The Dark Tower Trailer REACTION

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  • April Smith
    April Smith 1 day ago

    You mentioned when it showed Jake "This is complicated." But I think they have taken a lot of the complicated out and for me that will be a huge disappointment! Visually it looks amazing and the cast fit their part. I realize that it's been said this is a continuation of the original stories, picking up where we last see Roland, but that's not the story I wanted. There is very little I see in the trailer that has held true to the books. I'm going to watch it obviously, but I think it's going to break my heart a little.😟

  • Icza
    Icza 1 day ago

    I'm hoping it's gonna be great, it looks like it can be from the trailer. I'm expecting quite a different interpretation from the books (there's a massive story there) so just something based on that but keeping it's soul, and done well making a good film on it's own, and I'm totally happy.

  • justin perry
    justin perry 2 days ago

    all hail the crimson king

  • LotusMan01
    LotusMan01 2 days ago

    I've read all the books a couple of times and always thought Deschain was pronounced deh-SHANE.

  • CoolTube
    CoolTube 3 days ago

    Did anyone see Pennywise? Pause real quickly at the end of 4:16 when he's walking in the forest area.

  • bgore12
    bgore12 14 days ago

    you know if Roland had been portrayed as black in the book...NO PROBLEM. King has ruined every movie he has been associated with except the first Shining and that was probably because he wasn't allowed. the actor looks cool and i dont have a problem with him, but FOLLOW THE SENSE OF THE BOOK! Oh well, thanks King!

  • Patawon 91
    Patawon 91 20 days ago

    I want to see a Steven King cinematic universe SKCU for short

  • nomadV
    nomadV 20 days ago


  • Eric Scott
    Eric Scott 29 days ago

    I'm a huge fan of the books. I have heard that this movie is NOT following the books. It's a kind of sequel to the books. Its hard to explain without giving away major spoilers to the books. So I think its going to capture the feel of the books but not match it scene for scene. We shall see. It comes out on my birthday so I'll be using this as my free birthday ticket and I can't wait to see it!!

  • No Body
    No Body 29 days ago

    Grace, if you "confirm" that the Man in Black is used in King's lore across multiple novels, please give examples. I seem to follow, but I just ask that you explain further.

  • DomR1997
    DomR1997 1 month ago

    Idris Elba is so fucking good for this role. He's gonna be fucking awesome as Roland.

  • Semper Wanderer
    Semper Wanderer 1 month ago

    It's funny how you keep bringing up the TV vibe because there will be an accompanying TV show that ties into the Movie. If I'm not mistaken.

  • Edgard Andres Amavizca Felix

    "that kid" is important?!!! "that kid" is Jake Chambers a Gunslinger. Son (adopted) of Roland. Respect, please. Hehe...sorry, I'm a big fan.

  • Jonathon Shrum
    Jonathon Shrum 1 month ago

    I was just at a conference last week and Sony showed us about 8 minutes of material from this movie and the trailer, while very good, doesn't fully do it justice. The cast works extremely well together and the visuals are absolutely stunning from the 8 minutes I saw. I think this will be a very good adaptation and I am extremely excited to see this movie as a fan of The Dark Tower books

  • Nun Pilo
    Nun Pilo 1 month ago

    Anything with idris Elba I'm in

  • legisu
    legisu 1 month ago

    I'm kind of disapointed with the direction they're taking with this movie (nothing related to Idris Elba being Roland, loved that choice). But the story kind of looks like it's being shown in Jake's perspective. Like a kid's adventure movie with some horror element. Nevertheless, as a tower junkie i'm still excited and hoping this is one of those 3 hours long movie. And hope it's a comercial success so we can have the whole saga in theater.

  • Tyrone Spear-Samuels

    Never read the books, but i am a stephen king fan and an idris elba fan, so i think it will be a worthy undertaking to hit the theaters on Aug 4...

  • Luke Watts
    Luke Watts 1 month ago

    I need to learn how to pronounce "Deschain". It's French. "De-shayn". Not "Des-chain"!!! FFS

  • Hoss97
    Hoss97 1 month ago

    Lol more pathetic blackwashing... Where is the uproar you racist sacks? Not long ago I saw the crying about Ghost in the Shell. I'm sure you're about all characters that have their race changed and not just one race right. Hmm...

  • inceptionman45
    inceptionman45 1 month ago

    I wonder if any comment in here has 19 likes (only book readers will get that)

  • Aurodeep Kamal
    Aurodeep Kamal 1 month ago

    I have a feeling they'll be focussing on fleshing out only Elba's character. Man in Black, not so much.

  • Daniel Allen
    Daniel Allen 1 month ago

    "How many ways can you reload, Idris"?

    All of them.  All the ways.

  • Sawyer Cantrell
    Sawyer Cantrell 1 month ago

    This movie looks nothing like the books.

  • TobyTheBlackDog
    TobyTheBlackDog 1 month ago

    Idris Elba as 007?

  • PasswordFreak
    PasswordFreak 1 month ago

    I am going to be so broke by the end of this summer! your reactions and reviews have me so excited for almost everything coming out this year.

  • abel N
    abel N 1 month ago

    3 cool ways to load his gun you missed the first time he reloads as he takes the cylinder of his revolver and runs it across his waist :)

  • subbtopp
    subbtopp 1 month ago

    The Dark Tower spans 9 books  they have cut 2 main characters  from the books,  the story''s  heart has been ripped out so already I feel  meh

  • Andy Randall
    Andy Randall 1 month ago

    i haven't seen any of his tv work. But he'll always be Heimdall in the Thor movies. He's an awesome actor.

  • Andrew Kim
    Andrew Kim 1 month ago

    anyone else feel like Grace changed? like she used to really react to videos, but now its like she doesn't give a shit about trailers and us. I'm hurt Grace *tear

  • Nico O S
    Nico O S 1 month ago

    They narrowed the plot to "save the tower=save the world", the worst kind of cliche ever. Roland's search for the Tower has a much stronger meaning. This movie will be bland, rushed and generic.

  • christendom empire
    christendom empire 1 month ago

    At 4:16 there is "pennywise" (it) written in the back ground as well as his balloons.

  • Leonel Castañarez
    Leonel Castañarez 1 month ago

    look i'm optimistic about THE DARK TOWER but i don't know why Akiva Goldsman (BATMAN & ROBIN) is writting this...i don't know? that could be really poor screenwritter choice!

  • Joe Youngbull
    Joe Youngbull 1 month ago

    this shit seem cold asf

  • 150 days of winter
    150 days of winter 1 month ago

    Excellent use of the Ennio Morricone music from "A few dollars more"

  • snfonseka
    snfonseka 1 month ago

    I am new to "The Dark Tower". However if the gunslinger is a white character in the book, they shouldn't have change it into black. I was against the race bending in "Ghost In The Shell" and I am against the race bending in this movie.

  • Manojvarughese
    Manojvarughese 1 month ago

    Stephen King's year this is now.

  • chrisou123456
    chrisou123456 1 month ago

    Trailer sucks

  • harveybirdman74
    harveybirdman74 1 month ago

    It should have been a TV series

  • DigitalLightSpeed
    DigitalLightSpeed 1 month ago

    Oeewww, i'm excited! :O
    We'll get the movie on July 27st! :D #CantWait

  • InversI X
    InversI X 1 month ago

    Gunslinger with a automatic? no please...... god no!

  • DeAngry Dan
    DeAngry Dan 1 month ago

    she keeps calling his idris,in her mind shes not seeing roland.

  • Phil Mashek
    Phil Mashek 1 month ago

    I'll catch it on Netflix.

  • Judge Executioner
    Judge Executioner 1 month ago

    Did y'all notice at 1:30 in the trailer you see Pennywise.

  • Gale Studio
    Gale Studio 1 month ago

    "I dont use my mind, i use my Heart" - Yondu (Guardians of the Galaxy) Apparently Marvel is a fan of Stephen King's novels 5:07 paraphrasing

  • optionchuc1
    optionchuc1 1 month ago

    Read the books... how is the black/white thing with susanna going to play out?

  • Digitalbumpin
    Digitalbumpin 1 month ago

    They fucked it up and injected their anti-white bullshit into this. Roland is NOT black in the books and they make the villain white of course. A very clear agenda.

    Fuck off with this.

  • Otis McNutt
    Otis McNutt 1 month ago

    Randall Flagg!!!!!!!!

  • Mark Nicholson
    Mark Nicholson 1 month ago

    Where do I know this woman from.

  • Kenny Velazquez
    Kenny Velazquez 1 month ago

    Who else spotted the picture of the Overlook Hotel on the psychiatrist's desk!?

  • Ayame Williams
    Ayame Williams 1 month ago

    This looks good. I hope it is :D

  • Steven Sith
    Steven Sith 1 month ago

    Read the sign easter egg

  • Draconian Survivalist

    Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came....
    The Dark Tower series of novels consists of 8 books. Is this a film based on the first book, or is it all 8 books in one film ?

  • OldFart HeadOne
    OldFart HeadOne 1 month ago

    I think I love you.:)

  • 16jker
    16jker 1 month ago

    Joe Budden lmfaoo

  • Joshua Osabuehien
    Joshua Osabuehien 1 month ago

    I just noticed that Grace looks alot like Danielle Panabaker 😂

  • KellieDoll28
    KellieDoll28 1 month ago

    I love it!! Elba seems great, MM's eyes look very evil, & the kid is PERFECT.

  • Siddhartha Mallya
    Siddhartha Mallya 1 month ago

    how many watching this for Grace Randolph alone?

  • Mr. F
    Mr. F 1 month ago

    I'm extremely excited for this. Hearing the gunslinger mantra surprisingly brought tears to my eyes. I think fans of the books who are mad about this adaptation are forgetting a very important aspect of the series. The dark tower exists within a multiverse similar to those found in Marvel and DC comics. It makes me very excited to think that this version may still exist within the original series. There have been other clues that lead me to think the books and the movie may be more connected than that even.

  • Hans von Wirth
    Hans von Wirth 1 month ago

    no offense, but it seems more like a fangirling video than a sincere trailer reaction

  • Ngoako Morapa
    Ngoako Morapa 1 month ago

    uhm Kid i think you mean , you will like only America since America is crazy with guns, other countries aint that crazy with guns...

  • The Pope of Eruke
    The Pope of Eruke 1 month ago

    I love Idris Elba and Mathew McConaughey but they do not seem to fit Roland or The Man in Black. IDC if Roland is a black guy but he's suppose to be a Clint Eastwood like character. That being said, it looks like they RUINED the series! Eddie and Susannah aren't in it. How are they going to make a movie and leave out two of the main characters!?! Book 6 is called Song of Susannah, but she wont be in the movie? And what is it with Jake trying to convince Roland to go on his quest? He has been hunting The Man in Black for hundreds of years! Jake is suppose to die, that's how he appears at the waystation. it isn't until the 3rd book that he goes through the haunted house. And Who are these ninja characters? Not in the book. Looks Very disappointing!

  • Cesar Rivera
    Cesar Rivera 1 month ago

    I feel like Matthew McConaughey's and Idris Ella's roles should be reversed and not just because Idris Elba is black but Matthew McConaughey is just not intimidating in any way. He's physically not intimidating and then he talks and he's even less intimidating I think he would work fine as a hero but is almost laughable as a villian. It is just a trailer though we'll see how it turns out in the end.

  • James Lamprell
    James Lamprell 1 month ago

    I'm a massive fan of stephen king, but the trailer for the dark tower just looks like a total cluster fuck.

  • DestinedFilms
    DestinedFilms 1 month ago

    I'm really excited for August 4th. As far as the comments I've read through for it being a generic trailer because it's been done before, almost everything has been done before but I think what matters is how it's presented and delivered.
    Idris is a great actor and one of my favorites and Matthew is exceptional as well and I can't wait to see how they play of each other. As for the kid I didn't have a problem with him, I thought from what was shown he was decent to say the least.
    Now I haven't read the original source material but whenever a film is heavily based or directly adapted by a book series I always make sure to read it before seeing the movie.
    Other than that unless you've read the source material and you're a real die hard fan I think it's a we're so custom to trying to find a flaw with movies these days that we forget they're made to entertain.
    Watch the movie, then judge accordingly.

  • Mckinney Andre
    Mckinney Andre 1 month ago

    I'm a big fan of the dark tower story couldn't wait for movie, big concern how s k crams story into one movie without_#@&#3! it up

  • librapaladin81
    librapaladin81 1 month ago

    As a Stephen King and Dark Tower fan, overall I'm happy with what I saw in a first real look at this adaptation from the books.  I think it looks promising.  My only major concern at first glance is that the first half of this trailer seems to be pushing the role of Jake, the young boy, as though he were the 'main' or 'point of view' character.  This would be more in line with films adapted from adolescent literature like 'Harry Potter' or 'Divergent', in which case the teens or tweens were the main characters.  I recognize that this is an 'easier path' into the world set in the novels for a general audience, but this simply is not the case for the Dark Tower book series.  I hope they ease off that approach in future trailers and especially in the film itself.  Roland, the Gunslinger, IS the main character.  Part of the allure of the books was immediately being thrown in to his world and being disoriented by that, and then learning little by little the 'rules' and backstory of his world.

  • hazza3
    hazza3 1 month ago

    To me the trailer portrays it as a Forbidden Kingdom, Labrynth, and Gamer kind of movie. Big badass hero and a little white child sidekick to go on an adventure to save the universe. Hopefully the movie captures the true intention of the books of a massive adventure of 'One versus All' with a start and an end, instead of a start and a maybe.

  • Tyreik Elliott
    Tyreik Elliott 1 month ago

    White people from get out; that's Grace. Grace could easily have been interviewing somebody at that barbecue.

  • Dee Copeland Patience

    That actually looks pretty good. Adding to my watch wishlist

  • eldie farrar
    eldie farrar 1 month ago

    Am I the only one who noticed the pocket watch music from For a few dollars more? A little homage in this trailer to Clint Eastwood

  • Dellaluna13
    Dellaluna13 1 month ago

    I always pictured the Gunslinger's world/stories to be much more surreal, less conventional. Different studio than It, but with the Marvel and upcoming Universal Monsters crossovers, I almost wonder if there's going to be an attempt at something similar with King's universe.

  • 2wingo
    2wingo 1 month ago

    I'm pretty sure Roland's last name is pronounced "De-Shane," not "Des-Chain."

  • Freshie207
    Freshie207 1 month ago

    As a big fan of the books I can certainly say it's quite different from what I imagined (very stripped down, which I always loved the books because of their go for broke attiude) but not necessarily bad, so i'm curious if not egarly anticipating this.

  • RebbieChan
    RebbieChan 1 month ago

    That looks GOOD

  • Justin Schrock
    Justin Schrock 1 month ago

    I enjoyed the theme the trailer gave with the Western nod by featuring the music box theme from "a few dollars more", could be interesting.

  • Peyman Siyari
    Peyman Siyari 1 month ago

    Apart from the very generic art style, the trailer soundtrack (the musical pocket watch part) is trying miserably to inject the atmosphere of "For a Few Dollars More" by simply copying the theme from that movie. Not a good start at all!

  • ie004193
    ie004193 1 month ago

    Now I want to watch "For a Few Dollars More" again.

  • buciallstar
    buciallstar 1 month ago

    I'm not familiar with Steven king stories, this movie seems very confusing

  • Per VIdar Gornitzka Anfinnsen

    After Dallas Buyers Club and Interstellar, I can't fathom people not being able to see Mathew McConaghey as a big screen actor. He's a genius. So's Idris Elba. Who, yes, has done a lot of television. But the caliber of acting that they both show, far exceeds any reasonable doubt.

  • Gawking
    Gawking 1 month ago

    I'm not impressed. But I really want this to be fun. Let's hope Sony isn't gonna mess it up.

  • Cameron Lamuriel
    Cameron Lamuriel 1 month ago

    Cool trailer

  • necrom21221
    necrom21221 1 month ago

    Idris should have been the bad guy and Matthew a good guy. IMHO

  • The Media Table
    The Media Table 1 month ago

    I'm a simple man. I see Grace Randolph I hit the like button. I am hyped for this film. Day one I'm seeing this in Imax. I do not see this movie with my eyes. I see it with my heart

  • Gamezig 138
    Gamezig 138 1 month ago

    This movie is an abomination, nothing like the books.

  • Aandunno
    Aandunno 1 month ago

    Im one of the fans that thinks this is one of the more ludicrous things I've ever seen, having read the entire series.

  • The PAW
    The PAW 1 month ago

    I don't mind Idris in this role at all...  I actually never finished reading the series...I only read the first three books and not the other two (plus there is addendum book now out as well)  ..I will have to revisit that world in book form ... personally I agree with the stakes are high mentally  in wanting to get that "feeling" in a movie but I don't think using CGI  & big bucks gimmicks is the way to do that all the time...  some movie sacrifice the story and good character development by instead focusing on the action...this story needs to be perfectly balanced to work I think.... we shall see

  • Dreadful Mike
    Dreadful Mike 1 month ago

    I love that they have the chime from For a Few Dollars More

  • Epic Bunny
    Epic Bunny 1 month ago

    Sorry Grace, but this does NOT look excellent! This is an action movie and has a completely wrong tone and style compared to the books. Jake doesn't do one liners (that's Eddie's job). Look to American Gods for the right feel and correct handling of material! It needs grit, surrealism, horror, melancholy and depth. I really love the books and watching this trailer is cringe worthy. No issue with the cast, just the god awful direction and writing. I wonder how Steven King really feels to have his pet project mutilated like this? I feel like the books were not respected during the making of this movie on an Avatar the Last Airbender level. What a pity.

  • willcme1
    willcme1 1 month ago

    The Never Ending Story...updated

  • Horus The Sun God
    Horus The Sun God 1 month ago

    @1:08 WTF is Joe Budden trending? 😂😂😂

  • darkashtar
    darkashtar 1 month ago

    I look at it like this, Elba is an awesome actor and this trailer looks good.

  • BookishKhaleesi
    BookishKhaleesi 1 month ago

    I think Idris is going to be a perfect Roland!

  • Tom Sanders
    Tom Sanders 1 month ago

    Looking forward to this! Seems like an 80s-90s movie with today's effects which is great!

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson 1 month ago

    This really should have been done with a slower pace as a series on Netflix/HBO/whatever instead of trying to cram so much content into a blockbuster movie. You could do so much more with 13 hour long episodes of a season.

  • Japan has the best games

    should have been scott eastwood for sure. S.king based the character after clint eastwood anyways.but hey political correctness strikes again.

  • Trailerpark
    Trailerpark 1 month ago

    What. Matthew McCaunaughy is one of the best actors alive. He doesnt has has anything against him he is the only reason I consider watching this movie. Movies that dont go to cinema... like Interstellar or dallas buyers club...

  • Anthony Joseph
    Anthony Joseph 1 month ago

    May they remember their father's faces. As a Dark Tower fan there's no way I can miss the movie adaption. I have to follow the Beam and hope that Ka will be kind but where are Eddie and Susannah??? Where's Oy!?! -

  • Tommi
    Tommi 1 month ago

    Did you just say Matthew freaking McConaughey is "TV level"?

  • Robert Erniso
    Robert Erniso 1 month ago

    Didn't have the Stephen King feel to me for some reason?.., Can't wait to see "IT".

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