaz parhay ga us ka
nikah fasik ho jaiy ga or us per biwi haram ho jaiy ge naozubillah.Allah
talah jald he hum sub ko Sahi emaan ko jananay ki tofeeq ata karay or
hazrat Muhammad SAW ki sunnat or Allah ki talimat per chalnay ki tofeeq ata
karay Ameen

Author khubaeb raja (3 years)
molana tariq jammel is right al sunnatwaljammat jazakallaha forloading

Author Muhammad Iqbal (2 years)
@faisalrcet Oh julnay walay wo SADAAT bhi arabic thy r wo azeem Hasti jis
se SADAAT shro howi wo bhi arabic thy........

Author Muhammad Yaseen (3 years)
Thanks for translation.

Author salman hafeth (2 years)
he is great ... like a sh sudais

Author ibrahim9382 (3 years)
Maulana sb apni jaga lakin translator tumhari kia baat hey, Jzaq Allah.

Author yousuf karsh karsh (2 years)
Respond to this video... Marvallious

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