Coyote's CRIB!

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    In this segment of On Location, join Coyote Peterson for a Brave Wilderness “Cribs” edition tour of their production house!

    For the first time ever Coyote and the crew give the Coyote Pack a behind the scenes look at their housing accommodations on location in Arizona. Many times the crew stays in AirBNB’s like this one but what’s really fun about them is no two are ever the same…

    So what kind of digs will the crew have on this trip?

    Get ready to find out!


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  • Teena Mulder
    Teena Mulder 1 hour ago

    Awwwww thats such an awesome episode ❤️🤗

  • MisterMaster117
    MisterMaster117 1 hour ago

    Um..... Why is coyote acting like he just took some drugs?

  • Ben Murdoch
    Ben Murdoch 2 hours ago

    so um how much for one of thoes :)

  • John Lameton
    John Lameton 4 hours ago

    This is why you should not do drugs

  • Marisa
    Marisa 4 hours ago

    Sick Birkenstocks

  • Kate Martin
    Kate Martin 4 hours ago

    Coyote guys live in a very beautiful super. EDIT:Coyote lives in a beautiful a beautiful very super!!!!!

  • Brooke Bishop
    Brooke Bishop 5 hours ago

    I love him lol

  • Robin Dixon
    Robin Dixon 5 hours ago

    God, how much speed did Coyote do before this episode???

  • Rin Okumura
    Rin Okumura 5 hours ago

    I think it's because I live in Hawaii but it pains me when I see people walk on carpet with their shoes on

  • Lindsey Time!
    Lindsey Time! 5 hours ago

    Did you eat more honey? 🍯

  • Cutie Pie
    Cutie Pie 5 hours ago

    Please do part 2 of coyote's crib

  • Ally Hudson
    Ally Hudson 6 hours ago

    Literally the funniest video I have ever seen😂

  • Eric Higuchi
    Eric Higuchi 6 hours ago

    What is this dude on, because I want some

  • leticia cantu
    leticia cantu 6 hours ago

    l. laicet

  • Matt
    Matt 7 hours ago

    BIG SCREEN TV!!!!! Hahahahahaha lol

  • Lawn cheeto owl
    Lawn cheeto owl 7 hours ago


  • Jemmesk
    Jemmesk 7 hours ago

    I think the bullet ant venom is getting to his head

  • Rachel Cote
    Rachel Cote 8 hours ago

    dood noosa is the best

  • Dark Dragon
    Dark Dragon 8 hours ago

    Is Coyote high?

  • Olivia Storm
    Olivia Storm 8 hours ago

    I love the way this man acts

  • Danielle Dayzz
    Danielle Dayzz 9 hours ago

    _guy walks in in the middle of the video_
    -hey this is my house-
    *no* it's coyotes crib now

  • Oomandude
    Oomandude 9 hours ago

    his hyperness is cracking me up.

  • Kiani Hernandez
    Kiani Hernandez 10 hours ago

    My TV is bigger

  • Abbygail Vencill
    Abbygail Vencill 10 hours ago

    I'm dieing
    he's freaking funny

  • Dark Corridors
    Dark Corridors 10 hours ago

    This is why you don't take drugs kids

  • Hunter Dulson
    Hunter Dulson 11 hours ago

    He's crazy today

  • Blanco racing 09
    Blanco racing 09 11 hours ago

    I wish you did live in Arizona because i do and i dont live that far from tuson

  • Sophie Restelli
    Sophie Restelli 11 hours ago

    Coyote is so high in this video

  • JP Hinton
    JP Hinton 11 hours ago

    7:23. 😂😂😂

  • Mr Tim
    Mr Tim 12 hours ago

    I hear David Attenborough uses a back-up shirt (6:39).

  • ItzKaylaHolmes
    ItzKaylaHolmes 12 hours ago

    Coyote, chill dude, what are you do- you know what? Never mind.

  • Pasta bribri
    Pasta bribri 13 hours ago

    ""You've never seen a TV this big! And thats the clock…"
    Whats wrong with the clock?

  • 22Danny 3
    22Danny 3 13 hours ago


  • DamianKayne
    DamianKayne 13 hours ago

    good video

  • Antonio Velez
    Antonio Velez 14 hours ago

    youre like matthew santoros more adventurous brother.

  • Erkn_YT
    Erkn_YT 14 hours ago

    cayote mate i think your over excited dont get me wrong btw its fun watching you!

  • SpiritBear12
    SpiritBear12 15 hours ago

    If the owner of the house see's this video, they're going to regret renting it out to these guys. LOL

  • Kitty Gamer
    Kitty Gamer 15 hours ago

    i loved this

  • Kitty Gamer
    Kitty Gamer 15 hours ago


  • Qveengodess
    Qveengodess 15 hours ago

    Who fed coyote candy ?😂

  • megatron .1
    megatron .1 15 hours ago

    nice crib coyote

  • Litleo is Better Than Pyroar

    I wanna know who's selling it to him cause I want some

  • spongebob swag pants
    spongebob swag pants 16 hours ago

    That house looks cozy aff

  • Joshua Elwin
    Joshua Elwin 16 hours ago

    Just before the crew arrived....Coyote got his first match on tinder!

  • Charles Lee
    Charles Lee 16 hours ago

    "AND THAT'S A CLOCK" - Coyote Peterson 2017

  • Mohamad N Ardroumli
    Mohamad N Ardroumli 16 hours ago

    he reminds me of jake paul this video 😂

  • Charles Lee
    Charles Lee 16 hours ago

    Coyote sounds soooo excited!

  • Luke Richards
    Luke Richards 18 hours ago

    i want what coyote is having

  • Extreme Space
    Extreme Space 19 hours ago

    8:44 when you look up his age you'll understand

  • Aida Hussam El-Bakry
    Aida Hussam El-Bakry 19 hours ago

    This video is funny#Lol

  • Venom King
    Venom King 19 hours ago

    And this is why you don't do drugs kids

  • Diewa Oriakhil
    Diewa Oriakhil 20 hours ago

    Coyote totally lost it cause of the stings 😂

  • Shrek the Ogre
    Shrek the Ogre 20 hours ago

    Coyote: "I don't want to go in the garage. It's dark and scary."

    Also Coyote: "I'm Coyote Peterson and I'm about to enter the sting zone with the Bullet Ant."

  • Riley Han
    Riley Han 21 hour ago

    all those bites r making him crazy

  • IAmLiz03
    IAmLiz03 21 hour ago

    Why is Coyote so *Excited* Lol... I've like never seen someone so excited to just give a tour of a house

    How does someone brake 3 cameras in 5 months lol.. (This was uploaded in may)

  • Rebecca Xu
    Rebecca Xu 22 hours ago

    This video is like the most hype video in so long...

  • SimpleGamerBro
    SimpleGamerBro 22 hours ago

    "im completely camouflage"

  • the three pokemens
    the three pokemens 22 hours ago

    I have a 70 inch tv

  • tarek kreik
    tarek kreik 22 hours ago

    Man coyote is entertaining

  • Funtime
    Funtime 23 hours ago

    He's acting like he ate a gallon of straight sugar

  • Mallyx CSGO
    Mallyx CSGO 23 hours ago


  • Doritospug Yo
    Doritospug Yo 23 hours ago

    This is the most playful version of Coyote I have seen

  • Pooky Patootie
    Pooky Patootie 23 hours ago

    coyote is high as fuck😂

  • Jaden Chung
    Jaden Chung 1 day ago

    "Everybody thinks, WHAT'S INSIDE THE FRIDGE!!!!!"
    -Coyote Peterson 2017

    Yep, the stings have finally caught up to him

  • Steve Tulotta
    Steve Tulotta 1 day ago

    The better version of MTV cribs.

  • Elias Ferm
    Elias Ferm 1 day ago

    Aj have a biger tv

  • Hisyam Mahendra
    Hisyam Mahendra 1 day ago

    i think we shouldn't ask him to get hurt anymore

  • Carissa Barrow
    Carissa Barrow 1 day ago

    I NEED That HOUSE!!!

  • Dylan Bulzomi
    Dylan Bulzomi 1 day ago

    he is so energetic and crazy 😜🤗

  • Emily Harp
    Emily Harp 1 day ago

    Is he high! But he was super funny in this vid

  • Eshal Moid
    Eshal Moid 1 day ago


  • Eshal Moid
    Eshal Moid 1 day ago

    why is be so hype 😑😑😑😑😑

  • Alexander Moreno
    Alexander Moreno 1 day ago

    who saw the bottle that said naked, reply 1 if you did

  • Chane1073aj
    Chane1073aj 1 day ago

    A horror movie Mark:u go in the garroge Coyote : im not going there

  • Melanie's Crybaby

    His crib is awesome, unlike my room :(
    xD It's so funny how he like shouts at every detail like LINENS!
    (Well, like everybody does that when there's visitors)

  • Thelma DeLaMont
    Thelma DeLaMont 1 day ago

    Too much weird venom in his system huh?

  • Joel Madtson
    Joel Madtson 1 day ago

    YOUVE NEVER SEEN A TV THAT BIG!!!!!!!! and that's a clock.

  • Logan Salter
    Logan Salter 1 day ago

    Coyote is STACKED!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ground Gladiator
    Ground Gladiator 1 day ago

    if only Mark edit the you don't say meme in this video you get it

  • RapiD558 Kai
    RapiD558 Kai 1 day ago

    I want a doll : (

  • Michael Casillas
    Michael Casillas 1 day ago

    I really liked the coyotes crib episode

  • Gzmar zapp
    Gzmar zapp 1 day ago

    Coolaid man oh yeah,

  • angelika hemmings

    This was so funny idk why

  • Purr- Awesome
    Purr- Awesome 1 day ago

    Coyote I loved the video I've never seen hem this hipped

  • Amber Papol
    Amber Papol 1 day ago

    honey I'm sorry but I have a funny feeling he's in my room and it's a Roku so yeah

  • Samuel Koeplin
    Samuel Koeplin 1 day ago

    Does anyone know what mic Mark and Mario use?

  • Justus Mendenhall

    That's what happens when coyote is on drugs

  • Noahdebears Gaming

    Cyoty You Are Really Energised

  • Thomas Phan
    Thomas Phan 1 day ago

    I half expected the video to have been the same as all of the other videos with Coyote walking around in nature.

  • Alex Roblox-And More!

    my tv is bigger then urs

  • Blue Creeper and Ender Creeper

    man l would get everything to get that house

  • enkadu007
    enkadu007 1 day ago

    looks like this jew found a good hustle

  • Txunamii
    Txunamii 1 day ago

    How much did Coyote snort?

  • Scott Bowers
    Scott Bowers 1 day ago

    If anyone is interested in renting this house, just search for "airbnb tucson mountain sanctuary". I happen to be the property manager. However, we just added a new house rule... "No jumping on the furniture!" It's a beautiful home in an amazing setting. If you are looking for a place to stay in Tucson, definitely look me up! Scott B.

  • Sage Gaming
    Sage Gaming 1 day ago

    Cameraman : What Is that?
    Coyote : It's Art, That's what they call it.

  • Tim Donahue
    Tim Donahue 1 day ago

    Coyote bumped a line right before this video

  • Tommy Lee
    Tommy Lee 1 day ago

    hi I love your wild videos and you always make me smile because your funny when I cry you cheer me up😁

  • Kal 'EL
    Kal 'EL 1 day ago

    From what I've seen of his videos, as far as I can remember, he doesn't cuss. Correct me if I'm wrong. But I appreciate that

  • ana cristina
    ana cristina 1 day ago

    Killer bee honey, better than coffee

  • chicky720
    chicky720 1 day ago

    Coyote was reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally exited in this vid

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